Top 80 + marble nails

Studded Tiger Stripe Marble Nails

Proving that neutral tones can still stand out this manicure uses a silenced taupe with stubborn accent nails and a white peach and black marble nail design. Not too loud are the bronze studs and cool tiger stripe nails, but they still make a stylish statement. This style of nail art will look beautiful against darker skin tones!

Black and White Marbled Accent Nail

This is the best way to try the trend in marble – add a few accented white and gray marble classic nails. Simple but interesting and even a little Greek, this idea of marble nail is perfect for beginners of nail art and is understated enough to wear to work.

Pink Polish and Gold Leaf Nail Idea

Spiky Nail Stiletto has never looked so beautiful. For clear crystal accents and gold leaf detailing, this nail set uses a nude ballet pink polish as a backdrop, and the marbled accent nail has two gold stripes to make the mani consistent. These nails are the best of both worlds, delicate but with an incredible and undeniable edge.

Beautiful Mixed Metal Nail Design

White polish is shot through with gold and silver marbling making this super glamorous mania. In this short but super feminine nail art idea, the womans fatal shade of red on the other nails looks awesome with the marble nails. Try this look of the nail when you need a serious style!

Hippie Boho Marble Nail Ideas

Nude pink polish is the backdrop for these marble nails. Using a classic stone gray, the accent marble nails differ slightly in color one and the other using a more trendy burgundy. These ideas of marble nail give the mani some variation and a feeling of hippie boho while the nude pink base polish makes it look versatile.

Geometric Shiny Mani with Marbled Tips

A super shiny super cool mani with a pink to white ombre signature and white marble nail tips wear this nail art model if you want to look stylish but not too dramatic. The use of gold striping tape to cover the marble nails in color gives a geometric and modern twist to this model.

Translucent Glittery Blue Marble Nail Look

Translucent Glittery Blue Marble Nail Look

Hexagonal iridescent blue glitter shines from within translucent nails, accentuated by marble nails of blue and white. This bold look of the nail is perfect for channeling your inner siren.

Elegant Purple Marble Nails

These beautiful violet marble nails are the first design we have to show you. Most of the nails are a light purple hue with a single gem and a marble nail pattern. The marble is black and silver white violet. These nails are so sleek and stunning. Wear on any shape or length of the nail.

Fully Marbled Manicure with Squared Nails

Dont look any further if you want to dive headfirst into the marbled nail design trend. Such nails long squared form will highlight every model and demand attention, and this manicure is no different. That nail is marbling with a signature which gives it a seamless yet artsy look.

Subtle Glossy Black Marbled Nail Art

This nail shape has an extreme and eye-catching shape somewhere between stiletto and almond. A faint marbling on a few nails slightly accentuates the mostly black manicure. A sophisticated feel is provided by the black polish with hints of white marbling.
Gemstone Inspired Marble Nail Manicure

Intricate and eye-catching marbled designs reminiscent of precious topaz gemstones accentuate soft pink nails. Gold foil has a stunning and glamorous look in the marble. The rest of the manicures pink leaves plenty of space to stand out from the marble nail model. This mani would be super striking and stunning on darker skin tones!

Mid Length Forest Green Nail Design

This definition of nail art is painless to apply because only two nails have to be marbled. It is also a very good use of a dark green polish and marbled with the smallest green whisper the white accent toe. This manicure statement would make hazel or blue eyes show in particular.

Squared Pink Ombre and Marbled Accent

This nail art style is cool but girly with a soft light to a dark dusty pink shadow and dazzling accent nails in a deep rose. The pink and white marble almost looks like a galaxy, perfectly matching the shadow. For someone with a sexy and street-savvy sense of style, this marble nail concept would be great.

Sparkly Silver Floral Nail Manicure

Gold sparkles on these long marble nails and add a little more elegance to this already stunning nail style sculpted acrylic flowers combine with marbling on the nails. Gold beads form the flowers centers connecting the polish gold with the floral design. This stunning manicure would be ideal as it is so feminine and elegant for weddings or other formal events.

Stylish Marble Nails With Glitter

Next is a chic image of marble and shiny nail art. The rest of the nails are white and black marble with the exception of one silver glitter tip. We love this nail model because its bolder than some other marble work. There are plenty of online tutorials to help you create such a cool looking marble.

