The best desktop computers

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We live in a worldwide market where there are hundreds of different desktop PCs to choose from.

So, the task of finding a good one with a reasonable price can be a hassle, right?

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In this article, you will find the 8 best desktop computers of 2021 with great features and prices that won’t compromise your savings.

You just have to take 5 minutes to find the perfect one for you.

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The best desktop computers

 DILC – Best value for money

Processor: Intel Celeron Quad-Core
Total memory size: 16 GB
Hard drive size: 1 TB

Are you taking a look at the best desktop computers on the market in 20211 to use at home or in the office? We suggest which one to choose among the many desktop PCs! The DILC Green High Plus, a computer that offers you an excellent quality product at a rather cheap price.

It is a desktop pc assembled with a simple and linear case. It is equipped with an Intel Celeron QUAD-CORE 9 processor that reaches up to 3 GHz with good performance. The RAM is 16GB DDR3 and will give you better performance in terms of speed of program access and information processing.

It has a rather large HDD type hard disk, with a capacity of 1 TB and a speed of 7200 rpm, but you can also choose the version with SSD, with or without accessories. This will give you enough space to store all the files and material you want. The graphics card is integrated, has 1GB RAM and guarantees you Full HD video quality.

It implements a burner and is equipped with Wi-Fi. The operating system with which it was born is Windows 10, but you have a lot of margins to be able to customize this desktop PC in terms of hardware and software. The equipment in terms of connections is also very good. In fact, it has 5 USBs, one of which is of type 0 and an HDMI output, which you will find useful for connecting your PC using its multimedia capabilities.

It is a desktop PC that has good versatility. With him you can work, but also play, without clearly expecting the same performance as a real gaming computer. Very low power consumption.

It is one of the cheap computers and, given its characteristics, the best fixed PC for quality / price ratio on the market in 2021


  • Pc with an excellent quality / price ratio
  • It features an Intel Celeron Quad-Core processor up to 3 GHz
  • Large and capacious 1 TB 7200 rpm HDD hard drive to store all your data
  • Integrated graphics card
  • Implements 5 USB ports including 1 of type 0
  • It is equipped with a burner
  • It integrates a Wi-Fi connection
  • You can customize the equipment of the desktop PC in terms of hardware and software
  • Multipurpose fixed computer suitable for daily use
  • Very low energy consumption


  • USB ports not very stable in the case
  • It is not a recommended desktop pc for gaming

 Megaport PC-Gaming AMD FX-6300 – Ottimo per gamers

Megaport PC-Gaming AMD FX-6300

Processor: AMD FX – 6300
Total memory size: 8 GB
Hard drive size: 1 TB

Are you looking for a desktop pc suitable for gaming and more but you don’t know which one to choose? Then listen to our advice, evaluate the Megaport PC-Gaming well, the best desktop computer for gaming of 2021

It is an assembled desktop computer that uses a more powerful AMD FX-6300 processor. They are very powerful processors of the FX series – Series Bulldozer from 5 GHz with 6 cores with Turbo Core up to 6 x 10 GHz. In case you decide to over-clock it remember to change the cooling system to a more efficient one. It has a 6 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM that will guarantee fast access to open programs, for gaming and for work. You will have good storage capacities with the 1 TB Mechanical Hard Disk.

You will have a better gaming experience with the dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 2GB DDR5 video card with a Full HD resolution. Each game will thus be transformed into a unique experience, with a graphical rendering of truly excellent levels. This is among the best fixed PCs for gaming and more, powerful and affordable in price.

It also features a DVD burner with 22x speed. Install a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system. It has a very nice case, partly transparent, backlit by red LEDs that make it very attractive, a Hades midi case.

On the market you can choose between Megaport desktop computers with different equipment: with 4 cores, a 16 GB RAM or a GTX1050Ti or 1060 video card. Many combinations that make your assembled PC more powerful and better, to meet all needs and to all budgets.

It is certainly the best gaming desktop pc for the quality it offers you and the absolutely not excessive price.


  • The ideal pc of 20211 for gaming, but also for everyday use or for the office
  • AMD FX-Series Bulldozer FX-6300 processor with 6 cores of 3500 MHx, over-clockable at 1 GHz
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 2 GB DDR5 dedicated video card
  • RAM da 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz
  • 1TB large hard drive
  • Integrated 1 sound card
  • Windows 10 operating system to 64 bit
  • Fast access to open programs and files and excellent game quality
  • Very nice and eye-catching case, Hades midi with red backlight
  • You can choose between different configurations (different video card, RAM and processor)


  • If you want to over-clock it, you need to change the cooling system to a more performing one
  • It lacks a quality keyboard and mouse

 REALTECHNOLOGY – Improved hardware configurability


Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad – Core
Total memory size: 8 GB
Hard disk size: 1 TB

Your old desktop PC has abandoned you and you are taking a look at the best fixed PCs on the market in 20211 but you don’t know which one to choose? If you have no special needs, we recommend that you opt for one of the best entry level pre-assembled desktop computers, the desktop pc put together and sold by Realtechnology.

