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Winter Blues Can Be Beautiful

Just because you have blue in winter doesnt mean you can keep blues away from your toes. The col blue set in shade with a lime green pair on one hand beautifully with the accented glitter nail. Its not a look youll see everywhere, but its sure to warm your heart every time you look at your hands.

Born To Stand Out Nails

This is a rose-gold shadow model that could be the game changer youve been waiting for if youd like to take things up a knot. Bold and feminine, while keeping things plain and elegant, you will show the world that is in control. The shimmering polish is the sort of eye-catching beauty that we love.

A Cute Design For Fun Loving

The clean fade of violet in light pink makes this a fun ombre nail design perfect for those who want the perfect example of the right shade. If you are bored with the single-color nail art, keep it trendy with this sweet look that will not soon go out of style.

Coffin Nails from French Ombre

Our next concept is sparkling and beautiful. With glitter and gems, the nails feature a soft and elegant shadow. Some of the nails, while others have crystals, are rose gold glitter. You can use gold rose as shown or try silver or gold glitter. Also try to look at both gems or just try one. Either way it will look beautiful the finished manicure.

Ombre And Rose Gold Chrome Nails

A great thing about the French shadow is that almost any other nail art or pattern is going to go with it. Here we have a shadow feel with two rose gold accent chrome toes. As you can see, the shadow perfectly suits the chrome! For an elegant look of gold for a glam collection of nails and silver chrome for a chic manicure, select rose gold.

You can have the stars and the moon

Has anyone taken the stars from heaven and put them on your hand? Thats how this stunning and sparkling design looks. Its as brilliant as you could hope for if you like all good and all nice. Catch the stars with a shadow nail model like this for yourself.

Glitter And French Ombre Nails

A bold glitter proposal follows. Some of the nails are ombre while a sparkly statement is made by the majority of the nails. The shimmering nails are a mix of white pink and silver glitter. These nails are amazing and would be perfect for a special event or a party.

Ombre Nails With Gold Stripes

Subtle shadows with gold glitter stripes feature in the next nail idea. We think the gold stripes are a great idea because they glamorize the shadow but also offer a sleek and chic look to the manicure. You can use tape to replicate stripes. To make a pattern, simply add the tape and paint on the inside of the tape. You can seek or use any other color to look like gold.

Shiny and Lovely Nail Design

A pimped-up version of your standard French manicure allows you to keep the traditional white / transparent shadow design while adding a few gold-glittered nails. Perfect for wedding days and special occasions with these nails you will stand out in any room.

Take Me To The Beach

An amazing style reminiscent of sand and waves the beach bum will love a look like this one. Are you going to think of white sand beaches and sipping on a margarita in the shade style of blues and white and be honest who wouldnt want to think of such a picture?

A French With a Pretty Twist

Most ladies love French manicure but imagine making a simple, traditional look pop with a little brilliance. The silver glitter shadow design that bleeds in the nude color is the perfect alternative to your average French manicure — still classy but much more fun.

Pretty In Purple Is A Thing

We know girls look beautiful in pink but did you know they look just as cute in purple as well? At least if these perfectly made violet shadow nails are sporting that have the best color fading ever. It could be the nails for you whether you love purple or want to look amazing.

Shine Like A Diamond With Ombre Nail Art

Not so much in our opinion, but if we had to choose something, it would be this stunning nail art that makes up all the dreams of girly-girls. With the unique accents on each nail to the glitter adorning almost every nail this look is certainly one that will make you feel like he should put a ring on it.

French Ombre Accent Nail

Weve seen many manicures that have been transformed with gems but have you thought about using other decorations like pearls?! If you dont have to check this idea out. Some of the nails are white, some are shadowy, and there are pearls and gems in the accent nails. These stunning nails demonstrate how great pearls will look. Recreate or try a subtler manicure of the pearl and the French shadow.

Nail Design for Short Nails

The idea of white floral art was mentioned earlier. If you liked this one, you might also like our next pick. These nails have on each hand a soft and subtle shadow with two accent nail designs. An outstanding floral design features the accent toes. To women who dont like long nails, this look is great.

