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Looking for the best pube trimmer? Well please read our manual how to choose best option here. We collected all best pube trimmers in one place.

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Our 1 Choice Clearcut Es412 Personal Shaver

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 Bg7030/49

Gillette Fusion Proglide Men’s Razor Styler

Remington Pg525 Head Toe Bodygroomer Kit

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer Bg1026/60

Before buying: 8 Things to be considered when buying a pubic hair trimmer

This needs a technique of equal parts (which we will later get into) finesse and patience. It also needs the right equipment or the right pubic trimmer in this situation. And keep in mind the following buying tips before you pick the first trimmer that catches your fancy online or on the shelf. Your man parts will be grateful to you.

1. More powerful than on most other parts of your body, the better

the hair around your manhood is coarse. The last thing you want is a sluggish slow trimmer struggling to get through the forest growing around your penis and testicles. You want a high-powered fast trimmer like one with a 4000 rpm motor. The less snagging and dull trimming you can encounter, the more powerful the engine.

2. The sharpness of your pubic hair trimmer blades is crucial maybe even the most important consideration you need to keep in mind. Dull blades aren’t going to cut it when dealing with those coarse, wiry pubs. Look for a brand of pubic trimmer with sharp rounded hypoallergenic blades of stainless steel.

3. Cord or wireless for pube trimmer?

Some men’s pubic trimmers come with power cords and others don’t. Of course, what you choose is your choice, but a lot of shaving experts say they miss the cord and go instead with a cordless version. What’s the reason? Because a cord trimmer restricts your range of motion and you need all the motion range you can get when you trim around such a sensitive area.

4. Don’t let the battery life of your trimmer drop you

While cordless trimmer is your best option to trim your pubic area, you need to be careful not to let your battery die out in the middle of the trim. Nobody likes a half-assured job (or half-cocked in this case), so your best bet is to choose a trimmer with long battery life.

5. The better the attachments, the better the pubic trimmer

Most pubic trimmers come with different attachments, which is fine. Attachments help you cut different hair lengths and look for trimmers that include a variety of guards that cut different hair lengths. Often and this is important to ensure that your balls and penis are not branded or cut and ensure that the trimmer has a security guard. Let’s face it with few things that are less fun in life than nicking your nuts or manhood.Read more about trimmer for balls.

6. A lot of men like big things don’t need a lawnmower

. Big houses big motors huge ok you know manhood (and they can’t lie about it anyway if they don’t). But the same rule should not apply to your pubic hair trimmer, i.e. you should choose a trimmer that isn’t too large and bulky as it won’t maneuver very efficiently around your pubic area. Instead, you need a compact, easy-to-hold trimmer that can manage the many valleys and slopes around your genitals efficiently.

7. Like long-lasting sex, choosing a pubic trimmer is important

It may go without saying, but when choosing a pubic hair trimmer, it is still important to think about longevity. Read others ‘ comments, including third-party feedback, to see how some trimmers hang on to consistent use. That’s why it’s also crucial to get the job done with a trimmer and not one that’s designed to trim your beard and moustache. For your gents pubs, use your pube trimmer.

8. What are you going to prefer: dry wet or both?

For wet and dry use, many pubic and body trimmers work well. In other words, you can use some trimmers in the shower while your pubic hair is wet, while some have a dry use in mind. One of the nice things about using a shower trimmer is that the water will soften your pubs, making it easier for your trimmer to do their job. Let’s take a look at our men’s pubic hair trimmer reviews.

Clearcut Es412 Personal Shaver

Clearcut says its personal Es412 shaver is the first pubic trimmer ever built. Whether that’s true or not and we have no reason to doubt them, the Es412 is a men’s pubic hair trimmer that remains among the best you’ll find. It’s also one of the most versatile trimmers you’ll find for personal shaving in general, whether it’s women who shave their bikini lines or men and women who trim their axes. Did you believe your pubs need to be styled? If so, this trimmer is for you. There’s plenty to like about the Es412, including the stainless steel trimmer. That makes it durable and durable while you can safely use it on all parts of the body. But it comes down to performance and for a variety of reasons the Es412 delivers. First, it has a top-notch engine that provides sufficient torque to nicely and neatly cut your man bush each time. Also the blade assembly is top notch and you’ll love not grinding the blades. While, the foil puts it all together and provides a great trim and cut that catches hair but not the tender skin found in the pubic region. The battery-powered Es412 has a unique cylindrical shape which makes it easy to navigate while trimming the pubic area and its areas that are sometimes difficult to reach. The trimmer’s design is ergonomic and fits easily into your hand’s palm after all you want a secure, comfortable grip while trimming around your man assembly. The blades aren’t exposed to another bonus for any private area trimmer and the people at Clearcut say you can’t nick or cut yourself. And that friends is the kind of trust that helps with the challenge of trimming your pubs. Scissors are one item your Es412 package doesn’t include, so Clearcut recommends that you trim longer hairs before removing the rest with their signature trimmer. They also recommend applying a bit of talcum powder before trimming to ensure that the skin is dry and free of moisture, as well as cleaning the inner blade and foil after each shave.



