January 2021


Top 37 Women Short Weave Haircuts

Short weave hairstyle is a fancy hairstyle that can add a lot of life to the person. The hair is usually cut in
layers and dyed in a bright colour. Depending on the type of look you want to
achieve, you can select from one of the haircuts in the list below to get
compliments from the people around.

1. Red Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

The dark red dye colour of the hair matches with the dark skin.
The colour looks natural with the different tones of red make the hairstyle look
subtle and interesting. The long locks which are dyed to red can add an urban

African American Burgundy Bob


2. Side Swept Weave Hairstyle

Not all weaves are dyed in bright colours to capture attention.
In the example hairstyle, the hair is dyed to light mahogany colour and swept to
one side stylishly. Thin short weaves are lighter and easier to maintain than
long weaves with heavy locks.

Side Parted Sew In Bob With Side Bangs


3.Simple Pixie Weave Haircut

Styling your hair to weaves can tidy up messy locks and increase
the length of the locks at the same time. This is the hairstyle for you if you
want to straighten up your hair clocks and don’t want to spend a lot of time in
maintaining it.

Layered Black Pixie Sew In


4. Short Thick Weave with Deep Side Part

This is a short thick weave that requires the hair to be cut
into layers and tousled to a messy look. The side part is cut in the deep pointy
style that reaches beyond the ear. You can wear heavy accessories to match with
the hairstyle.

Black Tousled Pixie


Women Short Weave Haircuts

Short weave hairstyle ranges from short to long hair versions
and they can be dyed in many different colours. It is popular with black women
who want a hairstyle that can describe their character without spending too
much money on hair saloon.

5. Simple Raven Pixie Weave Hairstyle

Are you looking for a simple weave haircut that does not have
elaborate details to attract attention? If you are, then you should cut your
hair to the raven pixie hairstyle that features long bangs on one side of the

Black Pixie With Long Side Bangs


6. Bright Layered Weave

The hairstyle features strands of locks at the back that are
being highlighted in a bright colour. Bright colour works best for demonstrating
a colourful personality compared to the natural tone. Choose this bright hairstyle
if you are someone with a bold personality.

Black Bob With Red Balayage Highlights


7. Cherry Ringlets Weave Hairstyle

The cherry ringlets on the top capture the most attention in his
hairstyle. The ringlets need to be maintained by wrapping your hair around a
medium flex rod daily. The rods must stay in place for at least 1 day in order
for the hair to be are properly.

Short Curly Burgundy Weave Hairstyle


8. Feather Short Weave with Layers

Are you interested in a short hairstyle with simple colour? Spice
up your hair with feather details on top. The coif textures on the top will add
dimensions to the modern hairstyle.

Pixie Weave Hairstyle


9. Blue Weave with Bangs

Give your hair a new style by having bangs that are highlighted in bright colour. If you don’t want to grow long hair, you can use extensions
which will be easier to manage. To maintain the hair, you simply moisturize the
ends and scalp. When sleeping, you must wear a satin scarf or bonnet so that
the strands will not become frizzy when you wake up. Doing so will prevent you
from having to frequently straighten your tresses.

Blue Pixie Bob Weave Wit Roots Fade


10. Straight Side Swept Weave for Girls

Dye your hair in a light colour to create a soft texture that
will brighten up your countenance. The side swept style for straight hair is
suitable for the young lady who wants an easy to maintain hairstyle.

Short Gray Balayage Hairstyle For Black Women


11. Bright Blue Wave with Side Pattern

Asymmetrical Bob Weave With Undercut


Short weave hairstyle can be customized with different lengths of bangs and whether or not to cut in layer or blunt
technique, deep side part or side pattern, as well as the dye colour.

12. Fuchsia Weave with Line Pattern Hairstyle

Do you want to stand out with a bad girl hairstyle? To achieve
this look, you must highlight your hair in fuchsia and have the locks hang down
on one side of the face.  On the side where the hair did not swoop over, it is
being taper faded to a line pattern. The bright fuchsia hairstyle with bangs
swooping down is great as an everyday hectic lifestyle.

Bob Weave With Temple Undercut


13. Piecey Weave with Blond Highlights for Short Hair

This is a weave hairstyle that features pieces texture on the
top. It ensures that you will always look stylish even if you are busy and
don’t have time to maintain the hairstyle.

