blonde ash


blonde ash with a silver hue. This opulent color was pulled off by the medium layered cut and long fringe.

Get the fading hair color effect on dark blonde hair with platinum highlights. Colorist Jordan has done an amazing job with this combination of low maintenance colors!

Silver Highlights on Blonde Hair

The subtle difference offered to blonde locks by silver highlights is all! Of course, less is more! Using these two variations and coloring methods, silver blonde hair can be achieved.

Dark Roots Silver Hair

Looks like shimmering white paint has been pouring over black hair to create this color fusion. Luckily, Bretagne and Megan colorists have a more simple method to do this color!

Snow Queen Elsa is looking for any season! You’ll never have to think about what your fashion statement is with trendy hair like this.

The look is a technique of baby color. I enjoy doing this because it’s fun to spread out. There are never rough lines and more measurements are granted as well. Her hair is fine and we cut her ends a few inches thick to make them safe. The sleek straight hair for a sexy look is always a go-to!

Silver Ash Blonde

Makeup Artist This is a length blonde ash cut with long light waves and thin layers. Confidence in the process. Based on the current level of your hair and the chemical background of your hair, this look may take several sessions or may not be achievable. While contemplating this look, you need to be able to commit to the steps it takes to get here as well as to preserve the silver ash feel. For the durability of this look and protection of your body, you will have to invest in quality products. To keep the silver colors, I suggest Redken Blondange shampoo and conditioner as well as Olaplex 3 to take home treatment to keep your hair strong and healthy. I love these cool ashy tones but if cool ashy tones match your skin tone and don’t make you look washed out, you have to think.

This is a light ash-dimensional blonde and what I like most is that we have her natural base color flowing through it together with her root tap which makes her grow a little more smooth. A with Blonde Specialist / DevaCurl Stylist

Dark Purple Ombre Hair

Layers and long side sweeping bangs flatter every medium-length hair; mix that with funky loose curls and you’ll be ready for a night out. There are many colors available for violet hair color and the lighter tones are used in this violet dye hair color.

Ash Purple Hair Ombre

We’re so in love with the smoky tone of the pen and you should! An creative way to wear this trend is to have two different shades on effortless waves.

Purple Ombre Light Brown to White

Dark Purple Ombre Hair

Layers and long side sweeping bangs flatter every medium-length hair; mix that with funky loose curls and you’ll be ready for a night out. There are many colors available for violet hair color and the lighter tones are used in this violet dye hair color.

Ash Purple Hair Ombre

We’re so in love with the smoky tone of the pen and you should! An creative way to wear this trend is to have two different shades on effortless waves.

Purple Ombre Light Brown to White

Lavender Ombre

This features an excessively magical platinum blonde to melt in silver purple hair. Having a light base makes dipping your locks into some purple goodness very easy!

Simply cute is a little smoky lilac on medium waves! The subdued violet shades compliment the light undertones of the complexions.

Lilac Ombre

Shiny metallic layers with edgy muted shades of lavender will surely add depth and character to your look at night.

Pastel Purple Ombre

Ideal for any lazy day, look scrunch your enchanting violet shadow tips to achieve this perfect beach wave result.

Burgundy Ombre

Purple and Pink Ombre

These super cool shades suit your waves! Go for a funky modern finish with some blue-violet and ash goodness.

Black to Purple Hair

/ Renter Chair This violet hair color is modern fun. My client is a teacher who usually prefers a more natural look, but is now on maternity leave and would like to have some fun. I love playing on a dark base with funky colors to lift the rich color! If the position is on the mark, this look can be straight or curved, but I love it when the texture shows off the contrast. I love this hair length because there’s nothing you can do with it! Your hair won’t take too long to style, and when you need your hair out of your face can also be worn in a bun or ponytail.

Dark Brown to Purple Ombre

This look is a long layered hair-colored cut with purple shade. I used a one-inch curling iron to style this because I love the way the waves in her hair show off the purple pop on her ends. Know how bright hair colors are very temporary at the ends like the purple. We wanted to do just her purple ends so it was easier for her to brush in between her color appointments with colored conditioner (she uses the Product Overtone). She also works in a hospital so she wanted something during her job she could cover in a bun. We kept her natural color at the bottom of her hair so the purple is somewhat concealed while her hair is tied back in a bun. I recommend this approach any time I have professional women who want bright colors in their hair so they can do just that.

A with Freelance Colorist in Long Beach Ny This look is a magenta-colored deep aqua blue. I love these colors together because they’re still very pigmented while they’re on the darker side. This look is going to last a long time.I figured I was berrylicious when I did this body! It reminds me with its rich colors and sweet taste of delicious blueberries and blackcurrants. The cut elevates the color with long layers that flatter and are very flexible to most face shapes. The layers give curls a delicious softness when worn curly (as seen here) and when worn straight the look is cool and edgy. To achieve this bright color, I used a vegetable dye that can quickly fade if not treated with good quality products at home. Look for products that not only protect your hair color but also feed it. My customers are using Kms Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner in conjunction with Goldwell Dualsenses Color Extra Rich 60s Treatment. The color is bright fun and will surely turn heads so this look might not be for you if you prefer to be a wallflower.

