Unicorn nails

Pink/purple With Iridescent Horn Design

Shades of pink and purple are highlighted in this cool design. Unicorn nail polish in a pink iridescent swirl decorates the sculpted horns. The fairy dust nails are bedazzled with jewels. The nails have a base layer of swirling marble. These are overlaid with swirls of silver.

Pink Glitter With Unicorn Art

This multidimensional pink glitter design would make any unicorn happy. The nails are painted with a uniform base coat of shiny pink glitter. Clouds and stars are added in a white polish. The details and shading are skillfully painted. Finally there are two sweet unicorn faces with rainbow manes and big blue eyes.

Simple and Practical Unicorn Design

Unicorn nail designs don’t have to be over the top they can also be featured in cute easy nail designs. This short nail design starts with an allover pastel pink nail color. The unicorn is painted on the ring fingernail. This would be an easy design to reproduce at home using only a few polish colors.

Dramatic Designer Nails with Crystals

These creative nails are highlighted by their over the top use of crystal decorations. They have a long pointed silhouette with pearly white polish. The bejeweled nails are decorated with impressive technique. The pearly colors are reflected in the crystals for a pretty unified look.

Grey With Unicorn Art Design

These unique nails are done with a medium dove gray base color. Tiny hand-painted flowers polka dots and stars accent the base of the nails. A lovely unicorn and her mane stretch across two of the adjoining nails. This is a subtle design and not as forward as some of the others we looked at but it will let everyone know how much you love unicorns.

Sparkly Pastel Unicorn Nails

Love the pastel colors? Then you need to check out these nails. Most of the nails are a light shade with pastel pink and blue accent nails. The two accent nails also have two different types of glitter placed over the top. This is such a cute and sparkly idea. It will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

Glitter Crystals and a Unicorn Face

This sparkly nail design brings together several of the ideas we have seen so far. The nails are done in an allover pink glitter design with a pearlescent touch. One nail is encrusted with oversized crystals. One nail is made into a sculpted unicorn horn with a nice rainbow ombré effect. A sweet unicorn portrait adorns the thumbnail.

Squoval With Pastel Rainbow Gradient

This subtle and classy nail idea features a simple but elegant pastel rainbow gradient. Shading from pink at the nail bed down to violet at the tips these nails would complement any unicorn’s look. Since they are not embellished they would be great for any unicorn who has to work with their hands during the day.

Iridescent Pink With Rainbow And Unicorn Art

<img src=https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/wh/w5/w5.1930.png Iridescent pink makes these unicorn nails shine beautifully. The pink color is uniform and gorgeous. On top of the pink nail art designs are painted. One nail has a rainbow with little white clouds and the other has a happy unicorn face. The nail art design is distinctive and pretty. This design would also look great with white chrome nails.

Unicorn Inspired Jelly Nails

have been a big trend this year. These jelly nails have had magical unicorn inspired makeover. The nails have two colors on each to create a rainbow and there are also shimmering iridescent shards underneath the color. These are statement making and stunning! You can also recreate something like this with a unicorn horn accent nail too.

Unicorn Hearts

Next we have another cute nail idea. Three of the nails are painted in a stunning pink shade while the next two are white with a cute unicorn design and colorful hearts. We love this idea because it is cute but fun and trendy too. This is great for those who want to try the trend but still keep their nails elegant.

Pink Unicorn Nail Design

This next manicure is one of our favorites! Each nail is a different color and has a different design. One nail is painted white and looks like a unicorn horn. It is such a glam and statement making nail idea. Recreate something similar or you can have the unicorn horn with just one of the designs. Either way your unicorn nails will look amazing.

Pastel Ombré and Holographic Glitter

This awesome manicure has a combination of three nail styles. A subtle pastel ombré effect decorates four of the nails. These are shaded from a pale lavender to a gentle peach. Two nails have an allover white glitter with a pearlescent shine. Highlighting the design are two nails with a deep pink glitter and holographic accents.

