How to spell surreal or surrealist

How to spell surreal or surrealist

In the moment of to write It is frequent that we end up having doubts about what is the correct way to write certain terms. This is also accentuated when we are faced with words that are colloquially mispronounce and that at the time of writing them lend themselves to confusion. An example of this is what happens with the term surrealist, so to clarify it in the following OneHowTo article we show you how to spell surreal or surreal. Take note!


When we introduce the term ‘surreal’ In the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), we observe that it is a correct word and that it can also be used in the ‘super-realistic’ form. It is used to express the following meanings:

  • What adjective to express that something belongs to or is related to the artistic and literary movement of superrealism. Example: Miró was one of the painters surreal most prominent.
  • What adjective and common noun to express that a person is a supporter of the movement of superrealism. Example: André Bretón was the founder of the surreal.
  • Used colloquially to express something that is absurd or meaningless. Example: The text I just read is completely surreal.

* Surreal

As we have verified in the previous point, the correct way to write this term is ‘sure-realistic’ and in no case ‘surreal’. In fact we found out when introducing ‘surrealistic’ in the RAE, it indicates that this word not registered in the dictionary and directly suggests the term ‘surreal’.

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