Sparkly French Ombre Coffin Nails

With our next idea, give everyone nail envy! Such nails are sparklingly elegant, making you stand out from the crowd. The nails are long with a combination of colors, of diamonds and glitter. This is an amazing idea for the nail and even a wedding will look amazing for a special event! Recreate this look or try to put gems in another style.

Coffin Nail Design

Weve got a nice idea to share with you next time. The nails are French shadows and each hand has one accent style. Accent nails are beautifully decorated with crystals. With or without the crystals, you can recreate the look. If you like them, you can find online rhinestones and crystals for a few bucks.

Long Stiletto Ombre Nails

Magnificent our next pick! Here we have long stiletto nails with different designs for each nail. One nail with diamonds is red, the next one is ombre glitter, the fourth nail has more crystals and the last nail is rose gold glitter. This is a concept that is very sexy and bold. With one gem and one glitter nail, you can recreate the whole look or just use more ombre nails.

Statement Ombre Coffin Nails

Not only does French shadows work well with glitters and diamonds, they also work well with other colors. The nails shown here show a peachy color of the nail with gems and the shadow blend. Sometimes, theres a clear jelly ring. With the various colors and nail art, the shadow looks incredible. You can create such a unique manicure or experiment with your own designs and colors.

Chic French Ombre Nails

Lets start with a simple French shadow look. The nails are a square shape with a blend of light shadows. These nails are great for women who like classic French manicure but want to try something new. Its a subtle stylish and beautiful way to wear the trend of the shadow nail.

French Ombre And Gold Glitter

With French shadow, Glitter looks stunning. Dont just take our word and try these nails out. All the nails feature French shadow design while gold glitter is one of the nails. The glitter is a convenient way to bring even more shine to the eyes. You can use any color of glitter but it will look elegant and chic in gold or silver.

Pastel Pinks Make Us Feel Good

The unusual glitter and clear shadow nail combined with light pink nails is already a great combination but add a white nail with a light red splatter and you have an amazing look that just feels right. Its the ladys happy look that is all about keeping things fun in the years gloomiest season.

Combination You Never Thought Of

Pink and glitter and white are all perfect options for your own nails, but with this look you can see that they also work together. The shadow glitter and white polish add to the gleaming nails and solid pink ones. This multi-tasking model is the one for you if you like to have a lot going on.

This Trippy Can Hold You Staring

With this model, no one can look away. The pink and blue shadow design on the pink swirl of orange drops against a blue background and the nude nail with stone accents suitable for a queen are all amazing designs on their own but paired together they are hard to turn away.

A Few Of My Favorite Nail Designs

The bright lavender and oh the precious stones all combine nicely to make the perfect marriage of designs for a look that says I love variety. Its as festive as holidays and a perfect look to spread the cheer thats so fitting for the winter season – and what a beautiful shade of nail art we can admire.

Simple and Quick But Catching

This look is perfect if you want to stand out but keep it conventional. With glitter taking the stage as the color pairing in this ombre model, if you dont want to, you dont have to think about being in the spotlight, but you will certainly attract the eyes of people.

Keep It Classy With Simple Ombre Nails

Subtle and subtle these nails look as classy as you would like, but with some extra pizzazz. Such nude colored nails are perfect for those special occasions when you want to have fun but keep it cool with an ombre look thats just barely there.

Any Mermaid Would Love This Look

Reminiscent of aqua colors that blend glittery blue into violet at the tips of each nail makes us love this look we think looks great underwater. Whether youre in the appearance of mermaid tails or the perfect marriage of these two colors, this is a happy model that works for almost every lady.
French Ombre Nails With Gold Glitter

is a trendy and glamorous combination of French shadow and glitter. Heres another beautiful look. With two accent nails, these nails have the beautiful shadow. One accent nail is all gold glitter, and half glitter and half white is the second one. This is a very cool nail concept you can replicate with any sort of glitter.

Nails-Born to Stand Out

If youre the kind of girl whos all about standing out in a crowd, this bold purple and blue shadow design with exotic nail art will bring you all eyes. You can be sure that no one can ever think that you are boring with such nails.

French Shadow And Chrome Nails

We had rose gold chrome earlier in the story. This manicure shows a different way of wearing the stylish nail art. These nails are a light chrome tone rather than rose gold chrome. The rest of the nails are French shadows, and some crystals are also present. This is a more subtle way to wear chrome, its an elegant and chic design.