It is a computer that you can also use to customize hardware configurations as the case has 7 PCI slots, 2 internal 25 “and 3 5” drive bays. You can thus insert, if you wish, different hard drives at the same time or other additional components, such as a greater number of burners or other. It has 2 USB ports.

It is a desktop computer with a classic shaped Alantik Casa02 case with a rather powerful heart. In fact, it features an Intel Core 2 Quad-Core J1900 0 GHz processor, sufficiently powerful navigation, Office programs and multimedia applications. It has 8 GB DDR3 – 1600 MHz RAM, which ensures you have the right speed of access to open apps and programs.

It is a desktop computer with a large storage space, a 1TB hard drive. Good integrated graphics card, Intel HD graphics 4400, which will help to make managing everything multimedia pleasant. The sound card is also integrated. Implement a Wi-Fi receiver.

The operating system that mounts is Windows 10 professional 64 bit and when it is delivered it is a desktop computer ready to use. In addition to the desktop computer, you will receive a keyboard, mouse, a pair of Vultech speakers and a 24 ”Full HD LED monitor from LG, Samsung or Asus.

Economical, with good performance, suitable for daily use and above all customizable as you prefer, which is a great added value. In addition to performance, it is a desktop computer complete with everything: monitor, keyboard, mouse and even speakers. A single product without the need for further additions, and you can buy it at a very low price.


  • Case with 7 PCI slots, 2 25 “and 3 internal 5” drive bays for hardware upgrades and customizations
  • 0 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad-Core processor
  • 8 GB DDR3 – 1600 MHz RAM: Guaranteed processing speed
  • 1 TB hard drive to store everything you want
  • Integrated audio and video card
  • Implement convenient built-in Wi-Fi
  • 64 bit Windows 10 professional operating system
  • Monitor da 24″ VGA Full HD di LG, Samsung o ASUS
  • Tastiera + mouse + casse speaker Vultech
  • Energy efficient desktop computer


  • It is not suitable for gaming
  • It only integrates 2 USB

 NOT ONLY INFORMATION – Best economic option


Processor: Intel Core Celeron D Quad – Core
Total memory size: 8 GB
Hard disk size: 1 TB

Are you fascinated by the best fixed PCs on the market, perhaps the best sellers and, why not, also cheap? If the brand is not essential for you, the right product for you is the assembled PC by NonSoloInformatica, the best affordable desktop computer of 2021

The ASROCK motherboard mounts an Intel Celeron D Quad-Core processor with a speed of up to 5 GHz and an 8 GB DDR3 RAM that will allow the PC to easily manage different operations simultaneously. The graphics card is integrated and the motherboard has 3 PCI slots, which will be useful for the more experienced to expand, integrate the hard disk.

The hard disk (HDD) has an excellent data storage space, well 1 TB SATA from Toshiba which will be very useful to save anything you want. Integrates a 22X CD / DVD player. There are also many external connections, 5 USB 0 ports and one 0, fast and efficient.

It is a multipurpose desktop pc, perfect for your office, but also for the daily use that you could do at home. It comes ready-made, with Windows 10 operating system (but you can request Windows 7), several trial software and free alternatives. Excellent, therefore, the equipment that allows you to use the desktop immediately. Among the other connections it integrates there are a VGA HDMI port and integrated Wi-Fi.

It is a complete desktop computer, sufficiently powerful and above all you have the possibility, being assembled, to ask for the inclusion of a different hardware, perhaps more performing for your needs. Maximum flexibility, good value for money make this the best budget computer, affordable for everyone.


  • The absolutely lowest and most affordable price of 20211
  • It features an Intel Celeron D Quad-Core processor up to 5 GHz
  • 8 GB RAM, excellent for ensuring better performance
  • 1 TB large and capacious HDD hard drive, to store all your data with integrated graphics card
  • Implements 6 USB ports including 1 of type 0 really fast
  • With 22X Toshiba DVD burner
  • It integrates a Wi-Fi connection
  • It comes ready to use, with software preloaded and running
  • Multipurpose desktop perfect for most average users
  • Maximum hardware and software customization to make it more suited to your needs


  • Case screws are sometimes a bit slow
  • The case is not of very good quality
  • The USB 0 socket is not clearly indicated, which would have been useful

 Apple iMac – Best all-in-one

Apple iMac

Processor: Intel Core i5 Quad-core
Total memory size: 8 GB (for the 25 “version) and 4 GB (for the 27” version)
Hard disk size: 1 TB

Would you like one of the best desktop PCs, but do you want it to be compact and with a unique design? And then opt for one of the best desktop computers, among the best sellers, namely the Apple iMac.

Apple is certainly one of the best PC brands and has developed, or rather improved, its All-In-One gem. The iMac is a desktop fixed pc consisting of a video with a very thin body on the edges, of only 5 mm, an attractive and modern design with a powerful heart.

All this is powered by a powerful engine, a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor with a processing speed of up to 6 GHz for the 25 “models and up to 2 GHz for 27”. The extra power is provided to the i5 by Turbo Boost, power that you will find very useful in applications dedicated to graphics or that require a greater amount of resources.

