White Stiletto Starry Look Nails

You will need to paint your nails white to achieve this look. Make sure you use a few coats to make the white sufficiently opaque to prevent you from seeing the nail you are painting. Then choose two nails to accent on each side and paint in the form of stars on those nails a single layer of gel nail glitter.

Pink and Purple Nails with Gem Accents

Cute Gem Accents look great on long nails, mixing a natural nail with some bright accents. Begin by covering your nails in a soft pink polish and then choose two in a simple yet elegant style to stud with gems. To create a tie-dye effect, the other nails will get a purple swirl over the pink polish.

Glittered Silver Nails

This next model is a natural twist. These manicured French nails are a pale pink color, but on them the tips have a thick coat of glitter that will take your nails from beautiful and simple to cool and exciting. Ultimately, youre going to want a transparent coat to shine over the glitter when its under the sun.

Matte Nude And Purple Glitter Nails

Another beautiful nude color is Purple. Here we have two purple glitter accent nails with nude nails. As you can see, the two colors perfectly complement one another. You can choose glitter as shown or just have a shade of flat purple.

Subtle Nude Ombre Nails

Ombre is one of the must-have looks of nail art and you can create chic shade with nude nail colors. Look at this incredible example. The long nails at the bottom are light and move towards the tips to a darker nude color. This is an elegant and flexible idea of the nail that you can wear every time.

Nude Matte Nails With Glitter

and glitter cover the other. Thats such a beautiful and fashionable notion. This look can be recreated or similar style can also be used on shorter nails.

Beautiful Mauve Nails with Royal Gold Accents

This color looks great on long nails, but the accent nails you see in this design really attract your attention. We are finished with a natural polish color and then gold-glittered to give the style a real look. To provide some contrast to the model, the tip on one of the nails remains white.

Soft Pink with Gems Ring

Subtle nails are perfect if you want something that looks good for days. This design has soft pink nails, but each hands ring finger has a slight accent. Theres a U-shape of gems around the cuticle that looks like theyre surrounding the finger like a ring. For long nails, this design works best.

Nude Nails With Crystal Accent Nails

Another sparkling idea is our next idea! We have nude nails on each side with two crystal accent patterns. Two of the nails of the accent are the same and two are different. Its an elegant and glamorous manicure for a wedding or any other event you want to impress! Different gems of this size can be purchased online and in any pattern you can stick them on. Recreate this or try your own design of crystal.

Simple Nude Coffin Nails

If you dont have all the bold crystal and glitter nail designs and you want to keep them simple, then this idea is perfect for you. We have nude nails here, which are finished in one shiny hue. The overall look is still quite subtle, even though the nails are long. Nails like these are great for women who need a chic manicure easy to wear that can be worn on any occasion. Any nail size and shape will replicate this look. See what kind of nail polish has been used on the page below.

Yellow Dots and Cute Designs Nails

These Nails are amazing because they have some unique designs. The base is yellow but you can see lines spots with ice cream cones and more on all the various fingers. In fact, on one nail theres even a mouth that looks like its ready to eat the ice cream and a weird face that looks back at you on another.

Cute Polka Dots

The polka dots are another cool nail art style you might try. We have dark nude nails with the addition of white polka dot nails. We love the colors used because its a beautiful mix of white and nude. Polka dots can be made by hand or a dotting tool can be used. For a low-cost online tool, you can buy a dotting tool and it will always give you smooth results.

Pretty pink nails with shimmering tips

If you love designing your nails at home, this is another simple idea that will take only a few minutes to make. Begin by painting your nails with a pink shade that resembles the color you see in this photo. Then add a layer of glitter to the tips of your nails when the paint is dry.

Gems and Floral Accents Pastel Nails

These Pastel Purple Nails are so stunning that they will go with any dress. There are two accent fingers to add beauty to this long nail art. The first is a delicate pattern of diamonds that shine in the light while the second is a floral set of daisies that go beautifully with a necklace of pearls or a lacy top.

Stylish Glam Nude And Marble Nail Idea

. Three nails are nude one and one features marble art. As you can see, with the nude color the marble looks amazing. With or without the glitter accent polish, you can replicate and there are plenty of online tutorials that can help you create stunning marble art.

Natural Nails with Colorful Striped Tips

Tips are usually included in the best nail designs and this design is really worth recreating on your nails. The tips appear to have been brushed on with a paintbrush, so the tops are somewhat jagged. The tips are lined in stripes of coral yellow and blue colors and a natural look for the rest of the nail activities.

