Moon and Pink Glittery Nails

This is a nail polish idea that you can easily pull off at home. The ring and thumb index fingers were colored with a rather dark maroon pigment. The pink and middle fingers are colored with a rosy glitter polish and the middle finger as a top coat has a second layer of hexagonal iridescent glitter polish. Simple, simple!

Chic Manicure

Use some gold sparkle to mix your usual French manicure. Glitter nails such as these would match every occasion but would be ideal , proms for weddings and other special events. Such a design is a chic and elegant way to wear glitter.

Shockingly Sparkly Sparkly Prismatic Long Nail Design

We have long nails on each finger with full coats of iridescent glitter. But there, dont stop. At the base of each nail is placed a matching iridescent tone faceted gem. Heavy bling! Such a manicure is a total stopper of the show.

The Shadow Glitter Accent Nail

The shadow nails were a huge hit. With glitter, you could create the ombre style. Theres a glitter accent nail in these black nails. A shadow effect is created by the glitter. For the rock chicks, a design like this is great or if you want a change from the bright colors. You can re-create this with every nail polish color if you want to brighten it up.

Sparkly Accent Nail

was a favorite of metallic nail art. Combine glossy silver polish and you have one set of stylish nails. This design is going to suit any girl. You can mix it up and choose any shades of polish and glitter. This combo would be great for the date night and more of a wedding prom.

Purple Glitter Nail Art

Youll love these dark purple nails if the brighter colors arent your thing. With a purple glitter accent nail, this creation features glossy polish. You might have done this in a salon, or you might even have a go creating it yourself. Nails like these are trendy, giving nail envy to all the girls.

Best Gold Glitter French Manicure Ombre

While you cant really go wrong with a French manicure, this style only gets better with the added touch of these golden freshly glossy nails. With this beautiful golden shade design, spice up your standard manicure. The gold glitter shadow really stands out on some of the accent nails while the rest of your perfectly polished fingers are perfectly manicured in French. Wear this beautiful look anywhere as this style is perfect for night or day.

Ocean Blue Glittering Sapphire Sapphire Ombre Nails

Sure, please, these beautiful blue nails are a jaw-dropping shadow style that mixes green and blue glitter flawlessly with a stylish chrome blue that reminds you of your last beach trip.

Jelly Pink and Silver Glitter Nail Design

If a modern-day Disney princess had a manicure, it probably would have been. A super-light blush pink shade is used as the base color. There is an accent on the ring finger nail that is a silver glitter full force. Unforeseen a-symmetric tip art with the glitter on the other fingers. The effect, while still being a little playful, is modern and classy.

Bold Fiesta Glitter Ombre Nails

Its a fingertip party! Baby pink with a hint of shimmer is the base color. Then comes the sweet shadow glitter tips that just rock out and do their thing. This glitter polish has multiple colors and multiple shapes of large and small flecks. To keep the glitter pieces from snagging on fabric, make sure to use a good top coat.

Triangle Accents Glitter

We got this funky design first. This one has light pink nails with brilliant triangle accents. If you want to add a subtle sparkle to your nails, art like this is great. It is a trendy design with any colors that can be re-created. For the holidays, such nails would be great. 1.1546.jpg” />

Pink Glitter Nails

Do you like pink nails? Love glittering? Are you loving the s? Then for you there are the nails. Its a total assumption of s neon and its so fun! The neon pink paint is full of glitter in various shapes and sizes. It creates a cool acid-like effect, shimmering and shining as well.

Silver Glitter

Another manicure with multiple glitters. This one has two all-over glitter nails with larger sparkles and manicured nails. With any colors you could create this design. For a special occasion, Silver is the perfect choice. It would look beautiful on long and short nails as well.

Hot Pink Shiny Nails and Glitters

These babies are doing the job. Too hot pink glitter nails yes first of all. Its amazing this bright pink base shade. The other nails are finished with flecks of gold and silver in a bright-to-blush pink shadow. To get that super brilliant finish, everything is finished off with a high-gloss top coat.

Peach and Gold Glitter Ombre Design

These shadow nails are a delicate assumption of the shadow trend. The perfectly silver shadow nails are colored with metallic glitter and fade into a pink pastel. This polished cool design is completed by the accented matt pink nails.

Ombre Nail Art With Red Glitter

Give a special touch of glitter to your shadow nail art. This amazing nail art features a trendy shadow effect with sparkly red accent nails. With your favorite colors you could have created this design. This kind of nail art is exclusive and stylish.