Even the hard disk on which to save everything you want in a fast and precise way has excellent performance. Take advantage of a Fusion Drive consisting of a 1TB mechanical hard drive and a 32GB SSD. The 32 GB flash is used to always have the most important things available.

Fixed desktop pc with stunning graphics and colors. It has, in fact, an integrated video card, the best Radeon Pro 500 series with a dedicated VRAM of 8 GB for the 27 “model and 4 GB for the 25” model. Blazing speed in games, 3D graphics, but also in video editing.

It has an exceptional retina display that on 25 “monitors gives you 4K resolution, while on 27” monitors it reaches up to 5K. The best brightness of 500 nit, a billion colors, the new P3 technology and a very high amount of pixels, such as not to allow to distinguish the individual pixels. The result will be an increasingly sharp image with sharp edges that will make even simple text files look more beautiful.

Of course, the connections are also up to par with a three-stream Wi-FI and Bluetooth  You also have 4 USB 0 ports and 2 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports that guarantee you a very high data transfer speed. Extraordinary accessories are the Magic Mouse 2 and the Magic Trackpad 2 and the Magic Keyboard with optional numeric keypad.

In short, a fixed PC with a unique design and a powerful heart that will be for you a faithful companion for fun, but also for daily use that goes beyond simple navigation. Also perfect for small professionals who want to dabble in graphics.


  • Quad-core 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor with a processing speed of up to 6 GHz for the 25 ″ version and up to 2 GHz
  • Fusion Drive for storage, a mechanical hard drive + an SSD that read as a single 1TB HD
  • Radeon Pro 500 series graphics card with a dedicated 8 GB VRAM for the 27 “display and a 4 GB VRAM for the 25”
  • 25 “retina display with 4K resolution and 27” with 5K resolution
  • Editing of videos, games and 3D graphics much faster
  • Exceptional brightness from 500 nits and up to a billion colors
  • Excellent connectivity: ultra-fast three-stream Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth 2, 3 USB 0 ports and 2 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)
  • Exceptional design, elegant, modern, with clean lines and with a monitor only 5 mm thick at the edges
  • Paired with Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard with keypad (the latter is optional), all Wi-Fi


  • In the model with 25 ″ monitor it is not possible to add RAM or change / expand the hard disk
  • 16GB RAM would have been preferable
  • Instead of the HDD it would have been better to insert only the SSD, for a greater speed of access and data storage

 AMD A8-9600 Megaport – Super-equipped

Processor: AMD A8 – 9600
Total memory size: 8 GB
Hard drive size: 1 TB

Do you really like playing PC games, but can’t spend big bucks? So you are looking for a device that provides you not only the tower but many other accessories that, otherwise, you would have to buy separately? You’re in the right review, because we’re talking about the AMD A8-9600 Megaport Gaming PC.

Desktop computer with AMD A8-9600 Quad-Core processor with up to 4GHz processing power with the Turbo Core: greater computing power and speed. Excellent response during the game, but you can also handle all the apps you want without any problems. The RAM is a Crucial 8 GB DDR4 at 2400 MHz: speed of access to open apps and programs.

In addition to the desktop computer is included the Asus monitor with a 22 ”Full HD LED screen, a keyboard and a mouse. You have the choice at the time of purchase whether to opt only for different types of desktop computers: without accessories, reducing costs, with 16 GB of RAM or with a slightly faster processor.

This desktop computer has a very good quality integrated graphics card, an AMD Radeon R7 with a dedicated memory of 2GB. To be able to save games, work files and much more you have a 1 TB HDD hard drive available.

These desktop computers mount Windows 10 64bit and are delivered already working, with all the drivers installed correctly: you just have to turn them on and play. It offers you good performance at a very affordable price. The first thing that will strike you about this desktop computer is the case, a black backlit Aerocool Cruisestar, with style and a true gamer look.

A desktop Gaming PC that offers you an excellent gaming experience, with very high performance and an enviable quality / price ratio. It is definitely the best desktop pc for gamers complete with accessories and with an exceptional quality / price ratio.


  • Include mouse, tastiera e monitor LED Asus da 22″ Full HD
  • AMD A8-9600 Quad-Core processor with 4 × 1 GHz (4 GHz with Turbo Core)
  • 8GB DDR4 2400MHz Crucial RAM: Good access speed to open programs
  • Hard Disk with 1 TB
  • Integrated 2GB AMD Radeon R7 graphics card
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • It mounts as a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system and comes with all drivers installed
  • Excellent graphics performance
  • Aerocool Cruisestar case with a lot of style, intriguing, backlit, beautiful
  • Excellent value for money


  • A little too noisy
  • Screen with VGA socket

 eXtremeBit – Miglior entry level


Processor: Intel Celeron Quad-Core
Total memory size: 4 GB
Hard drive size: 1 TB

Who said that to have a good quality desktop computer it is necessary to spend a lot? Do not you believe it? And then you are on the right review, because we are talking about a desktop computer assembled by ExtremeBit, sold at a very competitive price.

