Men are not shy about shaving their private parts these days, and the best part about shaving your pubic hair is making your manhood look bigger.

Women also prefer to see things down there and feel them smoother.

Manscaping is gaining popularity among men now – find the best manscaping trimmer here. You will find a complete range of best body groomers for private parts specifically designed to trim body hair on the neck, back, axes and also safely remove hair from those delicate parts of your body like pubic area and balls where you would not dare to put those sharp tools like scissors, razors or blades closer together. Honestly, this is the best thing ever. I’ve tried everything from Nair to shave my GF back before holidays with her razors.


With this, in five minutes, I shaved my entire back by myself. No gel shaving or anything. I was concerned that after 24 hours I might break out as normal, but there’s been a week and my muscular back is always strong. This is the best invention I’ve ever had to leave my first review. I purchased this shaver with 5 stars with a bit of skepticism. Surprisingly, it works perfectly well. The shave is smooth to the baby’s skin. If you want to get rid of it, but this 2019 Great raspberry men’s body raspberry item. Gets are shipped quickly and already come with a battery. This drug doesn’t slice hair, but I used it only once until now. That said, you have to go through some areas a bit to get the smooth shave you need. It is supplied with a guard to make this longer. Easy to clean. Easy to clean. I wouldn’t cut your sideburns with this. I purchased it to replace my current cutters, but I still need it, because it doesn’t cut sideburns as I want. Perhaps I have to tweak it and learn how to use it as I like. So far good product. Good product. As I said, you have to pass it a bit because here and there you will miss a couple of hairs. But not a big deal.Way back in the 20th century, tattoos were uncommon, body piercings were even rarer, and the grooming of men was a past time that was distinctly head-centered. Nevertheless, on the market today, there are dozens of different tools specifically designed to tackle back, leg, neck, and chest hair. Your father probably never thought about hygiene as well as hair in places.

Men’s body shaver Philips Series 7000

The groomer is quite nice. I groom anyway, without any cuts or nicks. I groom everywhere. It leaves my skin smooth and nice. He struggles or pulls hair once in a while, but he doesn’t nick.
The other leg, however, is useless. I’m never using the trimmer because 3 mm is the shortest width. This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. I’m used to trimmers with a thickness of 5 mm. Or 1 mm. Or 1 mm.
It’s useless 3 mm in the shortest unless you have a long beard. I never use the trimmer, therefore.
Shaved a lot of previously forbidden areas with unprecedented ease.

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Not for the only body?

This is the first way I tried that I should shave in comfort without bleeding. Whoever the reviewer was who said that they were good for your balls to shave…… he’s right! Be cautious. Be patient. Decent but not outstanding material. I’m not misled or satisfied.


What is the best Men’s body shaver

Don’t buy this trimmer. Do not buy this trimmer. I don’t often take time to write a negative review, probably for the same reason as I did, I’m both patient and lazy.
But if I can save somebody from my nightmares over the past year, that’ll have made good use of the little time I have left before work this morning.

Pros: Here’s the thing: the battery’s great, it looks nice and comes with all that I need as a casual beard trimmer. Price seems ok, too, and if all you need to do is cut your stubble down without the guard on the head, you will do just that. But there are plenty of low-level trimmers that will achieve this.

Don’t think about this. Don’t mess with this.
The guard is not well built for various settings. When you put the guard on, you have to look EXTRA closely, because mistaking it looks disappointing. It snaps, sits down, and LOOKS is OK. But it is necessary to test the setting dial to ensure that the guard not only responds to the setting but also the CORRECT setting.

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Shave chest

In previous years I have learned my lesson of caution countless times: 6.30, I am groggy, have to clean up my beard before work… there’s nothing mad, just a light trim (I’m casual about that.) Then, in this groggy state, I’d just rip a piece of my cheek off, then fail to patch it or shave it off before work. Great. Fine. Fine. Lesson learned about several failures.

Trimmer for the whole body

This morning, the last straw arrived. Now, I’m really paying great attention to this thing. I check it. I check it. Fiddle with it. Fiddle with it. Check the dial. Test the button. Then I’m going so far to do a shave check under my lip. Just make sure, check it in the mirror. Test the dial again to ensure it works correctly. All in all I add to my daily 5 minute trim around 10 minutes. Great. Fine. Fine.
But this morning, good lord, I’ve trimmed a side of my cheek even after all: went well.
The next cut, and whammo lopped off a piece of hair. I check the button, and it has definitely been reset from 6 to 1. Let me tell you it’s a major lop. Now, I don’t know if my thumb managed to hit the button, or if the guard tension moved the dial back to 1, but I concluded in my patients: don’t bother guys. Think about it. Think about it. I’m not asking my trimmer a lot. I’m relaxed. I’m casual. This is why I buy inexpensive trimmers. But you need something that you can trust, especially if you’re like me and need cuts before you work. You want to decide your length and depend on your distance. This isn’t a big question of a trimmer, that’s the minimum bear of your purchase.