Pale Nails with Warm Accents

This nail design begins with a pale, color-pink base. It has warm smudges over the top coat, which can be seen in red orange and yellow. Each nail also has a black stripe that sticks out a little more than the other colors and acts as an accent.

Orange and White Camouflage Shades

This unique look has two different nail designs youre going to love. The first is a peach-colored polish that is covered in a fine glitter and the second look is more of a camouflage design that pops up next to a solid color. Such nails are a solid white with black orange and yellow patterns on them.

White V Tips Long Nails

Our next idea is like a trendy French manicure. All the nails were painted in a beautiful nude shade and each with a white v tip was finished off. Combining the classic nail look with modern styles is a cool way. You may even use glitter to choose other tip colors too!

Sparkling Nude Nail Design

On your nails you can never sparkle too much. Here we have a set of beautiful rhinestones and glittering statement nails. The nails are a chic, glossy nude shade with two patterns of accent. One is silver glitter and the other, in all shapes and sizes, is covered in rhinestones. This is an amazing mani and for anyone who likes to look glam it is a great design.

Animal Print

Walk wild with the next idea of the nail. These nails are naked with an accent nail on animal printing. The accent nail looks like a snake print that is trendy. You can try to recreate a similar snake print or select any print of animals. Leopard tiger cheetah … try whatever you like!

Matte Black Nails with Accent Snake

This is the perfect long nail art for Halloween but it will look nice throughout the year. Most of your nails will be a matte black color, but you will leave one nail unpainted to accentuate it. In this picture, a small snake slithering on a clear stiletto nail accentuates the ring finger.

Nude And Gold Glitter Nails

Nude and gold is a chic mix of colors to put on your nails. Heres a wonderful example of how the two colors can be used! Each nail has a different design that includes and more glitter gems. We really love the trendy gold lines of the nude nail. For the beautiful ladies, a manicure like this is great. Recreate the whole look or just one or two of your favorite nails.

Trendy Matte Nails

We posted a nail model with more than one nude shade earlier in the blog. You need to see this manicure if you liked that thought. In a different shade, each nail is colored and two of the nails are quite black. Theyre just matt too. We love the colors that are used and the mat simply gives a chic finish to the manicure. With any five nude nail colors, you can recreate the look and just use a matt top coat.

Our next concept is stunning and sexy. The lips, with two accent tips, are a soft nude hue. There are shiny rhinestones on one accent nail and pink glitter on the other. The glitter of pink looks amazing! Use a light shade to match the nude color if you are going to use pink.

Nude Almond Nails

The design will fit all shapes and lengths of the nail.

Soft Pink Nails Gems and Glitter

This next model is not easy to handle but works best on long nails. The nails are a light shade on their own. Some of them have white tips, but most of the focus on this model comes from glitter and gems put on the nail to create a unique look. Right on the middle finger are the diamonds.

Pale Pink Nails with Gems and Glitter

If youre looking for a queen-fit design, its one youll want to consider. This model starts with a soft pink paint coat. Once the accent is picked by the polish dries, two fingers. One will glitter densely across the nail while the other will be covered in various shapes and sizes of gems.

Aquamarine Coffin Nails with Sparkle Accents

If you like blue, this is one of the gallerys best designs for long nails. – finger has a different accent, so youll see a glittering nail with a blue edge, a silver nail, and a lighter blue nail. All of them are a similar hue, but each look differs a little bit.

Gold Glitter Ombre

Well give you a sparkling shadow look next. All the nails are nude, but two accent nails are visible. The accent nails have a gold glitter sweep to create an illusion of shadow. Its a beautiful idea and for a more special occasion, glitzy nails like these would be perfect. Recreate these nails or use any sort of glitter to make the manicure special.

Colorful Accent Smudge Almond Nails

The next design we have is one that looks better with long nails. The base coat is the orange color, but any bright tone can be selected. Then use tiny brush strokes in different colors to create irregular lines and smudges. This design uses black and pink orange, but any color that suits your outfit can be picked.

Unique Nude Coffin Nails

Next weve got a nude nail design that makes you stand out in style from the crowd! Most of the nails are a shade of light nude, but two accent nails exist. With cool nail art, the accent nails are translucent. Its a beautiful and unique look that suits everybody. For a party or night out, a manicure like this would be great.

Natural Nude Nails with Gold Foil Details

A nude look is a great way to wear the nails in a casual setting as well as in a formal setting, but this look has a gold accent on the ring finger which makes it a little more elegant. This is most likely done using a stencil to create the pattern, but recreation by hand should be easy.