Celestial Purple Nails for You

Finally this magical nail idea is done in shades of peachy pink and purple. This manicure combines cute glued-on accents with delicate hand painting techniques. The little bow and crystals make this manicure every unicorn’s dream. The nails feature a character portrait of Twilight Sparkle a famous unicorn.

Fanciful Unicorn Design with a Character Painting

This beautiful manicure combines subtle hand painted designs with a cute character portrait and white glitter. The sculpted unicorn nails are done in a rainbow ombré glitter for an extra decorative touch. The pastel on pastel color scheme makes these nails look delicate. The portrait of Rainbow Dash stands out and gives these nails a sense of whimsy.

Cute Unicorn Nails

The first nail idea we have to share with you is this ‘Born To Be A Unicorn’ nail art design! One nail is shimmering pink the next has hearts and stars another has a beautiful unicorn and the last nail has the message born to be a unicorn. These nails are super cute and you can recreate the whole look or maybe try just a couple.

A Fun Combination of Techniques

These unique nails show off a variety of nail art techniques. Two nails are done in a pink and dark fuchsia glitter ombré. Two nails have a pale pink background and are bejeweled with crystals. Two nails are done in an allover pink matte with delicate hand-painted details. The centerpieces are the pink sculpted horn and the character portrait.

Glittery Vibrant Rainbow Watercolor

These nails take the rainbow watercolor concept and kick it up a notch with shimmering glitter. First the rainbow effect is applied to the nails. The perfect swirls of color make this design magical. Then a coat of glitter is applied to these fairy dust nails. The look is completed with a top coat to seal the glitter on.

My Little Pony Unicorn Inspired Nails

Next we have a pretty unicorn idea that looks straight from My Little Pony. The nails are a dark pink with two unicorn accent nails. We love this idea because the accent nails are not different both of them make up the image of the unicorn. You can use any unicorn for a design like this.

Pastel Rainbow Gradient With Unicorn Art

websta.me These subtly colored rainbow gradient nails make a sweet backdrop for a charming unicorn. The unicorn starts on the middle fingernail and stretches over the ring finger to the pinkie nail where the tail flows. Painting a design that flows from nail to nail is a unique idea and would not be that hard to at home with practice.

Holographic Glitter Nails with Pink Accents

These glitter nails are truly striking. Worn long and pointed these nails have a deep shine that comes from a coat of holographic nail polish. These nails are accented by solid candy pink. There are pink holographic nails which give a subtle unicorn horn effect.

Intergalactic Unicorn Nails

Like your nails to stand out? Then this could be just the nail design that you are looking for. These nails have been painted in different colors and silver glitter has been used too. The look has been described as “Intergalactic Unicorn” which is so unique and stylish we love it it! Nails like these will look gorgeous on anyone and a similar look can be created on any nail length and shape.

Rainbow Unicorn Nails

Pastel colors are perfect for creating unicorn inspired nails and our next idea is a beautiful example. Most of the nails are a light pink with two accent nails. The accent nails use pretty pastels and glitter to create a rainbow effect. Recreate something like this or add a unicorn horn accent nail. A white horn would suit this look perfectly.

Pink Black Unicorn Nails

Our next idea features a unicorn and dream catcher combo. Some of the nails have colorful dream catchers while some have unicorn faces. There are also some pretty drip nails too. We love these sparkly magical nails because they will suit anyone. Use this image as inspiration and create a similar look or use your own favorite colors.

Pretty Unicorn Nail Art Design

Next we have an idea that features nail art inspired by a unicorn mane. The nails are a light pink with a pastel blue shimmering accent nail. On one of the nails there are beautiful hearts and stars while on the other is a rainbow unicorn design. This is a super cute and pretty manicure that will suit everyone.

Sky Blue Clouds Rainbows And Unicorns

inkcom Soft sky blue is the background of these unicorn nails. Cute white clouds and rainbows accent the nails. Finally there are two adorable unicorns with big round eyes and purple manes. This design is on short natural nails and would be comfortable for anyone to wear including kids.