It integrates an AsRock all-in-one motherboard. In the motherboard you have sound card, video and all inputs / outputs such as USB, VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. The processor is an Intel Celeron J4105 Quad Core 50 GHz which can be overclocked up to 50 GHz. The data processing will be quite fast and you won’t have any problems or slowdowns while you work. It is a desktop computer with a 4GB DDR4 RAM.

To save all your data you have 1 TB of hard disk and a dual layer DVD burning. As for connectivity, it has USB 0 ports that will allow you to connect your devices and exchange information with good speed.

They are fixed computers ideal for the office, but also for use in shops, warehouses or for normal home use, where no particular performance is required. It’s a less suitable desktop computer for gaming, but great as a media center.

It is a rather classic looking tower pc that you can easily place even under your desk. It is suitable for a person who has a minimum of experience because it is sold without an operating system, but this will allow you to better customize the desktop computer, formatting it with the operating system and settings you want.

A good assembled desktop fixed pc, suitable for those looking for a quality mid-range product.


  • All-in-one motherboard that integrates graphics card, sound card and ports
  • 50 GHz Intel Celeron Quad Core J4105 processor, up to 50 GHz
  • RAM with 4 GB DDR4
  • 1TB hard drive, perfect for storing anything you want
  • Implement a Dual Layer DVD Burner
  • Implements USB 0
  • Ideal for offices, warehouses, shops, as a media center
  • Simple case, suitable for all environments
  • It is sold without the operating system installed to allow complete customization also on the software side


  • It has no free SATA ports
  • It does not integrate Wi-Fi
  • Not suitable for gaming

 PJDIGITALSTORE – Excellent processing speed


Processor: AMD A6 9500
Total memory size: 8 GB
Hard drive size: 1 TB

How to buy, or rather, choose a desktop pc with good components, even if not the best brand? If you are not necessarily looking for a compact device, or with the latest generation components, listen to our advice, evaluate the purchase of an assembled PC from PjDigitals. You will find that it is the best desktop pc for you!

It mounts an Asrock motherboard with an AMD A6 9500 processor with a processing speed of up to 50 GHz, which with the Turbo reaches up to 80 GHz. The 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM contributes to speed up access to open programs and data processing. It integrates a good quality graphics card, a Radeon R5 1029 MHz that will offer you a nice experience even in managing multimedia programs.

The space you have available for data storage is also excellent, with a 1 TB Sata hard drive with a speed of 7200 rpm. To allow you to use your desktop computer right away, the Windows 10 Professional 64-bit operating system is installed and fully functional.

This desktop computer has an excellent amount of inputs / outputs that allow it to be connected to the outside world. It has, in fact, 1 VGA, 1 DVI and 1 HDMI socket. You have 6 USB sockets available, 4 of which are type 0 and 2 are type  To dissipate the heat well, this desktop implements a fairly generously sized fan.

It is a perfect desktop computer for an office, for everyday use with the best balance between quality of components and costs. The case is beautiful, captivating, in backlit metal with LEDs that highlight the components, thanks also to the lateral transparency.

It is a desktop computer that will give you the best performance, clearly designed more for daily or office use. At the time of purchase, you can always customize the components according to your needs. Excellent quality / price ratio.


  • AMD A6 9500 dual core processor with up to 80 GHz processing speed with Turbo
  • 8 GB RAM with DDR4 2400 MHz technology
  • Excellent quality graphics card, Radeon RS 1029 MHz
  • Ample storage space, with 1TB HD
  • Monta, come sistema operativo, Windows 10 professional a 64 bit
  • Excellent connectivity: 1 VGA socket, 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 4 USB 0 and 2 USB 0
  • Computer that turns out to be very quiet
  • Aesthetically beautiful case, captivating and full of style, backlit, available in different colors
  • Ideal for office use


  • Sometimes slow buttons on the case
  • Some driver configuration is missing

Factors to consider when buying a computer

Have you seen how many types of desktop computers there are around? We have seen, in our special ranking, the best fixed PCs but you have to choose the best one for you and your needs. So we have written down a buying guide that will help you understand how to buy and above all which one to choose from among the many fixed computers.

Beyond the individual brands, we are going to analyze the most important factors to take into consideration when buying. In this way you will have clearer what for you are the fundamental characteristics that a desktop computer must have, essential for your business or for the use you will make of it. Don’t be scared, it won’t be difficult, we’ll take care of everything. All you have to do is continue reading and, if you deem it necessary, take some notes: desktop computers will have no more secrets for you.

Operating system

The operating system is the fundamental software component that allows you to interact with the machine right from the start, supports and manages other software, access to files and gives you the operational management of the machine. The most popular operating systems are 4, here they are compared:

  • Windows

One of the most popular and best operating systems because it ensures you the best compatibility with different software. It is quite simple to use and has become much more intuitive and graphical over time. It is ideal for both PCs dedicated to the less experienced and for gaming PCs because most of the games are designed specifically for Windows.

  • YOU

Let’s talk about the operating system of all Apple devices. It is very graphic, born and developed above all for everything that is graphics, so it is compatible and makes the most of the major image processing and audio / video editing software.

