How to MAKE CHORIPÁN – Easy and delicious recipe

Enjoy a tasty choripán! Directly from Argentina, although it is also very typical in other places such as Chile, Venezuela and Uruguay, we get this very traditional dish that consists of roasting a chorizo ​​on the grill and accompanying it with a delicious sauce for choripán: the chimichurri sauce. It is the Latin version of … Read more

How to clean the house with rue

Rue is a plant known worldwide for its great capacity to clean energies. For this reason, it is used both to clean homes and people and animals, as well as to help ward off certain spells and other kinds of witchcraft. Rue can be kept in plant, incense or even in oil and it is … Read more

How To Make HARD MERENGUE – Steps and Tips!

Meringue is one of the most versatile recipes in baking, since you can use it as a topping, in decorations or fillings for cakes and desserts. There are different ways to do it, you can prepare Italian meringue, Swiss meringue, French meringue, among others, but each one carries a different process with peculiarities in its … Read more

Bale already has a date to return

Gareth Bale he is out due to injury for Wales’ upcoming matches against the Czech Republic, Estonia and Belarus. The Real Madrid player continues to recover from his muscle injury and will be unable to play until next November. This is how he has revealed it Rob Page, the Wales coach, who explained that “we … Read more

The best stones for Virgo

The sixth zodiac sign is the one that governs those born from August 24 to September 23. Virgos stand out for being wise, rational, analytical, methodical, reserved, loyal and responsible. However, they also need some help and a lot of work to keep their thoughts in order and get out of their routines. Although it … Read more

What are the zodiac signs of air

Image: The signs of the zodiac They can be classified according to the elements of nature: earth, water, fire and air; in this way, horoscopes included in the same group have a series of common characteristics. In this unCOMO and Tarot Cristina article we want to introduce you what zodiac signs are air and … Read more

How to spell surreal or surrealist

In the moment of to write It is frequent that we end up having doubts about what is the correct way to write certain terms. This is also accentuated when we are faced with words that are colloquially mispronounce and that at the time of writing them lend themselves to confusion. An example of this … Read more

How to shave male genitalia

The hair removal It is one of the cosmetic techniques most used by women, however, today there are also many men who resort to genital hair removal and want to remove hair from the intimate part. For this reason, currently, both men and women choose to eliminate the beauty of this part of the body. … Read more

How to Make Worcestershire Sauce – Easy

You can call him English sauce, Worcestershire sauce, worcester or perrins, but in either case you will be referring to the same dressing. And it is that all these names serve to designate a flavor enhancer that is used in multiple dishes, especially in English gastronomy. The truth is that this seasoning can be used … Read more

What happens if a dog eats chocolate?

You have to be very careful with the foods that are left within reach of the dogs, since although they like certain foods, it does not mean that they are healthy for them. There are many toxic dog foods that can cause significant damage to your body and even end your life. For example, do … Read more


The carrot is a food that we are used to seeing in the diet of rabbits, and even in our own. However, they are increasingly present in the ingredients of dog food. But, Can dogs eat carrots? It is a question that you have surely asked yourself on more than one occasion. From unCOMO we … Read more

How to grow hair with birth control pills

kevin guerrero 04/04/2020 Hello, good morning I have 2 questions: 1. If I do the pills with the shampoo, will this help to have more bushy eyebrows? 2. is it true that onion helps the growth of eyebrows? Camila Melendez 10/27/2018 I urgently want my hair to grow. italo 10/14/2018 the shampoo tablets are white … Read more

Madness in Seville for Spain-Sweden

The Spanish selection will close the qualifying phase for the Qatar World Cup 2022 with the support of his fans at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville in the duel against Sweden, for which they have been sold 17,400 entries in less than 24 hours, reported the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Spain travels to … Read more

How to CLEAN the house of Negative Energies with LEMON

Every time you get home, do you notice a loaded and heavy environment? Do you have the feeling that lately there are a lot of arguments in your home? If so, it is probably because too much negative energy has accumulated in your house. According to esotericism, negative energy (also popularly known as “bad vibes” … Read more

What is the difference between baron and male

The Homophones words are those that sound exactly the same but vary in the way of writing them. This fact can cause confusion when using them and doubt when one is used and when the other. This is what happens with the words ‘baron’ and ‘male’, which are pronounced the same but spelled differently. So … Read more

Natural remedies for human papillomavirus

Although there is no specific treatment for HPV, it is true that you can try to eliminate the condition with some natural treatments that, although they are not 100% effective, they can contribute to the fact that the infection caused by the human papilloma virus can remit and end up being expelled by your own … Read more

Ranking of the plays in poker

In poker the plays are always formed with five cards, regardless of the type of poker that is played (Texas Hold’em, Five Card Draw, Omaha Hold’em, Seven Card Stud). Next, we show you the order of poker plays, classified from highest to lowest value. Obviously, the moves of a higher category beat those of a … Read more

How to make caramelized onion without sugar

The caramelized onions They are a gourmet product with the ability to give a masterful twist to many recipes. The point is to combine this jam with the appropriate dish, for example: salads, tortillas, quiche, hamburgers, tuna with onion, onion soup, toast with goat cheese, in appetizers, pizzas, sirloin with caramelized onion, etc. When it … Read more

How to spell absorb or absorb

It is true and correct to say “absorb” and not “absorb” What is not correct is to say that in Spanish the B and the V have the same pronunciation. Well, the B has a bilabial or explosive pronunciation (as does the P) and the V has a labiodental or dentolabial pronunciation (as does the … Read more

Which teams have won the Champions League and how many times

The Champions League is one of the most followed sports competitions in the world. Year after year, millions of people are watching the most important club competition on the planet unfold. Teams like FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Real Madrid or Juventus, as well as all their stars, come together in this exciting competition that has … Read more

How to make applesauce

Image: The Apple puree It is one of the most delicious ways to consume this fruit, thus obtaining many of its benefits in a healthy dessert that is very simple to make. This recipe is also an ideal way to take advantage of this fruit when we have it in abundance, so there are … Read more


Skin with acne needs special care and the application of products that help reduce excess sebum, oil, toxins and dead cells, since all of them are factors that contribute to the formation of new impurities. There are several natural treatments that are excellent for combating the typical symptoms of acne, and among them is also … Read more

Pedro Porro continues to accumulate awards

The Spanish full-back received this Thursday the award that accredits him as ‘Best Defense of September’ in the Portuguese league Pedro Porro, with the Sporting de Portugal shirt EFE Pedro Porro continues to grow by leaps and bounds in the sometimes forgotten Portuguese league. The 22-year-old Spanish side is one of the great stars of … Read more