Purple Glitter with Sculpted Horns

When you want to show everyone your unicorn side try these glimmering purple nails. Holographic glitter accents these charming mid-length pointed nails. The mix of glitter and holographic makes this design extra special. The ring fingers have awesome sculpted horns that are painted in a contrasting pale blue color with a holographic shimmer.

Blue/purple Design Glitter And Horn Swirl

These awesome nails have a creative combination of manicure types. Some of the nails are done in a soft pastel ombré with lavender and blue. Two of these nails have silvery gems glued on. Two of the nails are done in a fantastic glittery design with various sizes of sparkles. The unicorn horns are silver metallic nails.

Chrome Nails With Colorful Accent Design

This next nail idea is another one that uses unicorns as inspiration. Most of the nails are white chrome but there are black accent nails with a bright rainbow design. This uses the colors that are associated with unicorns in a trendsetting and unique way. You could create the colorful art with nail foils.

Shimmering Pink Nails with Dazzling Crystals

A mix of techniques highlights these dazzling unicorn nails. The nails are done in a pretty shell pink color. Holographic glitter in rainbow colors and in rose gold highlight the nails. Two of the fingers have elaborate crystal designs that bring dimension and extra color to the design.

White Unicorn Nails

Looking for cute and vibrant nails? Then this idea is perfect for you. The nails are pink and purple with two white accent nails. One of the accent nails reads “I’m a unicorn” while the other has a pretty unicorn design with stars. Have a go at creating this look or change the colors to suit your own style.

Pretty Unicorn Nails

If you love pretty nails with crystals and flowers then this next look could be perfect for you. Two nails are pink and three have the unicorn design. The actual unicorn is on the middle nail with floral nail art on either side. It is a stunning look and it will suit everyone. You can recreate this unicorn or choose your own design.

Designer Nails with Glitter and Metallic Features

This is another awesome mix of styles and techniques. The mix and match characteristics of this manicure make it quirky and exciting. Two nails are sculpted into gorgeous swirls of unicorn horn. Two are painted in a softly pearlescent lavender. One nail has large glitter pieces in blue and purple and another has a gradient of glitter. The last nail has a textured ombré finish.

Glitter-dipped Pink And Unicorn Art

These exciting glitter-dipped nails have a fun mixture of techniques. The hot pink tips are accented with crystal flowers. The glitter-dipped nails have a nice mixture of pink blue and silver colors. The shaped unicorn horns are iridescent pink. The unicorn faces are gorgeous and serene with flowing manes.

Iridescent Unicorn Nails

Looking for chic unicorn inspired nails? Then this idea is for you! Here we have long nails that have been painted in a light iridescent chrome color. These are so magical and enchanting. Recreate something similar to these or maybe add in a unicorn horn accent nail in the same color for an elegant but bold look.

Unicorn And A Star

The next nail idea we have to show you is cute bright and stylish. These nails have light blue and pink stripes with different accent designs. Two nails are colorful one has a shooting star and the last nail features a unicorn head. It is a vibrant nail design and we love the pastel shades. You can create something similar with more vivid shades.

Matte Purple With Unicorn Nail Design

These cute easy nail designs have a matte purple background. Painted on top of the matte purple are two happy rainbow clouds and a little unicorn with a rainbow mane. The art has a charming quirky look. On two of the nails there are pearly embellishments in pink and silver.

Mix and Match Unicorn Designs

This design is so festive and fun it has something for everyone. It combines a variety of manicure types. Silver holographic nails bejeweled pink nails with translucent stars glitter unicorn silhouettes and sparkling iridescent sculpted unicorn horns make this design exciting. This would be the best design to wear to a party or special event.

Glossy Pink Blue And Purple Unicorn Nail Design

These vibrant pink blue and purple nails have a childlike sense of fun. Two of the nails are done in a solid glossy purple. The other nails are decorated with stripes stars glitter and little bows. The nails include a sweet picture of the popular unicorn Twilight Sparkle.

Pink Chrome Nails with Bejeweled Unicorn Magic

These different nail designs have a unified pink color with a mixture of techniques. Two of the nails including the swirly unicorn horn are done in a dazzling pink chrome. One nail is done in a holographic chrome and one is done in pink with glitter. The last nail has a pretty crisscross design with Mylar overlay and a crown of crystals.