Easy Natural Nails With Gold Glitter Tips

These lovely shadow glitter nails couldnt be easier to pull off. Begin with shaped and painted natural nails with a clear base coat. Use the polish of the gold glitter from the tips. Keep most of the polish at the tip but add some to the middle of the nail so that you get the effect of the shadow. Mostly on the tips d a second glitter coat. Complete with a bright top coat and youre done! Subtly Sexy Beige to Pink Glitter Ombre

Is this manicure not intriguing? The shadow impact hoes from silvery beige micro-glitter to blue micro-glitter. With a matte top coat, the glitter effect is toned down by a tiny bit. The effect is incredible and unique. This would be a great way to get your glitter fix without being too obvious about it if you have a very conservative working environment.

Cute Easy Nail Design With Pink Glitter

Party-ready nails are as simple as some colorful glitter tips. This long nail design begins with a nail in the form of a stiletto. If these long congrats are your natural nails! In a tapered tip, just shape them. If not, in this form you can get acrylics. The medium and fine pink glitter is painted with a soft blend to the natural color of the nail from the smile line to the tips.

Shimmery Gray to Black Glitter Nails

This is a cool approach to shadow. The shades of this manicure switch from finger to finger instead of the shades that change from tip to bottom. The single glitter nail is made in a dense full-coverage, chrome-colored glitter that is really beautiful. Then you have a similar shade of chrome but on the next nail in a cream color followed by a black shade on the next one.

Floral Accent Nail With Silver Glitter

Our next selection shows how different glitter finishes can be created. Some of the nails have a strong glow while others have a soft glow. You might have both styles or one of them. A nice touch is also the floral accent nail. With a multi-design like this, the possible creations and colors are endless.

Cute Nude Gold Glitter Ombre

Nude nails are always trendy and are a classy touch for any look. Give a bit of glamor to your typical nude with this gold and gleaming shadow. In this sparkling theme, the shimmering high-gloss finish brings a new meaning to the term nude.

Glamorous Diamond Glitter Ombre Nails

If youre the best friend of diamonds, this is your nail look. This ombre look blends a French manicures classic beauty with diamond timelessness and allure. Recreate this look for your own take on this luxury style that is perfect for any high-end event that requires you to dress up with the nines.

Soft Pink and Silver Glitter

Isnt this manicure beautiful? With pink and white shade, the soft pink cream color is subtly brought to life. The ombre glitter is applied in reverse from the base over the pink, leaving at the tips a hint of the soft pink color. The glitters color catches in the light pink and blue. So good!

Beautiful Gold and White Ombre

White shade of gold-glittered nails — what could be better? Milky and golden is a sweet way to style the feel of the eye. For anyone looking for a trendy nail style that suits every occasion, this stylish model is an awesome choice. The added gold glitter makes this look perfect for an elegant event such as a wedding or romantic date night.

Creative Chrome Bronze With Warm Pearlescent Glitter

Those nails are so bright that you can almost see their reflection! A pure bronze chrome is the base color on this. Then you have polished base-to-tip alternating nails with a lovely bronze glitter with wide and delicate parts and a pearlescent finish. Eventually, sequins that suit the pearlescent bronze glitter are used as nail art jewels.

Sexy Holographic Lavender Nail Art

This luxurious holographic shadow nail design is a manicure sex. This hot trend takes shadow to the next level with the holographic purple polish that is perfectly complemented in a beautiful shadow finish by the gleaming silver and purple polish. Going to a festival of music or getting ready for a sexy night out? Those nails will give your look the extra sexy chic amount you need to have your lifes night.

Glitter And Gems

Choose nail art with glitter and gems to step up your sparkle game. A light pink polish with glitter nails and crystal nails features this stunning creation. Nails like this are going to wow! By choosing different colors and crystals, you can take inspiration from this and make it unique to you. The possible ideas are endless for this combination.

Fit for a Mermaid Aqua Nail Art Design

If you’re heading to the beach (or really want to this is your ticket to mermaid status. The anchor color (pun intended is an aqua chrome that’s honestly stunning all by itself. Enter nail art designs. You’ve got aqua-to-white glitter ombre and gemstone accent nails to top it all off. It’s totally luxurious and you totally deserve it.

Nude With Sparkly Glitter Tip Nails

Isn’t this manicure fit for an enchanted evening? You would need long nails to achieve this look. The base is a clear or nude jelly polish. The glitter is multi-shaped in silver with a colorful iridescent finish. Only the tips are painted with glitter. There is a subtle ombre at the smile line so it’s not exactly a “French” style but its close.