Are there too many shadows?

The question is that if your answer is no, these shadow nails may not want an answer. Yet if youre all about the shadow, youre going to be all about it. The white / transparent shadow design on the transparent and glittering shadow nail to the pure gold glitter nails makes this a very happening scene but one we approve of.

Girl These Nails Were Made For You

Half pink half purple are the dreams of little girls. The combination may seem like something youve left behind in your childhood, but are you really going to be real? This perfect blend will make you happy if youre still all about these happy colors. Own that. Own it.

Matte Français Ombre With Pop Of Red

The French shadow look will always have white or light pink color. Nearly any other color that makes the shadow very flexible can suit these colors. You can combine the shadow with any nail art and it would be red to have a great choice. The red looks amazing as you can see! Try to recreate the red shadow and beautiful look for a manicure of glamor or just choose the shadow and red.

Earthy Tones Are Perfect For

Who does not think brown nail polish is a good idea? This year its absolutely in color and we love how beautiful the brown polish matches with the shadow glitter nails are. This unique yet incredibly attractive look will make you feel like this years fashionista.

As Many Colors as A Rainbow

Purple blue pink red and green are colors that you would see together in the sky after a rainy day but may not be the colors you would see on many peoples nails and especially not on somebodys two hands but the way the colors blend together in a shadow design just works for us.

French Ombre And Pink Nails

d a color pop to your nails with such a design. With a bright pink accent nail, the nails are French shadow. Theres also more stones. Without the gems, you can recreate the entire look or try a pink accent nail. Either way youll have a beautiful, bold and stylish manicure.

The Glamorous French Ombre

Then take a look at these nails! Each nail has a different design, most of which includes gems and brightness. Its an elegant and beautiful manicure for a special occasion. These nails would be great for a fashionable bride as well. Recreate the entire look or just a few of the designs.

Simple And Stylish Ombre

In this post weve already had a simple shadow look and here weve got another. These minimal looks without the gems and glitter are amazing and show that to have beautiful nails you dont have to be very bold with nail art. We love the shadow colors and perfectly compliment each other with the nail shape. This is a beautiful idea that can be worn easily.

Metallica Called and Wants Their Nails

Shiny metallic glitter blended in two shades of peachy / gold certainly deserves its place in the spotlight. Fit for the lady of rock and roll who loves happy colors, with this look you can be sure to shine brightly — just like a diamond.

French Ombre Glitter And Crystals

Are you looking for amazing nails? Then its for you! Each nail is decorated with beautiful gold and there is a gold glitter nail to it. The gold and the shadow perfectly compliment each other! Its such a glamorous idea. For a special occasion such as a wedding or night out, a manicure like this is a must-have. If you want to steal the limelight, wear nails like these.

Perfect Wedding Nails

Check out these nails if you need an elegant nail idea for a special occasion. Most of the nails are French shadows, and two accent nails are also available. With crystals and pearls, the accent nails have a beautiful white design. Its a stunning and trendy manicure and it would be a great idea for a wedding as pearls have been used.

Easy Calm and Collected Beauty

Colors of pastel perfectly combine with this model which stands out from the rest. The baby blue nails on each side combined with a shimmering nail and a soft pink and blue shadow nail design to suit this model is bold in a very relaxed and calming way.

So Yummy I Can Eat Them

You know that when nails look like food theyre definitely a nice look youd like to wear. This delicate model is ideal for anyone from the beautiful bride to the college student to consider lemon squares. The light pink color with the sprinkled white shadow is classy yet fun, no matter the occasion, no matter the season.

White Christmas Youve Dreamed Of

Remind us of this white shadow model from solid white tips to a translucent white base you dont have to wonder if youre going to get the white field for Christmas or not. Youre going to have on your hand the beauty of Christmas — thats if white Christmas is what youre in.

So Delicious Like Cotton Candy

Mmm Those nails look so good that we can taste them almost. Nevertheless, you dont want to bit on nails that look as fine as these. Theres so much the ideal graduation of white to pink with one glittered nail on each hand that we love this sweet-looking model that makes us miss the good things.