Glitter Rainbow Nails

Rainbows are part of the unicorn look. So you can create a cool rainbow design just like this one. The nails are short with different colors on each nail resulting in a rainbow effect. There is also silver glitter over the top. Recreate the rainbow look or you can even add in a unicorn horn accent nail.

White Unicorn Nails with Glitter Dust

These nails are great for anyone who wants to be a unicorn but need to be a little more subtle about it. The nails are covered all over with a white polish with a pale blue and pink cotton candy effect. They are then dusted with metallic nail powder. The ring fingernail has a cute unicorn horn effect in pink glitter.

Unique Unicorn Nail Art

Looking for a more unique design? Then you need to check out this next idea. Here we have light pink nails with unicorn nail art on one of the nails. We love this unicorn design because it has a cartoonish look which gives the mani a quirky vibe. Something like this perfect for those who prefer cute nail designs.

Unicorn Nails with Rainbow Dash

These nails feature a cute portrait of every little girl’s favorite pony Rainbow Dash. These nails have a variety of exciting features from crystals and a sculpted horn to a striking jewelry-like arrangement. Two of the nails have a white dripping section that looks like melted ice cream. This is one of the most interesting nail polish ideas we’ve seen.

Exciting Unicorn Horn Nails with Shining Accents

<img src=https://ourhairstyle.com/wp-content/uploads/wh/w5/w5.1947.png These creative nails are worn long and pointed. They are covered with a pearlescent white polish with holographic features. These nails have two special features: one sculpted unicorn horn and one nail with Mylar accents carefully laid on in a snowflake pattern. The contrast between the sculpted nail and the snowflake nail makes this design special.

Fanciful Pony Nails with Pinkie Pie

These cute unicorn nails feature portraits of a quirky and funny pony character. These nails have a fun and eclectic mix of designs and techniques. The most striking accents are the large pink bows applied to the nails. Large crystals accent the bow and the nail bed. This manicure would be an exciting way for any nail addict to show off their passion.

Be a Star with Unicorn Nails

These popular nails carry the star theme even further. Each nail has a different interpretation of the star theme. Some of the nails have a pink to blue and white glitter ombré while others have an allover pearlescent shine. Each nail has something extra applied from large Mylar stars to sequins and jewels. These nails will make anyone’s inner unicorn shine.

Sparkly Purple Nails With A Unicorn Horn

Next we have a beautiful nail idea with lots of sparkle! Each nail has a different design which includes glitter a unicorn and a unicorn horn. Most of them are a shade of purple too. This is a gorgeous design that captures the magic of unicorns. You can recreate the whole look or try just one or two of the designs.

Blue Unicorn Nails

Love the unicorn horn nail designs? Then this manicure is for you! Most of the nails are a bold blue with hearts and stars and there are also two unicorn horn accent nails. The horn is an ombre shade from blue to silver. This is a beautiful and vibrant nail art idea. Recreate the whole look or use a different shade maybe pink or purple.

Glitter Jewels And Hot Pink Tips

These different nail designs show a fun mixture of manicure styles. Hot pink ombré tips with multicolored jewels that wrap around the sides make a nice contrast to the sculpted unicorn horn. The horn has the ridges done in a bright silver glitter for a unique look.

Colorful Holographic Nails

Colorful nails are perfect for the summer and this next idea shows how to wear a bright manicure in style! Each nail is painted a different vibrant color and each one has a holographic effect. One nail also has a unicorn horn design too. It is a very unique nail idea and you can recreate a similar look with any colors and with or without the holographic effect.

White Designer Nails For Your Inner Unicorn

These nails are worn long and pointed for a dramatic effect. The use of white on white is subtle however and makes these nails extra pretty. Plain white pearlescent nail color is painted on first. One nail has a coat of white glitter. The first fingernail is molded into a spectacular unicorn horn.

