Blonde Ombres

Platinum Blonde Ombre

Just like pouring cream on coffee, it’s a shocking but perfect change. Brown hair with blonde highlights

A with holder This coloring is for a customer who loves low maintenance color of hair. Since the highlights don’t start at the root, they grow it out much more forgiving and the coloring doesn’t have to be held very often. It’s a very versatile hair color that almost all ages and skin tones will wear. Styling services include an iron / wall curling and a spray of hair / texture mist. Facilitated peasy.

Ash Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

A with Master Stylist I made hand-painted scanning on three-quarters of the head (all the hair above the occipital bone) and then made baby light foils on the top of the crown and on the sides so that the thicker parts peaked down. The haircut is a sleek shag to accentuate the color when worn wavy with blended and textured layers throughout. The hair was blow-dried with a 1.25-inch hair bristle brush on the frame, but a 1.25-inch wand can also create the look. My favorite thing is the sound of the ash. My customer uses daily violet shampoo and conditioner at home to remove gold tones and always looks amazing with her hair. You can also undergo this color treatment if your hair is super curly, but the effect will look different as curly hair is not lying as smoothly. A heat-protective (e.g. Kerastase Ciment Thermique) which covers up to 450 degrees of direct and indirect heat is necessary along with daily violet shampoo and conditioner (e.g. Pure violet shampoo and L’Oréal blonde conditioner correction color) and a textured spray after styling (e.g. Texture Wave by Shu Uemura). While this style needs good products and regular maintenance styling is not high as far as color goes. Individuals can go as long as 4-8 months before this look needs to be changed as long as there is no grey to cover. For most face shapes, this style works and works for both classic and fashionable dressers and styles of personality.

Balayage of platinum blonde

Dark Brown and Blonde Hair Highlights

A with Senior Stylist This is perfect for anyone with dark brown hair looking to add a little sparkle and volume to highlight their natural color. I used a smoothing cream to help soften the hair of her course and add thermal protection to keep her locks safe and long. It is a very low maintenance look for the busy customer who has little time to come to the salon.

Ash Brown and Ash Blonde Highlights

The contrast between low light and highlights and brown and blonde hair colors makes me love this look. It’s not too dark or too bright, and you can see a blonde as well as a brunette. This style can be worn straight and curled and looks great in terms of medium lengths (bobs) and longer. While no color is zero maintenance, such a color that give customers a little more time between appointments whether they are a natural blonde or a natural brunette. The key to keeping such a color is violet shampoo! My preference to keep the tones ashy is the Milkshake Purple shampoo.

This is a bronde beach textured feel. I really like the contrast between the darker natural pieces interspersed with beige and blonde caramel pieces. I like the style of cut that has very straight lines and just add texture to make it more lively.


I love this look it’s great for our customers with light hair who still want the two-tone look darkening the ends gave her a new look without harshness and keeping her roots changed. In, I applied highlights and lowlights to some degree. The cut is only long layers with an angle around the face built for a beachy wave with a 1 1/2 inch stick.

Brown and Blonde Hair Lowlights

A Salon Owner Master Hairstylist I love blondes but the only thing that is difficult is to manage. That was my client’s case. She cherished her blonde hair as well, but she wanted a little less upkeep. I suggested that she melt a color on her roots by adding the lowlights for depth, which in turn makes the blonde stand out more. She’s developing a bob as far as the cut is concerned so I trimmed it and gave her a side-swept bang to give it more style. If you’re a busy gal who may not have the time to enter the salon every four weeks, this is your look. It’s trendy and quick to style with just a dry blow or if you’re going out for the night, you can even use a wand for a wave look. Brazilian blowout smoothing serum and Brazilian dry oil blowout are my favorite things I used on her.

Light Blonde Chocolate Brown Hair

Milk or dark chocolate? Either way for this transcendental look the sweet goodness of these colors harmonize! I see caramel mocha and chocolate.

Light brown hair with blonde highlights

All the goodness in a very lovely hairstyle of a sweet treat! The highlights of Caramel blonde are great bits of transformation.

Balayage Brown

22 Best Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas for Light or Dark Hair22 Best Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas for Light or Dark Hair

by i

Light Honey Brown Hair

The dark brown hair highlights along the bangs are stunning. For an extra modern look, combine this with a layered bob with a middle part.