Nude Acrylic Nails With Glitter And Rhinestones

Looking for a special occasion nail design to wear? Then these nails need to be checked out. The nails, with accent designs, are all light nude. Two nails are nude with silver glitter and a trendy sparkly pattern on the other finger. Its an amazing idea for nail art that looks amazing for a group prom night out or even a wedding.

Soft Pink Nails with Beautiful Flower Designs

The next design in our gallery is a little harder to create without a steady hand or the ability to paint small details. The nails are painted in a soft pink color and over the base coat dark pink and blue flowers are created. Each nail has a slightly different design that allows you to be creative as long nails create this cool design.

Pretty Pink Nails with a White Tip

This is the best option for anyone looking for a pure natural look for your nails. Creating this look with natural nails is easy and if you want to add subtle accents to the design, it will be an easy task not to change this classic natural look.

Nice Nail Model With Glitter And Rhinestones

Another glitter and rhinestone look is our next concept. The nails are a chic nude tone with two accented nails on each hand for this model. On one hand, two of the nails are gleaming, and on the other, there are gleaming and rhinestone nails. Its a glam and sparkly look for a special event that would be awesome.

Elegant Sparkly Nails

Next well show you a beautiful and elegant model. These nails are an almond shape, painted in a shade of light. All the nails have a slight glitter brush, and one nail also has a gem pattern. These are still quite soft, even though the nails are sparkly. Its just a stylish, classy idea thats going to suit everyone.

Matte Black Nails with Royal Gold Tips

Black and gold are two colors that usually look great together and in this design the nails are painted using a black polish that does not shine and the tips are painted gold. This is an idea that works great for longer nails because the more gold you can get on their tips the longer your nail is.

Pretty Pink Coffin Nails with Gem Accents

Pink is one of the most frequently used colors for nail designs, especially if you have long coffin-shaped nails. There is an accent nail that is studded with jewels to make this design a little more imaginative. These gems are slightly sparsely placed so that the pink between the gems can be seen without covering up too much of the basic design.

Black Cosmic Sparkle Nails

This is a unique nail design that looks like stars in the cosmos from Earth in the sky. This designs base color is black, but theres a single small glitter coat that looks like distant stars. The design is then covered with a clear polish that adds brightness to your nails and makes them really stand out.

Chic Nude Nails With Crystals And Stripes

If you enjoy nail art making a statement, its for you! All the nails are long and finished in the shade of a glossy black nude. Two nails also have an accent pattern on each side. On the tips and around the cuticula, one of the nails has crystals, while the other nail has diamonds and a gold band. Its a sexy model and one of our favorites.

Easy And Elegant Nail Design

A chic mix of modesty and gold. Dont just take our word because these nails were tested out. The nails are golden-accented, almost nude tips. There is a gold stripe with a gold embellishment for the accent design. This look is so stylish! To get the stripe look and choose any embellishment, you can create a similar model with gold tape. Gems, too, would be good.

Soft Pink Nails with Pastel Accents

You can easily recreate this nail art if you have long nails. The base polish youre going to use for this model is a soft pink color and pastels cover the accent toes. Each has a painted rainbow that includes orange yellow red green and violet that can cover the entire nail or just the tips.

Chic Nude Nail Idea

So sleek and sexy is our next nail idea. Some of the nails are red, while others are white. With both shades, theres also one accent finger. White rhinestones are also decorated with one of the nails. Its a beautiful look and great for those who enjoy exclusive nail art. You can buy online gems and use nail glue to apply them.

A Simple Nail Design Stars and Stripes

If you feel patriotic then this Nail Design is worth a try. Most of your nails are painted red, but two accent fingers are painted blue. Then create stripes on the red nails and stars on the blue ones to create the flag colors. With this design, Polish without a shine will look best.

Long Naked Nails With Subtle Glitter

This subtle sparkly look is the next nail idea we have to share with you. This design features light-shaded nude nails and glittery accent nails. We love these nails because they are soft and glittering. For anyone who wants a glam and elegant look, its the perfect set of nails.

Perfectly Peach Design with Shimmering Accent Nails

This is the perfect long nail design for a classic look with some flair. To achieve this simple look, all your nails are painted with a base coat of the peach color you see here. Then choose a few nails to accentuate before adding a clear coat with a glitter coating.