Being compatible with all Apple devices, it allows you to create a single network shared with all Apple devices in your possession. In this way you can easily make a complete sharing of all files, for fun but also for work. It is an operating system that usually turns out to have one of the best qualities that is stability.

  • Chrome

We are facing the operating system born from the Google experience and is projected to navigation, so much so that it offers you the best and fastest accessibility to online content. You can take advantage of all Android apps with this operating system because they are compatible. A little less compatible, however, and this is the negative side, most of the software available and many desktop computers, and this limits, for now, their diffusion.


Not everyone has heard of this best operating system, especially since the graphics side has evolved a little more recently than other operating systems. For this reason it is sometimes considered more complicated to use and a little more suitable for professionals. In addition to this, being less common, some software born for Windows, for example, is not necessarily compatible with it. To date, the problem is easily overcome with special emulators.

Today Linux is a fairly simple and intuitive operating system to use and, not weighing down the machine, it gives it an extraordinary fluidity, making its performance better. It is an open source software, therefore free and constantly evolving

Storage memory

The storage capacity of your desktop computer is given by the hard disk capacity it owns. A mechanical hard disk, the most widespread and currently inexpensive, usually has a capacity currently of at least 1 TB. The difference between a 1 TB and a 2 TB HDD (mechanical hard disk) is not that great.

The speed with which the disk spins is also important for mechanical hard disks: the higher the speed, the faster the access to data and their storage. Currently the most common average speed is 5400 rpm, but you can easily find hard drives with a rotation speed of 7200 rpm on the market.

Solid State Drive (SSD) hard drives, hard drives with much faster access, are now also widespread on the market. This type of hard disk currently has a lower amount of memory and costs much more, so much so that the difference between a 256 GB SSD hard disk and a 512 GB one at the price level is considerable. The SSD hard disk is definitely to be preferred, if you have the possibility to buy it, for the best performance.

Today you can also find desktop computers with a hybrid hard drive, SSHD, which offer you the same storage capacity as an HDD, but the same data access speed as an SSD. In case of need, however, you always or almost always have the possibility to expand the amount of storage simply by adding, if there is space, an internal hard disk, or via an external hard disk.


A not fundamental feature for the processing quality of a PC, but appreciated by many is certainly the design, the aesthetics of the device. As we have seen, all-in-one computers usually have a compact, elegant, attractive appearance and are highly appreciated by those looking for a quality product, but also a design one.

Tower PCs usually have rounded corners, often have simple houses, other times they have houses with a lot of style, with particular designs and an ad hoc backlight. All to give them a refined, particular aspect that often suits gamers. In assembled computers, on the other hand, you can choose the case you prefer, thus fulfilling your every desire in terms of aesthetics.

Graphic card

The graphics card is the element that allows the processing of videos, photos and more. If you use your PC mainly to surf the Internet, Office and watch some movies, you certainly don’t need video cards of particular value or prestige. For average use, integrated graphics cards are just fine.

The speech changes if you want to use the PC for gaming or for 3D graphics processing. In this case you have to orient yourself on dedicated graphics cards, with a good amount of dedicated GB and a set of other parameters. The most popular and sought after dedicated video cards are certainly Nvidia and AMD cards.

Among the Nvidia cards the most requested models among gamers, above all, are those of the GeForce GTX series. They are powerful, performing and offer you a better experience during play or work sessions. The AMD cards, on the other hand, offer better value for money and the most powerful are those of the RX series. In general, moving towards dedicated memory cards with the characteristics of the GeForce or RX leads to a significant increase in costs.

The all-in-one table computer

Caractéristiques de l'ordinateur de table tout-en-un The all-in-one term refers to desktop computers with one central unit and screen. Its hardware configuration is very atypical.

While the all-in-one computer is not necessarily the best of its generation, it is aesthetically pleasing and saves space. But it proves difficult to upgrade and very problematic in case of malfunction.


The processor is the most important, central component of a desktop computer, compact or not. The processor is the one who gives the device processing capacity and speed. Some software requires minimum requirements in order to function, even in terms of processor. Always remember to take a look at them to make sure your desktop PC can process it.

Usually when we talk about processors we also talk about the number of cores, speed and cache of the processor, even if the latter data is very often not available at first sight. Basically, the higher the CPU power, the better its performance will be. The cores into which a processor is divided also affect performance. The cores indicate how much data and information the fixed PC is able to manage simultaneously.

The greater the number of cores, the greater the processor power (and the price) will be in handling different requests, sometimes even heavy ones. To define the processing speed, the GHz unit is used. The higher the number of GHz, the higher the speed of access to open programs and apps.

Some processors give the possibility to be overclocked, to increase the speed. In other cases, they can use the Turbo Core (AMD’s own) or Turbo Boost (Intel’s), which give even greater speed and efficiency.

