Winter nails

A Dark And Snowy Night

Even if you like to keep things simple and classic like this polished navy color you can add some holiday sparkle with an accent nail. Dense glittery silver perfectly complements the rich navy hue of the rest of the nails. Keep your accent nails to one or two fingers for maximum effect.

Mrs. Claus Holiday Nail Art

These nails are just begging to debut at a Christmas party! Start with a shimmery red on all but the accent nail. d alternating white and gold nail art with jewel designs over the red. Top off the look with a crisp white accent nail on each hand with white-on-white textured patterns.

Black And Gold Nails

Black and gold is a super stylish combination. This next nail idea shows a black and gold manicure that is perfect for parties. To recreate this simply all you will need is a black nail polish and a gold glitter polish. You can have just black with a gold glitter accent nail or sweep the glitter over the black for a glitzy look or even both.

Festive Winter Nail Design Burnt orange is one of the signature colors of autumn. If you are a natural redhead or have fair skin then this color will look beautiful on you. It’s a nice alternative to classic red manicures that are perfect for pumpkin spice season.

Winter Green And Gold Glitter Nails

Looking for funky winter nail ideas that will wow? Then this next pick is for you. This manicure features dark green nails with gold glitter accent nails. A combo like this bold and stylish. Not only that but it would be a brilliant choice for Christmas.

Shining Sapphire Nails

coats of color. Since dark colors can stain skin try using a product like liquid latex to keep the polish from bleeding outside the nails.

Opulent Rose Gold Crescent Glitz

Crescent nails are the “flip it and reverse it” of French manicures. d in color and some glitter and you’ve got yourself a set of glam party nails! Combining a soft neutral like this gray color with a glitzy glitter like the rose gold keeps this very trendy look classy and polished.

Early Spring Lilac Blossom

Summon warmer weather with a floral-inspired shade of lively purple. This creamy lilac is soft as a petal and bright enough to lift your spirits on dreary days. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up in your beauty routine. This color will certainly do the trick.

Shimmery Nude and Glittery Gold

Neutral nails can be party ready. Just add shimmer. This simple nude transforms with the addition of white micro glitter. An accent nail with chunky gold glitter topped with white icing stripes is fit for a cupcake. This lovely look proves that neutrals can be anything but basic.

Muted Purple Nail Design

You’ll look lovely in this pretty purple nail design. The creamy muted lavender color would look adorable with a fair isle sweater and your favorite blue jeans. This is a color that’s close enough to neutral to be suitable for work but also playful and fun for the weekend.

Muted Red Winter Nail Design

Sweater weather calls for warm creamy colors like this muted red. If you don’t like bright red but want a rich color in the same family this is a nice toned down alternative. It’s a little more neutral and easy for everyday wear.

Winter Lace Nails

Warm colors like dark red are a great choice for the winter. If you like red nails but want to make a statement jazz them up by adding a lace design like this one featured. The nails are a beautiful red with white lace accents. You can add in the lighter color to or just keep them red. Lace can be created freehand or with transfers.

Sultry Matte Cabernet and Gold

Cabernet red is a great nail color any time of the year. ding a matte top coat and a gold foil accent nail really puts this look over the top. Matte is a beautiful finish to compliment the season’s heavier fabrics. This combo is sumptuous enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing wool.

Early Spring Nail Design

Are you counting down the days until spring has sprung? Your nails can bloom even if it’s still snowy outside. Use nail guides to get even lines and layer on spring-inspired pastels with a shimmery tip to really make the look pop.

Red And Silver Glitter Nail Designs

Winter is a special time of year because when this season arrives so does Christmas! Christmas is an occasion that requires red and/or glitter. This next nail idea gives you both must-have elements in one manicure. You can recreate this look with a burgundy nail polish and a silver glitter polish. Create accent nails and ombre or make up your own design.

Black and Gray Mod Geometric Style

Nail Art doesn’t have to be all gemstones and flowers. You can also play with shapes and line patterns to create interesting looks! This edgy style is a little bit rock and roll. It’s just a basic black mani with one horizontal stripe and one vertical stripe to the tip. Who knew stylish sexy nail art could be so easy?

Rosy Red Holiday Cheer

Rose red is a timeless classic. This rich cream formula goes perfectly with winter textures and fabrics. A red with blue undertones like this one is perfect for cool skin tones. This color is great for holiday parties or when you just need to feel a little festive.

Metallic Claw Nails

Savage beauty? Yes please. Stiletto nails in blood red gold glitter and crosses made of gold foil are not to be missed (or messed with! You’re sure to turn some heads with these attention-getting claws.

Twinkling Winter Starlight Nail Art

accent nails and then topped with a coat of the same base color. The textured nail art trend is so versatile. This is one more way you can have fun with your manicure!

Glitzy Blizzard Glitter Nails

Celebrate the snow with your nail art and custom glitter. It all starts with sheer nude pink. Then layer on icy bluish white. Top it all off with patterns of chunky glitter and snowflake art. This is the look for any snow bunny who embraces the season.

Glam Gold Glitter Nails

Gold glitter looks very glamorous on nails. Not only that but glitter is perfect for this time of year as it suits the party season. All over glitter like this is easy to recreate at home. You can purchase a gold glitter polish and just give your nails a couple of coats.

Pretty Shiny Sugarplum Perfection

If you think that black is a little too harsh but you like the look of a dark color then deep plum is the perfect color for you. This shade has plenty of drama but is also sweetened up a bit with a deep purple hue. A high gloss top coat helps the light catch the color even more. This manicure is sure to give you visions of sugarplums!

Low-Key Winter Nail Design Glossy gray is the perfect winter neutral. This color is deep enough to go with professional attire and warm wool coats and also with casual weekend outfits. Make sure to use two or three coats of polish to get full glossy coverage.

Winter Red And Gold Nails

Our next idea shows how you can jazz up your nails. This manicure features beautiful red nails but each hand has one accent nail. The accent nail has gold embellishments. You could recreate something like this with any red polish and embellishments. For a glam look try gems for a trendy look try gold pieces like these.

Sparkling Winter French Manicure Update

If you’re hooked on French manis we totally get it. Even if you stick with this classic you’re not stuck with just one look. Just check out this playful edit. On one accent nail take your white tip diagonal across the nail. Center a small white gem in the center to complete the look. Now your French is party ready!

Kaleidoscope Chrome-Tipped Ombre

Here is yet another way to kick up basic neutral nails. You don’t have to give up your favorite creamy nude pink to have festive fingers. All you have to do is add some silvery chrome ombré to your tips. The look is subdued yet celebratory.

Forest Brown Flora and Fauna

This intricate design is just stunning. It’s like an extension of a beautiful fabric pattern that you’d wear to a formal event. The rich brown color is inspired by nature. The intricate line art of flowers and leaves keeps the botanical feel. The overall effect is warm feminine and opulent.

Cool And Dark Nails Transition your favorite bright blue spring and summer mani to this rich navy blue for winter time. This particular shade of blue is light enough that it can go with black without clashing.

Warm Mocha Cream Nails

A sandy mocha cream color like this will elongate your fingers. It’s a manicure that gives you timeless seasonal style. Make sure that you use a formula that covers evenly and do at least two coats so that you don’t have any streaks.

Silver and Cinnamon Nails

If you love to make a bold statement with me alert give this manicure a try. A rich cinnamon red features a single shimmery dot at the base of each meal. The accent nail is silver glitter with crackle topcoat for a gold foil-like effect. This mani is bold and beautiful!

Cheery Pink Winter Nail Design

You really can’t ever go wrong with a pale pink manicure. It’s the little black dress of nail color – it goes with everything. This cute holiday version features micro glitter accent nails in the same pale pink hue.

Dreamy Creamy White Diamonds

Simple white nails really do make a statement. They’re anything but neutral yet they go with just about everything. With a simple white base you can add assorted gemstone accents for some added glam. Keeping to white and silver stones makes the palette consistent and crisp.

Purple Matte And Shine Nails

Matte nail colors have been a huge trend. This next nail idea shows how to mix shiny and matte polishes for a stylish look. These nails feature three different purple shades in a combo of shiny and matte. Just get similar colors to recreate the look. For a special occasion you could even add in the glitter accent nail.

Dark Purple Nails With Gold Glitter Accent Nail

Purple and gold are such a glamorous combination. These nails feature a very dark purple with a gold glitter accent nail. Nails like these will suit any occasion from a day out to a night out or special occasion. You can recreate this look easily at home with similar colors.

Glitter And Vibrant Color Design

If the darker winter colors are not your thing then go for a brighter manicure like this one. The vibrant red will brighten up your winter look. You could just have a similar color on its own or you could add the silver glitter accent nail to. The silver glitter will give the nails that extra special finishing touch.

Royal Purple Nails

The texture is an amazing way to rock an accent nail. It looks interesting while being quite subtle. This manicure has royal purple ombre and a single accent nail with snow-like powder on each ring finger.

Metallic Plaid Nail Designs

First up we have this metallic plaid nail art. Plaid is a must-have trend for the winter so wearing it on your nails will give you a stylish manicure. Painting this pattern can be tricky but with practice you can create nails like these at home. There are tutorials online to help you. You can paint your nails in any color but try and keep in the silver colors as this suits the winter perfectly.

Chic Black Leaf Design

Looking for winter nail ideas that are chic and stylish? Then these next nails could be what you are looking for. This manicure features a nude color polish with one black leaf accent nail. The leaf design is very elegant and simple. Nails like these are perfect for the women who like subtle nails but want to try something different.

Silver And Pastel Marbling

Winter isn’t all about dark colors. Just check out this gorgeous matte multicolored manicure. Dusty pink and smoky blue go perfectly with white marble nail are and a hint of silver sparkle. If you love multi-colored nails but need to keep it toned down for work this is an awesome option.

Winter Sweater Nail Art

Looking for unique winter nail ideas? Then this next pick could be for you. These nails feature a textured D sweater design. This is an awesome technique that will give you a statement making manicure. There are lots of tutorials online to help you create the look or you could just take this picture to your nail salon. We love this nail idea!

Cute Artsy Lavender Lustre

A pretty lavender polish can basically do no wrong. d a splash of modern art and you’re really off to the races! Since the color palette is simple (lavender and white this manicure is actually pretty neutral. When you get a closer look you’ll appreciate the intricate art and textures in the accent nails.

Purple And White Splat Design

Next we have a creative nail idea. It features a purple polish with a white splat design. The splats can be created with a splatter design nail polish or it can be created freehand. If you want a purple design like this one you will have to create it yourself. So get a purple and white polish and have fun making dots.