Matte Plum Coloring Round Nails

If youre looking for a funny color to paint your nails that will suit your daily style as well as a night out in the city, then this plum polish may be the ideal option. Its a matte paint style so it doesnt have a lot of shine, but particularly on round or almond nails it looks great.

Nude Coffin Nails With Gold Glitter

With our next idea, glamorize your look. Two different glitter polishes and a glossy nude nail feature in these nails. Nails like these are beautiful and everybody will be dazzled. With the following colors Cinnamon Gold Hola and Smokey Nude, all available at JustNails, you can recreate the nails.

Nude Pink Nails And Sparkling Glitter

Its not just gold and silver glitter that looks beautiful with nakedness. Other colors can also be tried. Here we have two glitter accent nails with nude pink tips. There is a pink and rose gold glitter in the accent nails. As you can see, with the nude the pink looks beautiful. Its a beautiful and romantic mani idea that would be perfect for a date night wedding prom or even Valentines Day.

Rosy Red Nails with Fall Highlights

Try this next design option for long nails if you like red nail polish. Most of the nails are painted a beautiful red shade, but the accented fingers are white, which completely contrasts the look. On the white surface, the leaves are colored to produce an artistic pattern that attracts your attention.

Cute Tan Nails with Shine

Sometimes the best type of nail design you can choose from is a simple one with little flair. This one is colored with a neutral tan color that will go with any clothes so you have a stylish look that fits the bill whether youre going to the mall or a party.

Nude Stiletto Nails With Gold Glitter

Well show you a glamorous and stylish idea next. These stiletto nails feature a lovely nude shade paired with gold glitter and gems. Some of the nails are plain nude and three other beautiful designs are available. One nail is all gold glitter that another nail has a gold and glitter chevron design and two gems are on the last nail. Its an amazing look to make a statement.

Mauve Nails with Silver Glitter Accent Nails

This is the perfect long nail design to create an elegant yet mysterious and fun look. The main fingers are all a mauve color like the color shown in this picture, but on each hand there are two accent fingers covered in glitter that says youre a bit more fun.

Gem Accents Soft Pink Nails

This is a long nail design with a different pattern on each nail. It starts with a base coat of pink color that is relatively pale. Then the accent is put on gems that sparkle in the sun. Many nails at the base of the nail have a few highlights, while others are completely covered.

Gold Ring Accents Natural Peach Nails

This is another simple design that doesnt take much effort to create. The nails are a soft color, but if you look at the index finger, you will notice a single gold ring designed to accent this idea, and the ring finger has two rings to add even more elegance to the style.

Nude Nails With Trendy Cuticle Nail Art

Trendy and sparkling is the next nude nail idea we need to show you. Such nails are an incredible shade of red. Each is also decorated around the cuticle with crystals. We love this nail art because placing the crystals at the bottom of the nail only gives a unique look to the overall manicure. Its a stylish, modern design that suits everybody. Seek the whole look or simply put crystals as an accent on one finger.

Short Nail Design

Stylish and stylish is our next nail concept. All these nails are light nude, each with black geometric nail art. The nail art features thin, neat lines to create a trendy pattern. With nail tape, you can try to create similar lines to these, or try stencils.

Blue Nails with Shimmers and Gem Accents

These almond nails look great with blue nail polishes, especially the nails that are accented to stand out and catch your eye. One of the accent nails is just glittering that at the right angle sparkles in the light, but the other one has an intricate diamond design that makes the nail look like wearing a sapphire necklace.

Dark Nude Ombre

Another way to wear a fashionable look is to have a nude shadow here earlier. Such nails are not as subtle as the others, and the polish variations can really be seen. A light nude is the lower half of the nail, and then the nail changes to a dark nude tone. Its a mani statement and its perfect for those ladies who prefer a bolder look.

Cute Heart Design Nails

Love cute Nail Art and Glitter? If so, these nails must be tested out! All the nails are a light shade, and two of them have amazing nail art. One nail has a stripe in the middle and the other one has a beautiful heart. With nude and silver glitter nail polishes, you can create this look at home. The line and the heart can be drawn by hand or you can use a stencil.

Hot Pink Nails with Cool White Tips

This next long nail design is remarkable not only because it looks better on longer nails but also because it is hot pink. The nail changes from the pink to the white as you move away from the cuticle to the tips. If you prefer a lighter color, you can build the same model with a different polish color.

Violet Color Splash Almonds

Almond-shaped nails give you a lot of design options but this pastel violet paint and accent nails look great in this design. The accent nails are a light mixture of pink and yellow, decorated with a gold foil pattern that really pops up against the nails soft color. It will be best to have one or two accent fingers per hand.