Bright Rainbow And Unicorn Nail Art

This adorable unicorn nail design features the best of hand-painted nail art. Done in vivid pastels this design is accented by stars in gold glitter polish. The sweetest feature of this unique design is the unicorn face with the closed eyes and blushing cheeks. This design would be great for a child a teen or anyone with a youthful sense of style.

Lavender Glitter Art And Swirl Design

These unique nails use sculpted overlays for the flowers and unicorn as well as for the horns. The unicorn is especially well done with an almost D look. The flowers bloom all over one nail in various pastel colors. The other nails are done in a soft lavender glitter.

Nude And Rainbow Ombre

Looking for a subtler design? This idea could be perfect. Here we have nude nails with rainbow ombre. This is more low-key than some of the bolder unicorn looks but with this you can have the fun and colorful design without being too over the top. A design like this will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

Gorgeous Crystals and Unicorn Horn

These pale pink pointed nails have a lovely curve of sparkling crystals. The smallest nail is shaped into a unicorn horn with a pearlescent finish. These nails are perhaps not the most practical for daily wear but you will feel so magical they are worth a little inconvenience.

Iridescent And Glitter Unicorn Inspired Nails

Next we have another unicorn inspired idea. For this all the nails have a different nail design. Some are glitter while others are chrome and iridescent. There are also some vibrant glossy nails too. This is an amazing manicure and you can recreate the whole look or just your favorite designs.

Pink Ombré and Holographic Unicorn Horn

This long nail design has a subtle pink and white ombré color. The nails on the ring fingers are sculpted into unicorn horns and are then painted as pink holographic nails. Metallic powder is also used to give the nails extra shine and dimension. Any nail addict would love these.

Unicorn Chrome Nails

Chrome can be used to create gorgeous unicorn nails. Don’t just take our word for it check out this manicure! The nails are a purple and blue tone chrome with a bright white chrome accent nail. There are also some added gems that really jazz up the finished look. Recreate with similar colors and gems or use different magical colors to create your own unique design.

Magical Shimmery Nails

You don’t have to go over the top with your unicorn nails maybe try a pretty and shimmery look like this one. The shorter nails have been painted in a light sparkling purple. This is a simple but magical look. Nail colors like this one will suit everyone and it will look beautiful on any nail length and shape.

Long Stiletto Unicorn Nails Next we have vibrant glitter nails to show you! These nails are jelly nails and each nail is a different color. The colors include pink blue yellow and green tones. There are also glittering shards under each color too. Nails like these are perfect for the ladies who like bold nails that make a statement.

Pastel Watercolor Rainbow With Unicorn Art

This easy nail art design combines the fresh beauty of a watercolor nail with an adorable unicorn. It would look great on natural nails. This design would not be difficult to accomplish at home though the watercolor might take some practice to get right. The unicorn design itself would be simple to paint.

Bright Pink Unicorn Design

Next we have a bright nail design. All of the nails are painted in vibrant pink and purple shades and most of them are decorated too. One nail is painted to look like a unicorn horn the next one is embellished with gems and the last nail has a pretty unicorn design. This is fun and colorful nail idea that will be perfect for the summer.

Baby Pink With Unicorn Accent Nail

lueracraft.us This sweetly natural nail design would look great on anyone. The nails are done in a soft glossy baby pink. On one white accent nail an adorable unicorn face is painted in pink black and gold glitter. These nails are a subtle and classy way to show your unicorn love without being too elaborate to wear every day.

Silver Unicorn Horns with Bejeweled Accents

This nail art design combines different manicure types for an exciting new look. Four of the nails are done in a subtle ombré effect going from lavender to blue. Two of the ombré nails also have jewels applied. Two of the nails have a rich look with large pieces of glitter. Two of the nails are fabulously sculpted unicorn horns.

Holographic Lavender Nails with a Magical Horn

These nails have contrasting tips. Most of them are long and squared off. They are highlighted by a swirling white unicorn horn on the ring finger that is sculpted for realism. The nails are covered with a lavender holographic nail polish lightly dusted with metallic nail powder for an extra dimension of shine.