Choppy Pixie Weave Hairstyle


14. Short Weave with Bright Highlights

This is the red shade that Rihanna always use to dye her hair.
It is a must try if you want a hairstyle that looks like Rihanna. The red
highlights will add dimension to your hair and drive a lot of attention.

Curled Burgundy Bob Eave Hairstyle


15. Short Weave Flame Hairstyle

The hair is styled to a fire flame coif texture that looks like
it has been alighted with fire. The coif can add a modern stylish look to your
hair. To achieve this hairstyle, you must know how to creatively customize the
cropped strands on the top.

Rose Gold Pixie Weave


16. Electric Teal Short Weave Hairstyle

The electric teal hue of the hair makes a striking contrast
against the dark skin of African American. In fact, all bright colour will pose
a contrast to dark skin. If you want to look sleek, you can try this teal weave
hairstyle with bangs that reach up to the shoulder.

African American Pastel Teal Weave Bob


17. Round Layered Weave Hairstyle

The front is cut to layer and brushed to the back to frame
around the face. The short weave with shoulder length hair is styled in a
creative round shape to give an eclectic look. It is perfect for people who
want an easy yet attractive hairstyle for everyday lifestyle.

Black Layered Bob Weave


18. Black Asymmetrical Bob Weave for Black Hair

It is always best to not dye your hair if you don’t know how to
blend the colour. That way, you don’t have to decide what colour to highlight the
roots or extensions. You only have to comb your black hair smooth to look sleek.

Black Asymmetrical Layered Bob With Bangs


19. Layered Short Crop with Bangs

The stylish short crop haircut is for those who are not
confident of trying a weave hairstyle. You must wear a scarf to protect the
strands when sleeping. Your hair will be ready by the time you wake up and go
to work.

Short Black Bob Weave


20. Short Weave with Cherry Red Highlights

In this weaving style, strands woven in the hair are highlighted
in cherry red. This is an example of how to look attractive by mixing natural
hair colour with bold colour.

African American Stacked Bob


21. Platinum Blond Short Weave

Cutting your hair to layers can help in spicing up the
hairstyle. After the hair is cut in the layer, a few strands on the front are dyed
in platinum blond. The pieces wavy texture and high contrast of the highlights makes
this hairstyle more stylish than keeping waist-length tresses.

Short Layered Black Pixie Weave


22. Voluminous Weave in Bright Crimson

Highlighting your hair with electric red can add a funky look to
your hairstyle. Bright crimson is the colour to opt for your highlight if you
want people to pay attention to your tresses. The hairstyle features a
voluminous curls that shape the coifs beautifully.

Asymmetrical Brown And Red Weave Bob


23. Alternating Highlight Short Weave Hairstyle

Having weave allows you to customize it with different highlight
colour without creating any damage to your hair. The highlight hues can always
be changed if you don’t want your hair to stick to one colour for a long time.

Two-Tone Short Weave Hairstyle

Instagram/ @KEENA360

24. Classic Short Weave

This is a classic short weave hairstyle for people with straight
and thick hair. It looks best on a person with a cheerful and confident

Choppy Black Pixie


25. Ringlets Cropped Weave with Blond Highlights

If you find your curls look boring in dark hues, you can try to
highlight a few strands with a bright colour like the blond. You can also add
dimension by styling the top with thick ringlets. Having some light shades will
brighten up your countenance.

Short Curly Pixie Weave


26. Chunky Curly Weave Hairstyle

This a chunky curly weave hairstyle where the top has been
styled to a voluminous curly form. There are curly bangs falling over the
eyebrow on one side. The hairstyle is attractive in an even blend of two tones
which are brunette and black.

Long Curly Black Pixie With Highlights


27. Auburn Weave with Deep Side Part Hairstyle

This is a hairstyle based on Jessica Rabbit that features auburn
highlights. It is great for women who want a special haircut that stands out
from the crowd. It features a deep side part with bangs falling on one side of
the face.

Short Red Peekaboo Sew In


28. Platinum Blond Weave Hairstyle

Weave hairstyle is the hairstyle to go if you want to look great
in bold colour without having to bleach your hair or wear a wig. When you are at
the hair salon, you can ask the barber to not leave any hair out when dyeing
your hair to platinum blond colour.

