How to spell absorb or absorb

It is true and correct to say “absorb” and not “absorb”
What is not correct is to say that in Spanish the B and the V have the same pronunciation. Well, the B has a bilabial or explosive pronunciation (as does the P) and the V has a labiodental or dentolabial pronunciation (as does the F), in the same way that they have it in Portuguese, English, French, Italian etc. .. Note-I know that for example I did not mention German since in this case the V is still labiodental (but more fricative) and it sounds like the F.
In this way if they say “cow” I will realize that it is an animal and if they say “roof rack” I will know that they are talking about the grill that is carried on the roof of the car to transport loads. We will also have “throw” and “vote”, which are verbs that sound similar (not the same if they would not be homophone paronyms) and have totally different meanings. The deformation in the pronunciation is according to the region or country so in some cases we may find that the corresponding differences in pronunciation are not made and later this error is done in writing, in such a way that we also try to apply it to others language and we do not find that it does not work and someone will tell us that it is incorrect, (example “the best” and “the vest”).
Ultimately, if we make an effort to pronounce our rich language correctly, we will have fewer spelling mistakes when writing and it will not be easier to learn others.