What Should You Plan For Your Graduation?

An event that builds memories unfolds reminiscences and envisions hope for an exciting new beginning. Graduation day is one of the most cherished events in one’s life, as it brings freshness, new ideas, and an unforgettable celebration. The event comprises themes, fashion, music, dance, and more. Planning incredibly without any loopholes ensures the success of the event because several steps need proper coordination right from the parking to the seats and the stage. The ceremony entails the significance of life at school to make the event a remarkable one it is best to choose experienced graduation planners who will create a history by making the event special.


The event is a special occasion that embarks a new beginning, as you complete the graduation the valuable certificate proves how hard it was to get there; it makes families and friends proud as you achieve a degree and look forward to making a mark in the world. As you step into the world the precious learning and education certified by the institute allow you to succeed in future endeavours. As this occasion is a life-changing event it has to be organized and celebrated for years to come. Event planners make it possible to create an extravagant ceremony with new ideas; they consider every point that needs to be fulfilled.

Things planners do to make the event takes place smoothly are: 

A step-wise order of the graduation ceremony plan starting from the parking, a well-organized seating arrangement with the student’s name card, the academic procession of the staff and authorities that takes 15-20 minutes, welcome address, presentation of honorary degrees, doctoral, or masters, walking to the stage, speech by others, valedictory address and academic procession and exit, then the graduation party starts with galore of music, photos, food, etc.

The event planning starts at least 6 months before the graduation ceremony. This ensures every element is considered to anchor the event in the right direction.

Things to plan for a graduation ceremony:

Look for a single point of contact in the college; an event planner needs to have a contact person from the college staff or the student committee to discuss the format and the process of the ceremony. The person in charge is the loop between the students, authorities, and planners.

Budget; the planners have a detailed list of packages and formats available for the event, discussing the budget helps them to finalize what elements to incorporate and things that can be overlooked.

Theme; there are plenty of themes for ceremonies, post the budget decision the planners and the college decide the themes. The themes can be glamourous, studious, fun, or sportive examples of themes can be Taco theme, Black and Gold, Elegant, Tropical, Smart-cookie, book-worm, etc. They can be more creative by making labels of streets, inspirational quotes or books, etc.

Place, date, and time; it depends on the extent of lavish set-up the college or high school wants to have, the planners specialize in providing an excellent location for the events like auditorium, stadiums, or based on the finances the college or school premises or auditorium can be considered. After choosing the place required permissions need to be completed for the location. For example, if you wish to book a stadium then the planners will take permission from the officials to use the premises for the ceremony. And simultaneously the date also needs to be fixed to confirm the event.

Food/refreshments; the planners would discuss a variety of ideas for the refreshments like graduation pretzels, graduation candy, graduation cupcakes, etc.

Animation; Animation videos are trending these days in every type of event, a short video of life at school with excellent background music, collection of memories in photos, well-written scripts in a high definition audio-visual format is a brilliant way to recollect memories.

Photos/videos- photo booth; no event is complete without photos, a great idea of having a photo booth set up at the entrance and various other places make the ceremony lively. Well-themed photo booths and selfie places are the basic and crucial elements as the well-dressed young students find it incredibly amusing.

Décor; as there is a theme for the event the décor must match it, the décor can have muted or flashy colours to brighten up the event. Some innovative items like photo wreaths, balloon chandeliers, neon or plain lights, vintage style decoration, etc. make the party full of life.