Fluorescent Pink Ombre with Glitter

This fluorescent design plays up the ombre style in a subtle way. With an almost holographic purple-pink look this pretty nail art is accented with a glittering pink and glitter ombre.

Iridescent Long Chrome Glitter Nails

The combination of iridescent chrome color with a glittery finish is a unique nail polish idea that’s bold and beautiful. This color would be awesome on long or short nails and it’s actually pretty simple. The polish does all the work. It’s a dark chrome polish with an opalescent finish and micro glitter to make it sparkle as well as shine.

Trendy Glitter And Gold

Our last pick features a gorgeous glitter and gold accent nail. The unique design really jazzes up the nude color manicure. Nail art like this would look amazing on long or short nails. You could create this with any color and you could swap the stripe for silver. This is a fun look that will suit everyone.

We hope you love these glitter nails as much as we do. We can’t wait to try out some glitter nail polishes!

Sexy Sand Sparkle Nails With Gold Ombre

These nails are worthy of a tropical island goddess! That sandy base color with a hint of shimmer is absolutely beautiful. The glitter color is gold but also has a really warm almost red undertone which is so pretty. The glitter is used in full-coverage on one accent nail and in reverse ombre on another.

Glitter French Manicure

Here is another way to style red glitter. This multi design features red and silver French manicured nails one glitter nail and one delicate polish design. If you like this style then have all the techniques done or you could just choose one nail style for all your nails.

Red Glitter Nails

A brilliant manicure like this will give you the perfect look for your next vacation. You dont have to go full on glitter, you might have a more subtle design like this. The nails have a clear coat that approaches the tip sparkly. Nail art is going to suit anyone like this. Used products: Zoya Pepper and Brown Sugar from Butter London.

Silver Ombre with French Manicure

Use the brilliant version of this standard manicure to get your French on. This version of the cute French manicure adds the luxury upgrade you never knew you wanted to give to your nails in some pretty glitter shadow.

Funky Gold Glitter Design

Our next nail design is for you if you want something fun and exclusive. This blue manicure features funky three-nail gold glitter designs. Its beautiful art that can be re-created to fit your style. You can choose any combination of colors or even just pick one of the jazzy designs.

Orange Cream Ombre Glitter Nails

This look cream dream is a style for those who are obsessed with the shadow trend. A few statement nails painted a white and orange glitter shadow and a solid pastel orange cream color to finish the look feature this incredible look. For a special event like a wedding, these long and elegant nails are fine. Make sure that your nails are perfectly designed to get this style by choosing a manicurist.

Deep Burgundy Nails With Gold Reverse Ombre

Burgundy Gold Glitter Nails could possibly be the best combo of all time colors. Burgundys exclusive shade has micro-glitter for a touch of shine. To build a reverse ombre look, the fine gold glitter polish is applied from the surface. The final look is festive and elegant.

Perfect White Nails With Gold Glittery Shimmer

Congrats! Weve just noticed your manicure. These bright white nails are shining like the snow. In this manicure, there is really no color. The base polish is white and the glitter is white and silver so the manicure is really neutral. The glitter powder is just so beautiful that it shines. Ideal for a beautiful white wedding dress!

Red Glitter Ombre Nail Design

Its as sexy as it gets. These statement nails heat things up by playing with textures: this hot look will surely be one of your favorites with matt and glossy styles. The shadow trend blends gold glitter with red creating the summers hottest nail art. If youre a fan of long nails, try this look with friends for a hot night out or a romantic date night. Its possible that everybodys eyes will be on you all night with these nails and your choice dress.

Golden Glitter Accented French Manicure

This stiletto model is perfectly finished with two shiny and gold accented nails. This sparkling design is an appropriate style for any formal outing such as a wedding party or graduation.

Ultra Glam Silver Glitter Nails

The shape of the almond nail and the dazzling glitter make it worthy of a diva. There is a clear or nude polish base topped in an ombre style with sparkly glitter polish that goes nearly all the way to the base of the nail. Combined with multiple coats, the polish with larger glitter pieces makes this idea of nail polish really sparkle.