Bottom Line

A lot of reviewers testify to the overall quality of the Es412 and how it leaves their skin irritant-free while providing the type of consistent trimming that makes it suitable for use. If you buy a pubic trimmer, you want to choose carefully and the Es412 is a brand you can count on.2.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 Bg7030/49

One of the many great features found on the Philips Norelco 7000 Bg7030/49 body groomer is its dual-sided design, which makes it easy to change from one trimmer to another when shaving different body parts. The two trimmers serve different functions: one helps you to shave to the skin while the other works best when you trim longer hair. The Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 features rounded blade tips that also help to ensure comfort when shaving the most sensitive areas of a man’s body. It comes with a four-directional pivoting shave head that helps you to shave in different directions to achieve the most effective shave possible. It also features five adjustable trimmer lengths as well as self-sharpening blades that will help to provide long-term clean shaving. You can use it in the shower or out, and by running it under the faucet, you can wash it. An ergonomic rubber handle provides better control and handling, which is important when shaving the nether regions. You can also use the Bodygroom 7000 without or without a power cord. An integrated lithium-ion battery offers 80 minutes of cordless battery after one hour of charging.

The Philips Norelco Series 7000 Bg7030/49 trimmer is a do-it – all device for use in and around your pubic area. Helping you achieve a precise trim with every use is easy to adjust.3.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Men’s Razor

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide is another multi-tasking product that is a good option for the often delicate job of trimming your mezzanine. It has a slim ergonomic and lightweight design that is vital for grooming things down there while also integrating Braun technology. And as we mentioned and will mention again, precision is a must for doing the job of saying trimming around your little friend and his neighbors to the south. Braun, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gillette, provides the engine powering the ProGlide Razor Styler and the ProGlide Styler. Most of their products are cordless and rechargeable, although they offer corded models for men who prefer to trim and shave that way. There are many other reasons why we include the ProGlide on the list, not the least of which is its maneuverability, which rivals that of any pube shaver on the market. It has a sleek shape that makes it easier to deal with whether you are trimming your beard or pubic hair. The blades are the most sophisticated from Gillette and provide the closeness and comfort people want another important factor when trimming around sensitive areas like the groin. It also has a precision edging blade that allows users to get crisp defined lines (which is necessary if you prefer a bit of style in your man’s shrub). The ProGlide Razor Styler comes with three combs that allow you to choose your preferred length of cutting. The key component, though, is the precision edge trimmer which lets you shave your body’s tricky sensitive areas. The razor comes with a green lubricating pad. You can use it to get a quick shave and trim or cut the hair right down to the skin. The unit is also waterproof and perfect for use in the shower which is always a good option to have for trimming pubic hair (it makes it easier to clean up once the job is done). It’s time to change the precision edging blade when the strip turns white. How long a blade lasts depends on your pubes ‘ thickness and how often you want to cut. The Fusion ProGlide operates on 2 Aa batteries that should provide a few months of daily use. Nevertheless, it’s not rechargeable, so you’ll need to have a battery supply on hand to make sure you’re using it constantly. Then again the ProGlide Styler comes at a very reasonable price so that your investment in a few extra batteries shouldn’t be a big deal. Your ProGlide Styler kit comes with a black and clear blue plastic cover as well. It looks good on a counter and is large enough to accommodate additional shaver heads.



Bottom Line

While the Fusion ProGlide Styler works well for a number of trimming jobs including your face and hair, it has the added flexibility of being an outstanding pubic shaver. It’s easy to work with and you’ll love its lightweight design.4.

Remington Pg525 Head to Toe Body Groomer Kit

The official name for the Remington Pg525 includes the word kit and it’s only perfect when you consider all the stuff you get when you buy it. We think it’s a trimmer of quality to trim your pubic area, but we’re not going to ignore everything else that it has to offer. Here’s a closer look:



Bottom Line

Remington Pg525 is another affordable trimmer that gives you a lot of money. It has multiple uses that make it very versatile, but we believe it is one of the best available body trimmers.5.