Long Ombre Nails

Glamorize your nails with such a pattern. The nails are a beautiful shadow, with two nails on each hand decorated with pearls of gems and more. An idea like this will take some time to put the embellishments on the nails, but its going to be worth it! This look can be recreated or you can use any decorations you want.

French Ombre With Crystals

This nail idea is for you if the bold nails are more youre interested in! All of these nails have a subtle French shadow and two nails have an accent design on each hand. The accent nails have beautiful-looking rhinestone designs and the crystals create one model when the two nails are together. Its a clever and sparkly idea that will distinguish your nails from the rest.

Ice Queen Wants Her Nails Back

This model appears to belong to the Elsa ion in Frozen. The cool blends of colors will get you to match the snowy weather, but we love it very well. Glitter of metallic blues and pink and blue shadows are unexpectedly attractive both separately and together on your fingers.

Perfect Color Blending

The way the pink nails slowly transform into another color as the nails go on makes us think that the maker of these nails was an art genius. The pink fading into the violet is the look that makes us smile perfectly nice. Who knew that pink and purple together looked so great?

French Ombre Nails With Rhinestones

This cool nail model with rhinestones is the last French shadow look we have to share with you. Those nails have a stunning shadow with the addition of one gem tooth. We love the gems that are used here because the shadow colors work so well. You can buy online gems in all sizes and colors so you can re-create a chic, sparkling look at home like this.

French Ombre Almond Nails

Would you like more subtle-looking nails? Then it might be right for you. Here we have French shadow nails with one model accent. There are small sparkly crystals in the accent nail. It is still a subtle and minimal feel, even though there are rhinestones. Nails like these are easy to recreate, while your topcoat is still a little wet, just apply the gems with nail glue or place them on the nail. We love these nails that they will beautifully catching the light. 1807.jpg” />

Sparkly French Ombre Nails

A bling shadow look is our next idea! The nails are French shadow with a faint sparkle and there are two gem-shaped tips. This is a stunning look for a special occasion that would be perfect. Such a style is best suited for long nails as you can use more gems.

French And Glitter Shadow Nails

Then take a look at this next suggestion! The nails are a dark model with a glitter accent. We love the glitter because its so shimmering and colorful! This look can be recreated in any color with any glitter polish. Such a design would be great for a special occasion or just for the days you want to feel glamorous.

Cool Colors For Bright Weather

Metallic blues gradually turning into greens remind us of seasonal change. For the smart, but subliminally feminine girl, this look is brilliant but subdued to keep it real for the lady who knows how to work hard and how to have fun. Shiny shimmering and shadowing nails are much better than we ever anticipated.

Variety Is The Spice of Life

We love anything but boring with this model. You dont have to stay confined to just one look from basic pink shadow designs to sparkles in between. Its all about keeping it enjoyable in the cold months, and we think it looks pretty awesome.

Dark and Mysterious Ombre Nail Art

Make them wonder with this look ideal for the trendy person who likes to keep it cool and edgy. In this theme, Glittery reigns supreme with sparkling elegance taking over. To avoid blinding your hands with the dark nail and the one glitter / transparent nail that takes the stage on each hand, the glitter pairs beautifully.

Lace Accent Nail

Next we have to share with you an exquisite manicure. The nails are a shadow with two accent patterns for this look. One has gems and the other has a lovely floral pattern. Because it reminds us of summer, floral art is one of the classics. For a special summer day, this would be the ideal nail model. You could even wear a wedding-like nail pattern. Using stencils and stickers, you can make floral art.

Subtly Seductive and Sexy Nail Design

You will hardly notice that this easy look includes a shadow design. Maroon and blacks subtle gradient is barely noticeable, but you love it when you see it. It keeps from being too basic what appears to be a traditional look and adds the right amount of edge to the design.

Accent Nail Glitter

Next we have a very subtle shadow nail idea. This look includes silver glitter on white nails and a light shadow. We love this style because there are not only accent nails but also a different shape of the glitter nail. With any shadow model, you can create various nail shapes.

Short French Ombre Nail Idea

Most shadow patterns can be seen on long nails, but also on short nails you can have shadow. For French shadow, these shorter nails look fantastic. Its a trendy and simple idea to wear manicure and with or without the jewels you can recreate the nails. You can add some glitter, too, if you want to spice up the look.