The most popular processors are AMD and Intel. Both produce good quality, efficient, powerful and reliable processors. Intel are the best, latest generation and very powerful processors are those of the Core i7, i5, i3 series. Even among the AMD, very popular because they are efficient and cheap, there are the latest generation processors, such as the Ryzen 3, 5 and

To figure out which processor is best for your needs you need to put together both the information related to the number of cores and the frequency. In fact, opting for many cores but a low frequency will certainly not be the most efficient. It is natural that everything is also linked to what you will have to do with the desktop pc. If you need a gaming pc you must definitely go for extremely powerful processors, otherwise you can opt for medium speed processors. You will thus have a better compromise between cost and performance.


A first distinction between the different types of fixed PCs, beyond the brand, we can make on the basis of the shape of the desktop computer. It cannot be said that one type of device is better than the other, it all depends on your real needs and, why not, on your tastes. Let’s briefly see these types of desktop computers.

  • Tower PC

The most common form is certainly the tower one. This type of desktop computer has a case (the external part) usually in the shape of a parallelepiped with larger dimensions than other types of desktop computers. They are stored under the desks or, for the most recent tower PCs, with reduced dimensions, even above the desks.

Given the size, it is possible to insert different types of graphics cards or components of different types inside the houses, with a better possibility of upgrading the system. You can also insert the components that need cooling because there is enough space to implement a suitable cooling system.

Next to the most common parallelepiped-shaped houses, you can find much more beautiful and unmistakable style, often dedicated to gaming PCs. They are aesthetically particular houses, with shapes and transparencies, often backlit and with really interesting effects.

  • All-in-one

All-in-one computers have the components, i.e. processor, hard disk, RAM and audio and video cards, all integrated into the monitor. They are compact stationary computers, which have small dimensions and are aesthetically particular and appealing.

Some all-in-one desktop PCs, especially Windows, also have a comfortable and practical touch screen. The downside of this type of fixed device is that sometimes they do not give the possibility to upgrade the components.

  • Mini PC

Another type of desktop computer are mini-PCs, compact, small in size, useful for everyday use, for surfing the net and more. They have the same capabilities as desktop computers with classic dimensions, but compared to this type of PC it is not easy to change the components to insert better and more performing ones.

So, in summary, processing power, responsiveness but small size: this small device is attractive for everyone, especially for those who don’t have much space at their disposal. Precisely because they are currently best-selling products, the technology behind them is also constantly evolving, becoming better.

Living memory

Fonctionnalités de la mémoire vive d'ordinateur de bureau This is RAM: it works in association with the processor to ensure speed of processing. It’s best to buy one of these best desktop computers with at least 8GB of scalable memory.


The amount of RAM is important because it is responsible for the fluidity in the management of multiple programs open at the same time. Usually, for an average use, an amount of RAM equal to 6/8 GB is sufficient. With 8 GB you can work absolutely well, but also play enough. Even better is, of course, 16GB RAM.

When comparing RAM, in addition to taking into account the amount of memory, it is also useful to evaluate the DDRX value. The number next to the abbreviation DDR indicates the speed and frequency at which a particular memory module can work.

Keep in mind that the amount of RAM can be changed over time by simply adding banks of RAM, possibly opting for well-known brands. Given the possibility of varying the amount of RAM memory, opt for desktop computers that have free slots to be able to expand it.

Design or power?

And here we are at the end. We have seen many types of fixed PCs, from the most powerful to the least, branded or assembled, small or large. Whether it’s the latest generation or not, the desktop pc must have exactly the features you need.

Our buying guide has put a focus on what is important to evaluate when buying. Also add the different reviews you find online and you will have a complete picture, useful for understanding which one to choose among the many fixed PCs. To decide which is the best desktop computer, the most suitable for your needs, all you have to do is ask yourself: what should I do with the pc? How would I use it on average?

Once you have answered this first question and with all the information in this article you are ready to make the purchase. Review our special ranking: your desktop is definitely there. Choose, click, buy. And in a few days the best desktop pc for you will be in your hands.

Comparison of the top 7 desktop manufacturers/brands in 2020

Brands jostle in the desktop department. Because we know that the decision to choose one is not simple, we decided to present you with a list of the best manufacturers on the market.

  • Apple
  • Hp
  • Acer
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Asus
  • Megaport

It is no longer really to present, the American brand of the crunched apple. Several statistical studies rank it at the top of sales. Virtually all tests and opinions are favourable to him. We won’t go down four paths either in our comparison to ensure the performance of Apple desktop computers that combine innovations and technicalities. It is considered a high-end brand, whose best references offer exceptional qualities. Still a leader in its market, Apple remains a safe bet year after year.

Lenovo Ideacentre AIO A340-24Iwl

Spécificités de l'ordinateur de bureau Lenovo Ideacentre AIO A340-24Iwl This “Lenovo” is the best for a relatively affordable price. From the outset, it displays a nice look highlighting its pure lines and a rather design foot. Its latest-generation 24-inch display delivers very good HD resolution.

You can also enjoy some video games on this desktop computer thanks to its powerful HD graphics card. For its processor, Lenovo uses the Intel Core i5 range. It also has an HDMI, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and 3.0 port, a memory card reader and a DVD-RW player.

Although the synthesis of its performance does not live up to a high-end model, several tests and opinions certify that it is a safe bet!

Comparison and testing of the best desktops: how does the tool work?