Mattified Ombre Mani with Marbled Tips

A simple but imaginative twist to the marble nail trend and conventional nail design combine to produce a beautiful and personality manicure. Instead of a fully marbled accent nail, only a few nail tips are marbled and shot through with some gold polish that gives these nails an artsy but dainty feeling.

Cute Pink Stiletto Nails with Crystal Accents

This manicures edgy spiky stiletto nail shape is balanced by pink ballerina and sparkling crystal accents. As a chic accent polish, a white and gray marble nail serves. With a vintage dress and mary jane heels or a classic black cocktail dress, this cute and simple marble nail design would look best.

Grey Matte Nails And Marble Accent Nail

marble grey compliments. Weve got a chic example here. This nails are matt gray with subtle sparkly gems and two gray and white marble accent nails are available. This is a stunning nail model that looks beautiful to anybody.

Marble Grey And Glitter Nails

Love the designs of gray marble? Then youre going to love the next idea. Most of the nails are a light gray shade with two accent nails for this one. One nail is white marble, and the other is a funky design with gray marble and brightness. Silver stripes are also available. We love this idea that is trendy. It would take some time and patience, but it would be worth the end result!

Simple and Soft Long Grey Nails

This nail art design usually softens a color that can be a bit intimidating. The rounded point of the nail shape provides a more wearable look, and the classic white and gray marbled accent nail gives this manicure a little more size and light. Such nails are appropriate for the workplace without looking like a uniform.

Translucent Rounded Nails with Gold Marbling

These nails look like rose quartz with their translucent delicate pink color and eye-catching gold marble running through the nails. The form of the almond lends itself to a manicure inspired by crystals, and the similarity to rose quartz is dazzling and elegant.

Pretty Shiny Pink and Rose Gold Nail Look

Short nails can be just as girly as their longer counterparts can be clearly demonstrated by this shiny manicure. A rose gold glittery nail brings this popular color into the mani and some creative freedom is given to the signature white marbling using the pink polish as a basis for marbling rather than white.

Marble Nails With Gold Stripes

Gold stripes are particularly popular on marble nails in nail art. Weve got a trendy example here. The nails are quite long and with two marble accent nail patterns, most of the nails are trendy white. On the accent nails there are two gold lines. Gold just jazzes up the design and its easy to recreate this look.

Edgy Matte Black Nails with Silver Accents

This manicure is an incredible new take on the trend in marble. Such nails are edgy and cool with the use of silver foil and studs to contrast against a matte black backdrop. With the other darker nails, the classic white gray and black marble nail style stands out vividly. To an art museum or gallery wear this manicure and let the praises roll in.

Matte Navy and White Stiletto Manicure

Matte Nails are an exquisite way to upgrade the regular nail designs. The dark navy polish color is easier to wear than a true black and it gets a little better when the navy polish is marbled with white and the slightest touch of gold and brings back more shine to the look.

Glamorous Almond Shaped Marbled Manicure

Subtle nude pink blends in this unique nail art look with a glamorous combination of gold silver and gunmetal gray. Girly and fun are the almond-shaped toes, and the base color makes it understated enough to wear anywhere. The marbling looks like a layer of precious metals and blends with the base color which gives a natural and mixed look.

Extra Long Bright White Marbled Mani

Perfect for a luxurious girly-style person, these extra long nails are fun and interesting. The traditional marbled white gray style and a touch of gold is an impressive compliment on these powerful nails. Gold embellishments tie the look together to make this mani fit for royalty.

Chrome And Marble Nails

in any color and most of them are marble designed to create a cool look using your favorite shades.

Edgy Egyptian Inspired Glossy Manicure

Black glossy nail polish is a punky base color and a gold chain line accents a toe. Especially with the sparse gold detailing adding just a little more dimension, the marbling looks smokey and mysterious. The sarcophagus heads embedded in the clear nails are by far the coolest thing about this mani – so awesome!

Pretty Pink Nails With A Marble Design

You can use marble to make so many different looks. Its a creative one here! For two accent tips, the nails are red. Part of the nail is red on the accent nails and the other one is black. This is a creative idea of this kind. You can use any color you like to recreate the pink look.