Simply Snow Bunny White

Get ski lodge chic with simple white nails. A nice medium long shape with flat creamy white is luxe and bold. It’s a great look whether you’re hitting the slopes or curling up by the fire. Let your style be inspired by the snow.

Leopard Print And Gem Winter Nail Ideas

Looking for statement making winter nail ideas? Then this next pick could be for you. These nails feature a variety of different designs including leopard print sparkly gem nails and nails with chains. You could just take one or two elements out of this design or try and recreate them all. The gems and chain can be stuck on with a topcoat and glue while the leopard print can be created freehand or with stickers.

Mod Matte Winter Wonder Nails

Upgrade a simple short mani by mixing in a couple of complementary colors. The matte finish on this look gives it a mod s feel. The combination of deep grape purple sky blue and warm cream make a perfect winter palette.

Minimalist Neutrals and Gold Chrome

There’s that gorgeous creamy white again! This minimalist mani uses glossy white as a base color and accents with a peachy nude. The accent nail is taken up a notch with stripes of gold chrome. As with all the best minimalist design this manicure is simple and it makes a big impact.

Bordeaux And Glitter Nails

We couldn’t have winter nail ideas without mentioning glitter! Glitter is perfect for the winter season especially when Christmas and new year comes around. Our next pick features a red Bordeaux color with silver glitter accent nails. Nails like these will be perfect for a party.

Cinderella Sparkle Ombre Glitter French Tip

These party nails are fit for a princess. Ombre often starts from the tips. This manicure does things a little different. The French base is blended in ombré style so there’s not a sharp line between pink and white. The champagne colored glitter is most concentrated at the base and thins out towards the white tips. It creates a reverse ombré effect that’s sparkly and bright – perfect for a holiday bash.

Grey Black And Grid Nails

Grid nail art is a simpler nail technique to try. You will need a black nail pen or a polish with a thin brush. Then with a steady hand just add in the grid lines. You could create a full grid manicure or you could make it an accent design like in the manicure featured.

Soft Winter Nail Design

coats for a more sheer look.

Sparkling Holiday Diva Marble and Ombre

Have a manicure as unique as a snowflake with this artsy look. French ombre silver and white marble and unapologetic silver glitter come together for one truly awesome winter style statement. Marbled nails are gorgeous to begin with but using a touch of silver chrome polish in the mix really kicks this up a notch and ties in the silver glitter.

Fresh Snow Under Moonlight

Want a fun holiday manicure but nervous about bright colors and busy designs? Shimmery silver is perfect for you. Get all the glitz of holiday tinsel with the subtlety and versatility of a neutral hue. Best of all metallic polish has the most staying power. A mani like this can last a full week without chipping.

Nails Like Fine Wine Wine colored polish is in between mauve red and brown. It is beautiful on just about every skin tone. Wearing it on almond-shaped nails like this is a very sophisticated look. You can just as easily wear wine colored polish on short nails or square nails too.

The Winter Party Flirt

Red is the color of the season and these nails fit the bill. Few colors make such a statement without any glitter or nail art. With these glossy cherry red tips you’ll be the life of the holiday party. Now where’s that eggnog?

Snow Queen White Glitter and Gems

If nail art is your jam then this manicure is for you. Bright white glitter shimmers like the driven snow. Nude pink keeps the rest of the look subdued so you can show off those icy gemstones. You will rule the winter with this regal look.

Ice Blue Hue Marble Nails

You’re (nails are as cold as ice! Get glacial and give winter blues a whole new meaning with ice-inspired marbling. The deep ocean blue is like a beautiful frozen lake. Marbling with light blue and white looks like snow drifts atop the ice. Cool!

Winter Green Nails With Lace Accent Nail

If you liked the lace design from earlier in the post then you might like this next idea to. These nails feature a lace accent nail but this one is painted in elegant black. The lace nail has been paired with dark green polish. Green and black are a trendy color combo for winter. You can create lace freehand or with stencils so have a practice.

Quiet Tones With Glitter Splash Multicolor nails are so much fun. This manicure combines classic neutrals – baby pink and smoke gray – with a glittery gold accent. Make sure to use a high shine topcoat so that the creamy colored nails don’t look dull next to the shimmery glitter.

Mature Maroon Nails

This color will never ever go out of style. It’s perfect for all ages and it’s a rare color that goes well with all skin tones. If you want something simple feminine and timeless then this is the manicure for you!

Wearing My (Faux Furs

Mink brown is neutral and classy as it gets. If you like to wear beige or sandy colors in warmer weather this is a beautiful winter alternative. This is simple enough to wear every day and classy enough to wear at a black-tie soiree.

Dark Chocolate Nails

Want a manicure that looks good enough to eat? Go for a yummy chocolate brown. It’s a super flattering neutral color for a manicure that goes with just about everything. Make sure to use a good base coat to avoid staining or yellowing your nails.

Black And White Marble Nails

Marble nails look cool and trendy. Creating this look at home is not as difficult as you might think as there are many tutorials online to help you. When creating your look try a white and black combo like this one. White and black is chic and black suits the darker color palette of the winter. We love this look!

Purple And Sparkle Design

Purple is a stylish color choice for the winter season. It is a cute color that brighten up your look. There are so many beautiful purple polishes available so why choose just one? This next nail idea shows how you can wear multiple tones in one manicure. You could recreate something like this with the glitter and accent nails or not. Just choose different purple polishes.

Fresh Snowfall Nails

Neutral nails never go out of style and this pearlescent white is a great way to mix things up. The shimmer and hint of ice blue in this formula are like fresh snowfall on your fingertips. Since weight goes with everything this is one of the most versatile manicures you can have this winter.

Chocolate Covered Cherry Nails

/Bring out your inner vixen with these chocolate covered cherry nails. This deep black cherry color is gorgeous on people with cool undertones. When you’re using a polish like this make sure to use a high gloss durable topcoat. Reapply after two or three days to keep up that sleek shine.

Black and White and Striped

Contrast colors are a fun way to mix multiple style trends into a single mani. This multicolored design uses white beige and black in a creamy gloss finish. The accent nail is done in white marble nail art with a matte finish for contrast. The thin black horizontal striped nails are a final touch that pulls it all together.

Rich and Regal Purple Nails

A gorgeous deep creamy purple like this is hard to beat. When you want to look and feel like a queen it’s time to reach for the purple polish. Short to medium nails are perfect for this shade. Beware that darker cream colors (without shimmer or glitter can look dull quickly. Reapply topcoat as needed to restore shine and extend the wear of your polish.

Black And Orange Glitter Nails

Orange is another color that will warm up your winter outfits. A stylish way to way orange is with black like the manicure featured. These nails feature a sweep of orange glitter over black polish. This is a trendy combo that can be easily recreated at home.

Dark Polish And Gold Leaf Nail Design

Next we have a manicure that uses a very dark red polish. The red polish will look stunning on its own but you could jazz it up with accent nails like these. Glitter will give the nails glamour while the leaves give the nails a Christmas vibe. To get the leaf look you could use stencils or stickers.

Daring Tuxedo Black and Silver

This is a perfect look for a holiday black tie affair. Black nails are a bold look on their own. Even more so with a matte finish. A silver glitter accent nail on each ring finger lightens the look. The reverse ombré pinky nails with the same glitter soften the edges and give the manicure a pretty transition effect.

Go Green Nails

Forest green is an unexpectedly lovely nail color for any time of the year. It’s especially fun around the holidays. File this one with navy and gray as a rich dark neutral. As with all dark colors a base coat is a must for even coverage and to prevent staining.

Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Rose gold is very popular this year. It has featured in many things from fashion to home decor. This next idea shows how you can wear it in your nails to. The nails are long with an ombre rose gold glitter effect. Nails like these are glamorous way to wear rose gold. You can buy rose gold glitter polishes from many stores.

Dark Purple Glitter Nails

Last on our list is this stunning dark purple manicure. The nails were created with polish Colors by llarowe in color Figgy Pudding. This is a beautiful color that has a subtle glittery look. Nail polish like this will glam up your look for any occasion.

We hope you have been inspired by our winter nail ideas!

For black women

How to Style Black Wavy Hair

Wavy black hair is a cool way of styling your natural black hair so you should go for it more often. Here is how you can style it in the best possible manner. Whenever you comb your black wavy hair begin from the bottom and gradually go upwards. This will remove all the tangles gently making sure that there is minimum pull at the hair. > Trim the edges of your hair regularly to avoid any split ends. > Use product cocktailing (mixing together two or more of your favorite hair care products to get better nourishment for your hair. > Always use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair as it puts a lesser strain on the roots of the hair. Brushes or thin toothed combs pull at your hair and make it weak. > Use a conditioning treatment for the ends of your wavy black hair to make sure that it is soft and silky. > Pull your hair in a nice pineapple updo before going to bed at night to give it more natural curls. > with a curling rod to make sure that it looks perfect all the time. >

Bow Weave Bun

Don’t be afraid to have fun! Oval and round-shaped faces. Create a high ponytail and attach a braiding weave. Then shape the hair into this adorable bow bun.

Long Blonde Curls Weave

Once you get yourself a look like this one you’ll be etched in people’s minds forever. This amazing woman looks like she was kissed by the sun and her curly hair is a kiss mark. It seems that she combined the most flattering golden hues into one hairstyle. And you know what? Some colored weaves can make this dream look come true.

Youthful Weightless Curls

These funky and lightweight lovely curls are great for young girls and ladies who love a carefree and youthful persona about them. A great way to do wavy hairstyles for black hair.

Wavy Bob Styles

Do you have medium wavy hair and are looking for a new way to style your wavy locks? How about a bob haircut? Bob hairstyles are very popular right now and they are surprisingly versatile. You can opt for asymmetrical bob a graduated bob or A Line bob or lob (a long bob haircut. And bob cuts are easy to style as well! Check out these sassy wavy hairstyles for medium length hair. To style your wavy bob: Apply one your favorite wavy hair styling products while your hair is wet. > Blow dry with a diffuser or let air dry. > Tousle your wavy tresses and go! >

Hat Bun

A weave can be used to create various shapes and a weave bun can be created even on places on your head where you never thought they could be. Oval and round-shaped faces. Make sure that the hair outside the bun is completely slick.

Voluminous Bouncy Hair

The first weave hairstyle that we have to show you is very glamorous! The hair sits at a length just past the shoulders and it is wavy and full of volume. It is a stunning hairstyle that would be perfect for a special event as you will definitely steal the limelight. A chic hairstyle like this will look amazing on everyone.