Rose Shadow Nails with Copper Glitter

These rose shadow nails are probably the best shadow nails as each element flawlessly blends with each other. The beautiful shadow blends light pink with an even lighter pastel pink with two nails sprinkled with metallic glitter of copper. White as Snow Textured Glitter Manicure

Sheer white polish and glitter dust are combined to create this unique effect. If you never tried one of the types of textured manicure youre in for a treat! A manicure like this one actually has the glitter sitting on top of the polish so you can feel the small pieces of glitter instead of a smooth surface when you touch the polish.

Charcoal Gray Matte With Silver Glitter Tips

Start with a beautiful deep shade of gray charcoal. A matte formula can be obtained or a matte top coat used. Then get a little glitter on the tips! This polish has medium and large silver glitter in this style. It looks like youve dipped your hands in silver in an artful circle.

Pink and Lilac Pretty Glitter Ombre Nails

Pastel pink lilac and glitter are matches made in the heaven of nail art. This uber-glossy shadow glitter design adds a touch of luxury and sophistication provided by any special event.

Gold Glitter Accent Nail

Give a touch of golden glitter to your short nails. Many ladies are going for the longer nails, but heres the style of having short nails. A white polish and a gold glitter accent nail were used in the manicure. With any polish and glitter color you could recreate this, but gold is a great choice for holidays.

Love glitter

So for you is this nail model! Sparkly and bold is this all-over glitter manicure. With a glitter nail polish, you could create this look yourself. You could choose any color, but for a night out or special occasion, this is a great choice. Long or short nails in glitter would look beautiful.

Copper and Gold Metallic Ombre Style

With this amazing design, take your shadow nails to a whole new level. The metallic copper and the shimmering gold match well with the perfectly shady pink accent nails that their gold glitter stiletto tips highlight.

Cool Silver and Lavender Icy Nails

Bejeweled and blue? These nails are a glossy and glittering shadow studded on the two light blue accented nails with elegant clusters of shimmering diamonds.

Vibrant Green Iridescent Sparkly Nails

If youre one of those ladies who like to try different bold nail designs, its a fun challenge! A bright green is the base color. Glitter powder with an iridescent finish creates a color prism and has a unique effect. Its a creative manicure that can really start looking for a special event … or just to wear it for fun!

Turquoise Mermaid Tail Glitter Ombre Nails

Love all about sirens? This turquoise design is full of gleaming goodness of all kinds. The ombre look is complemented by shimmering turquoise-gold highlights and a clear nail polished with a flat turquoise tip with a shimmering turquoise polish.

Nothing but Rose Gold Glitter

In this dense glitter polish, theres so much shine that the color is almost chrome, but dont worry. Its still brilliant. Here every nail is made up of medium-sized glitter in a single rose gold shade. This glitter is full-coverage, so you dont need to paint over a base color.

Multi Glitter Manicure

For Christmas or New Years Eve our next glitter pick is perfect! These feature a pink and silver glitter light polish. This kind of nail art is bright bold and enjoyable. Such a model on short nails would be perfect. With different glitter colors you could re-create this. It would be a stylish alternative to blue or purple.

Matte Burgundy Nails

Almond-shaped nails are our favorite these have become a must for / Combine this shape with dark matt polish and glitter colors and you have a trendy set of nails. Such a design is just beautiful and, most importantly, super easy to re-create. For a Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas party, we suggest this model.

Winter Wonderland Blue Ombre Nails

In this look, winter blues are perfectly complemented by super cool silver glitter and snowflake designs. This look is simple enough for an elegant yet soft, classy nail design with a color palette of lavender silver and soft pink tones. Whether youre saving this look for the holidays or wearing this design whenever you need some shimmering iciness in your life, this shadowy style works well for anyone.

Natural Nails With Hexagonal Glitter Nail Art

This manicure would be patient, but the results are incredible and unique. These natural nails are almond-shaped and first apply a base coat with a small color. The hexagonal glitter seems to have been applied by hand to create a pattern of the honeycomb at the tip of each nail that becomes more spaced around the mid-nail to make the effect of the shadow.

Burgundy Glitter Nail Idea

Look pretty with Burgundy and Gold Glitter Nails this season in Burgundy. As you can see, in a glittering polish, short nails look beautiful, but longer nails would also look amazing. With a gold glitter polish dark burgundy polish and some Scotch tape, you could create this design at home. This design is shouting for holidays!

Soft Pink Glitter Ombre Nails

Nothing is as sweet as the soft pink polish look. Get this look with some glittery shadow accent nails and some beautifully detailed designs on two nails with a light pink manicure. Complete the look with your choice of sequin or jewel by bejeweling your accent nails. This simple look is a great choice for your daily wear or an outing like a date night low-key or a family affair.