Layered Angled Bob Weave


29. Chocolate Brown Curly Weave with Tresses

If you feel you don’t look good in thin tresses, you can create
a thicker tress by adding extensions. The extensions can be styled to loose
waves and curls to add volume to your hair. Finally, you can highlight your
hair in natural chocolate brown hue.

Curly Brown Weave Bob


30. Long Rainbow Weave

The weave is highlighted in a mix of purple and blue colour. Regal blue and purple are best for demonstrating your
personality. The long weave hairstyle is best for people who are fed up of
short curly weave hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Bob Weave Hairstyle


31. Wavy Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Pixie cut hairstyle is a fast and easy hairstyle for people with
a busy hairstyle. It consists of styling the weave to a wavy fan form.

Short Weave With Long Peekaboo Bangs


32. Emerald Coils Weave Hairstyle

The coils on the top are dyed to emerald jewel tone to create a
stylish look. The bunch of coils top can add few inches to your height. Cutting
your hair to weave hairstyle enables you to look stylish with unique hair

Black And Green Curly Pixie Weave


33. Honey Hue A Line Weave Hairstyle

This is an A-line weave hairstyle with honey colour hue. You can
either part your hair in the middle or the side. The hairstyle looks great on
curly and straight hair. You can style the back to wavy angles for a more
modern look.

Black Inverted Bob With Caramel Highlights


34. Curly Feminine Weave with Straight Sides

The hairstyle features curly top and straight sides to give a
feminine look. Having long sideburns can add a soft texture to the haircut.

Curly Black Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram/ @KEENA360

35. Inverted Weave Haircut with Angled Front

Weave hairstyle is the ideal haircut if you want your hair to be
cut in layers with different lengths. This hairstyle features an inverted cut
with a steeply angled front. The underneath section is trimmed to thinner layer
to highlight the neckline.

Black Angled Bob


After looking at so many short weave hairstyle, you must already
be a fan of it – choose this hairstyle if you are someone with a bold
personality. Short weaves are fast to style and don’t cost as much as long
weave when you go to the barber. The weaves are ideal for all face shapes and
can quickly be customized to another design so that you will never get stuck
with one hairstyle.

It is no longer enough to use shampoo, conditioner and mask to solve the particular needs of each hair. Brands specialized in hair care have created a wide range of possibilities that are not only designed according to the type of hair (curly, wavy and straight) and scalp (oily, mixed, normal or dry), but also the thickness of the strand (fine, normal or thick) and its specific condition (stained, discolored, gray, porous, damaged, aged …). So much variety could drive anyone crazy, so we consulted with three experts to discuss the must-haves, as needed.

Fill the porosity for mechanical or chemical damage. Its effect is restorative and restores resistance to hair so that it can withstand dyes, bleaching or abrupt changes. It is usually combined with other ingredients, such as white clay, which controls the oil on the scalp, and organic silicon, to stimulate hair growth, strengthening it and preventing hair loss.

“There is also a treatment for continued use at home that consists of three steps: first shampoo, then the mask and the fluid; leave it for 15 minutes and rinse ”, clarifies the expert.

Keratin or straightener

“This product wraps the hair strand to give it weight, which makes the hair lose volume and straighten it,” explains Lorena Arenas, a straightening specialist. It is ideal for those who use an electric iron or brush and invest hours in achieving the expected end. The results are seen progressively.

There are several types of keratin: those containing chemicals (formaldehyde or acetic acid), which last between four and six months, and healthier alternatives based on carbocysteine, glycoxylic acid and biotin, which offer various nutrients; however, the effect passes after two months. According to the expert, international brands develop non-toxic products, which do not cause burning or discomfort in the eyes and nose.

Hair revitalizer

“It is an anti-frizz therapy that keeps hair volume under control. It does not contain chemicals and its secret is in the nutrients ”, says Arenas . Treatment includes coenzyme Q 10, to strengthen the scalp; argan oil, olive oil and soy lecithin, which help deep nutrition, and biotin, vitamins C, E and B2 that restore porous fiber and make it look aligned. The treatment is finished with an iron to seal the benefits of the product. It lasts between 15 and 20 days.