Edgy White to Black Ombre Nail Art

Shadow nails should not be difficult! This type of shadow going from a lighter to darker manicure color makes this trend accessible to anyone regardless of nail art ability. The accented marble nails add some depth to make it a little more artsy to this edgy punky manicure.

Fuschia Mani with Floral Accent Marble Nail

Matte nail polish does not have to mean black – mattified fuschia polish is special in this manicure and helps to bring out the accent nails. The marble nail is shiny with polished fuschia swirled on a bright white background in a floral pattern. With a trendy sundress and sandals, this vivid manicure will look best.

Pretty Almond Ballerina Pink Manicure

If you prefer to look no further than this almond-shaped manicure with a delicate and feminine look. To complete the look, the pink ballerina color is combined with a silver and white marble nail design. With this nail art design, almond-shaped nails are super flattering on anyone and go perfectly. These are sweet and girly and for spring would be a great mani!

Burgundy Marble Nails With Rhinestones

Sparkling and stylish is our next idea. The nails have a warm bourgogne polish with marble accent nails and diamonds. Nails like this would look amazing for fall and winter, and for special occasions, the sparkles make the manicure perfect. Anything like this for the holiday season will look beautiful.

Rose Gold And Marble Nails

Gold and silver look beautiful in marble but dont forget the gold of rose. Rose gold is a super stylish metal shade that in nail art has become a must-have. Here is an amazing example of how rose gold can be applied to marble toes. Another nail is golden rose shimmering while the others are white and gray marble with rose gold hints. This is a beautiful nail model and for any occasion it will fit.

Easy Pink and Silver Squared Mani

This simple and beautiful manicure looks great with a date night dress and begins to be worn with lots of rings. The shape of the squared nail is classic and a perfect model for testing new trends in nail art. Pink polish with a gleaming silver nail fits perfectly with the white and gray marble nail.

Dusty Robins Egg Blue Manicure

These marble nails are soft and feminine with a dainty blue nail polish and four marbled accent nails. In the marbling, the accent nails use some bronze polish to match the egg blue of the robin. Thanks to its delicate nature and blue polish, this pretty mani would be ideal for bridal wear.

Short Coffin Nails

This is accompanied by a fun and trendy notion of manicure. Featuring bright black and white marble accent tips, the nails are light pink. Theres also a cool, simple design of the gold stripe. You can recreate the whole look or you can be inspired with different colors and use a similar design. Grey and gold nails would also look incredible.

Marble Nails

Looking for an idea of a glam nail? Then its for you these nails. The nails feature an elegant polish with embellishments of gold foil jewelry stones and marble pieces. Nails like these are perfect for making a comment! We love this marble art model because its white instead of the classic gray or black which gives an elegant look to the overall manicure.

Medium Length Neon Coral Nail Design

There is no question that this is a summer manicure. The colorful and bright neon coral shade next to white and clear marble nails is definitely a nail look you could easily wear to a seaside resort. The white and clear marble nails add a subtle twist to the signature and make the accent nail brighter.

Classy Pink and White Ombre Nail Design

This manicure will look best when bright colors and sparkling crystals are at the moment. Baby pink and white colors make this mani a classic feel. The marble nail accents look beautiful next to crystal detailing with a long squared nail shape and a soft shadow from baby pink to a French white.

Purple Marble And Glitter Nails

Cute and trendy is our next idea. Those nails are a light purple hue with one nail of marble decoration and one nail of glitter. All these designs work together beautifully and the marble art that co-ordinates the look features the gold. You can use violet and replicate the look or use a different shade of color. Jpg.jpg” />
.jpg” />

Cute Marbled Manicure Pastel

This is the best nail design for those who love color! Long nails look super pretty in a bright pink light that really makes a statement about the marble nail design. The marble in this manicures aquarelle style is springy and stylish. Try using your own range of shades to change this manis atmosphere!

Minimal Marbled Mani with Gold Details

Reminiscent of classic Greek and Roman sculpture and design clean and elegant this minimalist marble nail design. Several carefully placed gold stripes add several color and dimension to the model but less is more with this manicure. Since white is the most popular color this concept of marble nail would go with the wardrobe of virtually everyone!