Half-Up Bob With Bangs

Next we have another cute bob. The hair has a length that sits just above the shoulders and it has straight across bangs. Half of the hair has been styled up into a bun too. We love this hair idea because not only does it show you a pretty bob hairstyle but it also shows how you can style it. This is another look that will be great for the summer.

Sleek And Glam Ponytail

If you love chic modern and super stylish hair then you need to see this weave hairstyle. For this look the hair is very sleek and it is styled into a low ponytail that starts at the nape of the neck. It is such a gorgeous and statement making idea. A ponytail like this will look amazing on everyone and you can recreate this long ponytail or try a shorter version.

Blonde Ombre Bob

Next we have another ombre look. This weave hairstyle features a sleek and blunt cut bob with blonde ombre color. The cut is so trendy and the color is beautiful too. Hair like this is perfect for the summer because the cut is short and easy to wear and the color will give you a sun-kissed look. Try a similar style to this or you can use any color for the ombre.

Five Braids Weave Bun

This hairstyle requires sewing the weave onto specifically braided cornrows that form a shape of a star and then braiding the weave over them. But if you have a little bit of patience it is definitely worth trying. Oval and round-shaped faces. that form a shape of a star and then twist them around each other to form a big high bun with weave. Weave buns are great for special occasions and also for ladies who like to look elegant and sophisticated on an everyday basis. And creating that perfect bun with the help of a weave and just a little bit of patience turned out to be easier than one might think.

Double Bun in a Half Updo

If you have a weave that’s sewed in there are plenty of bun hairstyles with a weave that you can create. This one is really easy and really fun. . Similarly to the previous one. Just leave out a significantly larger portion of hair.

Long Wavy Hair

If you wish to keep your long wavy hair simply adding some layers can give your hair added volume and bounce! As well it can promote healthy regrowth and add texture and dimension to your wavy tresses. Check out these women wavy long hairstyles. As you can see they are very chic and feminine. You can also opt for long wavy hairstyles with bangs. Beach waves are all the rage right now as they are very sexy and mysterious. To duplicate these long wavy locks follow these steps: Apply a generous amount of sea salt spray to your damp hair. > Allow to air dry or dry on the lowest setting with a diffuser. > Gently run your fingers through your locks to separate and apply a soft hold spray. > Here are some ways how to style naturally wavy hair overnight. French braid your hair while still damp and secure with a hair tie and pins if necessary. > Set your hair with soft rollers before bed. > Twist your hair into a rope braid. > Make a fishtail braid. > Put your hair in a loose bun on the top of your hair. > Other Tips for Wavy Hair: Use shampoos and conditioners without sulfates and that are designed for curly or wavy hair. > Only shampoo your hair once or twice a week. > Use dry shampoo and leave in conditioners. > Avoid heat as much as possible. > Sleep on silk or satin sheets. > Pull your hair back in a braid loose ponytail or bun while you’re sleeping. > Avoid brushing your hair. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to style. > Sea salt spray is the miracle cure for wavy tresses! > Get your ends trimmed every six to eight weeks. > Comb your hair from the bottom up. >

Feathered Hair

This next hair idea is pretty and very chic. The hair is parted on the side is curly and has a feathered look. At the back the hair is cut short so it is a bob hairstyle. You can recreate this bob style or you can have longer hair at the back to match the front. Either way it will look stunning!

Buns For Wavy Hair

With waves even a simple one-way twist will look like an updo sported by runway girls. It just so happens: wavy hair adds a lot of effortless vibes and natural dimension to all styles. A high top knot loose chignon or simple bun will look different if you ask waves for help.

Knotted Bun with Weave

Having a nice bun hairstyle with weave does not only require skill but also some imagination! Oval and square-shaped faces. . Then create two round buns attached to the back of your head and two more from the rest of your ponytail.

Donut Bun

Don’t be afraid to be bold when styling your bun hairstyle with a weave. Sometimes risks do pay off. . Tie a high ponytail on the top of your head. Then shape it into a bun and use weave to create this huge yet sleek and simple donut bun.

Simple High Bun

Did you want to be a ballerina when you were a little girl? With this weave bun you can definitely look like one. Oval and square-shaped faces. On a high ponytail use a perfectly straight long weave. Shape the bun to be voluminous to hide all the bobby pins and elastic bands and to give your head the desired shape.

Short Curly Bob

Next we have another bob hairstyle to show you. This one is so chic and elegant! The hair is parted to the side has beautiful curls and is about chin length. A hairstyle like this is stylish and sophisticated and it will keep you looking glam for any occasion. It will also be great for the summer too.

Pin Curls

This is a sexy and attractive wavy black hairstyle which makes heads turn in your direction wherever you go.

with Braids

.Square and heart-shaped faces. and leave enough hair for two medium-thick long braids.

Big High Bun with Wrapped Around Braid

How to do a bun with a weave? Easy. All you need is a braiding weave and some extra patience and precision. Round and heart-shaped faces. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and add a braiding weave. Create this big slick bun and use a braid to wrap around the bun.

Bob Weave Hairstyle

Next we have a gorgeous bob hairstyle. For this look the hair is quite short and it is parted on the side. It is just a stylish simple and easy to wear hairstyle that will suit everyone. A classic bob cut like this is versatile too and can be worn for any occasion from work to a night out. Keep it chic and low-key like this or try a similar bob in a bolder color. Either way it will look stunning.

Bold Ombre Hair

Next we have another ombre look! The hair is an icy blonde color which then transforms into a bold blue shade. We love the blonde and blue colors because they are such a stylish combination and both shades compliment each other perfectly. The gorgeous curls give the hair a glam look too. You can recreate this or try your own ombre color combo.

Weave Down-Do With Voluminous Crown

You can’t have too much of waves! The more waves the better so hair extensions will come in handy. Such a romantic down-do has so many advantages that there’s no way you won’t fall in love with it. It can both protect and embellish your natural hair. Looking for a breathtaking hairstyle for your prom? This is a look to steal. between hair colors is to die for.

Girls with blonde hair aren’t something extraordinary while African American girls with soft blonde hair color are the ones to remember. If you feel that you’re brave enough to face total color changes this idea is a must try for you. The beauty of wavy hair styles is just infinite. How about you to become a Marilyn Monroe of the st century? Blonde weaves will make you look like an icon.

Tight Curls

which go a long way in boosting up your natural friendly energy and makes you look more amiable and approachable with black wavy hair.

Sleek Ombre Bob

Thinking about changing up your look with a new and trendy hairstyle? Then a bob like this could be perfect for you. This hairstyle features a beautiful short and sleek bob with ombre color. We love the combination of the cut and ombre color because the two look so edgy and stylish together. Recreate a warm red look like this or you can choose any color for the ombre.

Sleek Low Weave Bun with Highlights

This bun style with weave is worthy of an elegant princess. Oval and square-shaped faces. Use a weave with highlights to enhance this beautiful slick low bun.

How to Do a Bun with Sew in

Wash and condition your hair. Before sewing on your weave it is very important that you prepare your hair. you should leave sections right around the hairline unbraided. Start sewing the weave from the cornrows in the center to the outer cornrows. Tie your hair into a ponytail and shape it carefully into a bun. This sew in the method should be effective even if you want to wear your hair down but if it doesn’t look good you can always braid those outer sections and sew another set of extensions on. Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do a Bun with Sew in Weave Short Sew in Hairstyles for Women

Curly Updo

Easy cute and adorable we just can’t resist the charm of this hairstyle. Square and heart-shaped faces. and attach a braiding weave to each of them. Curl the weave and create either a nicely shaped or a completely loose double weave bun hairstyle.

Long Waterfall Curls

who have long gentle curls and want to flaunt them. This hairstyle looks prettier with a side part than a central part.

Cute And Curly Bob

Love the bob cuts? Then check this out! Here we have a short and curly bob. This is another simple and gorgeous style that is easy to wear. We love the curls and the cut because the two create such a chic bob. The style really shows off her earrings too so it is must-have for the ladies who like to accessorize!

Wavy Half-Up Knots

One of the biggest cons of wearing a half up is that the lower portion of hair tends to look flat sometimes. Well you know how to solve it: give it a couple of curly iron passes. Whatever waves you choose will look voluminous and lovely regardless of what half-up knot style you want to wear.

with Weave

Chic sexy and fun and yet very simple and practical. Oval and square-shaped faces. Braid the front part of your hair into neat symmetrical braids. Then create a high bun with weave from those braids and leave the rest of the hair fall down loosely.

Messy Pixie

every day when you can have some natural pixie curls? They take next to no time in getting ready and you get to look cooler and prettier so go ahead and give this black wavy hairdo a shot this summer.

Short Beachy Waves

This is one of the cutest wavy hairstyles for black hair which you can go for. The hair is super short and the gentle waves of hair cut in sleek angles fall naturally and look more adorable than you aim at initially.

Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles

If you have want a bit of a longer look you can try one of these captivating medium length hairstyles. Medium length hair is the perfect compromise if you want to get rid of some length without going too short. Whether you have shoulder-length or medium wavy hair you will still be able to pull it back in a cute updo or half-up/half-down style such as braided hairstyle half ponytail top knot or bun. There is no end to the way to dress up medium wavy hairstyles! How to style wavy hair without frizz: Apply an anti-frizz serum to your freshly washed hair. > Blow dry on low or cool setting using a diffuser. > Sleep on silk or satin sheets. > Wrap your hair in a microfiber towel or t-shirt instead of a cotton towel. >

How to Make Black Straight Hair Wavy Naturally

Black wavy hairstyles are great as they uplift your whole persona in a way which nothing else even compares with. However curling hair with heating rods can damage them seriously leading to brittleness and split ends. So there has to be a heat-free way of naturally curling the straight black hair. Here is how you can do just that. You need to have flexible rods for it which curl your hair without any heat or additional hair products. Just coil your hair in the flexible rods and leave them overnight. On waking up take the flexible rods out and you will be good to go. How to Get Wavy Hair Naturally

Side Swept White Weave

You already know why a full sew-in weave is so cool: it gives unbelievable volume to your natural hair. Do you want it to look even more amazing? It’s time to steal the look from the Snow Queen. Some people think that white hair and black skin don’t match at all. So here comes the photo-proof: this side-swept hairdo shows that they match perfectly. Those who are not sure if this color will suit you you know what to do: just dye your extensions!

Wavy Ombre Weave

There’s nothing impossible about hair weave. You can let your imagination run wild and keep your hair safe. Don’t you find this curly ombre weave to be the best salvation for your hair? Nothing can be better than light waves on dark locks. Let weaves to your look! Contrast never fails.

Celebrity-like Black Waves

on naturally black wavy hair are a sure way to make you feel like a Hollywood star when you get ready for a party next time. These black wavy hairstyles are the coolest ones that you can find on the internet so why not give them a go and look absolutely stunning this season?