Rosey Crimson Gold Ombre Design

Roses are red and this glitter ombre nail design is excessively sprinkled with gold glitter. Get this beautifully styled red design on your rose nail art. This nail art is like nothing else youve seen before, accented with gold glitter and bespoke with gems and roses.

Super Girly Baby Pink Glitter Everything

Thats your manicure then. A baby pink shade and a fine pink glitter top coat are painted with long luxurious nails. You might have to do-glitter coats to get that sort of shine. A high-shine top coat over the glitter will make the mani really brilliant and bring out the shimmer in the glitter.

Classy Pink Polish With Textured Glitter Accent

Omg we love this cute, easy-to-use nail design. This is the best neutral glitter nail design – perfectly suitable for playing and working. A translucent semi-sheer baby pink is the base hue. The ring finger accent nail is finished with an expertly colored textured glitter (probably from a glitter powder.

Reverse French Manicure With Rose Gold Glitter

This manicure is amazing! The reverse French manicure is one of those various understated and yet so thoroughly stylish nail designs.

Blush and Gold With Marbled Nail Designs

This manicure is amazing and has a bit of it all! The base color of blush pink cream is matt and gloss. Theres a gold star in the matte hand. The gloss fingers have either the bases gold glitter back shadow or a beautiful marbled nail art design. Theres now a pink and gold sparkling accent finger.

Peach Glitter Accents Lovely Neutral Cream

Love this! Jelly and glossy polish make such a lovely combination. This has as its base a peachy nude jelly color. There are some accent nails painted in a peach glitter and a triangle-shaped French manicure style tip has one nail on each hand. We love that flattering shade.

Midnight Blue Glitter Ombre Nails

A stunning mix of midnight blue mauve ice silver glitter and shimmering blue navy. Those nails are showstoppers for sure with the stiletto look and a high-gloss finish.

Midnight Blue and Purple Glitter Ombre Art

Would you ever like to capture the sky on your nails at midnight? These shadowy nail ideas are going to do just that. With your ombre-glittery purple nails with blue white and black accents, your nails are going to be the star of the show wherever you go. While you can do this, going to your nail technician for this design should help you catch the feeling of this romantic and dreamy look.

Grey and Gold Ombre Glitter Art

Use this gray and gold glitter design to match your nail art. Who knew that a color duo was made for each other, gold and gray? This dynamic palette mixes accents of grey-blue soft pink with gold. This sparkling nail model is a versatile solution to the shadow trend which finishes the look with a big and bold gold glitter.

Shadow And Glitter

We saw how glitter could look like a shadow. Now heres how to style a shadow design glitter. Featuring two separate sparkly nails, these beautiful nails feature nude and white shadow nails. This is a cool and trendy mix. There are plenty of tutorials available online, you could even try to create this yourself.

Navy Blue with Pink Ombre Glitter Nail

Accent nails are in and this navy blue design is a cool take on the trend of glossy shadow nails. The shimmery ombre accent nail stands out when it is colored a lovely soft pink as it is dotted with silver glitter.

Golden Details Soft Pink Ombre

Whats better than pink shadow nails? Wrapping with a golden bow this stunning shadow model. This idea of nail art begins with the slenderest pastel pink shadow fading into a soft pink with sprinkled glitter. Every accent nail, if you prefer, is bejeweled with a golden bow with added jewels. D as you see fit, these gold info. If you stick to the golden bows or choose to add more jewels, this custom-made look is a perfect touch to this type of soft shadow.

Manicure shimmering

Our next shimmering and shimmering pick. Such a manicure is just beautiful. With a pretty glitter polish, you might build this model yourself at home. This design is sparkling and subtle, giving nail envy to everyone. We love this look of brilliance.

Electric Blue Glitter Nails With Silver

Oh this manicure is so beautiful and the blue / silver combo on the shadow nails is so beautiful! The base color is a shimmering cobalt blue. The thick glitter on most nails with a cool triangle accent and diamond nail art on one nail of each hand is blue-to-silver shadow.

Crimson and Rose Gold Glitter

This one takes the cake when it comes to cool shadow nail ideas. Rose gold is one color that makes the glitter ombre look an utter must. The rose gold turns into pure magic with flecks of gold glittering. In this look, with the deep red and rose gold look, the classic red nail style gets a makeover. This nails give a welcome touch of luxury to your everyday look with beautifully detailed rose gold glitter.

