How to grow hair with birth control pills

kevin guerrero

Hello, good morning I have 2 questions: 1. If I do the pills with the shampoo, will this help to have more bushy eyebrows?
2. is it true that onion helps the growth of eyebrows?

Camila Melendez

I urgently want my hair to grow.


the shampoo tablets are white or brown … because they are of two colors …


Hello, I have any questions …. how big does the shampoo have to be ??? And how do I get it to stir very well since usually the shampoo is not so liquid ??? And it is applied and washed or do you have to leave it for a certain time and then rinse it off … ??? Can I use conditioner afterwards ???


I can put cream rinse


Hello, I am very interested in what I read and for a long time I have wanted to try this method of the pills in the shampoo … but I have a great doubt, I use oral contraceptive pills. If you add contraceptives to the shampoo, will it cause me something ??? I consulted with my gynecologist and he told me that he will not practice this method because it was a lie … but he did not answer my question and consult a pharmacy and they did not know how to answer me either. Does any woman use contraception and have tried this method?


Hi, technically doctors don’t believe in those things. In nothing homemade. But our grandmothers have taught us some remedies or treatments that they used themselves in their time
If you are not sure do not do it, but if you are interested in knowing if the hair grows or not, try it yourself. I have never treated with birth control pills, but if with a shampoo called horsetail, I usually add collagen, vitamin E, and aloe vera to the shampoo.


Hello !! I have experienced the shapoo with pills and it has worked for me, of course, as the article says, you have to follow up and be patient. I have hair on my hips.


What do you recommend for long hair?


You can put the onion shampoo and the conditioner the tablets


Yes, you can also experiment with mixing oils in the masks such as olive, almond and especially resin


Hello, I would like you to send me information on how to treat hair damaged by dyes, thank you !!!


I have not grown my hair for a long time
I already want him to grow


Hello, my hair is falling out a lot, and I went to an aesthetic, I started to apply blister, once a week and to the shampoo I added the contraceptive pills but I did not see results, I left the treatment, now that I have read this article, it was x that my scalp is sensitive


Hello, I have a query, they cut my hair very badly, and having it too short I thought about using this method to grow hair, the problem is that the shampoo I use is the cheapest and I don’t know if it works for me Either it helps my growth or it may not help me.


I am a man and they have made me a determined cut that I do not like and my hair is too short a friend has told me about this method but someone has told me that I can have changes due to female hormones and I do not want to risk it, I would like to know if I put it in the shampoo it only works for the hair or if it does the other effects too, thank you. Greetings.


how long to wait to get a result

Irene Juste (Editor of unCOMO)

Hello dayana,

In a few weeks it is usually noticeable, but it depends completely on each person since many other factors such as genetics or diet come into play.



How long can I use the pills and what happens if I stop using them?

Irene Juste (Editor of aCOMO)

Hi Roxi,

How long you can use the birth control pills depends on several factors, so it is best to discuss it with your gynecologist. As for what happens if you stop taking them is that the effect of these in your body does not last long, since you are not keeping it anymore.



Miss is in the shampoo not that you take them

patricia portal bazan

my hair fell a lot and behind my ear it fell a lot and boy I have hair

alexandra beltran garcia

Hi, I have a bit of my hair damaged by the iron and that depresses me a little I would like it to grow for a year I cut it but I don’t see it growing, how do I make my hair grow shiny and healthy? Please help me, I do not know what I’m gonna do 🙁 🙁


Hello, a question that would happen if I add the pills and the onion to the shampoo.


Hello ! Excuse me, can it be effective if I do it with prental pills because I don’t have the contraceptive pills? I wait for your answer


How many cm more or less does the hair grow with the shampoo and the contraceptive pills?

Débora De Sá Tavares

Hello, since hair growth depends on factors such as nutrition and lifestyle, answering your question is not possible. Each woman will grow differently with this treatment. Greetings