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Don’t buy this trimmer. Don’t buy this trimmer.

There are many choices that are also available to cut, keep as much battery and actually give you the length on which your dial is set.

Whoever you are out, I hope you have a wonderful day, and I wish you many carefree trims.

Worst body shavers


One charge and done “is the slogan for this trimmer. Congratulations Remington, you are the first company to produce a trimmer that’s rechargeable and usable in one. I don’t understand how this trimmer can still be marketed and sold by the company, realizing that all the others are faulty.

Fusion ProGlide Razor Styler3-in-1 that.

I bought from Amazon 7 years ago. The original worked well, and I wanted to use it for the best shave ever. Nearly three weeks ago, while I was rashing in the tub, my faithful ProGlide just fell. The top blade part of the battery just split off the main part. I was left with two bits that I couldn’t reconcile. Sadly, 7 years and it bit the dust. I purchased this replacement easily, assuming it was made as well as my first trusted3-in-1 Razor Styler from Gillette Fusion ProGlide, which I bought on Amazon a long time ago. The one was pure quality and worked well, so I wanted to use it for the best shaves ever. About three weeks ago, while I was shaving in the tub, my faithful ProGlide just broke away. The top part of the blade just cut the main part that houses the battery. I was left with two bits that I couldn’t reconcile. Sadly, 7 years and it bit the dust. I purchased this replacement immediately, hoping that ProGlide’s value would equal my initial Gillette’s. What I’m wrong!!! Just like the first, this substitute quickly broke into two parts again, and only after ONE shave. Not good! Not good! I’m returning this substitute as much as I don’t want. I’m shocked. I’m surprised. The quality control of Gillette has gone downhill. If you buy this, be gentle when you use it. Hopefully, you won’t have the same luck.


The best shaver for men’s private parts

I am not only pleased with the material, but also with the customer service. It’s my third man groomer product and I’m a big fan. Not only is it extremely efficient and convenient to use its customer services. For about 3 1/2 years now I had a back extension and the power adapter suddenly stopped working. After seeing that it was out of its two-year warranty, I ordered the replacement and mistakenly ordered the wrong power adapter. I reached out to their customer support, and they replaced my adapter not only openly, but also threw a complimentary gift for the trouble without telling me anything but to be paid again for delivery. Thanks, personal grooming kit by Mangroomer The groomer is pretty good. I groom ALL, no cuts or nicks. It leaves my skin smooth and sweet. It tugs and pulls hair once in a while, but it doesn’t hack.
But it’s useless on the other hand. I’m never using the trimmer because it’s 3 mm long. This is absurd. This is crazy. I’m used to trimming with.5 mm. Perhaps 1 mm. Or 1 mm.
3 mm is completely useless if you have a long beard. I never use the trimmer, therefore.
Much previously forbidden area was shaved with unparalleled ease. It’s the first time I tried to shave without bleeding.


Body Razor 2019



Use body shaver


To shave my stomach, chest or armpit, it took several steps to get all the hair. The hair was very irregular and the length was the same. The actual body groom works much better and I finished. I believe this might work if you’re a teen or if someone’s hair is sparse. But someone with less than normal chest hair. That’s not the best choice. A Norelco facial trimmer works best with the built-in guards. This has been for short periods, I understand. But it ought not to take many passes to get the guard’s distance. Perhaps it’s not supposed to be used for everything. Perhaps for simple trimming or touchups.

Panasonic Body Clipper

The designers considered how end users would use this trimmer. This is a cool take on the traditional front end trimmer, whereby the customer can not see exactly what is trimmed without the need for a mirror. The side edge is extremely useful and provides great visibility and comfort. The various lengths of the trimmer are well built–not too long/short. No trimmer caps, you can use the trimmer and you won’t pinch something. Pretty clear result! Really clean result! I will probably buy it back.

All right, if you are standing in front of a mirror using a head, arms and beard trimmer, everywhere else, that is what you need. I used this one time and I can’t talk about battery life or longevity. I can already say after one use that this is better than the beard trimmer route. I did my chest and stomach with great results in record time. My only concern is that loading can not be carried out. I don’t know if it’s going to be a problem or not as it works faster than my other trimmer.


Ball trimmer


Good service, wish it had a better package for travel, but so far it was good. I was shocked that the anti-nick blades tend to be rubber, but that works better than I ever had any other trimmer. The guards are not flawless as they seem to obstruct the blades and, overall, very pleased with the purchase, they are very smooth and gentle while still doing the job. I used the trimmer and armpits as a mustache.