Chunk Glitter and Gold Tips

Plates on glitter plates! So amazing. Layer one is a pink cream hue peachy super light. Layer two is a slight shadow from tips to mid-nail gold micro-glitter. The serious glitter is the layer three. Thick multicolored bits of shadow glitz focused so a little of the gold peeks through at the top of the finger.

Neutral Ombre Glitter Nails and Pearl Accents

You may have noticed that the neutral pink blush is a popular base color for some of these glitter tip nails. It lets you talk to the glitter. This manicure has some full-glitter painted nails and some with shadow tips. The pinkie fingers have -D pearl nail art.

Silver Glitter Ombre with French Manicure

This silver glitter shadow design has just been upgraded to the French manicure. For this amazing look, pair the beautiful simplicity of this beautiful French manicure with some gleaming silver polish and a few shadowy nails. Great for date night celebrations or the regular grinding of this manicure can easily turn into your new go-to.

Reverse French With Powdery Pink and Rose Gold Accent

This is the new French reverse trend! This short nail design uses a powdery pink cream polish at the bottom of the nail with a rose gold half-moon shimmer. Fully colored with the rose gold glitter, the ring finger. The look is pretty and simple.

Pink Glitter and Gemstone Nail Art Designs

Another very pink nail polish design! This manicure is using pink shades. A cream (nearly beige shade is used for this manicure as the base color. Then there are accentuated nails. One is painted with dusty pink cream polish. One is painted with a medium-sized silver glitter polish.

Pink Manicure With Glitter Tips

Use glitter tips like these if youre new to glitter or just want something more subtle. You can have a pink like this or another bright hue in any polish color. Then just apply a glitter brush to the ends. Try to create it for a fun diy nail project yourself.

Beautiful Gold and White Ombre Nails

This elegant and shiny look has a certain beauty. Glitter and gold is a heavenly sport. Use this shadow look to treat your nails to the hottest style. This nail art is a combination of a sparkling white translucent and a bold yet delicate luxurious gold shadow.

Simple Black With Gold Tips An Accent Now

Get the fancy of this simple and trendy black and gold mani like all the best stuff. Start on each nail with a shiny black jet polish. To apply gold glitter to the tips of all but your accent nail, use the glitter ombre technique. Do on the accent nail-gold glitter coats over the black.

Cotton Candy Ombre Pink Nails

This stunning nail design is the best design youll ever try. Such shimmering champagne nails are a perfect blend of silvery pastel pink glitter and a touch of golden glitter.

Silver Glitter Accent Nail

Chic and feminine is our next glitter pick. Its just got a lovely mix of gold polish and silver glitter. You can choose such a long manicure or go for shorter nails. For a wedding or special event, nail art like this would be great.

Soft Gray Cream With Copper Glitter

This is an interesting combination since you have colors that suit and complement each other instead of glitter and base polish being in the same color family. The gray soft is so beautiful and classic. For many girls, its a go-to neutral so if you feel like mixing it up, add a glitter accent nail in a color like this shimmering copper!

Long Ombre Pastel Blue Nails

These mountain top nails are a beautiful blue pastel and rose desert shade. These two colors blend together beautifully creating an elegant look that takes this trend of ombre to the next dimension.

Beige and Gold Glitter Nails

This mani is golden! Again we see a twist on the accent nail where that super shiny and shimmering gold glitter is the base color here, while the accent nail is a matte cream color. There are also gold sequins and gems in the matte accent nails that complement the glitter.

Silver Glitter Grey Ombre

These shadow nails are a simple way to wear this popular trend. This manicure is a creative way to bring some brilliant glamor to your life with a color palette featuring dark gray high-gloss silver glitter and a light silver nail. Play with matt and glossy finishes as you build this exclusive shadow shadow model. Although the color scheme of this design gives it a completely different feeling, this look is particularly simple. To see your favorite musician live, wear this avant-garde style for an art festival or for a trip to come.

Champagne Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Look up shadowy nail ideas and youll see many extravagant styles. This rose gold champagne style is a minimal example of this common shadow style and looks great for any occasion. This pastel pink gold mixes perfectly with two nails covered in thick gold glitter.

Mint Green Confetti Ombre Nails

This fun, unique party style is a great way to wear the trend of the shadow nail. The cool green mint makes this style so much more fun as it perfectly complements the glitter confetti.