Philips Norelco Bodygroomer Bg1026/60

Philips Norelco Bg1026 Bodygroomer may not be as good as Philips Norelco 7100 but it’s close. And close still makes it one of the market’s best pube trimmers. The biggest difference between the Bg1026 and the 7100 is that the Bg1026 runs on batteries. Although this might not be a big deal for you, some men prefer electric shavers and trimmers. Nonetheless, a battery-powered trimmer has its advantages: it’s compact that you don’t have to worry about tangled cords etc. The Bg1026/60 operates on an Aa battery that offers up to two months of daily usage. That’s cool, but that makes this trimmer perfect, there’s a lot more. We especially like that when you trim it comes with integrated skin protector guards that avoid nicks and cuts. It’s built with groin trimming in mind that you can use it easily to trim testicular hair without thinking about possible mishaps. It also features a bi-directional trimmer that cuts hair in both directions without pulling and tugging. A 1/8-inch comb helps to create longer looks while also allowing preferences for adjustable hair lengths. Meanwhile, the blades are very durable. The lightweight nature is another reason we like this trimmer. Holding around the fragile areas of your body is easy and easy to manage. Ultimately, the Bg1026/60 is durable and suitable for wet and dry use. Would you like to use it in the shower? No issue, although some claim it works best on dry hair.



Bottom Line

Bg1026/60 is another quality product produced by Philips Norelco’s team. While it’s perfect for overall body hygiene, it has what it takes to do the often tricky task of pubic trimming.

Here’s how you should trim your pubic hair

We’ve said it before, but we’re going to say it again: shaving your pubic hair is a delicate job. So for that matter, it’s shaving your face, but a nick or cut on your cheek isn’t as heinous as a nick or cut on your balls, unless it’s your thing. For shaving down there, finesse and technique are crucial and you don’t want to approach the job in the same way as a guy hacking a forest road. Let’s look at it, but first clarify why it’s important to trim your pubic hair.

1. Here’s why you should trim your pubes

Women have years of experience in trimming pubic hair and are often scoffing at men who are shuddering at the thought of a pube trim. There’s a less is more mentality for one that’s popular among men looking to raise the bar on their manscape game but there are other advantages. It’s true: a well-trimmed (or shaved) pubic patch will make your ol’ friend look bigger down there. This is especially true if you cut a hair-like forest-like patch in which your penis has been lost. For some people, the primary motivation to trim the man’s shrubbery is to establish a more well-down look. Don’t let the bushes cover up the true length of your manhood. Things in your groin area can get a bit sweaty and dirty, so cutting your man forest regularly makes for better cleanliness. However, if you let your hygiene and pubs get out of hand, things can get a bit smelly down there. Most people can relate to the following experience: you know you’re going on an oral task in the middle of a lovemaking session and ending up with stray pubs in your mouth or between your teeth. Your interest in love feels the same way when they go down on you they don’t like having to deal with a thicket of hair. Through keeping it trimmed, you can make their job easier and more efficient, and this may increase their desire to head south again when things are heating up. Others suggest that a neatly trimmed lower region makes lovemaking more sensual. Others say the thought of the increased exposure that comes with a heavy trim adds to the eroticism. Chafing in the groin area isn’t unusual for men especially for active men who combine the sweat of working out “or of engaging in any strenuous activity“ with a whole lot of friction. Trimming your balls is one way to keep chafing at a minimum. Ok let’s move on to pubic trimming tips.

2. Width is essential comb width which is

You will have to pick the comb length of your trimmer before firing it up and start the task of trimming your pubs. Take into account a few factors when picking a comb length: a) how short you want your hair to be cut, and B) how long it is now. If you haven’t trimmed it in a while and it looks like a wild animal’s hair, choose the size of your comb accordingly.

3. You will need the right tools when selecting your pube-trimming software for your tools

Don’t multi-task. A pubic trimmer specifically designed for the job is the only device you need to lop off some of the extra long hairs before trimming, other than perhaps a pair of scissors. Whatever you do, do not use a revolving headed electric razor to shave your sack and the underside of your penis. Caught in a razor head, scrotum skin is never a fun event.

4. Choose the position of your pubic trim

If you want to trim your pubic hair in the bathroom, you don’t have to worry about making a mess. But it’s another matter to trim outside the shower when you stand on your bathroom floor. Some advise you’re supposed to sit over the toilet but that doesn’t make it all that easy for men with a ball sack to compete with. When sitting in the shower, you can always trim without water and then rinse off the remains of the pube when done. Hell, in your backyard, you can even do it, but make sure you’re well hidden from nosy neighbors.

5. Wash the components

Clean the penis and testicles before trimming with soap or body wash. For one, if you nick or cut your skin during trimming, you want to get rid of any bacteria that can cause an infection.