A with Hair Artist This look is a Dusty Purple Ombrà ©. The most amazing thing about this particular look is the bright violet colour. For different skin tones, it’s very attractive. Hold the repair in mind. You have to keep washing your equipment and reschedule a color refresh with your stylist at a minimum using hair-safe shampoo! Purple is the perfect color to try if you want to spice up your color in such a way that if you let it go, it will fade into a beautiful blonde. Even if it does not follow the instructions above, it will not last long. Always bear in mind that you may need a few appointments before you hit this color of violet ombre hair. That particular client was about 5 hours in my chair. First we had to build the ombré and then add the purple dye. This violet shade hair color can work on all styles of hair and textures but it may take time to get there depending on what color you start with. (Blonder better) It’s the perfect way to spice up an old shade or scanning highlights as well! Deep Purple

A with Owner / Stylist These piercing vivid hair color styles seem to make my hair alive. It’s worth every minute for appointments in bright coloring! Find the total cost of the appointment. Take note that color longevity with little cold hair washing is minimally lasting 2-3 weeks. I recommend a color pigment shampoo and color-save conditioner like Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorwash available in a variety of colors!

Be careful with the method of lighting up and listen to your stylist. The purple used in this color is also a direct dye and is not permanent, so if you shampoo your hair every day it can fade quickly (I will suggest using a color-safe shampoo and a dry shampoo to prolong your shampoo days). On the other side, this unlocks a world of possibilities for other colors as the color is not permanent! I love how versatile this violet colored hair color can be converted.

Platinum Blonde to Violet Coloring

Her client is a military wife and mom who, because of motherhood or the formal events of her family, is simply not ready to give up her sassy style. While adding a shadow base, we keep her blonde bright to make her regrowth more organic. The violet ombré with the lavender mix adds depth within her hair while giving her a fun twist that may not be the case with vibrant hair at times. While still displaying her personality, she can easily style it into a chic chignon or bun for formal events. Just know that they’re fading for anyone considering any bright light. Like so many! You can actually see the color going down the drain every time you wash your face. So it’s something to keep in mind for people who wash their hair every day or more than twice a week. It can also take a lot of time and effort to eliminate these vivid colors. So when you settle on a color that’s bright and enjoyable, you know it will be a dedication to your hair. But it’s usually worth it! Amethyst Purple Sombre

/ Colorist Make sure your employer requires it first and foremost before considering any nice colors. I have clients who have only asked for the color to restore it to their natural color due to restrictions on their working environment. The painting and sorting part takes a lot of time and if you couldn’t go out with the paint on a daily basis, it would be all for nothing. I highly recommend that you stay away from swimming after receiving this color (indoor particularly with bleach or outdoor facilities / areas) or stop washing your hair for the next few days. It is possible to stretch the color between the wash using dry shampoo. Use a leave-in hair treatment every two weeks to help keep hair clean. It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain colored hair. The color is worth it though!

Bright Purple Ombre

Stylist Saretta developed this elvish look from long lilac hair which is lavishly curled. ServicePhoto Copyright Policy Latest-Hair Colors Hair Style Contact UsPrivacy PolicySitemapTermsGorgeous Flapper Hair

Go out for the classic missy girl’s attitude with an avant-garde blonde pixie. I have a strong love for old European hairstyles

Inspired by Gatsby ‘ Do

Fake Bob

A with Bridal Hair Stylist Look like a fake lob antique (long bob). In reality, the hair of the client was very long underneath her shoulders. In order to create the look she desired, which was the dream of a shorter style, we pinned the underside of the back section and cut the top parts of the hair into a modern twist of the 20s.

I would characterize this look as a glamorous deep wave of Hollywood or a Great Gatsby retro hairstyle. I admire the fact that in every decade we can take trends from the past and wear them! This is a timeless look for almost every event, whether it’s a night out or a themed party. If you are considering this hairstyle my advice is to take the basis of styling hair from the past and add a modern twist to create a deep wave like this. The key to creating perfect waves was setting hair with pin curls and curlers / rollers on wet hair in the 20s to 40s. Setting our hair today is just as important, but we can now use our wands ‘ heat or curling dry hair iron. I recommend using Anti. Gravity from Kevin Murphy as a product to help this last night style. With almost every type of hair, this look can be worn. Someone with a natural wave or curl must first gently blow their hair dry. After gently combing the curls and becoming the highlight of any case!

