blonde hairs

Rooty Caramel Blonde (Bronde) It seems so nice to see the fine line between blonde and brune. Toffee flavor that just lusciously good is not salty! Icy Blonde with Stretched Roots Stylist Krystle made this scan so beautiful that the platinum and the brown roots were so seamlessly transformed. Darker roots seem so smooth due … Read more

Side Ponytail 2020

Style Forward Side Pony Credit / Getty Images With a nod to the past and the introduction of modern fabric, it’s really chic to take your side pony up for a more stylish style look forward. The Formal Side Ponytail of Ashley Tisdale This is a more conservative, soft and sexy side ponytail. For any … Read more

bowl cut

Bowl Cut A with Color Specialist This look is another look on the famous haircut of Vidal Sassoon’s ‘ 60s Grace Coddington. The solid lines with a soft texture and the effortless coolness that it produces are my favorite thing about this look. If you want such a strong look, it is best worn on … Read more

Blonde Ombres

Platinum Blonde Ombre Just like pouring cream on coffee, it’s a shocking but perfect change. Brown hair with blonde highlights A with holder This coloring is for a customer who loves low maintenance color of hair. Since the highlights don’t start at the root, they grow it out much more forgiving and the coloring doesn’t … Read more

Green Balayage Hair

If I want to retain any dream colors like green hair, I always tell my customers to avoid excessive heat styling for the first week or two and to wash with cool water as warm / hot water exposes the hair cuticula and strips away color as well as any sulfate shampoo strips color. At … Read more

Braid Twist

Long 4 Braid Twist Make a boho-chic look from the simple French braid with four twisted on-point braids. This chic ‘ do is great if you want to feel the cool breeze on your skin on any summer day. Trendy Mermaid Braided Updo Go swimming with this super nice red braid. Edgy Viking Braids for … Read more

Balayage on Black Hair Trending Ideas

This look is a cool ash balay. You can create the most realistic transition from dark to light by using the teasylighting method (one of my favorites) and adding natural dimension to a blonde. The biggest thing about this look is that it’s high contrast and you’re having the best of both worlds. Without any … Read more

Fishtail Braid

Messy Bun + Fishtail Braid A with London Uk Hairstylists This is a messy bun with a scalp fishtail braid. This updo is textured and complex but undone, making it perfect for any case. This style is a declaration on its own that there is no need for further embellishment. If your hair is perfect, … Read more

Burst Fade

Faux Hawk with Burst Fade Wear this edgy and eye-catching look with a really cool fade feature to match bold styling. Short hair and a burst fade are each other’s best compliments. Boys Crew Cut with a High Fade A clean, dapper-looking hairstyle suitable for beginning the school year. Keep it smooth with a color … Read more

12 Prettiest Brown Ombre

Dark Brown to Ash Blonde The best way to go is straight and long if you want to show off your shiny metallic blonde to light brown hair. Just use a flat iron to make the finish smooth and elegant. Espresso Brown to Blonde for Short Hair This chin-length allled bob is evidence that no … Read more

Red with Blonde Highlights

Strawberry Red with Blonde Highlights A with Level 2 Stylist To me this look reminds me of the end of the summer / early fall. Fit for fall or anyone who wants to change color without leaving their comfort zone! The best thing about this particular color of strawberry is that it also has a … Read more

blonde ash

Silver blonde ash with a silver hue. This opulent color was pulled off by the medium layered cut and long fringe. Get the fading hair color effect on dark blonde hair with platinum highlights. Colorist Jordan has done an amazing job with this combination of low maintenance colors! Silver Highlights on Blonde Hair The subtle … Read more

Pretty Periwinkle

and Colorist How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite? It’s a melting of purple hair. To give it a realistic and enjoyable feel, it’s a mixture of different shades of purple fading into softer ones. My favorite thing about this look is that it’s colorful, but soft and very … Read more

Updo style

It’s a messy bun with a braid of the scalp fishtail. This updo is textured and complex but undone, making it perfect for any case. This style is a comment that does not need any embellishment on its own. If your hair is perfect, consider clipping to add fullness to the plait in a few … Read more

Modern Twist

I always start with a strong mousse hold, then the layer is elastic and the hairsprays are soft. I start in the back when I set the hair and work my way forward wrapping the hair in the same direction around the iron. This hairstyle works for all types of the head, and anyone can … Read more

Blonde Balayage Really Short Hair

Long Thin Hair Shag Long fresh layers are always so flattering on smooth, thin hair that it looks light yet dimensional. A side fringe is an elegant and simple way to complete this look as well. Long Shaggy Bob with Blonde Ombre A shaggy lob that is thin but textured complements wide faces like her. … Read more

Thin Hair Shag

Short Blonde Hair with Rose Gold Highlights QA with Salon Manager / Senior Artist The blonde color would be what I love most about this look. Trends in style hair color are something many people shy away from being too quirky. What I love is that such a soft rose gold hair color is appropriate … Read more

Layered Long Bob

Messy Layered Long Bob A nice and easy long bob that has much more to do with it – the textured layers on the back that go with this ginger color which looks so good on fair skin and blue eyes. Glam Lob with layers The perfect summer chop has stunning rich tones and a … Read more

Beachy Blonde Hair

QA with the owner of the stylist How would you describe this look? This look is a vivid blonde hair contouring balayage. Obviously, the hair of this client is light, so I added specific pieces of color to make her highlights show like when you’d make up your face. The suggestions that someone feels about … Read more

Bold Fade

Tall Top Fade Haircut Temp Fade Haircut With a short skin fade, the deep weight line really makes this look pop. High Skin Fade This is a great cut for middle to low-faced men. This uses the entire head as a canvas to draw straight, clear lines on the cheeks or on the head sides. … Read more

Beach Waves Weave

Sometimes a short hairstyle spells trust. This certainly exudes a specific level of extra and glam in one with an undercut and a wild hair color too. Asymmetric Pixie Undercut I say go big or go home right with this kind of short pixie cut with lines? Platinum Pixie The chic undercut pixie with side-swept … Read more

Pixie Undercut

How to: – Shape down natural hair. – Bond the hair to cover the whole head in a circular motion. – Look the way you like. Recommended Products: High-quality hair glue is a wig cap and 10 products required for this style? -14 Are you? Extensions. Extensions. Best shape of the face: Shoulder Length Beach … Read more

Choppy Hair

Choppy Hair If you want to keep your long, thick locks, but you’re not up to it, you may need a shag to save you. This provides your hair with structure and great volume and would make your life so much easier. Best For a Round Face Perfect for Women More than 60 White and … Read more

Beachy Dark To Light Brown

How would you characterize this look? QA with Independent Hairstylist Natural color of the skin. I love the light show on my customer’s face. With almost all my clients, I do scanning highlights. With the traditional highlight look of the foil, it’s a great way to go lighter without highlighting the whole head. It’s a … Read more

Half Up Boho Braid

While wearing your dreamy rose gold hair with a simple half-up bun, feel in love all night long. No need for a complicated style as this enchanting color will make everyone on the night of the prom remember you. Half Up Boho Braid Bring glamor from top to bottom to your prom with this boho … Read more