Hair treatments

Nutritional ampoules are concentrates of nutrients, usually for single use, and meet different needs.



At homeNourishing ampoules

They are nutrient concentrates, usually single-use, and meet different needs. Duck embryo (shine and softness), flax seed (recovers chemically treated hair) and placenta (restructuring and strengthening) are the most common, but not the only ones. They should be applied from medium to ends once a week, leave on for three to five minutes and rinse. Luis Mora, stylist and image consultant, recommends mixing several so that the nourishing effect is greater.

Dermo-cosmetic treatments

Biological nutraceuticals and adaptogens are non-toxic treatments that can be used in other parts of the body. According to Tatyana Narváez, an expert in this type of product, its function is to promote cell regeneration in the skin and hair, activating the communication and reproduction of cells. It is the latest in hair technology.

Several products are used at the same time and work as a system (they must all be used in a specific order): a purifier to detoxify, an amino acid shot to revive the internal structure of the hair strand and the scalp, a leave-in protector that modifies and regenerates the movement and structure of the hair, adds shine, calms any inflammation and protects against the sun’s rays (it has UB, UBV and UVA filters), and an oil elixir that can be taken anywhere and can be used at any time .

“It is a daily food and a regeneration serum”, says the specialist. The result? Repair of existing damage or scars in the hair fiber.

Hair scrubs

Just as the skin needs help to remove dead cells, so does the scalp. “The scrub removes excess hair nutrition and restructuring products that settle at the root of the hair and removes the first layer of skin, like a normal peeling, so that the follicle has new life,” says Mora. It is applied once a month.

Fluid oil

It keeps the effects of pollution on the hair at bay (makes it dense and opaque), encapsulates the pollutant particles so that they do not penetrate the hair fiber and leaves the hair silky and shiny. It can be applied several times a day, from medium to ends.

Thermal protectors

For those who use (and abuse) heat tools. There are fluid oils, serums, oils and styling creams and their mission is to protect the hair from the heat emitted by the devices, sealing the cuticle; allows the nutrients in the product to be activated and penetrate better. It is applied from medium to ends after drying and before using an iron, tweezers or electric brush.

Dry bath

It is a spray that lengthens the time between washes, for those who do not usually do it very often .

It is sprayed 30 cm from the root, after lifting the hair 90 degrees, and combed. It helps regulate excess oil on the scalp since the nutrients that are born in the hair roots are spread evenly.

Hair care is a daily task that most women undertake religiously. It is that we all love to wear beautiful hair, radiant, bright and of lively color. Therefore, it is important to always seek to keep it healthy and well nourished so that it can look beautiful, shiny and strong. Thinking about it, here we show you some treatment options that you can apply to your hair on a daily basis to restore it and always give it the best.

1. Shampoo and conditioner for shine and hydration

This set of shampoo and conditioner has been made with virgin coconut oil with the function of rejuvenating and giving shine to hair that has been damaged by chemicals or external agents such as the weather. It has hints of apple cider vinegar that eliminates toxins that damage the hair. This product contains a load of protein and fatty acids, vitamins B5 and E, plus a bit of saw palmetto that strengthens and promotes hair growth.

If you are looking for a mane with more shine, silkiness and with a few extra long layers , then start the recommended treatment so that you begin to see the desired results. This shampoo and conditioner set has been designed to treat the scalp of men and women.

2. WOW color to avoid frizz

This product has been created with an innovative technology that seeks maximum protection for the hair , preventing it from falling out and losing its shine and softness. In a 170ml container, it is a treatment designed for men and women who like to maintain healthy hair.

Feel sexy and beautiful with your long hair and don’t stop giving it the hydration it requires. If you are looking for a treatment to rescue your hair from the consequences generated by previously applied color products, then you will have the perfect ally.

3.  Garnier Fructis Anti- Frizz Serum

This product has been made with elements of nature such as argan oil from Morocco that deeply hydrates hair, especially frizzy hair, leaving it ready for straightening. Among its benefits is the softness that it adds to each strand, making it easy to handle.

An anti-frizz cream that gives your hair a delicious orange scent, evoking the tropics on your scalp. Without a doubt, you will get hair full of shine and vitality.