Wavy Bun in a Half Updo

Use a weave and keep everything else simple and minimalistic. Square and heart-shaped faces. with a nice textured weave bun.

Beachy Hair Idea

Give your hair a beautiful beach look with a curly weave like this. The hair has a middle part and is long with loose curls. It is a gorgeous hairstyle and it will look amazing on everyone! This hairstyle has been described as Beyonce curls and it is available on the page featured below.

Curly Weave Hairstyle

This next hair idea is one of our favorites! Here we have a long and curly weave. The curls are stunning and this is a very beautiful style. You can check out how this hairstyle was created on the page below. It is a gorgeous weave and something similar will look amazing on everyone. This is perfect for the ladies who have been feeling a bit drab and who want to glam up their look.

Pin Up Roll Bun with Weave

Some pin up hairstyles are just pure art. But to create these beautiful shapes hair must be of a certain length. That’s why creating this bun with a weave is a great idea. Square and heart-shaped faces. Create a sleek high ponytail leaving out the piece of hair from which you will later create the roll. Then create a bun from the ponytail and attach a braiding weave and fan out the big voluminous bun.

Boho Low Bun

? Then making an extra effort on your weave bun won’t be a problem for you. Square and heart-shaped faces. Use a sew in wavy weave and curl your hair into nice relaxed waves. Braid it into this big textured braid ending in a layered low bun.

Long Waves

The last hairstyle we have to show you is gorgeous and glam. For this look the hair is parted on the side and it is styled into beautiful waves. We love this weave because it is very chic and it has an Old Hollywood glamour vibe. A hairstyle like this would be perfect for a special occasion.

We hope you have been inspired by these beautiful weave hairstyles. We know we did!

Once you look at this idea you will realize that there are no bob hairstyles for black hair better than such a dramatic bob. Honestly a weave can help you bring all of your beauty ideas to life: you can color weave strands in the color you want without damaging your hair as well as wave and straighten it. How do you like this contrast bob on the waved front locks? People won’t see the weaves you sew in as their eyes will be blinded by the beauty of your hairstyle.

Extra Voluminous Long Weave

Those who have always wanted to try brown hair this idea is for you! There’s no need to explain why it’s so hard to go back to your natural black hair after dyeing it a new color. And now you weaves are whispering that it’s time to treat yourself with some chocolate shades. Look at this bob with glamorous wavy bangs: this woman knows how to take the best of brown colors. Your weaves are your chance to experiment as much as you want.

Trendy Weave Hairstyle

Looking for a trendy hairstyle that will make you stand out from the crowd? Then this hair idea could be perfect for you! Here we have two braids on the top of the head that are accessorized with gold cuffs and the rest of the hair is loose and curly. It is such a cool and unique look. This is another hairstyle that would look great for a special occasion.

Low Double Weave Bun

It never hurts to go back to being a girl even if it’s just for a day.Try the double weave bun to bring your girly self. Heart and round-shaped faces. Divide your hair symmetrically and tie it into two low ponytails. Shape them into buns and add little weave extensions on top of them.

Side Parted Edgy Weave

Do you want to freshen up your usual side-part look? How about you to try a full sew-in weave? This is a perfect way to show off your beautiful hair: your hair is placed into braids while waves are sewn there completely. Such a technique makes your hair appear fuller giving a very chick silhouette to your side-parted lob.

It’s very important to find a hairstyle that will match your face shape. Some women consult with their hairstylists and they are absolutely right. But there is a hairdo that can be your shortcut: these long waves on hair weaves are something to die for. Long front locks can perfectly frame your face which is essential for women with round and oval faces. If you want to add some texture to your hair you can get a balayage for your extensions thus saving your hair from damaging.

Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyles

If you don’t like bob hairstyles you can opt for other looks for wavy hairstyles like the ones pictured here. For those who don’t have naturally wavy locks there many simple ways to achieve gorgeous waves for shoulder-length hairstyles. You can use a medium or large barrelled curling wand hot or soft rollers a deep waver or make soft waves using a flat iron. Not sure how to style naturally wavy hair without heat? Make pin or finger curls. > Pull your hair back in a braid or twisty bun and then let it loose to fall into soft wavy tresses. > Shoulder length wavy hair is fun and flirty and so easy to manage!

Middle Part Weave Hairstyle

Modern hairstylists say that middle part hairstyles get on well with straight hair. And we want to say that weave hairstyles and middle part form the most pleasant duo ever. It’s quite a common style that not everyone can sport due to their hair type. Needless to say hair extensions will put an end to such problems. This awesome red hairstyle can frame your face and make it look more attractive. As for weaves they give your thin hair a chance to flaunt with this awesome style.

Two Braid Hairstyle

Looking for a braided hairstyle? Then take a look at this. The hair is styled into two braids and towards the nape of the neck the braids end and two long curly ponytails begin. This is such a cute and stylish idea. You can recreate this or try two different braids you can also make the ponytails shorter too.

Wavy and Messy Weave Bun

This hairstyle shows the true power of a weave. For the women who always wanted to have thick hair even if it’s only for special occasion this hairstyle is the one that shows how powerful a weave can be. Square and heart-shaped faces. leaving a few random strands of hair loose. Highlights also look beautiful on this type of hairstyles and are great to additionally emphasize them.

Low Wavy Ponytails

Let’s get back to ponytails. If you’re one of those ladies who consider the style to be too simple these pics will change your mind once and for all! Just look how luxuriant and elegant the simple style looks when a wavy texture accompanies it: anything from big finger waves to little messy ones will work just great.

Updos For Wavy Hair

Many hairstyles can be adapted for long hair. Some of these updos can be achieved with the use of hot tools or pin curls. Elegant waves are classy and your look is wonderful!

Glam Half Ponytail

Earlier we featured a half up hairstyle. If you liked that kind of style then you need to check out this next look. Here we have a long curly weave and half is left loose and half is styled into a ponytail. As you can see this is such a cute and glam look. Hair like this would be perfect for a party or for any other occasion where you want to stand out from the crowd in style.

Shoulder-Length Waves

This classy and elegant wavy black hairstyle is perfect for a night out or a corporate meeting since the hair is gently folded into curls at the sides which frame your face.

Curly Pixie Weave

Everybody knows that curls are a magnet for people’s eyes. There is no way that the hottest African hairstyles don’t feature curls or braids these two are essentials. Have you ever seen That amazing curly pixie? To add more volume and structure to your natural curls sew in some weaves right on the crown. A curly weave is your key to a flawless look.

Elongated Low Bun

A wedding is a special occasion and having a special hairstyle is in order. Square and heart-shaped faces. Use a braiding weave for this one. Tie a low ponytail and attach the weave. Then shape a bun into an elongated and elegant form. You can even decorate it with subtle hair accessories.

Stunning Weave Bun Hairstyles for Women

great hairstyles that you can use as inspiration.

Evening Weave Bob

When it comes to choosing a hairdo for some special occasion you can do anything to make your hair look as voluminous as possible. Beautiful full hair is something that comes to our minds when we think of evening hairstyles. There are lots of weave styles for any girl and this idea is about to turn heads. This graduated curly bob leaves you no choice but to have all eyes on you!

Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle

Long bobs are charming too! They have loads of styling options and wavy hairstyles are obviously not an exception. But this time they’re less textured and highlighted; on these long wavy bobs waves volume up the silhouette with their slight and almost weightless thickness. Yes these cuties can be different and if they’re not too visible and bold it doesn’t mean they can’t beautify your look. The texture of little waves on long bob cut is so lovely and feminine that you won’t ever want to style your hair in another way: these pics are the proofs.

Middle Parted Hairstyle

since they are slicked to the scalp and then turned into waves so you can get them without having to worry about the volume or texture of your hair.

with a Braid

A classic puffy braided bun with weave for women. Oval and round-shaped faces. about two inches behind your hairline. Keep the hair in front of and behind the braid a little bit looser so that the overall style is not stiff and the braids and threads underneath are not visible. Then just create a curly medium-high weave bun behind.

Braided Wavy Hair

Braided hairstyles are very popular especially during the summer months. These braids work beauty and comfort into any hair length or texture. If you prefer a soft romantic look these style is a great choice for you. Look for inspiration on these cute half up braided hairstyles for long hair.

Take Care Of Your Weave!

days apply alcohol-free pomade for your edges and use antibacterial weave spray each day. If you got your weaves from your hairstylist ask him or her about maintenance for these particular extensions.

Burgundy Long Bob Weave

Transform your look with a chic hairstyle like this. This is a mid length and sleek hairstyle with a side part. As you can see it is a simple style but that makes it look effortlessly stunning. A weave hairstyle like this is perfect for those who need beautiful hair that will make them look fabulous for any occasion from work to a night out.

High Ponytails

We hope that are feeling inspired by our guide to wavy hair. As you see there is no limit to how to style your wavy tresses! From short curly pixies to long beachy waves the possibilities are endless! Wavy and curly hair are very sexy. As such they will never go out of style! If you are looking to add some life your locks you can dress up your naturally wavy hair with a new style! Or if you have straight hair you can use some of our tips to get gorgeous waves in a few simple steps! So get out there and embrace those wavy tresses!

Braids And Curls

If you love wearing stylish braids then you need to see this next hair idea. The hair on the head has been beautifully braided into a trendy pattern. At the nape of the neck the hair turns into a long curly ponytail. The combination of the curls and braids is gorgeous and it creates a statement making style. Recreate this or try a different braid pattern.

Vibrant Blue Weave Idea

Love bold hair colors and like standing out from the crowd? If so this hair idea could be perfect for you. Here we have long beautiful hair that is a vibrant and vivid blue shade. The color is stunning and it really makes a statement. Recreate this blue hairstyle or you can try a lighter shade with a similar style. You could also try the blue on a different cut too a blue bob would look fabulous!

Elena Lenina’s Waffle Cone

This girl is so extra and brave and deserves a hairstyle named after her. All face shapes. Use a weave tease your hair all the way and create this tall waffle cone weave updo.

and Weave

has never been easier. Square and heart-shaped faces. A big high bun created with weave extensions can only be enhanced with these gorgeous bangs.

Sew in Weave Bun vs. Weave Bun with Braiding Hair

There are a few pros and cons for both methods but you should choose one based on your personal needs. A sew in weave bun is more suitable for girls with shorter and thinner hair who don’t necessarily only want a bun from their weave but also a more permanent solution for their hair situation. every once in a while sewing a weave on their head could be a little bit extreme and too much of a hassle. In that situation a nice piece of braiding hair will be just enough to do the trick and give you that perfect puffy weave bun.