Reddish Brown to Honey Brown Ombre

Auburn shows off its hot undertones when combined with honey brown hair, which match tan skins so well. That color melting will make you an outdoor person because under the heat you will want to show off your fiery-ness.

Medium length Butterscotch

Cinnamon Red with Honey Brown Streaks

You can take your hair to the next level by matching the right colors with the top three most trendy ones of all time – brown blonde and red. Fun with this hairstyle and honey brown hair with the many measurements and styling forms you can do. Honey Brown Toffee on Wavy Hair

A wonderful way for summer to be lightened – a dry, elegant multi-tone brown hair balayage. If you want to keep your long hair and give the illusion of a light one, it’s super effective.

Natural Light Honey Brown Hair

Measure the subtle honey brown hair highlights with this natural-looking hair! It’s an established way to make the length and volume of medium thin hair look.

Long hair with Hazelnut Honey Brown Highlights

Straight hair with Ashy Honey Brown Highlights

These cute ashy brown hair highlights painted on straight black hair make the whole hairstyle pop out with the size it provides. For a more interesting look, style it with a center part that is ideal for faces with symmetric sides. Golden Brown Short Hair

One of my favorite haircuts is a pixie. I love their versatility. Her look is very natural golden brown honey hair with natural highlights for hot golden skin. As shown, she can wear it to the side or put out on top of her curl / wave texture and brush it back for a sleek look. If a customer sat in my chair saying they wanted this haircut, I’d ask them if they’d ever have such short hair before. If I weren’t wondering what makes them want to go so short? I’d pull their hair off their face and look like a fake bang and ask them if they like what they see and can get used to seeing so much of their eyes. I’m doing this because some of my clients ‘ perception about going the short has shifted. For this haircut, you really need the personality and lifestyle to make you feel good. Most women feel comfortable with long hair around their head and they feel vulnerable and dangerous even with all the congratulations they get on the new look when it’s permanently gone. This haircut is good for women with strong or bubbly personalities or women who are not attached to their hair.This is a large and textured balayage drawn by free hand. I wanted to create color placement motion. I colored the blonde with my hand and put the brown chocolate next to each other to make the blonde pop out to give it a nice brown honey hair color. I thought the dark would accentuate the blonde when the hair moved and build the beautifully textured movement. Together with delicate beach waves, this look completes the look. The colors swirl together by waving the hair, producing the dimensional color that stands out from the crowds! This is a versatile color that matches face shapes and hair types of many forms of personalities as it is a custom hair color painted look. Since the hair’s roots remain on its natural tone, it gives the client the freedom to wait a few weeks for a touch-up. Invest in a spray that is textured. This look is all about motion and texture. Adding such a spray to your vanity is perfect to help create the beautifully textured look.

Magnificent Copper Honey Brown Hue

A with Master Stylist I love how this dimensional color transitions from darker copper at the roots to lighter copper at the ends highlighting the long layered cut for a soft and natural effect. This look works with most types of hair and is well suited to light and clear skin with an undertone of golden or peach. It would suit the businesswoman’s wide range of lifestyles who wants to add a bit of light to her professional look to the home mom’s stay, who is looking for a little change and excitement in her daily routine. It is important for those who consider walking with this type of honey brown hair to use a shampoo that isgentle on the color of the hair treated and protects it from fading.

Honey Caramel Deep Brown Highlights

I would describe this look as a rich and warm bronze balay. The blend of cool and hot tones is what I love most about this particular look, and there is still so much depth. I love color and scanning with normal darker tones to the mid-length and ends. I think the trend has become a bit out of control nowadays with every bit of the hair ending up being all very light and one color. Growing out on that can be more difficult to maintain, and the safety of the hair is much harder. I imagine milk chocolate combined with suede and caramel to bring out a nice brown honey hair color when I look at this. I kept it simple for cutting and styling. The cut is a conventional square cut with long layers. The styling was done with a curling wand from the Ghd.Chestnut Brown with Honey

/ Professional Colorist She grows soft that we only remove her scanning 3 times a year! We do a glaze toner a couple times in between when I see her for her haircuts. This look is about as low as it gets maintenance and friendly budget! I always encourage the purchase of professional hair care products from my clients. When you spend $200 on your beauty products, spend a little more on shampoo to preserve the lovely hue! The best way to create the effortless look is a fast blow dry and some waves with a 1-inch curling iron!