A desktop computer is used to process information from programs recorded on the machine. For domestic use, these programs allow you to perform personal tasks, communicate through messaging, view photos and videos, or play, etc. For businesses, these programs help facilitate work and increase employee productivity.

To function, a desktop computer needs to be connected to a power grid using a socket, and connected to an Internet network using a cable or Wi-Fi.

In the desktop case, the microprocessor represents the brain that runs programs that are automatically loaded into RAM. The latter is the active memory of the machine. It is erased when the computer is turned off. Programs are kept on the hard drive that backs up all the information even when the hardware is off.

To communicate with the computer, the user uses a keyboard and mouse to enter the information, and a screen for their display. The screen, mouse and keyboard are connected to the tool using USB or HDMI cables. Complementary devices can also be connected to the best table computers: webcam, external hard drive, printer…

Comparison of the best desktops: benefits and areas of application

Quels sont les avantages et applications de l'ordinateur de bureau ? The use of the desktop computer has invaded all sectors of activity. Whatever the professional field, the use of the computer tool and its multiple applications are constantly evolving.

The best machines allow the appropriation of new possibilities in the field of health, transport, industrial production, marketing and communication, finance, art, agri-food, livestock, fishing… An interprofessional dynamic favourable to the tabletop computer market.

Software and application development is at the heart of this generalization of computers to all socio-professional sectors. Thanks to the professionals of computer systems and networks, the application areas of the best table computers are growing by the day.

Comparison 2020: What are the different types of desktop computers?

According to computer experts, depending on the usage tests and the configuration of the hardware, there are 4 best types of desktop computers. The choice of one or the other will depend on the intended use.

Laptop or desktop?

It depends on how you use your computer and how much mobility your job requires.

The multimedia desktop

Quelles sont les spécificités de l'ordinateur de bureau multimédia ? If you want to use the best desktop is limited to word processing and internet browsing, then opt for this type of desktop and multimedia computer. You can also use it to play music and watch videos.

This type of computer aligns 3 advantages: it is economical, installs and handles very easily, and you can evolve its components by replacing or adding others.

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The compact desktop

Users looking for a little discretion will be able to take advantage of the desktop and multimedia solutions of the best compact desktops. They are adapted to small spaces thanks to the easy portability of their central unit.

The manufacturers designed these compact desktops in order to gain space. The category includes machinings such as the Acer Revo and the Beelink Gemini. Some of the best brands have pushed this miniaturization to its climax, as in the case of the Rapsberry Pi.

How much does a fixed computer cost?

Prices for the best models start below 300 euros and go up to 500 or even 1000 euros, and can even reach 6,000 euros for the best machines dedicated to gaming.

L’ordinateur de table pour gamer

Les gamers, les producteurs audio, les photographes, les graphistes et les cinéastes ont besoin d’ordinateurs surpuissants. L’ordinateur de bureau dit pour gamer est le seul type à pouvoir leur donner satisfaction. Mais cette puissance coûte cher.

L’utilisateur peut faire tourner les logiciels les plus gourmands en ressources avec ce type d’ordinateur. Son boîtier énorme est composé d’un processeur surpuissant, d’une carte graphique à très grande capacité, d’un gros volume de RAM et d’un double stockage (disque dur et SSD).

Comparison 2020: this is how the best desktop computers are tested.

We report in this part of our comparison, the test elements of the best desktop computers. These elements also focus on the web, the bulk of the comments and opinions of different users.

Comparison of the best desktops: what alternative to desktop PC?

Quelles sont les alternatives à l'ordinateur de bureau ? The best alternative to a desktop computer is of course a laptop! From a practical point of view, it is advisable if mobility is an important criterion for you or if you lack space.

The main advantage of a laptop is that it is lightweight (about 3.5 kg), easy to carry and autonomous for nearly 5 hours depending on the model.

Plus, whether you’re at home or abroad, you’ve got it on you and can continue your work or browse the Internet with ease.

What is a desktop computer?

desktop computer is a computer intended to be used on a desk or other fixed location because of its size, weight and power supply. It is also called a fixed computer.

Its central unit, designed to be permanently in the same location, consists of a case comprising the power supply, the motherboard, the microprocessor and the processing memory.

This case is connected to several devices such as the screen,keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers, and if necessary, a microphone, scanner, external hard drive, etc.

Other topics in the IT category

The best desktops are designed for a multitude of desktop applications, including web browsing, graphics, games, etc. The case can be arranged vertically as well as horizontally.

Does a desktop PC comes with desktop software?

Usually, the best machines come with a test office pack.

How do I connect a fixed computer to wifi?

By a wifi USB stick or install a network card.

The processor

Comment se présente le processeur d'ordinateur de bureau ? This is the piece that performs all the actions requested from the desktop computer. Its performance depends on the power and speed of the machine. Intel and AMD are the manufacturers of the best models.

Is there a sound card on a desktop PC?

Yes, often integrated to the motherboard on these types of machine.

