How to shave male genitalia

How to shave male genitalia

The hair removal It is one of the cosmetic techniques most used by women, however, today there are also many men who resort to genital hair removal and want to remove hair from the intimate part. For this reason, currently, both men and women choose to eliminate the beauty of this part of the body. However, women have been doing it for a long time and there are many specialized products for this purpose. But what about men? As more and more people are shaving the genital area, it is normal that doubts arise about the methods and existing products for this purpose. It is for this reason that in this article we explain how to shave male genitalia.

Aspects to consider

To know how to shave the male genitalia, we must start by taking into account everything that we will need to perform this procedure successfully. First of all, it should be noted that the skin in the intimate area is more delicate, so we must take special care when removing hair, whatever the way. Currently, there are different methods to remove hair from both the pubis and the testicles, and in this article we will see the vast majority.

To carry out this task, we recommend that you previously wash the area, preferably taking a shower or bath. In this way, in addition, we will be able to open the pores and make the hair removal of the male genitalia easier.

What do I need to wax?

We indicate all the tools that we will use taking into account the different methods by which we can depilate the intimate area.

  • Depilatory cream.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Knife.
  • Electric razor.
  • Hot strip wax.
  • Towel.
  • Water.

Shaving the male genitalia with a razor

It is convenient that to perform male genital hair removal you are in a comfortable and well-lit place, since this task can be complicated enough when we wax for the first time to do it in low light. Therefore, the bathroom is a good place, since we can dispose of the hair without problem and have good visibility.

Shaving the genitals with a razor is the simplest method and the one that will take us less time. You have probably already used this utensil on some occasion to shave, so you should already understand how it works. First of all, assess the amount of hair you have at the moment. In case the hairs measure more than 4 cm approximately it is better cut them beforehand with scissors. Be careful when carrying out this step, placing the scissors completely flat on the skin to avoid cuts. You don’t need to cut your hair as close to the root as possible, but rather reduce its length.

Once the hairs are partially trimmed, we can begin to wax the genitals. It is important that do not do it dry, but we either have hot water on hand or do it directly under the shower to moisten the area well. In this way we will achieve that the blade slides better and the hair removal is easier. When passing the blade, try to do it in the opposite direction to which the hair grows and stretch the skin a little with the other hand to avoid small cuts. Once we have removed all the hair, it is advisable to apply an alcohol-free after shave balm, a moisturizing body cream, aloe vera gel or other products to soothe the skin and prevent it from being irritated.

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How to shave male genitalia - Shave male genitalia with a razor

Shaving male genitalia with an electric razor

In general, the electric razor is the easiest way by which we can wax the male genitalia. However, it can also be the most incomplete. Why? It is difficult to wax the area, especially the testicles, without being able to produce a cut. This is why when we use this utensil we must have be careful not to hook the skin. In the pubic area it is easier, since we can exert more pressure on the skin and manage to remove all the hair, even if it is not root, but in the testicles this task will be more difficult. Therefore, to make this way of epilating easier, stretch the skin of the testicles and use the razor slowly and with great care. You can choose to leave the head at the lowest level so that it cuts as much hair as possible but without touching the skin, or remove the head and pass the blade directly over the skin. In the first way, the hair removal of the genital area will be safer but we will not cut the hair in its entirety, while in the second way we can cut the hair at the level of the skin, but the process is more complicated and risky. Whichever way you choose to shave your male genitalia, try to do it delicately.

To finish with this point, it must be taken into account that there are electric razors designed exclusively for shaving the male genitalia, so you can choose this option. However, it is possibly the most expensive way. You have to assess whether it will be an investment for the future or if you are only going to wax once.

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How to shave male genitalia - Shave male genitalia with electric razor

Can I use depilatory creams to depilate my genitals?

At first glance, depilatory creams may be the easiest way to depilate the intimate area. However, before opting for this option it is useful to know what it is and how it works. Depilatory cream is a simple and fast method that consists of applying the product on the area where you want to remove the hairs, and later, a spatula is passed to remove the hairs. Many of the brands that sell this product differentiate depilatory creams based on the type of skin: sensitive, dry or normal.

The answer to whether we can use depilatory creams to depilate male genitalia is NO. Why? This product is composed of substances that can irritate the skin And, as we have said before, the skin of the genitals is more sensitive, so we could damage it. You may have heard of people who have used depilatory cream to wax their intimate area, but it is best to do without this method when it comes to the genitals, face or nipples. In this post we explain in detail how to wax with depilatory cream.

How to shave male genitalia - Can I use depilatory creams to wax my genitals?

Wax to depilate the intimate area

If you are trying to figure out how to wax your male genitals, you most likely have in mind that wax is the worst option. This hair removal method is the one with the worst reputation and the most feared by men. Wax is the way to wax with more advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it allows the hair to be uprooted and increases the time it takes for it to reappear, but it is also the most painful option. So do we use wax to depilate the genitals? The answer is yes and no. We can use the wax to depilate the pubis, since despite being a sensitive area it can be applied successfully. Now, in that case it is better to go to a hair removal center to have it done or ask for the help of someone who knows how to wax. Otherwise, we could make a real mess. On the other hand, it is not advisable to wax the testicles, since it is a very sensitive area and it is difficult to keep the skin stable to remove the hair.

How to shave male genitalia - Wax for shaving the intimate area

Laser shaving of the genitals

Another of the most innovative options for shaving male genitalia is the laser. This method allows remove hairs from a certain area permanently after several sessions. The drawbacks? Time and money. Laser hair removal involves going to a specialized center for a certain period of time and the cost could be a bit expensive. However, it is an option to value, since if you want to permanently wax your genitals and you do not want to be constantly removing hairs, this is a good option. In this article you can see what are the advantages of laser hair removal.

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