Benefits of Neem Powder for Hair – Perfect Hair Growth Mask

Neem, also sometimes called the village pharmacy, is basically a medicinal plant in all of its parts, including its seeds, leaves, flowers, roots, fruits, etc. However, its benefits are not only bound to the medicinal uses since the neem powder extracted from the neem tree is equally beneficial for both skin and hair. If you … Read more

Best smelling beard oil ( 2021 updated)

Are you Looking for the best smelling beard oil ? well you in good place than Beard oil not only helps eliminate itching and dryness but also provides the necessary nutrition and hydration and also will give you good smell. Any bearded man knows that hair can get tangled and that the ends split, just … Read more

Best clay for men’s hair ( Updated 2021)

Looking for best clay for men’s hair … One of the latest men’s hair products to hit the market is hair clay. It’s bold, it’s new, and above all the rest it defines your style— you’ll be surprised to find out that there’s actually a distinction between this material and normal hair wax, and we’ll … Read more

Benefits of Practicing Self care – It’s Not Just a Trend

In these recent times, you’ve probably heard a lot about the self-care hype. Hollywood celebrities to your favorite bloggers, all everyone’s been talking about is the Benefits of Practicing Self-Care. Self-care is taken as seriously as therapy and people swear by the results. What actually is self-care? What are the benefits that people persistently speak … Read more

How to waterproof leather in four steps?

How to waterproof leather in four steps? Rain boots and duck boots may sound like the perfect match for winter, but no one wants to get stuck wearing them every single day. Likewise, no one would also want to ruin their favorite leather shoe too. Yet that’s a substitution that you might want to make. … Read more

6 Best beard trimmers for long beards

What is the best beard trimmer on the market? When it comes to shaping a longer beard, it can be a challenge to do it with traditional methods such as scissors or razors. Fortunately, today we have the beard trimmers to get it done fast. These resources not only save you time but also help you … Read more

Who is experiencing loss of hair

Hair loss for most people is quite common and it happens to us as we age. Frankly, I don’t know of any man who’s happy to lose their hair, including me. So the big question is how do you handle hair loss, or even reverse it? Who is experiencing loss of hair? Statistically speaking, by … Read more

Korean Hair Styling and Treatment Products

K-beauty industry is a different environment with its own rules, so we decided to show you the best Korean hair products from the Korean hair industry. From Tony Moly’s adorably packaged skin care products to Etude House’s natural look, BB cream foundations and lip tints have even started to carry K-beauty brands. It’s not shocking … Read more

Best Shiny Hair Products Available on Amazon

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Best Manscaping Trimmer – Updated 2019 10

Philips Norelco Bodygroom BG7040/42 The hair on various areas of the body has very distinct features, so you might believe you’d need a separate trimmer for each. With the finest body groomers, that’s not the case, and the Norelco Series 7100 is the best of the finest because its structure is highly well believed out–there … Read more