The graphics map

There are two graphic circuits. The first is the GPU, and it partially uses the power of the computer processor and its RAM to work. The second, ATI, has its own resources. The GPU will suffice for office and Internet use. For image processing, video games and video editing, you will need a graphics card that offers more resources.

Storage capacity

It is defined by the hard drive. The best desktops incorporate 500GB to 10TB hard drives. We point out in this comparison that it is machines with dual SATA and SSD storage that are now the law for gaming computers.

The connection

Desktops have multiple connections. These are the USB, JACK, HDMI and Ethernet ports. The best machines have built-in wifi, Bluetooth connectivity and an SD or SDHC player.

Review and comparison of the best desktops: product evaluation

We have centralized all the tests and reviews available on the official sites to offer you a relevant and reliable comparison. Each piece of equipment in our selection is carefully studied in the direction of a profitable orientation.

The HP 24-F0079NF

Quelles sont les caractéristiques de l'ordinateur HP 24-F0079NF This HP-branded desktop is well worth a visit. It is one of the best solutions for personal and professional use. Ergonomic and compact, it offers excellent value for money for its range.

From a technical point of view, it is equipped with a 2-core Core-i3-8130U processor, 4GB memory and 2TB storage. Its graphics card is compatible with several PC games. It comes with an HDMI port, two USB outputs, a card reader and wifi connectivity.

Added to this is a mouse, and a wireless keyboard, a Privacy HD camera, a built-in microphone and speakers. That said, the machine is not suitable for gaming.

How do I plug a desktop PC into a TV?

The easiest way is to use an HDMI cable or an S-Video cable if your TV is an old model.

Apple iMac 27″

Tout savoir sur l'ordinateur de bureau Apple iMac 27″ The Apple iMac 27 is considered one of the best desktops of the year! A true concentration of technology and performance, it is above all its sleek screen that seduces with its definition of 5120 x 2880 pixels and its contrast rate increased to 884.

It has a Core i5 processor that makes this “Apple”, the most powerful desktop in our comparison. The turbo boost of this processor will give you enough power to use your various greedy applications.

Another advantage of this computer is that it incorporates a Pro AMD Radeon graphics card and a Fusion Drive that makes all your actions faster and more efficient. Unfavorable notice however for its connectors located at the back.

Review and Comparison 2020: The Pros and Cons of The Best Desktops

Customer reviews and reviews reveal several strengths, but also weaknesses in the use of a desktop computer. In the process, feature testing publications on the best desktop PC brands also investigate their strengths and weaknesses.


  • A fixed computer has the advantage of being versatile.
  • Fixed computers are generally more economical.
  • Desktops are powerful and cost-effective.
  • The fixed computer is used to have high storage capacity.
  • The capabilities of a desktop PC are easily expandable.
  • Tabletop computers are more robust and durable.
  • Fixed PC processors are faster.
  • Upgrading fixed PCs is much easier.
  • Desktops typically have multiple connectors.
  • Aesthetics are often better highlighted on fixed PCs.


  • A desktop PC requires a dedicated space.
  • Tabletop computers are bulky and cumbersome.
  • The “fixed” side of desktop computers makes them less convenient.
  • A desktop PC uses more energy.
  • Installing this type of computer is not easy for everyone.
  • Some apps have a harder time starting on a desktop PC.
  • The desktop is a little noisier.
  • The desktop PC is unusable while on the move.
  • Moving a desktop computer requires extra effort.
  • Desktops require a UPS to back up data in the event of a power outage.

Notice and comparison 2020: what to look for when buying a desktop computer?

Quelques critères d'achat des ordinateurs de bureau In this comparison guide, you are assured of objective information on the elements subject to frequent inadequacies on the best models of table computers.

The operating system is the first thing to check before buying a desktop computer. It is the interface through which the user “dialogues” with the computer. Windows and Mac OS are the best on the market. The Chrome OS, just as simple and easy to use, has quickly gained popularity.

Linux is much more for programmers. For your processor, make sure it’s Intel or AMD. Finally, power is important in setting up your best desktop. Make sure you choose it well to meet your energy efficiency and energy-saving needs.

Ideally, it works between 50-70% of its speed (i.e. 400 W power for a set of components requiring 200 W to 280 W).

Where should I buy my best desktop model?

Où acheter un ordinateur de bureau exactement ? We state on this comparison that the best thing to do is to buy your equipment on the Internet. You only need access to the Internet to get the best news in high-performance desktops. This involves several choice options and well-detailed features.

Comparisons, tests and reviews are also one of the most effective weapons of online shopping. Finally, e-commerce sites like Amazon have a fast delivery service that takes care of getting your order wherever you want.


How much does a desktop computer consume?

This assessment depends on many factors. But in a typical way, a desktop computer consumes on average 200 to 300 watts per day depending on the usage.

Which desktop computer to choose?

The concepts of quality and performance are relative, so choosing the best desktop depends on your needs and expectations.

What are the best desktop PC brands?

If your budget allows, prefer manufacturers like HP, Apple, Lenovo, Asus, Acer and Dell.

How do I install a desktop computer?

The approach is often described in the manufacturer’s notice. You can also get by easily with tutorials on the Internet.