Beautiful Orange and Gold Nails

Who knew that orange and gold went together so well? This creative look of the shadow is a mixture of soft pink and gold-accented fiery orange. This stunning look is a nice twist on the theme of the shadow and goes well with any kind of event or occasion.

Black with Gold Glitter Ombre Nails

If you have a black manicure style yet, this look is for you. This simple shadow style is a cute design with black polished nails and your choice of gold glitter that is easily achieved. A few accented nails dotted with silver glitter come into play with the background. If you want to make this nail idea a little more creative by doing a navy and a black shadow. Whatever shades you choose to stick with darker tones, it really sets off the gold glitter flecks.

Mink Gray Glitter and Gemstone Accent Nails

The base color is a beautiful matte mink gray that would honestly be all alone amazing. But wait, wait! Theres a glimmer there. There are two nails of accent. The first is a shiny rose pink shimmer full-cover. Wonderful. The second is gemstone nail art of the base-to-tip. Its completely glamazonic and beautiful.

All Over Red

If you like to create your own nail designs, then if you want to. Theres a red glitter polish in this manicure. All youve got to do is paint your nails. In any color of your choice, you could have the paint. A glitter polish is perfect to produce this look, but it can be used for other items including sparkly tips and accent nails.

Perfect Black and Gold Manicure

We need this manicure right now. The best black glitter nails around are the hands down these. That bright black base polish is smooth as hell The textured gold foil glitter accent nail is stunning and the second accent nails gold sequins and beads are perfect. Nailed it!

Awesome Gold and Silver Glitter Ombre

Nothing is as stunning as a mix of silver and gold. This amazing nail design creates an elegant look by dorming the nails over flawlessly polished white nails with real silver. With a fresh and flawless coat of white paint and some silver foil, this look is another easy-to-create theme. Wear this look of the nail to any outing where your nails need to look as new as the rest of your outfit.

Green With Envy Long Glittery Nails

These are completely boss. The stiletto form is all on its own insane glam but throw in the deep dark shade of green glitter that lights up and in all the right ways its over the top. With this long, glittery mani, channel your inner Elphaba.

Silver Glitter Ombre Stiletto Nails

The long stiletto nails are the hottest trend of the year. If youre dressed to remove these nails, the deal is really going to be sealed. This silver glitter nails take the trend to the next stage with several shades of silver shadow and glittering with these statement nails featuring a regular French tip polished at the top with silver glitter. Attach a few jewels to the French nails to complete the look.

Simple Gold Glitter Short Nail Design

Dont be deceived by the size. This genius short nail model packs all the elegance and glitz of its longer counterparts – and painting and wearing is simple! The trick is to shape your nails with a rounded shape for fingertip size. Painted right down to the cuticle is the dark gold glitter polish.

Golden Plum Golded Ombre Nails

Purple or plum and gold are the perfect color for shadow nails. This seamless design puts together the plum and gold to create one of the best shadow designs. This design really makes your nails look like theyve been wrapped in pure gold with glitter sprinkled throughout the nails. For the fashionista who likes a darker color palette, these shadow nails are ideal for any occasion. Wear these nails on a normal day or on a romantic date night for a more intimate evening.

Glossy Emerald Nail Polish Glitter

These sparkling nails are positively enchanting. Any self-respecting nail addict will not be able to resist these fine-glittering beauties of rich emeralds. You dont need nail art when the color is that amazing. Just add the shape of your nails-coats and dont forget the top coat of high shine.

Bold Gold and Glitter Ombre Nails

This bold metallic look shouts royalty clearly in the face. For an amazing shadow feel, these perfectly golden nails are accentuated with matte metallics and uber-shiny polished gold nails. For any special event like a wedding, this super luxury look works well. These nails are a perfect way to complete your look with a show-stopping outfit.

French Tip and Pink Glitter Ombre Nails

This look is a fairy tale that has been brought to life. On these shadow nails, the sparkly pink design reminds us of the unicorn dream nails we never knew we wanted. In pastel pink and white glitter sprinkles, this adorable take on a standard French manicure adds to make your nails look like the cutest fairytale brought to life. This fun look works well for daily wear, but its also perfect for any birthday party or date night youve planned.

Neutral Ivory Cream Golded Glitter Ombre Nails

Such nails are only to be removed. File this under all times best nail ideas! A plain ivory cream polish with gold is nothing but easy. Use the same technique of ombre glitter that you would use on the tips but start from the base instead of the tip. For chunky glitter shadow layered over fine glitter shadow, you can get the golden effect.