Hot Honey Brown Blunt Cut Lob

A with Hair Colorist Hairstylist This look makes you feel confident to look at. It’s quick and elegant, but it’s popping out!

Dark Brown to Honey Brown

Low maintenance is expected for those who find this style of color. You don’t get that harsh demarcation line so you’ll only need a few color appointments. This is a good introduction if you’re particularly looking for brunettes to go lighter. A glaze is a great service to freshen the color in between. Use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that is safe in colour. Heat protection is also very important for those lightened ends.The beauty of this look is its low maintenance quality that makes it work for virtually everyone. My customer was already coming in for base color so when she came in trying to lighten up some parts without fully committing to highlights once we came up with this look. She will stay every eight weeks with her current base color and we can add highlights if appropriate. The perfect client for this look would want to preserve and improve its natural 4-6 base color with some focus. Starting with strong healthy hair that can withstand the process of lightening is important. Thanks to the lighting, this look needs some Tlc at home. You should use salon-grade items at home to preserve the hair’s integrity. A sulfate-free shampoo, a heat-protective spray moisturizing conditioner and a nourishing oil are all the necessities for a look like this. Washing only two or three days a week is often important for preserving health and vitality. This shade of brown honey hair is ideal if you want to shake your natural color without any alteration!

This look also shows how stunning and wearable a hot blonde highlight can look from a brunette beginning. When using colors that work together to create an overall nice and natural-looking hue, no need to worry about looking brassy. I enjoyed making this sunkissed natural illuminated brunette using a balayage hand painting technique. Some advice I would give to customers who want to see this look or be open-minded about this technique on their hair. Start somewhere and be open to the end result, but have a strategy. As far as cosmetics are concerned, as long as you use a decent moisturizing conditioner for a color-safe shampoo and perhaps some conditioning treatments to improve your hair’s health and brightness, you should be ok. We use paint and beauty services from JbeverlyHills at my salon and I love all about them. With so many styles of hair, this can look good as it looks so natural and the growout is really easy and low maintenance. The beauty of scanning and hand painting is that you’re not married every six to eight weeks in my chair, but you also have the option to change your look more often whether you love the light around your face or lose it. This brown honey hair is perfect for customers searching for their first color dive into the color world.

A with Cut / Color Expert Professional Hairstylist This is a copper / honey brown hair highlights lob. I love the color dimension and the melted look from top to bottom. With that cool girl element, it’s an easy and pretty look. The cut is perfect for customers looking for fine hair to give the thickness illusion. To consumers who want something fun and effortless but still competent, it’s also perfect. The bottom is cut blunt and slightly a-line while the layers are internally and textured in order to create movement without thickness. If a customer wants shorter hair, a lob is a great option without sacrificing style. Color is a nice option for medium to dark brown hair customers who want to offer the dimension that highlights but don’t want super blonde hair. I concentrated on mid-length coloring and ends so that the consumer can spend months and months without having to keep up with it. In order to maintain this look, it is always important to use color-safe shampoo recommended by your stylist. Good loose waves are provided by a strong 1 1/2-inch curling iron. Once I curl, I generally spray a dry shampoo and use a spray wax to finish.

Almond Honey Brown HighlightsThis honey brown hair dye is in my opinion perfect for anyone with a hot color style. I recommend cleaning it with a shiny tint if thesecolors were to wash out after a while.

Balayage Honey Brown Hair

How are you going to explain this look and what is your favorite? This is good for fall and winter, balayage honey brown hair. My favorite thing about it is going from a soft honey to the ends of the super beam. I love the change! To create and maintain this look, what items do you recommend? To retain this look, the items I suggest would be Redken’s color-safe shampoo and conditioner and a home conditioner. If you want to curl, use Wax Blast hairspray for texture and a heat-protective if you want to straighten. I’m going to recommend scanning to those who want no maintenance. Anyone can wear this as it can be a discreet change and operation. On a pink skin tone, this particular color looks best. She wanted heat in her hair to make her face shine so that she wasn’t washed out. Most teens want this look just because they don’t want their hair colored at all times. I recommend that you come for a glaze at least six to eight weeks after the service as it is a semi-permanent color. Latest-Hair Colors Hair Style Formal