Seductive Straight Weave

Since most hairstyles for black women are curly it’s time to be different! Straight weaves are for those who don’t want to spend hours on straightening their hair. If you simply want your hair to look fuller you can use them too. This picture shows how ideal straight should look like: nothing redundant only shining on your seductive black hair.

Long Curly Weave

Black women with long curly hair look like goddesses. Their awesome curls shine so brightly that it’s hard to take our eyes off them. Do you like this idea? It’s quite simple yet absolutely sexy. If you want to add some body and length to your natural hair weaves will be there for you. Be careful: your full curly silhouette can take over the world!

Feels like there’s a lack of colors in your life? Well what’s stopping you from adding some new colors right now? Your hair is your best natural accessory so it can be a good start to feel the changes. And the best thing is that you can experiment without any regrets: you can color your weaves every time you want to try something new saving your hair from any type of damage. Look how adorable these pastel violet hues look on straight hair. They deserve giving a try!

Bubble Ponytail And Braids

Another must-have hairstyle is a bubble ponytail. It has recently been seen on Dawn Richard at the Bet Awards and she wore it in style! This next hair idea shows another gorgeous way to wear the ponytail. Her hair is styled into a high ponytail with the bubble design and there are some beautiful side braids too. This is an edgy and unique version of the ponytail and we love it! You can check out tutorials online to show you how to create the bubble look.

Wavy Styles With Accessories

While waves are the cutest natural accessories you can enhance their charm by finishing them with some hair embellishments. Some minimalist accessories will not only make your gorgeous look complete but will also individualize your ‘do.

with Weave

minutes of your time? All face shapes. Keep it loose and natural. The waves are going to add a romantic and sensual dimension to the hairstyle.

Pixie Wavy Hair Styles

Pixie haircuts are a great way to style short wavy hair. The shorter style will remove some bulk from your wavy tresses. Plus pixies are super cute and sexy! If you want to keep your wavy hair short these stylish pixies are a good starting point. And they are super easy to style as well. You can opt long pixies with layers or pixie haircuts with bangs. As well they are easy to style! Not quite sure how to style wavy hair after shower? With a pixie it’s so simple! Apply a texturizing product to your damp hair. > Blow dry with a diffuser on low setting and style as desired! >

Wavy Bob

on black wavy hair is short and shiny with just the right amount of waves.

Short To Medium Wavy Bob

No words in the world can fully describe the beauty and practicality of waves. There’s no need to say how easy they are to get and to style: every lady knows that some whirls of a curling iron are enough for a textured hairstyle. And if you flaunt with a short-to-medium bob haircut congratulations! Once you wave your hair you will not only emphasize the beauty of your locks but also enhance the charm of fantastic waves as they look far lovelier on shorter lengths. Also accentuating highlights will perfectly complement your wavy style: they will make your waves richer and more profound.

and Low Weave Bun

Less is sometimes more! Enjoy simplicity even in the most special of moments. Oval and heart-shaped faces. Choose the type of weave based on your hair length. Braid two wide braids starting from your hairline and ending in a neat low weave bun. When creating a bun first create one from your own hair and then add a weave on top of it.

Weave On!

Even though weave hairstyles are usually seen on black women with curly hair they can be added to any girl’s hair. Whether you are a woman with full curly hair or a girl who have thin straight hair you are free to wear weaves! You just need to make sure that the extensions you choose match your natural hair color. Then it’s all about experiments!

Say-No-To-Heat Weave

Some girls still think that the so much popular barrel curls can be achieved with a flat iron only. Let’s dispel this myth: there is an easy heat-free way to get these cuties. No your weaves won’t be damaged. Believe it or not the look you see in the pic was created without any heat. Curlformers are the only things you need to look awesome. Remember that the more hair you have the more voluminous look you have so apply curlformers to both your hair and extensions.

Wavy Half-Up Ponytails

There’s nothing easier than tying a half-up ponytail. And who would’ve thought that once you spice it up with a wavy texture you will take the style to the next level? Besides a glorious appearance such wavy half-ups will fascinate with a ton of volume in your hair.

How to Do a Bun with Weave

and the other one is with braiding hair. However for a simple bun you can use a simple bun extension. Comb your hair and tie it in a ponytail. Then create a bun from your own hair. Then place an extension on top of the bun you created. Use a styling gel or wax if you want the hairstyle to be sleeker. Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do a Perfect Bun with Weave

High Bun with Thin Braids

to try out. Oval and round-shaped faces. Have all of your hair braided with the thin braids creating interesting shapes. Then use a weave to create a very high big bun and wrap the braids around it to enhance the texture and hold it in place.

Amazing Wavy Hairstyles for Black Women

stunning black wavy hairstyles that’ll inspire not only black women but also white women to try. Have a look to explore.

Layered High Bun

This layered weave bun hairstyle is great if you want to feel extra special. Round and heart-shaped-faces. Tie a very high slick ponytail and attach a weave to it. Then create a loose weave bun and use elastic bands to make it layered as shown in the picture.

Long Mermaid Curls

The next hairstyle looks effortlessly beautiful. Here we have long curls with a side part. As you can see it is a simple look but it is very stylish too. Hair like this is perfect for those who want low-key hair that is easy to style and wear. You can try a similar look to this or you can have curls with a shorter length. Either way your new hair will look stunning.

Long Curly Ponytail

are easy to wear and will always make you look stylish. Next we have gorgeous example of the type of ponytail that you could try. The hair is very sleek with a side part and the ponytail begins at the nape of the neck. For the actual ponytail the hair is very long and curly. We love the curly and sleek combination it is so beautiful and statement making. Recreate this or you can try a shorter ponytail too.

Curly Blonde Weave Hairstyle

The next weave hairstyle we have to show you is another glamorous one! For this look the hair is very long with gorgeous curls and beautiful blonde highlights. It is a bright and stunning hairstyle that you will take you from drab to fab. Hair like this will suit everyone and you can recreate it or try a similar style with different colored highlights.

Short Pixie Weave

It’s never too late for a short pixie! Short hair is the best way to emphasize the best features of your face. Those who want to cut their hair short but think that their look can become less feminine here is a decision for you. Actually a pixie cut is one of the most feminine haircuts ever but not every woman accepts this fact. To make it look as girly as never before you can get yourself a soft light ombre weave and sew it in the front hair. ___omgihy

Viking braids

Keep in mind that this Viking-inspired hairstyle won’t come out super perfect the first time. Yet the result you can get with the practice is definitely worth your all the efforts. Try it out to master it! Separate off the top layer of your hair and pin it away. > Now join the top snake braid and the three-strand braid together. Just tie them with a thick thread. >

Side Braids Lagertha Style

Whatever braid you will take as a basis for your Viking hairstyle will look authentic only if you get it on the sides. Make sure that one of the sides is tightly embellished with a braid that stretches throughout your hair. And don’t forget to be creative! It can be a style full of tight braids one-side braided ‘do with wavy top braided Mohawk and anything that your imagination lets you bring into life!


. So it is the perfect fit for girls with low tolerance levels or girls with little time to spare for hairstyling. Another advantage of this design is that it is way too simple for you to worry about it being done meticulously. How To Style It? In order to copy this style exactly you will need a set of silver hair cuffs to give off the ancient effect. However if you can’t find or afford any elastic bands will serve the same functionality of securing the ends of the Viking women braids. Even though there isn’t any braiding required for this one you can simply replace the hair strands with braids if you like the design. So check out the following steps for further explanation. Taketwo hair locks from each side of your head and secure them at the back of your head with a hair cuff or elastic. > Repeatthe same step on a lower part of your hair. Then combine them with the hanging top section of your hair. > Repeatthe same step with an even lower section while trying to maintain one axis by aligning the hair cuffs or elastics that are being used to secure the ends. > So there you have it. The easiest Game of Thrones Inspired hairstyle that works for both straight and curly hair.

Diy Section: Tools You’ll Need

Among all other hairstyles braids need the least equipment of all. However that doesn’t stop them from being the most versatile designs of all. So in order to create such complex braids you will definitely need: Rat’s tail comb to accurately section out each braid. > Hair clips to separate the braids from the loose hair part. > Elastic bands to secure the ends of a braid. > Hairspray to make sure each braid stays in place without any flyouts whatsoever. > Bobby pins to pin every braid in its rightful place. >

Side French Braids for Long-Haired Divas

Ethereal Unicorn-Like Glory

ethereal unicorn-like glory with the robust muscular look of Viking women braids to get your self some super cool summer vibes. There is no doubt that the result is some kind of rainbow unicorn fierceness. Go pastel power!

The Khaleesi Style

The Sansa Stark Viking Braid

This easy double french braid hairstyle is a bit more challenging than the previous design yet still considered doable and fabulous. Not only does it make you look fierce it doesn’t require any further complications like hair extensions or special equipment! In addition to that it works for straight wavy and curly hair. How To Style It? > Repeaton the other symmetrical side. > Wrapthe braids together to create the twisted braid look. > Securethe braids together with a clear elastic band. > Removethe elastics from each individual braid. Also you can wrap a little strand of hair around the elastic if you don’t want it to show in the final style. >

Halo Braid Bold Undercut

Leave outa chunk of hair of approximately – inches thick to create a bold chunky braid. Losethe clips used to clip out the rest of your free hair. > Brushit according to the side you want it to be swept to. >

The Pyre Braid

continues to inspire epic Viking braided hairstyles for us to fangirl over. It has become ridiculously astonishing how much power it has over us! So for girls with medium mid-back hair length here is a Khaleesi style that you can imitate. What Is A Dutch Braid? Before you hit it off with the Diy section it is crucial that you know that these kind of Viking braids for women are all about Dutch braiding. So in case you have a problem with Dutch braids it is probably better if you pick out something else from our digital catalog. However if you are all in for the adventurous and exciting learning process then buckle up. Because it is going to be a wild ride! So for those who don’t know what Dutch braids are they are a combination of regular french braids and some extra few steps. You might know them as inside-out French braids where you go under the knot instead of over. Anyway you might want to freshen up on your rusty Dutch braiding skills with this video below. Tantalizing Dutch French Braids to Stand Out Repeatthe same steps on the other frontal section. > Jointhe two braided sections together at the back of your head by combining the six subsections into three and performing a regular braid. (Check video linked below for better understanding of this particular step. > Loosen upthe sectioned out part and let the rest of your hair hang on your shoulders. >
Further Steps: You can choose to stop here at this step if you are satisfied with the glorious outcome. However if you wish to go for a full Daenerys look then follow the steps below. Createthree sections in the middle of what is left of your hair in the back of your head using a rat’s tail comb. > Combinethe middle Viking women braids that you already did with the middle strand of the part you just sectioned out using a combo of a French-Dutch braid in order to let your middle braid stick to your scalp at the back of your head. You can braid it as down as you can. However in the scene Daenerys wears it with a free tail. And that’s actually an advantage in your favor in case you have choppy layered hair or split ends that might render the situation difficult. > Dutch braidthe smaller sections on the side in order for them to match with the previous braided sections while trying to add hair to keep the look fresh and even. > Pinthe thin side braids to the middle main braid in the back. Meanwhile try to hide the bobby pins for a better view of the design. > Tieall the bottoms together with one clear elastic when you are finishing pinning all of the braids together. >
The Youtube Tutorial Video Experience It is safe to say that in the age of technology we almost always refer to a handy Diy video channel to guide us through a puzzling process step – by – step as we replay it over and over again until we get it right. So if you feel like you need further visual aids to make these Viking braids for women come to life check out the extremely helpful tutorial video linked below! Finally it is noteworthy to mention that this design is all held secure with only one clear elastic band. Furthermore it requires no blow drying or straightening whatsoever. Even though there is a lot of sectioning in order to go through this design it is proven to be totally worth the trouble. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Swoon-Worthy Viking Women Braids

So in honor of the Vikings of our past we present to you interestingly twisted braids that are not so intricate as they might seem. Check out the list below for some Scandinavian descent Viking braids for women . Learn all about the styling process and copy whatever design you desire most!