Silver and Blue Sparkle Ombre Nails

This gleaming model is a cool take on the trend of shimmer shadow nails fashion. This artistic look is produced by holding large blue bits of glitter and silver glitter nail polish with a transparent polish coat.

Neutral Nails With Plum Glitter Ombre

All you need is some dark glitter polish on your natural nails and youre off to the races. Beginning from the tips after a base coat, work your way to the middle finger, leaving most of the polish at the nail tips. Youre going to have to repeat five-times to get that look. Keeping the polish closer to the tip each time.

White-Hot Silver Glitter Ombre Nails

With this style, kiss your nails with a touch of magic. At the ends of these nails, the white-hot ice finish completes this bold look. Such mountain peak nails are colored an adorable pink in the French style, fading into a shiny, sparkling silver. Wear these nails out with your loved ones for a lavish event like a wedding at night or a very classy dinner.

Matte Nude With Silver Glitter Nails

This manicure is all about the color. A flesh-toned nude cream shade painted with a matte top coat is the naked base color. The bright accent nails are thick silver glitter textured. Here we are thinking about the glitter of the disco ball stage. The contrast is really striking and its an interesting touch to place the accent nails on different hand fingers.

Silver and Grey Ombre Nails

A great way to create an iconic look is to play with the ombre trend of metallics like silver and gold. This matt gray look uses as an accent a sparkling silver shadow. This look is achieved by flawlessly painted nails with a matt gray and accentuated by two nails lined with soft pink polish and silver glitter.

Pearl and Pink Silver Glitter Nails

When pink and silver glitter come together, theres something perfectly magical. This style of pearl and pink is a perfect example of the best ideas of the shadow shadow. Excellent for an elegant event, these gleaming nails are designed over a perfectly polished pastel pink with gleaming silver flecks.

Absolutely Beautiful White Glitter Nails

Easy glitter is one of the easy-to – do styles of manicure that still gives you all the glamor and sparkle you want. This long nail design uses-coats in a clear base with a white gold glitter. Its beautiful and simple to wear. This color might also work on short nails!

Pink Ombre and Silver Glitter Nails

This simple shadow look blends beautifully with hot pink pink light and silver glitter. Get this easy look with a fresh manicure and a silver glitter shadow of accented nails. Everywhere this look can be worn with anything, easy enough to wear and looks great with everything.

Perfectly Mauve Nails With Gold Glitter Accent

This mani is performed in the standard neutral shade of pink cream with accented gold glitter nails. The single accent nail has a base of ivory or gold glitter coats above it. To make this manicure shiny and smooth, everything is finished with a glossy top coat.

Tiffany Blue Glitter Accent Nails

Love these! The color of the robins egg blue cream is so good. In the same family of blue, the glitter nails go a few shades darker and have golden flecks of glitter. This is a fun spin on the accent nail trend because the glitter polish is painted on all but one nail on each hand and the accent nails are made in the blue cream.

Lavender Glitter Ombre Nail Designs

This lavender shadow look is the best way to spice your manicure. This purple pastel complements any skin tone, adding a special touch of femininity to any outfit you choose to wear. Although spring pastels are usually saved, this purple shadow look is too cool to wear for just one season. Its easy to do this basic shadow style on your own nails or extensions. This minimal style is a great way to wear this trend with just the tips dipped in glitter and a bedazzled purple nail.

Nude White and Gold Glitter Nail Art

Not very subtle but not very bold. For the nail addict who wants the best of both worlds, this look is perfect. The base is a fleshy nude cream color. Theres also a bright white glitter nail pattern and a few golden nude accent nails. A nice twist on neutral polish is the diverse nail designs.

Nude Pink Glitter Ombre Manicure

Would you like a simple way to wear the trend of shadows? Get the look of this nude. Youll have the glittering shadow nails youve always wanted with a touch of champagne glitter. Its too easy to love this look and can be worn everyday.

Dangerously Sexy Gold Leaf Designer Nails

These ultra-glam designer nails are no joke. With clear tips, the long sharp stiletto nail shape is unique on its own. There is a creative effect of gold leafing micro glitter along the line of smile. Its super artsy with an imperfect hand-painted pattern yet its the ideal quantity of polish for daringly different nail designs like this one.

Icy Diamond Pink Glitter Ombre Nails

This cute design creates an icy silver glitter shadow look and the traditional pink French manicure look. The silver glitters iciness instantly reminds you of the icy royalty of shimmering diamond jewelry adding to this nail art an air of elegance.

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