Green Balayage Hair

If I want to retain any dream colors like green hair, I always tell my customers to avoid excessive heat styling for the first week or two and to wash with cool water as warm / hot water exposes the hair cuticula and strips away color as well as any sulfate shampoo strips color. At Axis Hair Salon, we create custom color conditioners that we send home to our customers who want to do what they can to maintain their color even after they leave so that their color stays alive for longer and that can make the next touch-up appointment much faster and easier. Customers who want fantasy colors like this should be prepared to have to come in every 5-7 weeks due to the logistics of a bleach-out process and touching up the roots afterwards. Vivid colors look their best for the first 3 weeks depending on how often a customer washes their hair but can remain fresher for longer if they do not wash their hair too often with cool water and use sulfate-free products and custom color conditioners. This particular color tends to look amazing on more tan-olive skin tone but it can look great on anybody because it’s all about how your hair makes you feel and how you own it!

Purple and Green Balayage Hair

I take inspiration from everywhere with Creative Colorist and nature is no exception. I describe this creation as a coloring of the peacock. It’s perfect for darker hair, the coolest thing about this look. When I cut into her hair long layers, it really gave the color movement so you could see peaks of highs and lows. Styling her with beach fabric further shows the depth.

Mermaid Hair

A with Color Expert / Professional Stylist For my green-loving guest this look was inspired by nature that we lovingly called Forest Nymph. With Pulp Riot as my painting our palette was completely personalized with the use of 8 different colors (Noir Absinthe Area 51 Nightfall Lemon Firefly Aquatic Nirvana) using the contrast Betwewee Aquatic Nirvana. Every stroke of the brush and hair flip reveals something else and that’s the best part! Those greens won’t disappoint anyone who wants to invest in not only the initial service, but also the proper home care products. (I recommend Pulp Riot’s color to protect Bangkok Tokyo shampoo conditioner and Berlin dry shampoo in between wash days.) Seven weeks later, at two washes a week, this beauty still rocks its vibrancy. I’d love to have fun colored hair I just couldn’t pull it off, I hear so often, but rainbow hair is for everybody. I have customers over 60 who ask to be male and female unicorns. If you’re hoping to dip a toe into green hair but you’re hesitant to ask your stylist to begin with some secret or peekaboo boards. It is also a perfect way to ease the unusual by having a natural colored root with either a melt balayage or shadow.

Pink and Green Balayage

Show the mermaid hair on long, flowing locks with sexy beach waves. For this look, certainly all the mermen will dive in.

I ask any of my clients I submit vivids to buy Overtone in their shade. (In this case, Ultra Green) A color conditioner allows them to keep the color in the shower themselves and it will last as long as they continue to use it! For any bright colors, this is a must! Be prepared to dye those pillow cases and towels in any bright color, but it’s worth it. I advise customers to keep the base close to match their natural one so the grow-out will forgive if they’re not someone who tends to get their hair done very often. Surprisingly, it’s a great look for someone with a busy life that doesn’t have a lot of salon time!

Green Hair Pastel

in Encino Ca This fresh mint pastel is one of my favorite colors. Green was always my favorite color. Mint tones remind me of spring as the cold begins to fade away and we start to see all the new fresh life in nature rising. It always gives me a feeling of peace and calming. I think it’s a lovely shade on either cold or warm-up scales. Mint tones such as this are a gentle way to wear a color that can often scare men. Most people feel that the color of green hair may not suit or compliment them. I find most people can wear any color, only finding the right tone and level. I love it on long gentle or beachy waves just as much as I love it on a gorgeous lob / bob textured wave. Black & Green Ombre

This look is what I call a shady green hair. I darkened her base color and then applied the green to lighten her ends. I cut it using a technique of layering and different techniques of texture. It’s designed with flat waves of iron. This style is more suited for a customer with a little upkeep. These colors of fashion can stain the clothing of towels sheets, particularly when wet. Such colors disappear very rapidly as well. I recommend that you use a pigmented shampoo to keep the color look good!

Multidimensional green hair color

The warm tone of the customer came in. Instead I thought of putting a cool ash tone to give it a fresh look and it’s green ash! Generally a hot tone like red / yellow / orange looks tired if you leave it for a long time. Either full head color is bored, so I decided to make her ombre hair. I love the hair cut I made for her, as the long, formed layers add lightness to her skin, making it much easier to curl and wave on her own. Just one or two scrunchs and she’s ready to go! I’d say that not everyone can bring this hair color. One’s going to have to wear makeup to avoid looking bland as it’s a cool tone. It will make you look white and delicate without makeup. In addition to that hair serum and hair mask are a must to make the hair less tangles and make your hair stay healthier and brighter. After 72 hours, clean the colored hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and use color shampoo for the colored hair as well.

Cosmetologist / Barber Blue and Green Balayage

A This look is a multidimensional blue to green balayage. In fact, her roots are her natural dark brown color and are highlighted to melt in the blue. To achieve the melt, we used a pure green and yellow dark blue. I had to take into account the amount of bleeding of color that would occur during the rinse out so I used yellow on the ends. The yellow became the perfect lime green by the end of the rinse and shampoo. I made a hairline bob for her cut. I thought the graduated layers were going to work well with the color making the hair stack on themselves. The biggest thing about Julia’s hair is how we can turn something that would usually be very high maintenance into something that she can wear with it still look great for months!This look on a textured bob design is a silver mint color. I love this ultra-light pastel tone’s reflection! There are lovely pastel colors – and brief. A color like this needs the lightest blonde undertones possible and it will change and fade every time you shampoo your hair. Usually a color like this will last 4-6 shampoos with proper products and home care and then the hair will return to blonde.

Emerald Green’
Emerald Green’