4. Argan oil serum for hair

Made as a hair serum, this product is made from argan oil that promotes a shinier look to hair by conditioning and preparing it for exposure to extreme climates. It comes in a glass container that is supplied in the form of a spray.

This serum can be included in the daily use of your beauty routines to promote shine and protection on the scalp. Prevents hair loss, frizz and oily hair. It is an ideal opportunity for you to give your hair the vitality it needs.

5. Conditioner with Biotin

This product is ideal for conditioning the hair, preparing it for any external agent that could cause damage. Made from biotin, coconut oil, castor oil, keratin, aloe vera and saw palmetto. It does not have harmful chemicals for health or parabens that damage colored hair.

You can use it daily in your routines , so that you look well hydrated and stronger hair to withstand any change. It is for unisex use and promotes growth, so you will wear a longer, abundant and highly mobile mane.


An event that builds memories unfolds reminiscences and envisions hope for an exciting new beginning. Graduation day is one of the most cherished events in one’s life, as it brings freshness, new ideas, and an unforgettable celebration. The event comprises themes, fashion, music, dance, and more. Planning incredibly without any loopholes ensures the success of the event because several steps need proper coordination right from the parking to the seats and the stage. The ceremony entails the significance of life at school to make the event a remarkable one it is best to choose experienced graduation planners who will create a history by making the event special.


The event is a special occasion that embarks a new beginning, as you complete the graduation the valuable certificate proves how hard it was to get there; it makes families and friends proud as you achieve a degree and look forward to making a mark in the world. As you step into the world the precious learning and education certified by the institute allow you to succeed in future endeavours. As this occasion is a life-changing event it has to be organized and celebrated for years to come. Event planners make it possible to create an extravagant ceremony with new ideas; they consider every point that needs to be fulfilled.

Things planners do to make the event takes place smoothly are: 

A step-wise order of the graduation ceremony plan starting from the parking, a well-organized seating arrangement with the student’s name card, the academic procession of the staff and authorities that takes 15-20 minutes, welcome address, presentation of honorary degrees, doctoral, or masters, walking to the stage, speech by others, valedictory address and academic procession and exit, then the graduation party starts with galore of music, photos, food, etc.

The event planning starts at least 6 months before the graduation ceremony. This ensures every element is considered to anchor the event in the right direction.

Things to plan for a graduation ceremony:

Look for a single point of contact in the college; an event planner needs to have a contact person from the college staff or the student committee to discuss the format and the process of the ceremony. The person in charge is the loop between the students, authorities, and planners.

Budget; the planners have a detailed list of packages and formats available for the event, discussing the budget helps them to finalize what elements to incorporate and things that can be overlooked.

Theme; there are plenty of themes for ceremonies, post the budget decision the planners and the college decide the themes. The themes can be glamourous, studious, fun, or sportive examples of themes can be Taco theme, Black and Gold, Elegant, Tropical, Smart-cookie, book-worm, etc. They can be more creative by making labels of streets, inspirational quotes or books, etc.

Place, date, and time; it depends on the extent of lavish set-up the college or high school wants to have, the planners specialize in providing an excellent location for the events like auditorium, stadiums, or based on the finances the college or school premises or auditorium can be considered. After choosing the place required permissions need to be completed for the location. For example, if you wish to book a stadium then the planners will take permission from the officials to use the premises for the ceremony. And simultaneously the date also needs to be fixed to confirm the event.

Food/refreshments; the planners would discuss a variety of ideas for the refreshments like graduation pretzels, graduation candy, graduation cupcakes, etc.

Animation; Animation videos are trending these days in every type of event, a short video of life at school with excellent background music, collection of memories in photos, well-written scripts in a high definition audio-visual format is a brilliant way to recollect memories.

Photos/videos- photo booth; no event is complete without photos, a great idea of having a photo booth set up at the entrance and various other places make the ceremony lively. Well-themed photo booths and selfie places are the basic and crucial elements as the well-dressed young students find it incredibly amusing.

Décor; as there is a theme for the event the décor must match it, the décor can have muted or flashy colours to brighten up the event. Some innovative items like photo wreaths, balloon chandeliers, neon or plain lights, vintage style decoration, etc. make the party full of life.