Short Baby Blue Marbled Manicure

Blue nail polish is a simple way to wear colorful nail art. This baby blue looks great with the dark gray and gives a cool smokey effect to the accent marble nail design. The best part of this manicure is definitely the marble-tipped gray accent nail – it completely binds together the entire mani and gives it a modern feeling.

Girly Pink and White Marbled Nail Design

In this long square mani, soft acrylic pink blends in white french tip. A marble design on the pointer and pink fingers accentuates the traditional nail art style and gives a bit of luxury with some gold foiling in the marble design. This is a classic marbled look, a girly and delicate nail style.

Dusty Rose Sculptured Marble Manicure

Glossy golden polish rays range from beautifully sculpted flowers in this elegant and fairytale nail art model. For the sculptured flowers and the detailed red pink and gold marbling of the accent nail, the base color of dusty rose makes an ideal background. The marble nails look like a rose painting in aquarelle against the backdrop of the rest of the manicure.

Marbled Accent Nail Design with Pink Glitter

A stunning pink accent nail on the pink fingernail of this manicure amplifies the glam factor and continues throughout the look with some pink glitter polish detail. With the interesting twist of pink polish blended in the accent tips, the marbled nail style is front and center in this mani.

Stylish Pink Purple And Marble Nails

Our next nail concept is special in design and needs care. The design features marble-accented pink and purple matte polish. Most of the nails also have weird gold stripes. With nails like this, youre going to give everyone envy. Recreate the entire look or be inspired to create your own patterned model of marble and gold.

Pink Manicure with Granite Accent Marble Nail

Facelift with this take on the trend is given to the soft pink mani! The beautiful granite design is shot through with golden glitter tying it in with the other nails feminine pink color. With a glamorous bridal look or for a special date night, this manicure would look awesome.

Dark Squared Nail Art with Marbling

Glossy black polish is a classic nail color and much less difficult to wear than many believe. Pair the dark color on a couple of nails with an intricately marbled design and you have a stylish grungy nail art design. This look is made extra edgy by using a lot of marbling in the accent tips.

Elegant Blue And Gold Marble Nails

Next we got a wonderful idea of a marble nail. This is different from the classic marble. This one is white and blue instead of white and gray. The artist has created an aquarelle effect that makes the nails look unique in addition to using different colors. Theres amazing gold on top as well. These nails on anybody will look amazing!

Short Purple Stiletto Marble Nail Idea

Dark purple is a popular color of winter or fall nail and its easy to see why – its striking, stylish and flatters any skin tone. This manicure has a short nail in the shape of a stiletto, making it an easy introduction to both the stiletto nail trend and the marble trend. Accent nails with a cool shade of purple glitter really distinguish the marbling.

Sparkly Marble Nails

There is a lot of sparkle in our next marble design! The marble design features two of the nails, while the others are a mixture of gray glitter and beautiful gems. The gems glamorize the marble and create a shimmering nail design to make a statement. You can recreate the entire look or use gray gems and marble.

Purple Marble Nail Manicure Glamorous and Glittery

This manis rounded short nail design doesnt mean its not an amazing statement decoration. Deep royal purple is mattified and rapidly drawing your attention to purple glitter accent nails. The marbled accent nail uses violet white instead of gray to pull all together and give an interesting twist to the look.

Grey Stiletto Marbled Nails with Crystal Accents

Crystal accents in triangle shapes at the base of the nail accent resulting in a more extreme stiletto form. The color of the dark gray nail polish makes a marbled effect interesting. The dark gray with white highlights shot through is the main color in the marble. This creates a nice marble reverse effect.

Coffin Nails Marble And Neon

Looking for something more vibrant and fun? Thats the idea for you then! We have long coffin nails here, which are a vibrant yellow shade along the cuticle with small crystals. Two marble accent nails are also available. The bright yellow is well complimented by the marble sculpture in neutral colours. With any bright color you can recreate this look.

Color Block Pink and Gold Nail Art

This manicure blends opaque barbie pink nail polish with gold glitter accent nails. Gold striping tape outlines translucent and pink color blocking and a more refined look is offered by the signature marble nails. This mani is super colorful and perfect for poolside tropical holidays or summers!

Classic Long Manicure with Precision Marbling

The long form of the almond nail with square edges is the perfect length and style for the nude nail polish and white and gray marble accented nails. A perfect guide to wearing nail art in general makes this look soft and feminine with the usual marble with some bigger accent crystals.