I owned other trimmers: Phillips vacuum trimmer (worked for a bit but no substitute blades, so pulled my hair OUCH) and the Phillips Norelco OneBlade (superb, too, but not as smooth for your face), shaved balls that I love trimmer. I love trimming. On my head, it did a great job. Few cuts and the hair is now shorter enough for me to rasp it over. I hoped it’d be close enough for me not to have a razor, but it isn’t. > I must be the softest boi.
One problem I had was because of my MASSIVE pores. Skin-safe engineering improved one sound, but my INHUMAN pores were not enough to be saved. They’re goddamn modest. Trimmers grab them just like crazy. It is said to be the best trimmer I’ve ever had. I will highly advise.


Electric Grooming Kits


Look no further if you have sensitive skin and can’t use a razor-like me. This raspberry is awesome. There’s still plenty of guards on it, others have complained about them all working-it’s not completely bad to have the case closed if you arrange them properly. How well (particularly with the thorough metal trimmer-it won’t cut your groin at all!) it performs the slight problem. When charged and since then used several times without charging, the battery is good.
I bought this item primarily from another website to trim my cub. Because I love the “blues and whistles,” I naturally purchased them because they had 25 pieces, apart from the fact that I purchased the second Norelco. My old man died once a week after 4-5 years.

Norelco review

So how have I found it? I can’t say I’m satisfied or the right decision has been made.
1st: Be ready to clean your sink all-around when you’re done!

2nd: There are too many bits. It comes with a single piece that has several lengths, but it only begins with 3 mm (that also makes you wonder why they have the remaining one piece 3 mm, 5mm… etc!).
My old Norelco had a piece with several lengths. I used to use the 3 mm for my goat beard when the blade was sharper, then switched to 2. Now I had to start at 2 after 5, 4 and 3. A few weeks ago, I started to use four or three on my old one (after the knife became much sharper), for my mustache, and one for the chin. I had 2 and 1 to use respectively.

You may once say that the length in the new Norelco is adjusted, but I don’t think it makes sense and that the old one makes more sense.

While the company claims that you can clean your heads to get rid of the hair, the brush is better than being less messy. The problem is that the hair looks easy inside the needle at the base of the blade, something a top-notch device shouldn’t allow!

I didn’t use the rest of my body hair trimmers, but I guess if you’re using them for that, make sure you’re inside the shower/bath room.

The manual was supposed to charge for 3 hours to obtain 6 hours of cable use. I left the indicator for 3 hours and it was off when I came back, so it certainly took 3 hours or less, since the battery indicator arrived there with some charge. How long is it going to last? We’re going to see. It should last long since I have to use it once a week for 5 minutes. Will update if I get another test.



Trimmer for armpits

Over a month, I’ve had this trimmer now. I’m very happy! I’m very pleased with it! It has held a charge all the time. It’s all that I needed.
The service is not lasting. It was less than 6 months old and the charge ended. Don’t recommend to buy.
The trimmer performed very well for the first few uses, but once the initial battery life was gone from the case, it could not charge. Since I only use it once a week, the Amazon team could not help by the time I realized that, and I couldn’t reach Remington either as a substitute. I would not recommend a defective product based on it.



BRAUN BG 5030 BODY Trimmer

You must also wonder how insane you want to do the hair removal. Beard trimmers are going to do that, shaving the hair while leaving the long stubble you want.

I wasn’t ready to go top-of – the-line, new to electric shavers. This budget-friendly raspberry works. The world’s best shave? Yes. No. But I have very sensitive skin, so perhaps others could put more pressure and shave closer. Good to use in the shower, and the bar trimmer hits the stubble down before I shave after a weekend. Definitely recommended.
Braun Shaver has been available for about 2 months now. * The raspberry definitely goes down the skin and leaves the hair very smooth. I have problems around the neck but I will mark my hair growing as a person’s problem. The battery is now amazing (just 2 months). Easy to use and wash. I still have to use extra parts to shorten hair, but overall great shopping!
I like the fact that my grandson has no reason to no longer shave. He wants it to be larger than his trimmer. He was just 16 and his development was mostly under his chin. It’s easy to use for him.
Nice shave on my head. Shave very nice. The ear can easily be used with the trimmer handle. The trimmer is good for cutting edges. The trimmers are great if you have minimal bread trimming, but there are not many settings. I still use a beard trimmer separately. Easy to clean when the head is popping.
Bought one at CVS a while back, but didn’t come with the guard or standard blade so I decided to buy an entire new collection at the same cost and now I have two if something happens with my old one.
I owned the strongest razor to date. Larger than expected. Not for flying, but it does a great job, both on my cheeks and keeping my beard handy (with the attachments).

