What is the largest continent in the world

What is the largest continent in the world

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The American, European or African continent. Which of them could be the largest in the world? None. Asia is, by extension and by population, the largest. It is located in the northern hemisphere, to the East of Europe and borders on the North with the Arctic Ocean, on the East with the Pacific, on the South with the Indian Ocean and on the West it joins Europe through the Ural Mountains. The following OneHowTo article details the characteristics of the largest continent in the world.

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Asia is the largest continent in the world. Has a area of ​​44.5 million square kilometers. In fact, its extension is 5 times greater than that of Oceania and 4 times that of Europe. To lose yourself in it.


Due to the extension of the Asian continent, also it is the most populated on the planet. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear in the media talk about the overpopulation of the Asian continent. Asia has more than 3.8 million inhabitants, reaching 60% of the human population.


Asia is a cosmopolitan continent. Races of all kinds, ethnic groups from different cultures, historical roots and economic condition coexist in it.

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In Asia there is one of the best known mountain ranges in the world: the himalayas. The Himalayas are among the 14 peaks of the world that exceed 8000 meters in altitude.


In the Asian continent they are also geographically located very important lakes of the planet as is the Caspian Sea, which borders Europe, as well as the Aral Sea. Both are salt water.


Regarding the religions professed on the largest continent in the world there is a great variety. In Asia there are ancient cultures such as Hinduism or Buddhism, passing through others known as Taoism and Judaism, until reaching Christianity and Islam.


Finally, the secret of the success of the Asian economy around the world lies in the abundance of labor, low wages, the lack of labor rights, as well as the creation of what is called a port free zone, places where that companies are exempt from paying taxes.

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