Simple Nail Design With Glitter Ombre Accent Nail

Another glossy look is next. Most nails are a darker nude tone and each hand has one accent nail. The accent nail shows a shiny shadow with a soft nude shade. This is a beautiful idea and its quite discreet because its just on one finger. You can combine any glitter color with such a pattern. It would be nice to have silver gold or rose gold.

Stylish Marble And Glitter Nails

Marble is another cool nail trend you should try. This next idea features two accented designs for nude nails. One is glitter and the other has a chic pattern of white marble. Its a subtle yet chic definition of nail art that suits everyone. You can replicate this look, or you can choose to have no glittering nude and marble toes. Online tutorials can be checked to help you create the look of marble.

Glam Nude Nails With Rhinestones

d some glamor for a nail-like look. All the nails are shaped like a long coffin and painted in a beautiful nude shade. Two nails are painted with crystals on each side as well. We like this manicure because its chic with the nude color and the gems jazz it up a bit. The shape of the nail also makes the nails look sleek and edgy. With any nude shade and any crystals, you can recreate a similar look.

Coffin Nails Colored in Pastels

The next model will add a color splash to your life. Each nail is a different color, but both hands are all solid pastels. You will see red pink orange yellow green and purple nails in this gallery image, but when you recreate this long nail art you can choose which nails are which colour.

Stunning Crystal Nails

You can create so many different crystal designs and heres a beautiful example. All the nails are dark nude for this look, but each one has a different design of crystal. All the gems of different sizes were used and some of them are also different forms. We love this because it creates a unique and glamorous appearance. You can make something similar yourself. Only buy lots of gems and in whatever pattern you want, put them on with nail glue.

Pink Love with Sparkle Accents

These pink nails are pretty easy to create and will look amazing with almost any dress. The base polish to use for this design is one that is subtle yet brilliant. Once the first coat dries select two accent nails to add a clear glitter coat and for any occasion you will have beautiful long nail art.

Pretty Pink Nails with Long White Tips

This next design idea is particularly cute for those with very long nails. The nails are painted pink and then lined with white polish until the pink at the tips of your nails blends into a white color. If you want, you can leave some solid pink nails to give a cool accent.

Long Bright Ruby Red Stiletto Nails

These red ruby nails are shiny and eye-looking. This shiny nail design appears to be perfect for a city night, but its also the perfect l youre planning to dress up as a Halloween cartoon villain. Its also easy to create a template, so try these in a hurry if you need fantastic nails.

Simple Nude Coffin Nails

If you dont have rhinestone nails and patterns, try something simple like that. The nails are long, with a glossy coat of nude nail polish shaped like a coffin. Its a discreet and trendy concept for any reason to keep you looking chic. Plain nude nails with all the colors and shapes of the fingers.

Matte and Bright Green Shades

Long nail art does not always have to have a complex pattern that is hard to create. This idea, in fact, is one that only slightly changes the green color on your nails. Some of the nails have a shiny top cover, while others have a matte color in the light that looks almost metallic.

Elegant Shine And Chrome Nails

One of our favourites is this next manicure! Each nail has a different design, like chrome shadow and lots of sparkle. The colors used are so elegant and you can try a few different nail designs without being over the top because the shades used are light. For those who want an elegant and trendy manicure but want to keep it classy too, a nail look like this is perfect.

Nude Nails With Sparkly Silver Tips

Weve got a pretty stylish and sparkling idea next. All the nails are painted in a shade of light nude. Each nail has a silver glitter sweep on the tips as well. The silver glitter perfectly matches the nude paint. A nail model like this one is ideal for a special occasion or the days of having a little glamor. Also for the holiday season it would be perfect.

Matte Green with Gold Accent Custom Nail

Simple long nail designs often draw our most attention. Another idea is one that uses as the basis an odd shade of green, but its a gentle color that looks good with your everyday wear. The ring finger is accentuated with a design of a gold stencil that never comes out exactly the same twice.

Classy Natural Look with Glitter Accent Fingers

This look blends a soft brown polish with a bronze glitter to produce a cute look youll love. The accent nails keep a natural look while the tips are glitter-coated. The other fingernails have only one color, but all of them are covered with a clear polish that creates a shine that looks great with wear at night.

