Denise Maestre, from actress in ‘Here there is no one who lives’ to professional bodybuilder

Denise Maestre, 30, became popular 15 years ago in the mythical series of Antena 3 ‘There is no one living here’, in which she played Candela Heredia García, known as ‘Candy Candy’ and neighbor of 2ºB.

The series was a great success in Spain between 2003 and 2006 and meanwhile 12 chapters Denise Maestre had an active role in fiction. As a neighbor of the crazy building, she was the youngest of a family of two children (she and ‘Moncho’) in which Higinio and Mamen did what they could as parents.

The actress also participated in series such as ‘Physics or Chemistry’, ‘Supercharly’ or ‘Summer Grandmother’.

The actress playing Candela in 'Here there is no one who lives'.

The actress playing Candela in ‘Here there is no one who lives’.


His big change 15 years later

Today, the young Candela is a woman and Denise Maestre competes in competitions of bodybuilding (bodybuilding), and bodyfitness and practice the powerlifting (power lifting).

its spectacular physique It is the result of years of training and effort and she describes herself on her Instagram profile as “She Hulk mode activated”, where he has more than 9 thousand followers and where he shares his progress and competitions.

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