Salivary Glands – Function and What They Are

The salivary glands in various biological species are exocrine glands in the digestive system higher than produce saliva that discharge into the oral cavity. The saliva It is a colorless liquid with a watery or mucous consistency, which contains proteins, glycoproteins, carbohydrates and electrolytes, desquamated epithelial cells and leukocytes. Its function, among others, is to … Read more

How to make French toast

French toast is one of the most famous breakfasts in the world, and although its origins are unclear, it is believed to have already existed in the Roman Empire. They are so easy to make and so delicious, so it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t enjoy them. Have you asked yourself how to make … Read more

How to DOWNLOAD an Instagram Photo

One of the most practical functions of Instagram is to archive photos or videos published on the profile of a person or company. In this way, although the photos are publicly deleted, you can access them privately and recover them whenever you want. But how to recover archived photos from Instagram? If you have archived … Read more

LaLiga does not share the CNMC report

The league sent this morning to the clubs a letter on the non-binding communication of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) regarding the bases presented by LaLiga for the commercialization of audiovisual rights in the residential field in Spain, in which it details that it maintains its firm position in this regard given … Read more

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages WITHOUT UNINSTALLING IT

With around 1600 million users, WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world[1]. The ability to send and receive messages and multimedia content with users from any country make it an effective instant communication tool. However, when we accidentally delete an important message, we can run into serious difficulties. But, as there is … Read more

How to remove warts with garlic

Are you looking for a natural method to remove warts? There are different home remedies that can help you get rid of these unsightly bumps without resorting to chemicals. The Garlic is one of these natural products that can help you get rid of warts in your own home, so don’t wait any longer and … Read more

Robert Moreno: “The tie is fair”

The coach of the Granada, Robert Moreno was “happy” for the evolution of his team after the draw against Osasuna, which he described as “fair.” “Everything we had raised in the first half was coming out for us, but it is true that Osasuna has a very clear game plan, with a coach who is … Read more

Intermittent fasting, effective against aging?

As its name suggests, the intermittent fasting is a method that alternates periods of fasting and feeding. It favors the weightloss by concentrating the intake in a specific part of the day, but experts warn that it cannot be considered a diet as such. Voluntary intermittent fasting presents different formulas, according to the Spanish Society … Read more

How to TALK PRIVATE with my INSTAGRAM friends

Instagram It has become one of our favorite social networks, allowing us to take and enjoy photographs with its already emblematic vintage filters, thus accessing a much more visual and entertaining world. But of course, as a good social network, contact between us and our friends or followers is very important, so the most recent … Read more

Home remedies to cure a herpes on the nose

Herpes is a word that tends to be related to the mouth. Nevertheless, can appear anywhere on the body, as is the case with the nose. In this area, it is also painful and presents with redness and small blisters. A picture that may appear both on the outside of the nose and on the … Read more

How to COOK CANAILLAS – Cooking time and tricks

One of the greatest delicacies of gastronomy worldwide is seafood. Tasting these fresh foods is a real delight for many people’s palates, but it is necessary to know how to prepare them properly, because, for example, aspects such as cooking seafood are sometimes not as simple as it may seem. In this recipe we will … Read more

How are Pisces

Santo Rodríguez Diaz I was born on March 3, 1983 10/12/2020 I want to know how I am Liced Julissa Castrillon Banilat 03/15/2020 The information provided in this article is very accurate Anonymous 11/14/2018 There are two types of Pisces, one is sincere, loyal, pious, hospitable, generous, pious worker, they care for others and their … Read more

How to care for the jade plant

One of the most recommended plants that we can have at home and that is very popular in homes around the world is the jade plant or jade tree. According to tradition, this plant will attract fortune and riches. In addition, it is one of the plants that most helps to purify the air inside … Read more

How to do a skin cleansing at home

Learn how to make a facial cleaning at home quickly and with 100% professional results. If you don’t want to spend part of your weekly money on going to beauticians, a good option is to make your own cosmetics yourself and repeat this cleaning routine once a week. In OneHowTo we are going to show … Read more

How to make boric acid insecticide

Santos Gasrcía 08/05/2021 In my garden I have cacao plants. The pods are being attacked by an insect so that they are undermining the most superficial layer of the shell of the cocoa fruit. I want to know if boric acid could control this pest. Many thanks. For the rest, the article seems excellent because … Read more

Ana Peleteiro makes the big leap to the triple final

Ana Peleteiro will jump this Sunday (1:15 pm Spanish time) in the Olympic triple jump final after showing a competitive pulse and nerves of steel in qualifying, the usual graveyard for those who do not overcome the pressure of high competition. It was not the case of the Galician jumper, who reaches this final in … Read more

How to cure an infected tragus piercing

Ear piercings They are one of the most chosen options among those who consider getting a new piercing. One that is still not very common but is gaining followers, is the piercing called tragus or tragus, so called because it is the name given to the cartilage of the ear in which it is made. … Read more

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Grapes

Feeding pets is very important so we must consider for them, as for us, a diet rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins and many other nutrients. With dogs, in particular, much stricter care must be taken, since many of the foods that are healthy for us, in dogs can cause adverse effects, resulting in their intake … Read more

How to deflate your feet – 13 tips and tricks

If you often feel that your feet are swollen or suffer from swollen ankles, it is time to find the cause that is causing it and remedy it. While it is important consult a doctor To rule out serious illnesses that require medical attention, there are many mild, easy-to-treat causes that can help put an … Read more

What is the difference between embryo and fetus

Image: The gestation period It consists of three main stages, the first refers to the zygote, the second to the embryonic period and the third to the fetal stage. Many are the people who have difficulties to differentiate them and to know for sure when the baby goes from being an embryo to a … Read more

What is the largest continent in the world

Image: The American, European or African continent. Which of them could be the largest in the world? None. Asia is, by extension and by population, the largest. It is located in the northern hemisphere, to the East of Europe and borders on the North with the Arctic Ocean, on the East with the Pacific, … Read more

How to care for a gum frenulum piercing

The smile piercing It is a perforation that is made right in the frenulum of the gum, on the upper lip. The frenulum is the separation that we have between the lip and the gum, in the center of the mouth. This type of piercing owes its name to the fact that it is only … Read more

How to Make Homemade Fly Traps

Has it happened to you that you can’t eat in peace because some flies insist on landing on your plate? Besides annoying, these insects are very unsanitary, so having them flying around the different rooms of your home can be really unpleasant. so it is best to fight them as soon as possible. From a … Read more

How to reduce breast size naturally

If you start to feel pain in your back or spine due to the weight of your breasts, it is important that you begin to consider taking some measures in order to reduce the discomfort and make you feel more relieved. One of the best ways to do this is reducing the size of your … Read more

How to Prepare a Scavenger Hunt for Kids

peak sun 06/22/2020 I liked it a lot and it has helped me a lot Bianca 05/29/2020 is very good!!!! Silvina 01/23/2020 Very good!! Cmatta 12/14/2019 Very good recommendations and explanation in a simple way fabiana miranda 04/30/2019 scavenger hunt activities for 15-year-olds related to caring for the environment raquel garcia 01/27/2019 hello. I love … Read more

How to MAKE CHORIPÁN – Easy and delicious recipe

Enjoy a tasty choripán! Directly from Argentina, although it is also very typical in other places such as Chile, Venezuela and Uruguay, we get this very traditional dish that consists of roasting a chorizo ​​on the grill and accompanying it with a delicious sauce for choripán: the chimichurri sauce. It is the Latin version of … Read more