Before this one I got 2 walmart Electric Raser. Experiences mixed…

This one is great, not pinching. First use the clipper, then use the raspberry. Is the job awesome. Several people said it worsens over time. Nothing does. Everything does. I’m going to take good care of myself and hope for the best. So great so far!
Okay, that’s my first electrical razor ever, so I’m not going to compare.
I’m just shocked how this thing shaves, like, where was this my entire life???
I’m shaking my head and my hair, and I’m so dismayed at how good the job is. I would say perfect. Great. No irritation, no cream shaving needed… and you can do it while showering, oh and battery life…


No more for me Shiq Quattros, no more Gillette, no more good bye razor cuts.
Bought as a teenage gift for my son and then ordered another one for my dad. Put it in the tub, switch the heads… it’s incredibly durable, and you can’t beat the many ones. Totally recommend. Totally recommend.
Big upgrade compared to the previous version with a beard trimmer. The barbed trimmer on this one sticks to the primary engine and works like a charm.
For six months, I’ve owned this so time to write. I had an offensively expensive electric shaver parked in my cart on Amazon based on comments and reviews (the first time I considered an electric shaver) and decided to get my brother, who has been using electric shavers since decades, advice. He warned against certain models, he preferred Braun, and told that none of them would be as effective as a raser. And I fell to this less costly Braun shaver when my first attempt was made. After six months of use when my razor has been in silence, I can confirm the great shaver to my eye and touch of this Braun 3 3010BT series. The longevity of the battery is very impressive and the blade is just as good as when I opened it. So far, so good. So good. Waiting for the replacement of the knife. I can confidently recommend this shaver at this price point.
My first issue was that there was no side burn trimmer. And I got the raspberry with the other bits. I’ve got all I need to look my best now.

Good ideas for shaving

  • Shave in the same direction as growth of your hair. It helps to reduce incubated hair and burn razor.
  • If your skin is dry or fragile, using shaving oil or a transparent shave gel.
  • Keep the head of the grooming clean. You’re going to want to wash it frequently so that hair doesn’t block the blades.
  • When you’re finished, add a gentle toner or moisturizer. If you are prone to incubated hair, use a formulated toner to avoid this issue.
  • Next wash up. Any area you intend to defuzz, to kill bacteria, you should first wash the surface with a mild soap.
  • Don’t go down there baldly–we’ve already touched on this, but you don’t have to clean-shave your butt. You are a guy, not a child, so be careful, not hairless.
  • Don’t hurry–This applies especially when you first shave a sensitive area. There will be some skin that isn’t used to being rasped, so it’s more susceptible to irritation. If you need to, give yourself extra time as you want to go slow and steady. Use your strokes slowly, even.
  • Don’t shave the grain–this is the same principle for shaving your head. For men, in a downward motion, this means shaving. The alternative can cause irritation of the kind you don’t really want.
  • After a warm shower, use your groomer. It makes hair removal possible without the skin being scraped or irritated.
  • Find the first use of scissors. When you cut body hair of more than one inch, you would probably find it easier to shorten it with scissors at first. Start your groomer at the highest length if you don’t want to bother with that extra step. Instead, shorten the blades gradually until you reach the level of fuzz that you want.
  • Carefully clean the skin under your body. Do not tug on your skin while you are working, but hold the skin in areas where it is naturally loose.
  • Don’t leave defined lines–you’ve built a gap where the hair ends and smooth skin starts with nothing really appealing. This can happen if shaving a certain part of the body with a razor is dry. Instead use a trimmer and you’re not going to have to worry about this no – no.
  • Don’t shave your head, back, or legs–if you’ve been blessed with body hair and you’re not an Olympic swimmer, then work with what the skin gods have given you. Trim it, yes, but unless that’s what your partner wants, there’s no need to take it down to the hair. Only then should this strategy be reconsidered.
  • Don’t forget your backside–some people have more hairy asses than others, and you’re also likely to have some. There’s no need to clean up this anatomy area, but try to keep the forest from becoming overgrown.

Wet or dry

Many body groomers are advised to use dry while somebody trimmers are provided with both wet and dry functions. Whether you want to use the body groomer wet or dry depends entirely on your personal preference.

However, if your body groomer has both wet and dry characteristics, then we recommend that you trim your body hair in the shower, especially your pubic hair, because it becomes much easier to trim your pubes when the skin is moist or wet.


Outstanding service!

This was my first brush with a foil ribbon so I couldn’t find something else but the ribbon was perfect. The clipper head works like a charm cutting thick barks or cutting down and the foil was good to finish, giving you a rather tight shave. Sometimes patches have been missing, but I think it was more me than the shaver. My biggest feature was the power of the clippers, despite the fact that I was wireless I didn’t fear it was to soft to hack through a full head without snacking and would recommend it all for this.




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