Elegant Short Marble Nails

Marble art is versatile – it can also be bold and elegant in style. You can achieve it no matter what look you want. Here we have a classy design example. The nails are a light and beautiful shade with a shiny nail and a marble accent nail. This manicure is so chic and will suit the shape and occasion of any nail size.

Short Light Grey Manicure with Gunmetal Glitter

A gunmetal glitter accent nail on this nail design can be slightly understated due to its placement on the pink nail and combination with the neutral light grey. Throughout the look the smokey-looking marble effect continues the gray polish and makes this manicure striking and neutral. If you want fashion without upkeep, wear these short nails.

Matte And Marble Coffin Nails

Use our next nail idea to make a statement. The nails are a tone of two accent nails that is vivid and colorful. One is gleaming and the other is gold striped marble. To build the stylish and tidy lines, you can buy gold nail tape. Use a different bold nail color of your choice to recreate the whole look.

Marble Accent Nail

Marble Nail Art looks so cool and glittering. We have an amazing example here. Some of the nails are sparkling black and gold, but two accent styles are visible. One is a golden glitter and one is a golden ornamented marble. These are beautiful nails for a special occasion that would look amazing.

This is a short video tutorial for the marble accent nail:

Trendy Stiletto Marble Nails

This one features a very light matt polish with a gold stripe on each of two marble accent nails. The shape of the nail used here is the stylish stiletto shape that only adds to the trendy vibe. You can recreate the appearance or use any shade of polish. Black nails with form and marble sculpture will look amazing!

Light Green Manicure with Chrome Accent

In this earthy marble manicure, green nail polish becomes accessible. The marble color is primarily gold which suits the white and gold accent nails to the rest of the nail art style. On the pinky, a bronze chrome accent polish completes the look and gives it some shine.

White and Gold Glitter Ombre Nail Art

Accent nails completely covered with gold gloss were colored next to a fashionable and creative white polish with gold gloss shadow accent nail. This super trendy nail gradient design is luxurious and certainly not subtle. With golden and bronze crystal measurements, marbled nails are embellished.

Pretty Pink and Grey Marble Nail Manicure

This feminine and delicate manicure makes the classic marble nail design a little more interesting. Using a grey polish combined with pink ballerina and marbled accent nails and finishing the look with a chic almond shape these nails would have no trouble shifting from a day look to a fun night out.

Pink Nails With A Marble Accent Nail

These designs go with almost any color as marble nail art is often white and gray. Weve got a beautiful pink light idea here. The nails are a marble-accented soft pink nail. Such a model is stunning and will suit everyone. It was built here on short nails, but you can use any size and shape of the nails.

Short Metallic Blue Marble Nail Ideas

A clear focal point of this super cool manicure. The brilliant shiny finish really makes the polish stand out and the silver blue marble nails look almost galactic. Such marble nails are edgy and with some lace-up shoes and a leather jacket waiting to be worn.

Chic Marble And Metallic Nails

When worn with metallic colors, marble nails look amazing. Dont just take our word for this idea to find out. There is a metallic rose gold nail and a pink marble accent nail in some of the nails painted in a dark shade with a gold stripe. This is like a stunning and trendy pattern that looks beautiful on any form and length of the finger.

Understated Neutral Marbled Manicure Design

In this beautiful and simple design, the light gray nail is matched with two marble accent nails. This understated nail design would be a great way to dip your toes into the realm of nail art. The short length of the nails means its easy to wear this manicure especially if you work with your hands but still want cute nails!

Simple Translucent Red Almond Nails

Typically flattering and super cool almond-shaped nails. Pale red and bright white are definitely good for fall or even spring, making a fun and special color combination. The marble nail is translucent and white on this mani, which makes it look like quartz or crystal. Use a flowing skirt and boho top to pair this marble nail idea to channel your free spirit.

Bubble Gum Pink And Marble Nails

This pink rhinestone marble model is the last nail concept we have to show you. As they look elegant and stylish, we love these three different designs together. The nails have a trendy shape of the coffin nail that gives a chic look to the manicure. You can choose any darker shades like gray black or navy blue if you dont like the color.

Perhaps some chic marble nail designs have been identified! Shape bottom l