The French Ombre Glitter Nail Design

Then for you is this next pick. Here we have two glitter-accented French ombre toes. For this theme, the accent nails are also a shadow with a pink and gold mix. This is a lovely idea and its going to make a statement. Recreate this look or use your ombre blend in two different colors.

Traditionally Elegant and Cute Nails

This simple white and translucent shadow mix is not noisy or like some of our other models but it pulls off elegant in a beautifully classic way we love. Perfect for the average working day or even for the bride who wants to keep her hands clean, this combination is perfect for virtually everyone regardless of the season.

An Amazing Look For An Awesome Girl

Theres just something that makes us say yes! Weve been waiting for this look. The soft pink with the exclusive shadow shade model is the work of art on your fingers that you want. Whether youre coming up with a special occasion or just like all beautiful things, you can pull off this classically beautiful look altogether.

Ombre Nails Have Us Loving Winter Skies

In this shadowy nail design, the smooth gradient of black and gray with light touches of glitter is so perfect that it reminds us to look up the starry night skies. Look? See? When you know where to look, winter isnt that bad, and if you have this chic model on your side, youre going to look up a lot more.

Pink Glitter And Ombre

Next weve got a beautiful pink sparkle look. The nails have three nail designs that blend the shadow. Some of the nails have a beautiful glittery look of pink and purple while the other nail has stunning letters. You can use stickers and more to create your own lettering. This is a unique and creative look that suits any shape and length of the nail.

French Ombre With Sparkly Rhinestones

This next nail design features a more subtle French shadow. The combination of colors is light, providing a soft and beautiful look. Two accent designs are also available. The two are different, but crystals and gems are both featured. You can buy online gems and put them on topcoat or wet nail polish.

Simple And Sweet Ombre Nails

This simple and elegant shadow layout is both classy and sweet if youre less concerned with crazy patterns and bold designs. A light baby blue that fades into a light pink makes this look fun as well as feminine. Its the perfect look for fun and holiday while staying natural and special.

Shiny Is All The Rage These Days

Its not a bad idea to keep up with fashion when its brilliant and brilliant in style. Who wants to grow out of things that are shiny? Not I. Youre not going to have to brighten up any outfit or any gloomy day with these glittery pink ombre nails. Brilliantly stand out in

French Ombre With Flower Accent Nails

Next well show you an exquisite floral design. For two accent nails, these nails feature a very soft and subtle shadow. Every accent nail has delicate floral art and white petals with gems are in the center of the flowers. This is an amazing idea of the nail and you can replicate it look or put on your nails whole flowers.

Pretty In Pink Ombre Nails

Pink glittered nails can make anybody feel like a princess. This amazing design, no matter what you get up to, can make anyone feel like a girly girl. This might be the easy look for you for the delicate lady who wants to show off her feminine side.

Elegant Ombre French Manicure

This next choice is for you if you prefer more subtle nail designs. Such French shadow nails are soft and have a subtle glitter dusting. This idea of the nail is just beautiful. It will match the shape and length of the nail on any occasion. Its perfect for women who love trendy elegant nails too.

Ombre Nails With Gold Stripes And Glitter

A cool and trendy concept follows. Such nails are all shadows, and some of them have jewels. Two accented nails with gold stripes and glitter are also available. Using gold nail tape, you can create the stripes and also use nail tape to recreate the glitter pattern. Just put the tape on the nails and then paint the areas glitter. Remove the tape and place it with the gold tape.

Colors Are You Looking Everywhere

Remember how beautiful Edwards skin looks when he steps into the Twilight sun? Oh, we know that you are. Who knew that bright, colorful glitter might look so good in a light pink ombre design? With this legendary look we love, this design somehow gets it right.

Bold Daring Cute and Unique

Youve been born so why try to fit in? This unique orange shadow design will make you feel as sassy as possible if youre all about being who you are. Were talking about this being the daring look for a winter going wrong from the bold pattern to the spot-on fading in the ombre style.

Khaleesi Nails Will Love

This appearance is as majestic as Khaleesi herself. The exclusive gold accent shadow model and a smooth tan color is the marriage that we never expected. This is the perfect option for you if youre all about standing out in the crowd.