Classic 20s Look

A with Freelance Bridal and Vintage Hairstylist One of my favorite styles to create is this 20s-inspired look with a more classic softer feel. A broad sharp wave runs down to the back of a curl-covered sheet of Gibson. True authentic hairstyles from that period might sometimes be very flat to the head a bit rough, but keeping this hairstyle a little more full keeps it up-to-date and flattering. I love the contrast between curls and the straight wave. In my face, it’s very pleasing. It’s also a theme that is very adaptable. The curls and roll can sit on or to one side on the back of the head. Less structured curls can be bigger and more waves can be included. This is a style that works perfectly on medium to thick hair and finer skin, provided it is longer than the blades of the shoulder. The more hair you have, of course, the more texture and waves you get. It’s great for an event with a ball or red carpet or even a prom. I love it especially for the bride who wants something different from the softer allled braided styles that you see many of today. This look is ideal for the bride with some Hollywood glamor who loves a classic timeless look. If the dress is off the shoulder or has a beautiful back design, it looks amazing. You’re going to need a tiny barrel curling tong and it can require many (ok loads of!) hair grips and pins so it’s all about creating a good foundation for the curls to be put on. I prefer to use a half-cut bun ring to curl the hair and lock the grips in. It’s also important to add smoothness control and shine to a pomade or serum. And I’m going to use a salon-quality strong hold hairspray to finish it all.

Elegant 20s Updo ‘
Timeless Faux Bob

/ Style Maven My client went to a black tie event and I figured the glamor of Hollywood would be nice. My focus is on my customers ‘ traditional hair fashion and I believe that the hairstyle is the most important part of the look.I produced this 20s-inspired roaring look for a special event for my company. It’s certainly more of a dramatic play off a conventional finger wave. We wanted to pin it up and create more of an upstyle with it so she could dance and move around freely without having to squeeze her hair around her. My favorite thing about it would be the overall feminine quality. I love the waves that frame her eyes! This style is often asked, but it is not intended for the hair of everybody. Specifically, the length of hair texture and cutting go a long way towards creating a style that holds the best for each customer. Especially for this style, she had very long straight hair, but she had a lot of layering that helped to keep the form without being too heavy on top. Her length played a role in pinning it up because throughout the evening we needed the lasting power.

My favorite thing about this is precisely that! It’s a hairstyle in which you can look at the same time sophisticated and sexy. First, to give it some volume and smooth it out, it is important to blow the hair dry. Applying a hair product that will help shape the hair and give it longevity is also important. If the hair is too short, I use Living Proof’s Full Volume line. I use the shampoo as well as using Full Dry Volume Blast hairspray on the hair roots. I use Flex Shaping hairspray (also from Living Proof) together with a curling iron to create curls when the hair is ready. The larger the waves come out the stronger the curler! I roll and pin every time they’re stuck until the hair’s cool. I put my hair down and brush it once dry.

A with Professional Hairstylist How are you going to describe this look and what is your favorite? Finger waves are a sexy and timeless sculpted look that brightens different color lights. This is a gentle way to make hair style that requires low heat and patience for a dry finish. To recreate this look, what tips or products do you recommend? The look needs your guest’s support as the hair is rubbing against the involved scalp. Short hair is easier to maneuver, but the most important thing to do is to stay fluid through the sculpture. Here was used wet hair and a lightweight spray. With best results, use a comb’s fine tooth side. For anyone who likes to see themselves in a sexy way, I suggest this look. Particularly perfect for guests who don’t want their face to be hairy. It really elevates an overall look with a little mascara and lashes with finger waves. When my hair is set like this, I feel extra stunning!To recreate this look, what tips or items do you recommend? I use Kenra Thermal Styling Spray 19 whenever I want to be able to brush them into curls to control them and keep them soft without losing their dignity. Brief horizontal parts spray Kenra Thermal Styling Spray from roots to ends on each segment comb through wrap on the iron and clip to cool to ensure the waves remain consistent and fit together for the finished look. When the clip brush is removed and replaced again with your fingers. It’s a tedious process, but it’s worth the end result! I noticed that on coarse hair this look works best. This tends to hold the shape well and can be easily manipulated to take on the form of the wave that you want.

Vintage Retro Updo

How are you going to explain this look and what is your favorite? The waves would have to be my favorite thing about this theme. I was always a retro wave sucker! What tricks or items to recreate this look are you recommending? There are really only a few tips for this style that I think are most important. First of all, I just curl all curls in the same direction and pin to stabilize the curl in order to manipulate it more easily later. Soft working hairspray like Ag Aerodynamics is a great product to assist with this. Spray as curls fall, and as you brush them out without being sticky, they will maintain their curl memory. Finally, the underside of the curls are backcombed to hold them together and remain where you want them while you build your waves! Long-haired ladies don’t think about my client’s hair halfway down the back! Only roll up the pin below and it’s the ideal cushion to protect your waves! For any woman ready to rock it, this look is perfect.

Dry Hair Finger Waves

Gibson Girls Tuck Hairstyle

This divine messy updo brings out the beautiful look you are looking for with ease! Ideal for romantic dates for weddings or days when you just want to look special.Hair Type All Trends Formal