Red And Blooming

offers us their compelling hairstyles are just inevitable! With so many theories revolving around the real purpose of the powerful and eerie “Red woman” we cannot help but stare at her rich burgundy red toned hair. Not only does it work wonders with her complexion it also fits in perfectly with the all the natural settings around her. Because it makes her blends with her surroundings especially when paired up with nature-inspired hair accessories like the vines tangled up in the braid knots that are shown in the picture above. And let’s not forget the loose locks left to hang free on the opposite sides of your face to add to your feminine appeal.

Royal Viking Hairdo

Practically all Viking women have had astonishing hairstyles that make us fall in love with them. However royalty always has the best kind of Viking women braids that we are dying to just get our hands on. So here’s an Anne Neville inspired hair from ” The White Queen” cinematography for you to go crazy about. It’s simple feminine authentic and way too gorgeous to be real! How To Style It? This style is pretty easy to do. In addition to that it suits any activity ranging from school and works to any casual life event like strolling in the park or going out shopping in the mall. So it can be pretty handy in your everyday life! Graba front section of your hair to create a rope braid by using a rat’s tail comb to section it out. >

Wrap a strand of hair around the elastic band at the end of the fishtail braid in order to hide the clear elastic from showing up in the final design. The Youtube Tutorial Video Experience And because it is way easier to learn from audiovisuals we have hooked you up with one of the finest youtube tutorial videos to guide you throughout the whole process. So avoid any confusion by checking out the video linked below!

Viking Braided Pony Tails

. It offers another way to spice up your fierce Viking women braids is to twist them up and shape them into two long ponytails to dangle upon your chest. After all ponytails were not made for only little girls to enjoy them. So embrace your bold womanhood by trying out this exotic style. And don’t forget that accessorizing is really important when it comes to blending in with the surrounding nature. So don’t hesitate to clip on some hippy vines or gypsy sparkling lines to bring out your best qualities.

Mohawk Braids Lagertha Hairstyles

This Vikings Lagertha hairstyle is much more intricate than the common Mohawk hairstyles. Besides being really cool this hairstyle is ideal for those ladies who wish to look like Viking royalties. Circlesofhair

Rebekah Mikaelson’s Crown Headband

it is a braid that wraps around your head. So with the help of some floral accessories this style can make you look like the badass beauty you have always opted for. How To Style It? Takea small section from each side of the head and keep them out of your way for now. > Section outanother two sections. And split them into three subsections to start off braiding. Finally if you don’t wish to let the rest of your hair hang around your shoulders you can always braid what is left using an intricate fishtail style. The Youtube Tutorial Video Experience However some girls prefer the audiovisual learning technique for better understanding of the process. Hence we picked out an excellent youtube tutorial video to help guide you throughout all the detailed steps. So make sure to check out the video below for further directions and instructions. And Voilà! Rebekah Mikaelson Viking women braids can never look any more gorgeous!

Handmaidens Of House Tyrell Look

braids with yet Another Game Of Thrones-inspired design. However this time it is an eerie look that the handmaidens of house Tyrell used to wear that results in the shape of a swirly flower in the middle. Probably it is implying their house’s noble words ” Growing strong” along with the flower totem. And let’s not forget that it is both quick and simple so it is great for times when you are put on the spot and you still need to look fantastic. How to Style It? So for those of you who would like to look extra feminine and cute for a rather more formal and elegant event make sure that you check out the Youtube tutorial Video below to guide you through the detailed steps.

Updos for long hair

Quick Twisted Updo This casual updo hairstyle for long hair is super easy if you can twist your hair. Divide your hair in equal section and start twisting from your temple towards the nape of your neck. Pick a small section from the nape twist it and tuck it into the top twists. Wrap the entire twisted hair into a bun and secure it with a pin. Easy Headband Updo Two advantages of this hairstyle are: perfect for summer and easy to build on third or fourth day hair. It is good if you pin the headband in place before making this hairstyle. This twist will be made in the same manner as told in the previous hairstyle the only difference being you’ll start twists after placing the headband. Chic Updo This updo hairstyle for long hair really needs no instructions. You just need to fold the middle bottom section of your hair before making the twists from the sections around your temples. And then secure the updo with pins and also a strong holding spray. Top Knot

You’ll love it as this is one of the very easy updo hairstyles for long hair. Make this up do when you’re going for a picnic or running for a dinner. Make a high ponytail; don’t pull all hair through the elastic band. You should end up with a loop on the top. Now twist the elastic-free section of your hair and then taking the twist wrap it around the loop you already created. Use pins to keep it in place. Chic Chignon This side bun is casual enough to wear regularly. This is also great to wear on a night out. It is advisable to make this bun with your second day hair and also blow-dry them for a smoother texture. This is the key to get this sculptural effect. Gibson Tuck This easy up do for long hair is named after a celebrity Ted Gibson. You can say it is the simplest to do like a ponytail. You can even create it without a mirror. Use a roller instead of your finger for a fat tucked in bun. Braided Updo Quick easy up do hairstyles for long hair include some braided up dos too. Although braids are not always quick to make but in this up do they are easier. This is fast three strand braid that only takes the time of making three different braids. French Twist Updo This is a classic chic style that many celebrities make on the red carpet event. You can’t create it with layered hair. First gather the base section of your hair on neck then twist the whole hair upward in a column. Now take hold of the column and tuck it underside in the direction of the twist. Gigantic Messy Bun This bun looks high on the head and you will first make a high ponytail. Then backcomb your hair the maximum you can. Now wrap the bun high on the head and secure it with pins. You’re done! Ballerina Bun

After trying this hairstyle you’ll know that the easy updo hairstyles for long hair really exist. Make a ponytail and then brush your hair for a sleek look. Create a loop while make ponytail and then pull the rest of the ponytail caught hair through this loop. Now make a bun and secure it through a pin. People with long hair should know that up dos are easier to create than they think. I can bet if you try one of these easy long hairstyle buns daily you’ll soon learn how to fix your hair in less than five minutes.

Big French Braid Updo

The more fly-away and tousled your updo looks the better. To make your braid thicker pull the outer part of the braid out.

Vintage Inspired Updo Tutorial

For more volume apply volumizing hair spray.

Elegant Curly Updo

effortless sexy look that’s ideal for formal occasions. Thumbs up!

Curly Messy Updo


Messy Fishtail Updo

Will you give it a try?

French Braid Ponytail Into Bun

You won’t spend too much time in front of the mirror to recreate this cute and simple updo. Perfect style for a bad hair day!

Braided Chignon Tutorial

This cute and simple updo could be just what you’re looking for. Only six easy steps separate you from it so make sure to give it a try! We know we definitely will.

Natural Hairstyle Updo

Small sparkly earrings will perfectly work with this hairstyle.

Elegant Twisted Updo

White flowers add unique touch to the look.

Fishtail Braid Side Updo

is perfect for music festivals or summer weddings.

Elegant Updo For Black Women

Keep your hair out of the way with this elegant and classy updo for black women. Pair it with soft makeup and sparkly drop earrings.

Simple Headband Updo

a headband that matches your outfit and fits your head comfortably. So stunning yet so simple!

Low Bun Long Bangs

Bring attention to your face with this beautiful low bun updo. Low bun hairstyles are great for every style of dress.

Elegant Messy Side Bun

a sweet and chic look.

Simple Sock Bun

pull it through the center of the sock doughnut. Spread your hair around it to create a flawless bun. Make sure the sock is covered with hair. Secure the bun with several bobby pins.

Elegant Braided Updo

The updo features curls and braids. The bottom part is curled and pulled up to create a cute bun. Ultra-chic formal updo!

Boho Headband Updo

as well as to the grocery store.

Cute Messy Updo

wedding date or brunch with friends. Whatever the occasion make sure to give it a try.

Curly Side Bun Fishtail Braid

bride or bridesmaid.

Fishtail Braid Into A Side Bun

Form a bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Elegant Victorian Roll Updo

Pair it with red lips and pearls. The look works for medium to long hair.

Doughnut Bun

easy to do. Try it for your next formal event!

Messy French Twist Updo

is simple and timeless updo. For a beautiful finishing touch tuck in jeweled pins or fresh flowers. Accessories are everything.

Messy Low Bun French Braids

Messy low buns are the best especially if you pair them with few small French braids. This style would make a great prom updo.

Fishtail Braid Into A Bun

Fishtail braid looks great on everyone! The style will make you stand out from the crowd.

Timeless French Roll Updo

Dress up your French roll updo with a stunning hair comb. Perfect hairstyle for women who adore timeless style.

Curly Braided Mohawk

We love updos because they don’t hide your face features. This look isn’t easy to achieve but looks flawless. The updo will have you looking bold and chic for any occasion.

Elegant Classy Roll Updo

show your beautiful facial features and neckline.

Infinity Knot Bun

Sometimes the most simple updos are the most jaw-dropping. The infinity knot bun is indeed a fun twist to a regular bun. So make sure to wear it an infinite amount of time.

Bouffant Updo

The bigger bouffant the better.

Side French Braid Into A Low Bun

A big chunky French braid can make literally any hairstyle g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. If you love braids and up-dos this style is for you. Loose curly wisps make this style laid back.

