56 Short Sides Long Top Haircuts ( Updated 2019 )

Short sides long top hairstyles are flexible hairstyles that can be customized in several ways. You can have a hair stylist style the hair on top to different textures, cut it in layers or dye it into different colours to match your face shape. 

1. Thick Sleek Back Hairstyle

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This type of hairstyle is considered short and suitable for people who work in a
professional career. You can go through the list below for the latest short
sides long top hairstyles. Check out the 56 best haircuts with short sides for
men below.

Using the hair jelly, you can style your hair in a professional
manner as you like it. You can use the gel to lay it as flat or as puffy as you
want. In the hairstyle above, the long hair in front is combed to the back with
some jelly.

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25 Mens High tight Haircuts

High and tight men haircut is unsophisticated, trendy and does not take much time to maintain. Many men who work in the military have a high and tight haircut as it complies with the haircut code.

High and Tight Fade with Crew Cut

The haircut which features top not more than 2 inches and undercut sides have already existed centuries
ago. Because it is a short haircut, it may not give you many rooms for
customizing and styling it. However, its minimalist design makes it practical
for men from all kinds of career backgrounds. A high and tight haircut is a good
alternative for those who don’t want to shave their head bald.

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