News from Emiliano Sala | Sports world

Emiliano Raúl Sala Taffarel was a soccer player who disappeared on January 21, 2019 after a plane crash. The then forward had just signed for him Cadiff City and, after his flight to the city of his new team, the private plane in which he was traveling Emiliano Sala disappeared from airborne radar when traveling … Read more

How to eliminate intestinal worms in dogs

One of the most worrying problems in your pets are both internal and external parasites, since they can pose a problem for their health but also for yours, because there are internal parasites that are housed inside your pet and that they can transmit diseases to you too. There are five types of worms that … Read more

Chelsea – Malmö FF, live

Good afternoon and welcome to the live narration of the Champions League football match between Chelsea against Malmö FF corresponding to Group Phase J-3. From Mundo Deportivo, we offer you all the minute-by-minute coverage, the preview, the line-ups, the best plays and goals of the match and the result with all the reactions to the … Read more

How to remove lactic acid build-up

Lactic acid is a substance released by our muscles when, even having used all the energy reserves, the body still needs more. This acid, in small amounts, acts as a temporary energy source, slowing down the onset of muscle fatigue. However, if this accumulates in our muscles for too long a period, it causes a … Read more

Ideas to decorate a candy table

If you are preparing a wedding or a family reunion, you may have in mind decorating a candy table so that everyone can enjoy an incredible evening and that it becomes something very special for the guests. Candy tables are also known as candy bar and they are common at weddings, baby showers, communions, formal … Read more


Each season we found some certain seasonal fruits, that is, those that are collected during those months and that are usually eaten, therefore, throughout each season. It is recommended to consume these fruits instead of others because they are in their maximum splendor, which means that they can guarantee all their properties and benefits. Although … Read more

How to ask a girl for a date

You know her, you have talked to her a couple of times and you would love to ask her out. It’s time to ask for an appointment but you don’t dare. How do I tell him? What will be the most appropriate moment? What if he rejects me? … Surely these questions will haunt your … Read more

What is the role of hormones

Hormones are specialized substances which are secreted into the blood by cells that are located in glands lacking ducts (called endocrine), or epithelial cells, and whose purpose is to influence the functions of other cells. If you want to know more about how we work internally, at we will teach you what is the … Read more

How to make banana ice cream

Image: The plantain It is a delicious, versatile fruit full of benefits, which we can take advantage of to make many desserts, especially when this fruit is very ripe. And there is no doubt that the banana ice cream or banana is one of the best alternatives if you are looking for a simple … Read more

“Barça did not respect me”

The French base, now in the ranks of Madrid, talks about his traumatic departure from the Barça club Heurtel in his first league match against San Pablo Fernando Alvarado / EFE Thomas heurtel has spoken for the first time, since he signed for Real Madrid, about his traumatic departure from Barça. The Beziers base does … Read more

How to care for a rose bush – 8 steps

The rose bushes are one of the most common plants in homes and gardens, since their flowers beautify any corner. The roses, with their unmistakable fragrance and diversity of colors, they are at the same time one of the favorite flowers when making bouquets to give as gifts. For this reason, planting rose bushes at … Read more

How to apply bergamot oil to hair

Shampoos made with bergamot oil, which is obtained from the skin of a citrus fruit of Italian origin, are widely used to hydrate dry hair, reduce excess oil on the scalp and strengthen hair fibers. They are also excellent lotions to make hair grow much stronger and always look shiny. If you want to take … Read more

Viking hairstyles ideas for men

Image: Do you like the Viking style? It is something more natural and wild than what we are used to, but in recent years the tendency to the fashion of the wild look, mainly due to the popularity of some series and some books, but also because more and more people are looking for … Read more

“I don’t know how Djokovic did it, but he came back as if he were another player”

Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas appeared before the press dejected after losing this Sunday the final of Roland Garros against Novak Djokovic despite having two sets to zero advantage: “I have learned that in a ‘big’ having that advantage does not mean anything”. “You have yet to win one (set) and it’s not that I relaxed or … Read more

What are the properties of the orange blossom

YOUR WHITE BOUQUET OF AZAHAR Your white bouquet of chancewithered was in the morning,that without sun in the windowyou saw yourself without deflowering.Sad clothes of your trousseauhe stayed at the foot of the bed,when the crying that spillsthe virgin who came pure,dirty feels and impurebecause nothing inflames him. Saturnino Caraballo DiazThe Poet Corucho

How to dye your hair blue

Thinking of dye your hair blue? As it is an unnatural color and a tone that has to be bright to look beautiful, it is important to follow some specific steps that will help you to be perfect. Depending on the color of your hair, you may need to bleach the tone or apply the … Read more

What is it for and Dosage?

Every day more people are concerned about the health of their dog, therefore, it is normal that questions and doubts arise when talking about medications for the treatment of any pathology. It is necessary to be knowledgeable about the drugs used in the dog to understand that under no circumstances should you self-medicate your pet … Read more

Artery function

As adults, we have on average a total of between 5 and 6 liters of blood in our body. The trick to finding out our exact amount is to divide our weight by 13; thus, a man or woman weighing 65 kilos will have around 5 liters of blood. It is curious if we stop … Read more

Real Madrid – Celta | Result, summary and goals of the LaLiga Santander match

REAL MADRID 4-2 CELTA REAL MADRID 1-2 CELTA REAL MADRID 0-1 CELTA REAL MADRID: Courtois; Miguel Gutiérrez, Nacho, Militao, Carvajal; Casemiro, Modric, Valverde, Hazard, Vinicius and Benzema CELTIC: Dituro; Javi Galán, Murillo, Araujo, Hugo Mallo; Tapia, Suárez, Brais, Cervi, Iago Aspas and Santi Mina. CELTA MATCH IN LEAGUE CELTA 1-2 ATLÉTICO DE MADRID OSASUNA 0-0 … Read more