Messy Bridal Side Bun

Incorporating French braids into updos is a great way to make them even more chic and stylish. The style would look gorgeous with fishtail braids too. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Headband Updo Fishtail Braids

The top portion should have enough hair for three fishtail braids. When you get them all done pull them apart to make them little messier and bigger. Bobby pin the braids up. Finish with hairspray for shine and hold.

Twisted Chignon Updo

Here’s a beautiful and elegant updo that will be perfect for proms weddings and other formal events. Whatever the event celebrate in style with this gorgeous low chignon.

French Braid Updo Tutorial


Elegant Side Bun Tutorial

for a flawless updo!

Romantic Updo With Flowers

a romantic boho-chic vibe.

Big Front Bun

right away! We don’t blame you – it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Spring Flower Updo

with flowers and rhinestones for a glamorous Bohemian twist. We love that it only take minutes to get this gorgeous look.

Messy Fishtail Braids Into Bun

add more interest to the look.

Funky Braided Updo

This funky updo is bold creative and totally unique. You’ll definitely stand out from the heads of sleek buns and perfect curls.

French Braided Updo

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous braided updo. Everything from the color to the style is absolutely stunning.

Simple Bun Side Swept Bangs

definitely an everyday look worth trying out. If you have bangs make sure to let them loose.

Double French Braid Crown

The style can also be done with fishtail or Dutch braids.

Double Side Dutch Braid Into A Bun

will perfectly hide your unwashed hair.

Big Front Bun Fishtail Braids

The look is ideal for black women who like to wear something a bit different from the crowd. If you can do a simple fishtail braid you can master this updo.

Twisted Low Bun

Who knew twisting and knotting your hair could create such a cute and elegant updo?

Messy French Braid Crown Updo

romantic and fashionable. The updo looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. This hairstyle will make heads turn anywhere you go we guarantee it!


this braided faux hawk?

Sleek Low Bun

it’s easier to achieve the look on hair that hasn’t been washed for a couple of days.

Unicorn nails

Pink/purple With Iridescent Horn Design

Shades of pink and purple are highlighted in this cool design. Unicorn nail polish in a pink iridescent swirl decorates the sculpted horns. The fairy dust nails are bedazzled with jewels. The nails have a base layer of swirling marble. These are overlaid with swirls of silver.

Pink Glitter With Unicorn Art

This multidimensional pink glitter design would make any unicorn happy. The nails are painted with a uniform base coat of shiny pink glitter. Clouds and stars are added in a white polish. The details and shading are skillfully painted. Finally there are two sweet unicorn faces with rainbow manes and big blue eyes.

Simple and Practical Unicorn Design

Unicorn nail designs don’t have to be over the top they can also be featured in cute easy nail designs. This short nail design starts with an allover pastel pink nail color. The unicorn is painted on the ring fingernail. This would be an easy design to reproduce at home using only a few polish colors.

Dramatic Designer Nails with Crystals

These creative nails are highlighted by their over the top use of crystal decorations. They have a long pointed silhouette with pearly white polish. The bejeweled nails are decorated with impressive technique. The pearly colors are reflected in the crystals for a pretty unified look.

Grey With Unicorn Art Design

These unique nails are done with a medium dove gray base color. Tiny hand-painted flowers polka dots and stars accent the base of the nails. A lovely unicorn and her mane stretch across two of the adjoining nails. This is a subtle design and not as forward as some of the others we looked at but it will let everyone know how much you love unicorns.

Sparkly Pastel Unicorn Nails

Love the pastel colors? Then you need to check out these nails. Most of the nails are a light shade with pastel pink and blue accent nails. The two accent nails also have two different types of glitter placed over the top. This is such a cute and sparkly idea. It will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

Glitter Crystals and a Unicorn Face

This sparkly nail design brings together several of the ideas we have seen so far. The nails are done in an allover pink glitter design with a pearlescent touch. One nail is encrusted with oversized crystals. One nail is made into a sculpted unicorn horn with a nice rainbow ombré effect. A sweet unicorn portrait adorns the thumbnail.

Squoval With Pastel Rainbow Gradient

This subtle and classy nail idea features a simple but elegant pastel rainbow gradient. Shading from pink at the nail bed down to violet at the tips these nails would complement any unicorn’s look. Since they are not embellished they would be great for any unicorn who has to work with their hands during the day.

Iridescent Pink With Rainbow And Unicorn Art

<img src= Iridescent pink makes these unicorn nails shine beautifully. The pink color is uniform and gorgeous. On top of the pink nail art designs are painted. One nail has a rainbow with little white clouds and the other has a happy unicorn face. The nail art design is distinctive and pretty. This design would also look great with white chrome nails.

Unicorn Inspired Jelly Nails

have been a big trend this year. These jelly nails have had magical unicorn inspired makeover. The nails have two colors on each to create a rainbow and there are also shimmering iridescent shards underneath the color. These are statement making and stunning! You can also recreate something like this with a unicorn horn accent nail too.

Unicorn Hearts

Next we have another cute nail idea. Three of the nails are painted in a stunning pink shade while the next two are white with a cute unicorn design and colorful hearts. We love this idea because it is cute but fun and trendy too. This is great for those who want to try the trend but still keep their nails elegant.

Pink Unicorn Nail Design

This next manicure is one of our favorites! Each nail is a different color and has a different design. One nail is painted white and looks like a unicorn horn. It is such a glam and statement making nail idea. Recreate something similar or you can have the unicorn horn with just one of the designs. Either way your unicorn nails will look amazing.

Pastel Ombré and Holographic Glitter

This awesome manicure has a combination of three nail styles. A subtle pastel ombré effect decorates four of the nails. These are shaded from a pale lavender to a gentle peach. Two nails have an allover white glitter with a pearlescent shine. Highlighting the design are two nails with a deep pink glitter and holographic accents.

Celestial Purple Nails for You

Finally this magical nail idea is done in shades of peachy pink and purple. This manicure combines cute glued-on accents with delicate hand painting techniques. The little bow and crystals make this manicure every unicorn’s dream. The nails feature a character portrait of Twilight Sparkle a famous unicorn.

Fanciful Unicorn Design with a Character Painting

This beautiful manicure combines subtle hand painted designs with a cute character portrait and white glitter. The sculpted unicorn nails are done in a rainbow ombré glitter for an extra decorative touch. The pastel on pastel color scheme makes these nails look delicate. The portrait of Rainbow Dash stands out and gives these nails a sense of whimsy.

Cute Unicorn Nails

The first nail idea we have to share with you is this ‘Born To Be A Unicorn’ nail art design! One nail is shimmering pink the next has hearts and stars another has a beautiful unicorn and the last nail has the message born to be a unicorn. These nails are super cute and you can recreate the whole look or maybe try just a couple.

A Fun Combination of Techniques

These unique nails show off a variety of nail art techniques. Two nails are done in a pink and dark fuchsia glitter ombré. Two nails have a pale pink background and are bejeweled with crystals. Two nails are done in an allover pink matte with delicate hand-painted details. The centerpieces are the pink sculpted horn and the character portrait.

Glittery Vibrant Rainbow Watercolor

These nails take the rainbow watercolor concept and kick it up a notch with shimmering glitter. First the rainbow effect is applied to the nails. The perfect swirls of color make this design magical. Then a coat of glitter is applied to these fairy dust nails. The look is completed with a top coat to seal the glitter on.

My Little Pony Unicorn Inspired Nails

Next we have a pretty unicorn idea that looks straight from My Little Pony. The nails are a dark pink with two unicorn accent nails. We love this idea because the accent nails are not different both of them make up the image of the unicorn. You can use any unicorn for a design like this.

Pastel Rainbow Gradient With Unicorn Art These subtly colored rainbow gradient nails make a sweet backdrop for a charming unicorn. The unicorn starts on the middle fingernail and stretches over the ring finger to the pinkie nail where the tail flows. Painting a design that flows from nail to nail is a unique idea and would not be that hard to at home with practice.

Holographic Glitter Nails with Pink Accents

These glitter nails are truly striking. Worn long and pointed these nails have a deep shine that comes from a coat of holographic nail polish. These nails are accented by solid candy pink. There are pink holographic nails which give a subtle unicorn horn effect.

Intergalactic Unicorn Nails

Like your nails to stand out? Then this could be just the nail design that you are looking for. These nails have been painted in different colors and silver glitter has been used too. The look has been described as “Intergalactic Unicorn” which is so unique and stylish we love it it! Nails like these will look gorgeous on anyone and a similar look can be created on any nail length and shape.

Rainbow Unicorn Nails

Pastel colors are perfect for creating unicorn inspired nails and our next idea is a beautiful example. Most of the nails are a light pink with two accent nails. The accent nails use pretty pastels and glitter to create a rainbow effect. Recreate something like this or add a unicorn horn accent nail. A white horn would suit this look perfectly.

Pink Black Unicorn Nails

Our next idea features a unicorn and dream catcher combo. Some of the nails have colorful dream catchers while some have unicorn faces. There are also some pretty drip nails too. We love these sparkly magical nails because they will suit anyone. Use this image as inspiration and create a similar look or use your own favorite colors.

Pretty Unicorn Nail Art Design

Next we have an idea that features nail art inspired by a unicorn mane. The nails are a light pink with a pastel blue shimmering accent nail. On one of the nails there are beautiful hearts and stars while on the other is a rainbow unicorn design. This is a super cute and pretty manicure that will suit everyone.

Sky Blue Clouds Rainbows And Unicorns

inkcom Soft sky blue is the background of these unicorn nails. Cute white clouds and rainbows accent the nails. Finally there are two adorable unicorns with big round eyes and purple manes. This design is on short natural nails and would be comfortable for anyone to wear including kids.

Purple Glitter with Sculpted Horns

When you want to show everyone your unicorn side try these glimmering purple nails. Holographic glitter accents these charming mid-length pointed nails. The mix of glitter and holographic makes this design extra special. The ring fingers have awesome sculpted horns that are painted in a contrasting pale blue color with a holographic shimmer.

Blue/purple Design Glitter And Horn Swirl

These awesome nails have a creative combination of manicure types. Some of the nails are done in a soft pastel ombré with lavender and blue. Two of these nails have silvery gems glued on. Two of the nails are done in a fantastic glittery design with various sizes of sparkles. The unicorn horns are silver metallic nails.

Chrome Nails With Colorful Accent Design

This next nail idea is another one that uses unicorns as inspiration. Most of the nails are white chrome but there are black accent nails with a bright rainbow design. This uses the colors that are associated with unicorns in a trendsetting and unique way. You could create the colorful art with nail foils.