Cute Unicorn Nail Art Idea

Our next idea features cute unicorn art. The nails are light pink ombre with a unicorn accent nail. There are also snowflakes on the nails too. Create the snowflake look for the holiday season and without it for the rest of the year. It is a pretty look that will suit anyone.

Fun Unicorn Nail Art

Our next idea is super cute! The nails are white and shimmery with one accent nail. On the accent nail there is a unicorn dancing. This is such a funny idea and it gives the nails a unique look. You can create nails just like these or maybe try and design a unicorn in a different fun pose.

Purple Unicorn Chrome Nails

. The colors used on these nails are beautiful enchanting and magical. Nails that use chrome like this can be left simple and stylish like featured or you can add some sparkly rhinestones. Glitter would also look stunning!

Glam Glitter Unicorn Nails

Bring glitz glam and magic to your nails with our next idea. The nails are an elegant light color with two accent nails. One accent nail has glitter and white stripes and the other nail has a sparkling unicorn. These nails are so cute and will suit any nail length and shape.

Fun Unicorn Nails

Our next idea is fun and super cute. Some nails are pink and some are purple. Two of the nails also feature unicorn nail art too. If you like creating your own nail art then you can hand-paint the unicorn. It will require time and patience but the result is worth it. If you don’t want to paint the unicorn then you can use a stencil but the design will be a little different.

Glittery Iridescent Pastel Polish With Accent Art

These gorgeous glitter iridescent nails are colorful and vibrant. The colors swirl from a soft yellow down to a rich purple. On top of the glittery polish is a little unicorn figure sitting down in the middle of the nail and looking cute and awkward. The contrast between the glossy iridescent finish and the adorable hand painting makes these nails special.

Statement Unicorn Nails

Make a statement with this nail design! The nails are vibrant pink with glitter gems and a beautiful unicorn horn. Nails like these will wow. Create a similar look to this or you can tone it down a little by only choosing a few of the design elements. Maybe try the unicorn horn and pink ombre for a stylish look.

Holographic Nails with Mylar Strips

This long nail design is squared at the tips to make it a little easier to wear. These nails have a blue holographic polish with a pink ombré effect near the base. These nails are also accented with metallic nail powder. These nails have long strips of Mylar embedded in the polish for an extra note of shine.

Statement Making Rainbow Nails

! Here we have long stiletto nails with a vibrant design. The first section of the nail is clear and then each nail has bright nail art that creates a rainbow effect. There are also rhinestones on the nails too. This design uses the fun unique and colorful elements of the unicorn nail trend to create an amazing set of nails.

Pretty Nails With A Unicorn Horn

You can create so many beautiful manicures by using a unicorn horn accent nail. Here we have a super cute example. Some of the nails are a light blue some are a light purple metallic chrome and finally you have the shimmering unicorn horn. You can recreate this look or use different colors and art with a unicorn horn of your choice.

Bright Pastel Rainbow With Unicorn Accent

These simply adorable unicorn nails have bright pastel rainbow stripes. One of the nails has a cloud design with colorful lines coming from it. The middle nail features a simply stylized unicorn with long eyelashes and a pink glitter horn. These nails are so shiny any unicorn would love to wear them.

Magical Unicorn Nail Idea

Next we have a magical unicorn nail idea. For this look the nails are sparkly purple and most of them feature different nail art. Two nails have dangling star charms one has a magic wand with a star and the other nail features a pink and white unicorn. It is a fun and pretty nail design that will suit everyone. Recreate the whole look or just the unicorn nail.

Edgy Unicorn Horn Nails in Black

are a departure from most of the pastel designs we reviewed. These different nail designs start out with a glossy black with large glitter sparkles. A sculpted horn in white decorates one of the nails. The last nail has so many crystals it looks studded. These would be great for any unicorn with an edgy sense of style.

Metallic Nails with Unicorn Designs

This short nail design is in a practical oval shape. They feature a softly pearled metallic surface. The combination of the pearly metallic color and a soft pastel pink makes these nails stand out. Two of the nails have “water drops” made of metallic polish overlaid on pink. An adorable unicorn portrait adorns one of the nails.

