Yellow acrylic nail designs

Matte Yellow Acrylic Nails First up we have these simple and stylish yellow nails. The nails are long and are a vibrant matte yellow shade. We love the color because it is so bright vivid and statement making. The color will suit everyone and a similar shade can be used on any nail length and … Read more

Winter nails

A Dark And Snowy Night Even if you like to keep things simple and classic like this polished navy color you can add some holiday sparkle with an accent nail. Dense glittery silver perfectly complements the rich navy hue of the rest of the nails. Keep your accent nails to one or two fingers for … Read more

Unicorn nails

Pink/purple With Iridescent Horn Design Shades of pink and purple are highlighted in this cool design. Unicorn nail polish in a pink iridescent swirl decorates the sculpted horns. The fairy dust nails are bedazzled with jewels. The nails have a base layer of swirling marble. These are overlaid with swirls of silver. Pink Glitter With … Read more

Toe nail designs

These mermaid-inspired toes scream summer fun! Having stars shells and fish scale designs on this trendy color will bring out summer-friendly toe nail designs. What you need is a base coat peach nail enamel and sticky designs. The freedom of shapes and the look of the sea is what makes it easy to create. Just … Read more

Spring nail designs

Floral Spring Nails First up are these beautiful floral spring nails. The nails have been painted in a light color and have a purple flower design on the top. The flowers look like tulips which are perfect for spring. You can buy tulip stickers or you can recreate a similar look at home. You could … Read more

Trending nail ideas

White Stiletto Starry Look Nails You will need to paint your nails white to achieve this look. Make sure you use a few coats to make the white sufficiently opaque to prevent you from seeing the nail you are painting. Then choose two nails to accent on each side and paint in the form of … Read more

Red acrylic nails

Red Acrylic Nails With A Pop Of Gold Simple classic red nails receive a luxurious upgrade to this creative nail art. Paint half-moons with gold polish at the nail base. Choose one for a light-catching flourish with a small grain glitter finish. It goes without trouble from the boardroom to the dance floor. Hold them … Read more

Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo You should try this great updo. We love not hard to learn hairstyles. This hairstyle may seem complicated and time-consuming at first, but it isnt actually. <br Holographic Hair (Dimensional Silver Violet Curly hair is perfect to show off that perfect range of pastel beauty so grab your curling tongs and whirl! The … Read more

Nail ideas Trend

Winter Blues Can Be Beautiful Just because you have blue in winter doesnt mean you can keep blues away from your toes. The col blue set in shade with a lime green pair on one hand beautifully with the accented glitter nail. Its not a look youll see everywhere, but its sure to warm your … Read more

Nail ideas

Beige Oval and Glitter Acrylic Nail Mixture acrylic nail designs are designed to mix a solid color with a glitter color in a similar shade. For women who prefer a tone that goes with everything from casual to dressy beige that is perfect for every occasion. Ding a glitter pop turns the selection from … Read more

Nail designs

Celestial Pink for Everyday Angels This stunning look is based on an angels frosted pink shade. This alternative mixes things up by adding a frosty top coat to several nails instead of just using the same color on each nail. Then the artist ramps it up by adding nail tape and sponging over the ring … Read more

Matt nails

Elegant and Lacy Accent Nail These dramatic square-cut nails go great with clean and simple matt polish. Of course, adding an element of surprise with a bold lace-inspired accent nail is always a good idea. The neutral mats subtlety perfectly sets off the accent nails drama. Gorgeous Matte Blue and Bejeweled Accent Thumb Choosing a … Read more

Gold Nail Arts

Accessorize The Nails with Gold Foil Manicure Replace this season with beautiful golden nail art featuring black polish gold foil and gold embellishments. With the mixed designs and studded detailing, this manicure makes such a statement. Nail foils come in a variety of colors and can be placed individually on your entire nail or cut … Read more

Glitter nails

Moon and Pink Glittery Nails This is a nail polish idea that you can easily pull off at home. The ring and thumb index fingers were colored with a rather dark maroon pigment. The pink and middle fingers are colored with a rosy glitter polish and the middle finger as a top coat has a … Read more

French tip nails

Subtle Pink Ombre French Nails These pink and white nails are a beautiful assortment of classic French tip nail design. The base color is a soft pink shell that progresses to pure white on the tips in a gradient. At a practical short length, these natural nails are worn. This is an elegant design that … Read more

Top 80 + marble nails

Studded Tiger Stripe Marble Nails Proving that neutral tones can still stand out this manicure uses a silenced taupe with stubborn accent nails and a white peach and black marble nail design. Not too loud are the bronze studs and cool tiger stripe nails, but they still make a stylish statement. This style of nail … Read more

60 Best Fall nail designs

Nail Match Match Marble And Glitter Next to our list is this wonderful fall nail idea. This one features a couple of different color designs. This manicure is a mix of many trendy ideas featured in the article. It has gleaming khaki and gold burgundy marbling. If you want a manicure to envy everybodys style … Read more

Best Burgundy Nails

Purple Burgundy Galaxy Glitter Nails Let’s just take a moment to say with one voice: we love glitter. It’s sparkling and making your mani last longer! Burgundy’s purple-rich hue is great fun and festive. This would be a great look to go on New Year’s Eve with a party dress. Sparkly Burgundy with Boho Chic … Read more

Black nails ideas

Chevron, stripes and diagonals matt and gloss Again matt and gloss combine to create a dramatic and visually appealing nail polish concept. This time, using a high gloss black, it’s a matte base with designs built on top. They’re going to look like plain black nails from a distance, but as someone gets closer, the … Read more