6. A hand mirror is your friend

In this situation, it’s not always easy to see all the landscape’s or manscape ‘ so a hand mirror or tiny compact can help you track the progress of your trimming effort. This is especially important when slicing the testicles on the underside.

7. Rinse rinse rinse

Whatever you do when you’ve finished trimming, if you don’t mind a nest of trimmed pubs in your boxers or briefs.

8. Using some kind of moisturizer

You should always use a moisturizer or after-shave after you have rasped your pubs because it can alleviate some discomfort. Choose a perfume-free moisturizer as the harsh chemicals used in perfumes will scorch your private individuals.

9. If required retrim

One thing to remember about pubic hair is that it does not continue to grow like the hair on your head. Instead, it’s going to reach a certain length and remain there until you cut it again. It’s enough for many people to cut the man’s shrubbery every week to two weeks. Of course, how often you trim depends on whether you trim your pubs into a style that’s not uncommon. Most women have a certain pubic look and there is no reason for men not to be able to do so. So one thing you might want to remember is to trim your pubs the same way women trim their bikini lines around. For example, you could trim anything from the edges of a pair of men’s briefs or your Speedo. ⁇

10. An important or two words about trimming your balls

Our sensitive testicles. Unlike most we experience in this life kidney stones and bullet wounds, the pain of getting hit in the balls is unlike most. So it’s only fair that you need to be cautious while trimming our family jewels shaving. Though, it’s not all about the discomfort of nicking or slicing your testicles when trimming them, because the skin on your scrotum has all sorts of nooks and crannies that can catch large amounts of bacteria. Even a small cut or laceration may attract bacteria, leading to a number of horrendous conditions including something called Fournier gangrene. While it is a rare condition, Fournier gangrene is made up of bacteria eating a man’s balls skin. No thanks. The bottom line is that you have to be vigilant about the people in your eyes. Use your non-dominant hand until you begin trimming to remove the taut hair. When you slip and cause a nick or slice, clean the area immediately with soap and warm water and add alcohol as well. Sure, it will hurt but it beats the hell out of some condition involving a visit to the emergency room.

Why do you use a pubic trimmer instead of other trimmer tools?

Many men decide to be part of the pubic-trimming trend, but believe they already have the resources they need to get the job done right, you know, like scissors, a regular razor / trimmer that you use on your beard mustache and sideburns, etc. Okay, you can snip away with a pair of scissors in an extra long bush to make things a little more manageable down there, but scissors don’t reflect the pubic trimming Holy Grail. Here are a few reasons why you need a trimmer built for the job that you wouldn’t use on your face.

You need a trimmer that’s easy to handle

There are a lot of areas in your pubic area that need to be trimmed: the hair above your penis for example, which is the main part of your man’s forest, but there’s also the area under your penis and just above your testicles as well as other specific ha. You also want a lightweight one. You need a firm grip on any device you use to trim around your groin, and it’s a good idea to choose one that’s lighter.

The wrong tool will put you in a world of pain

Not to beat a dead horse but pubic trimmers, or at least body groomers working to trim around your groin, decrease the chances of causing painful and potentially contagious nicks and cuts on your man’s bits. A recent study showed that the vast majority of penis and testicular injuries requiring visits to the emergency room are caused by a razor. All things considered why you put yourself in such a danger? Use a device to clean your pubic region.

Don’t move the bacteria on to other areas of your body

Your pubic area isn’t exactly a bacteria breeding ground, but there’s plenty down there. Why would you use the same tool that you use to trim your groin area to trim your face once you think about it for a second? You risk passing the bacteria on to your face and all in all it’s just not hygienically sound.

You’ll have more confidence that you’re going to do the job properly

For the majority of people, there’s a bit of anxiety about their private parts. Nick or cut your face is one thing, it’s quite another nicknaming your butt. Why wouldn’t you choose a trimmer designed for the job instead of the same razor you’re using to shave your stubble?

Selecting the best men’s pubic trimmers: How did we do it

What are we looking for in the trimmers we reviewed? The ability to do the delicate groin trimming work including the ability to navigate the often difficult-to-get parts of the region. Preferably those with an ergonomic design, we prefer lightweight easy-to-handle trimmers. We also like the ease of wet-dry trimming even if it is not a must. Durability is another important factor as is the performance of the blades of the trimmer. We also considered others ‘ reviews, particularly those of customers with real-life experience using trimmers.


We would like your feedback and suggestions as well. Do you use a trimmer in the pubic? If that’s what one? Did you use any of the ones on our list?