Products for healthy hair

It is no longer enough to use shampoo, conditioner and mask to solve the particular needs of each hair. Brands specialized in hair care have created a wide range of possibilities that are not only designed according to the type of hair (curly, wavy and straight) and scalp (oily, mixed, normal or dry), but also the thickness of the strand (fine, normal or thick) and its specific condition (stained, discolored, gray, porous, damaged, aged …). So much variety could drive anyone crazy, so we consulted with three experts to discuss the must-haves, as needed.

Fill the porosity for mechanical or chemical damage. Its effect is restorative and restores resistance to hair so that it can withstand dyes, bleaching or abrupt changes. It is usually combined with other ingredients, such as white clay, which controls the oil on the scalp, and organic silicon, to stimulate hair growth, strengthening it and preventing hair loss.

“There is also a treatment for continued use at home that consists of three steps: first shampoo, then the mask and the fluid; leave it for 15 minutes and rinse ”, clarifies the expert.

Keratin or straightener

“This product wraps the hair strand to give it weight, which makes the hair lose volume and straighten it,” explains Lorena Arenas, a straightening specialist. It is ideal for those who use an electric iron or brush and invest hours in achieving the expected end. The results are seen progressively.

There are several types of keratin: those containing chemicals (formaldehyde or acetic acid), which last between four and six months, and healthier alternatives based on carbocysteine, glycoxylic acid and biotin, which offer various nutrients; however, the effect passes after two months. According to the expert, international brands develop non-toxic products, which do not cause burning or discomfort in the eyes and nose.

Hair revitalizer

“It is an anti-frizz therapy that keeps hair volume under control. It does not contain chemicals and its secret is in the nutrients ”, says Arenas . Treatment includes coenzyme Q 10, to strengthen the scalp; argan oil, olive oil and soy lecithin, which help deep nutrition, and biotin, vitamins C, E and B2 that restore porous fiber and make it look aligned. The treatment is finished with an iron to seal the benefits of the product. It lasts between 15 and 20 days.

Hair treatments

Nutritional ampoules are concentrates of nutrients, usually for single use, and meet different needs.



At homeNourishing ampoules

They are nutrient concentrates, usually single-use, and meet different needs. Duck embryo (shine and softness), flax seed (recovers chemically treated hair) and placenta (restructuring and strengthening) are the most common, but not the only ones. They should be applied from medium to ends once a week, leave on for three to five minutes and rinse. Luis Mora, stylist and image consultant, recommends mixing several so that the nourishing effect is greater.

Dermo-cosmetic treatments

Biological nutraceuticals and adaptogens are non-toxic treatments that can be used in other parts of the body. According to Tatyana Narváez, an expert in this type of product, its function is to promote cell regeneration in the skin and hair, activating the communication and reproduction of cells. It is the latest in hair technology.

Several products are used at the same time and work as a system (they must all be used in a specific order): a purifier to detoxify, an amino acid shot to revive the internal structure of the hair strand and the scalp, a leave-in protector that modifies and regenerates the movement and structure of the hair, adds shine, calms any inflammation and protects against the sun’s rays (it has UB, UBV and UVA filters), and an oil elixir that can be taken anywhere and can be used at any time .

“It is a daily food and a regeneration serum”, says the specialist. The result? Repair of existing damage or scars in the hair fiber.

Hair scrubs

Just as the skin needs help to remove dead cells, so does the scalp. “The scrub removes excess hair nutrition and restructuring products that settle at the root of the hair and removes the first layer of skin, like a normal peeling, so that the follicle has new life,” says Mora. It is applied once a month.

Fluid oil

It keeps the effects of pollution on the hair at bay (makes it dense and opaque), encapsulates the pollutant particles so that they do not penetrate the hair fiber and leaves the hair silky and shiny. It can be applied several times a day, from medium to ends.

Thermal protectors

For those who use (and abuse) heat tools. There are fluid oils, serums, oils and styling creams and their mission is to protect the hair from the heat emitted by the devices, sealing the cuticle; allows the nutrients in the product to be activated and penetrate better. It is applied from medium to ends after drying and before using an iron, tweezers or electric brush.

Dry bath

It is a spray that lengthens the time between washes, for those who do not usually do it very often .

It is sprayed 30 cm from the root, after lifting the hair 90 degrees, and combed. It helps regulate excess oil on the scalp since the nutrients that are born in the hair roots are spread evenly.