The best stones for Virgo

Best stones for Virgo - full list

The sixth zodiac sign is the one that governs those born from August 24 to September 23. Virgos stand out for being wise, rational, analytical, methodical, reserved, loyal and responsible. However, they also need some help and a lot of work to keep their thoughts in order and get out of their routines. Although it must be borne in mind that these traits are clear in fully Virgo people, but that they vary depending on whether they have more influence from the rising sign or not. This help can be found in the protective stones for this sign.

Therefore, in this oneHOWTO article we explain what are the best stones for Virgo. Take note and choose the best one for you, but remember that the best type of stone will be the one you like the most, it catches your attention and helps you feel comfortable.

What are the stones of the Virgo sign: aventurine and topaz

The main stones of the Virgo sign are aventurine and topaz. They are the two minerals that best represent and fit this sixth sign of the zodiac.

About aventurine, the one in the image below, is considered to have the ability to absorb negative energies of the environment of this zodiac sign and provide balance between the physical and the spiritual. Aventurine is given properties that bring happiness, protect against health problems, especially those related to the mouth.

Topaz, on the other hand, it is a gem or precious stone that helps stimulate Virgo intelligence and intuition, so it provides you with these tools with which to protect yourself by stimulating these capabilities.

These are the main protection stones for Virgo, but there are many more that favor this sign. For example, the lucky stones for Virgo are topaz, rutile, amber and amethyst, but there are more that will provide you with great benefits. Pay attention to the following sections and get to know them.

The best stones for Virgo - full list - What are the stones of the Virgo sign: aventurine and topaz


This stone grants Virgo mental and emotional balance, as well as ease to be objective, to have mental clarity and to be more humble. With this help, those born under this sign can achieve more capacity to be able not to get frustrated if things do not go as expected, as well as to get them to go well more times by having more calm and objectivity to work on it.

For the energy of this stone to flow well and be more effective, it is necessary to know how to clean amethyst, as we explain in this other oneHOWTO article.

Best stones for Virgo - full list - Amethyst


The amber stone It benefits those born under this sign by sharpening their senses and clarity, increasing their creativity and helping them to open their minds. Therefore, it is advisable to have her around when you need to have ideas and be creative, as well as when you need to try open your mind more and leave closed-minded ideas behind.

Learn more about the Properties of amber stone with a HOW TO.

Best stones for Virgo - full list - Amber


We also recommend that Virginians get a sodalite stone and have it close when you want to be uninhibited, be more cheerful and animated, get rid of prejudices and rediscover your sexuality. In this way, it helps people to be more relaxed and allow themselves to do what they most want to have fun, without worrying excessively, living in the present.

This stone will undoubtedly help those born under this zodiac sign to improve your relationships with other people, especially on a personal and intimate level.

Best stones for Virgo - full list - Sodalite


Fluorite is a very suitable stone for Virginians who need work intellect and spontaneity, because it makes these aspects work perfectly together in these people. Therefore, the logic and the facility to be ingenious and spontaneous that Virgos can have will be enhanced.

What’s more, fluorite It helps to be more persevering and, thus, not to give up on the efforts and goals that have been set.

Best stones for Virgo - full list - Fluorite


This stone is less known than the previous ones but it has great properties for Virgo. Mainly, it helps you overcome problems and fears, even those that may be more hidden. Rutile It is a stone that will help Virginians to feel stronger and push themselves to overcome their limits, get out of their comfort zone and, in this way, overcome their fears.

Best stones for Virgo - full list - Rutile

Pink quartz

To end, rose quartz It is another stone that cannot be missing in the environment of someone Virgo. Also, this is also one of the best stones for Taurus.

The main effect of this mineral in these people is to help them release repressed emotions and feelings. This will allow them to overcome problems of various kinds, especially in the love sphere, being a very effective amulet to help overcome breakups, feel better about oneself and, thus, be able to increase self-esteem and be able to love someone again. .

Best Stones for Virgo - Full List - Rose Quartz

Which gemstone corresponds to Virgo

Definitely, Virgo’s gemstone is topaz. However, there are other gemstones that favor Virgo, because apart from being elegant like all these types of gems, they are good to balance the energy of this zodiac sign. Among them we find:

  • Topaz
  • Beryl
  • Emerald
  • Peridot
  • Green agate

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