Chic Shadow Stiletto Nails

Next we got shadow stiletto nails. Theres a trendy marble design on two of the nails with a few pink glitter lines at the top. This idea we love because it shows that stiletto nails can be elegant as well!

As a nice wedding day

Its a great idea to use French manicure for your wedding day, but do you know whats a better idea? With its shiny glitter nails, this option is paired with white / transparent shadows and stones with a finger on each hand. This is the look for you if you want your hands to look like a fairytale.

Simply Smooth Ombre Nail Design

Nude mixing in pastel blue is not exactly the design we could have expected while thinking of these colors, but the combination of these colors is as romantic as we might expect. Graduates of the color gradient from one nail to another make it a work of art.

As elegant as Audrey Hepburn

Change things with elegant black nails that have a few special details that make a difference in the world. The three solid black nails combined with a dark nail pattern of glossy glitter and black and the single nail of white and gold glitter make this a very glamorous look that any Hollywood star would love to wear.

Delicate Enough For a Royal Lady

If youre looking for a model that doesnt shout for attention but quietly demands it may be right for you. Delicate and eye-catching, if you like to win hearts in a subtle and present way, this is the perfect look for you.

Tis The Season To Keep It Festive

If youre not thinking about vivid holiday colors, you can still make it look bright and happy. With the metallic dark brown, the soft light brown is already appealing. D in the brown shadow of the glittering nails and youve got a festive look that doesnt follow the rules but just works. If you dare to wear brown nail polish then this look may be the perfect option for this special season of

Its Time To Celebrate The Holidays

These colors look so festive as they belong to wrapping paper. The soft red combines perfectly with gold glittering while the single shadow nail with a mix of both takes over to make the perfect nail art combination. Nothing else, like these toes, says celebratory and we love it.

Beautiful Nails

Crystals are elegant and often used in manicures for bridal use. It is also possible to use these stunning embellishments to make sleek and fashionable nail art. Here we have pink and white shadows and crystal nails that used the crystals in a cool line pattern. This is a stunning mani for any fashionable lady and is a must-have. 1811.jpg” />

A Pretty Twist For The Blushing Bride

Reminiscent of traditional French manicure but the finesse of these shadow nails is second to none to take things up a little. Smooth, translucent color blending into white is easy but eye-catching, while the glittering nails add the all eyes on me touch that any bride-to-be might want.

Ombre Glitter And Gems

By adding glitter and gems, you can jazz up your shadow nails! We got a beautiful example here. For two glitter nails and one nail with a crystal pattern, these nails have the pretty French shadow. When recreating the look for yourself, you can use any glitter color and gems.

Best Design For Unicorn Lovers

Youre probably a big fan of colorful designs if youre talking about unicorns. You might want to capture one and put it on your hands if you like rainbows. This design has beautiful colorful glitter that blends beautifully with a light pink background without being too corny.

Sparkly Accent Crystal Nails

Another crystal look is our next idea. The nails are all shadows and two accent nails are in place. Both have a design of rhinestone. Its a lovely and easy nail idea to wear. This sleek and chic look can be recreated or you can create your own sparkly model. This would be a great choice for anyone attending a special event like the prom, or for anyone looking for a party to glamorize their look.

An Amazing Edgy Look For A Cool Girl

Bright nails are fun for anybody, so if youre a woman who wants to stand out while keeping her look special and stylish as well. This shadow design is different in that the silver of metal gradually fades into a transparent design. It can easily be combined with any outfit, making you look edgy, but keeping it real.

Glam French Ombre Stiletto Nails

If youre in need of sexy nails, this idea is for you! Here we have stiletto nails and two accent patterns with a soft French shade. Silver glitter features one accent nail and the other has beautiful gems. These are beautiful nails and you can recreate this design or create your own crystal art.

Ombre Stiletto Nails With Sparkle

The nails are all French shadows of white and pink. Instead of a black polish pink glitter, two of the nails were used. So you get the look of the shadow, but its sparkly as well. Its a new and brilliant clever way to wear the style. This is what we do!

Hopefully youve found a lovely nail shadow design to try!