Light Nails And Gold Glitter

Another stunning and sexy design features in our next proposal. Some of the nails are painted in a chic light nude shade, and gold glitter covers two of the nails. With the nude, the glitter looks amazing and it makes a statement. You can recreate the look of gold or use any color of your choice. 2382.jpg” />

Soft Pink Nails with Metallic Tips

Not all long nail designs must be discreet and this next concept breaks all illusions of conventional nails. The nail is a soft pink close to the cuticle, but it changes as you move to the tip of the nail. First its a purple shade; then its a golden metal color.

Cool Pink and Purple Plaid Nail Design

This is a funny idea of nail art that uses squares and diamonds to create a unique look suitable for any occasion. This begins with a base which is pink towards the cuticle and changes the closer you get to the tip to more of a purple color. White lines are then drawn on the nails in order to create the shapes you see here.

White Nails with Blue and Pink Designs

The last long nail art design well look at is one that sports a white base coat. There are a few color smudges of pink and blue on top of the base coat that give an almost feather-like look to the design. Its soft and subtle, but at the same time it jumps out at you. With round or almond-shaped nails, this works best.

Nude And Silver Glitter Nails

The next idea weve got shows how amazing nude on short nails looks like. Such nails are a light shade along the cuticula with silver sparkles. This is such an elegant and beautiful idea. Its perfect for ladies who like to be short and stylish in their nails. Whether you prefer the longer nails, however, a model like this will also look beautiful on those.

Yellow Nails with a Cute Floral Design

This idea is an easy to recreate nail design. Start by the yellow color of your nails. Make sure your nails dont show through the paint is thick enough. Then add a few tiny flowers to your nails on the right and left hand. The flowers dont have to look perfect for long nails to look nice.

Ruby Red Shimmering Coffin Nails

On long nails this look will look great. To have a matte look, choose one nail on each hand while the rest remain bright. Once the polish dries, apply one or two of the glossy nails with a glitter coating. These shades of red will look great and it looks like it takes a lot of effort to create the artistic design.

Dark Nude Coffin Nails With A Pop Of Glitter

There are different nude shades just like any other color. On your nails you can use more than one and this is a stylish way to do it. One of the nails is light nude, the next one is a darker red, and with both shades one also has an ombre pattern. Theres also a nail with a glitter accent. As you can see, with two nude shades, you can create stylish and unique nail art. Recreate the whole look or try for a subtler manicure without the glitter.

Trendy Nail Nail Idea

Then its for you this nail notion. All the nails have a soft chrome polish for this look. Its such a stylish and chic design. Nails like these are going to be a great alternative for someone who likes the traditional colors but needs something new to try. This way you get the best of both worlds and without being over the top you can try a fresh model. 2348.jpg” />

Nude And Gold Glitter Nails

If you love glittering but want a more subtle look, these Nails will be for you. All these nails, except for one finger, are a soft nude hue. The one nail is covered with glitter of gold. The glitter still makes a stylish statement, as you can see, but the overall look is not as bold as those with lots of glitter and rhinestones. Its just a nice way for the simple nude to jazz up. By adding just one coat of glitter polish, you can even make the glitter subtle.

Long Pink Glitter Crystal Stilettos

If you like unique long nails, its a great look for you. These nails have a crystal-like design that looks like a herecle. The nail tips remain clear, but the rest of the nail is covered in both large and small glitter. This glitter will give an almost magical look to your nails, which looks great.

Natural Nails with Cute Floral Tips

Long nails look great with tip designs as they have more space for complex designs. This idea is one that has a natural look at the cuticle, but the tips are pink with very common floral patterns and designs. Each nail is designed differently, but they all look sweet and sassy. The nails also have gold confetti pieces.

Small Gems Long Bright Maroon Nails

This next idea is a great choice for really long nails. The nails are going to be a solid color that looks almost black in the right light, but its more of a mystical-looking maroon color. Choose a finger to accent, then attach two tiny gems next to your cuticula, and perhaps add a gold streak down a few nails.

Natural Pink with Beautiful Carnation Accent

The main focus of this nail idea is not the natural pink nails but the accent nail that can be seen in the image on the ring finger. This lovely carnation is very beautiful, but to get all the details right on both hands it will take a bit of focus and a steady hand.

Pretty And Elegant Nail Idea

Looking for a stylish and elegant nail design? If so, it might be perfect for you. In a soft and light nude color, the nails were polished. One nail also has beautiful crystal nail art on each side. We also love the shape of the nail because it just fits perfectly with the delicate and pretty design. For a special occasion such as a wedding, nails like these would be perfect.

Hopefully youve come across a lovely nude nail idea to try!

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