Bejeweled Unicorn Nails for You

This sparkly nail design has an allover coat of pastel pink nail color that is almost translucent. Some of the nails are bejeweled with sparkling crystals. The middle finger on one hand has an intricate arrangement of crystals that looks like a magical tiara. Two of the nails are painted with a lovely white glitter.

Peachy Nail Design

If you like stylish manicures then this nail idea could be perfect. One nail is rose gold glitter and the rest have a peachy base. There is also an accent nail with a cute unicorn. We love this because it combines some of the must-have looks which are peachy shade unicorn art and glitter. You can recreate this or you can try the design in a different color.

Glam And Sparkly Nail Idea

Glam up your look with a manicure like this one. Some of the nails are sparkly two nails are decorated with gems and one has a colorful unicorn horn design. This is a beautiful look that would be perfect for a special occasion such as a party. You can recreate the whole mani or just one or two of the nails.

Rainbow Unicorn Nails

If you prefer shorter nails then this next nail idea is perfect for you. Most of the nails are rainbow design and one accent nail has a cute unicorn design. A manicure like this is easy to wear and will look amazing on everyone. You can of course try the design on longer nails too. A unicorn like this can be hand-painted or you can try a different unicorn design and use a stencil.

Cute Unicorn Nail Design

The next nail idea is super cute! Two nails are white with a colorful design which includes a moon and stars. The next two nails are white with pretty unicorn nail art. This is a gorgeous design and it is perfect for the ladies who like to wear fun and colorful nails. Recreate these nails or you can just have the unicorn art on one nail.

Multicolored Neon Rainbow Stiletto Nails

These unique nails shine in neon rainbow colors. The stiletto shape is accented by the bold and pretty colors. A few of these nails have bejeweled areas that make the exciting colors stand out even more. The sculpted unicorn horns are done in a soft rainbow gradient for a beautiful touch.

Stiletto Nail Design

The next nail design we have to show you is very glam! Three of the visible nails feature French ombre nail art and they are decorated with gorgeous gems. The other nail has a stunning iridescent unicorn horn. You can put any design on the thumb but we would choose French ombre. This is another one of our favorites!

Multicolored Rainbow Glitter Ombre

This lovely rainbow glitter ombré nails match their polish color to their glitter color for an extra classy touch. The nails start with hot pink and then go to orange-yellow turquoise and purple. These nails are worn a little longer and look graceful. These are a bright and cheerful choice for any unicorn to wear.

Glittery Unicorn Nails

Our next idea features a gorgeous white unicorn nail design. The nails have been painted with vibrant purple and blue to create a magical galaxy look and there is an accent nail with a white unicorn. This is a fun and vibrant design that will suit anyone that likes their nails to be bold.

Glam D Unicorn Nails

Next we have a very glam idea. Some of the nails have been painted in nude while the others are a vibrant glittery pink. To finish off the look a D gold tone unicorn has been placed onto one of the nails. A gold unicorn like this is stunning and stylish. To create the look yourself you can use a small unicorn bead or charm and stick it onto your nails.

Pastel Pink Iridescent Chrome Polish

These pink chrome nails are stunningly simple and beautiful. A unicorn doesn’t have to be bedazzled to be pretty. A few coats of this super shiny chrome polish are enough to make you stand out in the crowd. This short natural nail design is practical for anyone to wear.

Silver-tipped French Manicure With Unicorn Art

games.quickiqtest.net This short nail design is an adorable take on a French manicure. Painted in an allover blush pink the nails are accented at the tips with silver chrome polish. Two of the nails have a soft coat of pink glitter. Finally there are two precious unicorn portraits on two of the nails. These feature cute eyelashes a swirling mane and an adorably accented horn and ears.

Rainbow Unicorn Nail Idea

Our next idea is vibrant and unique. Two nails have an ombre design one is sparkly and the next two have colorful rainbow nail art. We love the rainbow unicorn horn because it is stylish and fun. This design is another one that would be great for the summer. Try and recreate the whole manicure or try just the sparkles and unicorn horn that would also look nice.

We hope you have found some beautiful unicorn nails to try!