17 Hot Styles Braided

Simplicity at its finest! Braided Ponytail Weave

Such beautiful natural braids will charm anyone who sees it with a red eye.

Here we have a beautiful accessorized type of security. The golden metal cuffs and strings and bright highlights all create a perfect look for royalty.

Great Safe Braid

You can style your hair with topnotch ponytails like this one. For a beautiful performance, using combinations of thick and thin bits and a few yarns.

Jumbo Braid

Bring all of your relaxed hair into one gigantic tail for a simple but sleek look. The hairstyle influenced by this ‘ 90s is a stunning choice for prom or everyday wear.

Cornrow Braids

Cute Little Girls Ponytails

For a smooth contrast, this edgy tail has a mix of massive and thin cornrows. The smaller pieces highlight this look’s intricate design.

Low Ponytail Braid

A with Hair Braider An elegant and versatile look! The best thing about this look is being able to wear it down or bun it down. That’s where the polyvalence comes from. You can rock it either way, depending on the look you want.

Ghana Braids

A with a Licensed Cosmetologist The Ghana Braid Ponytail is a sleek and smooth braid style capable of showing a sassy to classy personality. The biggest thing about this style is that to show off your natural beauty, it is taken away from the face. Use a satin or silk scarf to retain a longer lasting appearance at bedtime and avoid frizz or dryness of the hair. Moisturize the scalp at least two to three days a week with a natural oil. The style is appropriate for any type of personality and can be worn during a business meeting or session. This is also a hairstyle of getting-up-and-go.

Small Micro Braids

A with Celebrity Braider This braided ponytail is sleek and bold and because it is a style inspired by the Rap Queen Nicki Minaj that bold energy comes with the look of course. Such a complex yet simple design is the precision parting at the top. The precision is the model, and I think it’s the best component.This is a very traditional but elegant butterfly braid. I love it because it’s the perfect style to unleash your feminine side while keeping it fundamental and keeping your heads turning. Nonetheless, this braid is not one that lasts for a very long time. With naturally straight hair and about 3-7 days with kinky / curly unruly hair, you should wear this style for about 7-10 days. I advise you to blow your curly hair straight before trying the look. The braid of the butterfly is perfect for every occasion. With this flexible model, you can go from a daytime activity to dinner and back to the workplace! Perfect for all! Hair Style