Shimmering Pink Nails with Dazzling Crystals

A mix of techniques highlights these dazzling unicorn nails. The nails are done in a pretty shell pink color. Holographic glitter in rainbow colors and in rose gold highlight the nails. Two of the fingers have elaborate crystal designs that bring dimension and extra color to the design.

White Unicorn Nails

Looking for cute and vibrant nails? Then this idea is perfect for you. The nails are pink and purple with two white accent nails. One of the accent nails reads “I’m a unicorn” while the other has a pretty unicorn design with stars. Have a go at creating this look or change the colors to suit your own style.

Pretty Unicorn Nails

If you love pretty nails with crystals and flowers then this next look could be perfect for you. Two nails are pink and three have the unicorn design. The actual unicorn is on the middle nail with floral nail art on either side. It is a stunning look and it will suit everyone. You can recreate this unicorn or choose your own design.

Designer Nails with Glitter and Metallic Features

This is another awesome mix of styles and techniques. The mix and match characteristics of this manicure make it quirky and exciting. Two nails are sculpted into gorgeous swirls of unicorn horn. Two are painted in a softly pearlescent lavender. One nail has large glitter pieces in blue and purple and another has a gradient of glitter. The last nail has a textured ombré finish.

Glitter-dipped Pink And Unicorn Art

These exciting glitter-dipped nails have a fun mixture of techniques. The hot pink tips are accented with crystal flowers. The glitter-dipped nails have a nice mixture of pink blue and silver colors. The shaped unicorn horns are iridescent pink. The unicorn faces are gorgeous and serene with flowing manes.

Iridescent Unicorn Nails

Looking for chic unicorn inspired nails? Then this idea is for you! Here we have long nails that have been painted in a light iridescent chrome color. These are so magical and enchanting. Recreate something similar to these or maybe add in a unicorn horn accent nail in the same color for an elegant but bold look.

Unicorn And A Star

The next nail idea we have to show you is cute bright and stylish. These nails have light blue and pink stripes with different accent designs. Two nails are colorful one has a shooting star and the last nail features a unicorn head. It is a vibrant nail design and we love the pastel shades. You can create something similar with more vivid shades.

Matte Purple With Unicorn Nail Design

These cute easy nail designs have a matte purple background. Painted on top of the matte purple are two happy rainbow clouds and a little unicorn with a rainbow mane. The art has a charming quirky look. On two of the nails there are pearly embellishments in pink and silver.

Mix and Match Unicorn Designs

This design is so festive and fun it has something for everyone. It combines a variety of manicure types. Silver holographic nails bejeweled pink nails with translucent stars glitter unicorn silhouettes and sparkling iridescent sculpted unicorn horns make this design exciting. This would be the best design to wear to a party or special event.

Glossy Pink Blue And Purple Unicorn Nail Design

These vibrant pink blue and purple nails have a childlike sense of fun. Two of the nails are done in a solid glossy purple. The other nails are decorated with stripes stars glitter and little bows. The nails include a sweet picture of the popular unicorn Twilight Sparkle.

Pink Chrome Nails with Bejeweled Unicorn Magic

These different nail designs have a unified pink color with a mixture of techniques. Two of the nails including the swirly unicorn horn are done in a dazzling pink chrome. One nail is done in a holographic chrome and one is done in pink with glitter. The last nail has a pretty crisscross design with Mylar overlay and a crown of crystals.

Glitter Rainbow Nails

Rainbows are part of the unicorn look. So you can create a cool rainbow design just like this one. The nails are short with different colors on each nail resulting in a rainbow effect. There is also silver glitter over the top. Recreate the rainbow look or you can even add in a unicorn horn accent nail.

White Unicorn Nails with Glitter Dust

These nails are great for anyone who wants to be a unicorn but need to be a little more subtle about it. The nails are covered all over with a white polish with a pale blue and pink cotton candy effect. They are then dusted with metallic nail powder. The ring fingernail has a cute unicorn horn effect in pink glitter.

Unique Unicorn Nail Art

Looking for a more unique design? Then you need to check out this next idea. Here we have light pink nails with unicorn nail art on one of the nails. We love this unicorn design because it has a cartoonish look which gives the mani a quirky vibe. Something like this perfect for those who prefer cute nail designs.

Unicorn Nails with Rainbow Dash

These nails feature a cute portrait of every little girl’s favorite pony Rainbow Dash. These nails have a variety of exciting features from crystals and a sculpted horn to a striking jewelry-like arrangement. Two of the nails have a white dripping section that looks like melted ice cream. This is one of the most interesting nail polish ideas we’ve seen.

Exciting Unicorn Horn Nails with Shining Accents

<img src= These creative nails are worn long and pointed. They are covered with a pearlescent white polish with holographic features. These nails have two special features: one sculpted unicorn horn and one nail with Mylar accents carefully laid on in a snowflake pattern. The contrast between the sculpted nail and the snowflake nail makes this design special.

Fanciful Pony Nails with Pinkie Pie

These cute unicorn nails feature portraits of a quirky and funny pony character. These nails have a fun and eclectic mix of designs and techniques. The most striking accents are the large pink bows applied to the nails. Large crystals accent the bow and the nail bed. This manicure would be an exciting way for any nail addict to show off their passion.

Be a Star with Unicorn Nails

These popular nails carry the star theme even further. Each nail has a different interpretation of the star theme. Some of the nails have a pink to blue and white glitter ombré while others have an allover pearlescent shine. Each nail has something extra applied from large Mylar stars to sequins and jewels. These nails will make anyone’s inner unicorn shine.

Sparkly Purple Nails With A Unicorn Horn

Next we have a beautiful nail idea with lots of sparkle! Each nail has a different design which includes glitter a unicorn and a unicorn horn. Most of them are a shade of purple too. This is a gorgeous design that captures the magic of unicorns. You can recreate the whole look or try just one or two of the designs.

Blue Unicorn Nails

Love the unicorn horn nail designs? Then this manicure is for you! Most of the nails are a bold blue with hearts and stars and there are also two unicorn horn accent nails. The horn is an ombre shade from blue to silver. This is a beautiful and vibrant nail art idea. Recreate the whole look or use a different shade maybe pink or purple.

Glitter Jewels And Hot Pink Tips

These different nail designs show a fun mixture of manicure styles. Hot pink ombré tips with multicolored jewels that wrap around the sides make a nice contrast to the sculpted unicorn horn. The horn has the ridges done in a bright silver glitter for a unique look.

Colorful Holographic Nails

Colorful nails are perfect for the summer and this next idea shows how to wear a bright manicure in style! Each nail is painted a different vibrant color and each one has a holographic effect. One nail also has a unicorn horn design too. It is a very unique nail idea and you can recreate a similar look with any colors and with or without the holographic effect.

White Designer Nails For Your Inner Unicorn

These nails are worn long and pointed for a dramatic effect. The use of white on white is subtle however and makes these nails extra pretty. Plain white pearlescent nail color is painted on first. One nail has a coat of white glitter. The first fingernail is molded into a spectacular unicorn horn.

Bright Rainbow And Unicorn Nail Art

This adorable unicorn nail design features the best of hand-painted nail art. Done in vivid pastels this design is accented by stars in gold glitter polish. The sweetest feature of this unique design is the unicorn face with the closed eyes and blushing cheeks. This design would be great for a child a teen or anyone with a youthful sense of style.

Lavender Glitter Art And Swirl Design

These unique nails use sculpted overlays for the flowers and unicorn as well as for the horns. The unicorn is especially well done with an almost D look. The flowers bloom all over one nail in various pastel colors. The other nails are done in a soft lavender glitter.

Nude And Rainbow Ombre

Looking for a subtler design? This idea could be perfect. Here we have nude nails with rainbow ombre. This is more low-key than some of the bolder unicorn looks but with this you can have the fun and colorful design without being too over the top. A design like this will suit all nail lengths and shapes.

Gorgeous Crystals and Unicorn Horn

These pale pink pointed nails have a lovely curve of sparkling crystals. The smallest nail is shaped into a unicorn horn with a pearlescent finish. These nails are perhaps not the most practical for daily wear but you will feel so magical they are worth a little inconvenience.

Iridescent And Glitter Unicorn Inspired Nails

Next we have another unicorn inspired idea. For this all the nails have a different nail design. Some are glitter while others are chrome and iridescent. There are also some vibrant glossy nails too. This is an amazing manicure and you can recreate the whole look or just your favorite designs.

Pink Ombré and Holographic Unicorn Horn

This long nail design has a subtle pink and white ombré color. The nails on the ring fingers are sculpted into unicorn horns and are then painted as pink holographic nails. Metallic powder is also used to give the nails extra shine and dimension. Any nail addict would love these.

Unicorn Chrome Nails

Chrome can be used to create gorgeous unicorn nails. Don’t just take our word for it check out this manicure! The nails are a purple and blue tone chrome with a bright white chrome accent nail. There are also some added gems that really jazz up the finished look. Recreate with similar colors and gems or use different magical colors to create your own unique design.

Magical Shimmery Nails

You don’t have to go over the top with your unicorn nails maybe try a pretty and shimmery look like this one. The shorter nails have been painted in a light sparkling purple. This is a simple but magical look. Nail colors like this one will suit everyone and it will look beautiful on any nail length and shape.

Long Stiletto Unicorn Nails Next we have vibrant glitter nails to show you! These nails are jelly nails and each nail is a different color. The colors include pink blue yellow and green tones. There are also glittering shards under each color too. Nails like these are perfect for the ladies who like bold nails that make a statement.

Pastel Watercolor Rainbow With Unicorn Art

This easy nail art design combines the fresh beauty of a watercolor nail with an adorable unicorn. It would look great on natural nails. This design would not be difficult to accomplish at home though the watercolor might take some practice to get right. The unicorn design itself would be simple to paint.

Bright Pink Unicorn Design

Next we have a bright nail design. All of the nails are painted in vibrant pink and purple shades and most of them are decorated too. One nail is painted to look like a unicorn horn the next one is embellished with gems and the last nail has a pretty unicorn design. This is fun and colorful nail idea that will be perfect for the summer.

Baby Pink With Unicorn Accent Nail This sweetly natural nail design would look great on anyone. The nails are done in a soft glossy baby pink. On one white accent nail an adorable unicorn face is painted in pink black and gold glitter. These nails are a subtle and classy way to show your unicorn love without being too elaborate to wear every day.

Silver Unicorn Horns with Bejeweled Accents

This nail art design combines different manicure types for an exciting new look. Four of the nails are done in a subtle ombré effect going from lavender to blue. Two of the ombré nails also have jewels applied. Two of the nails have a rich look with large pieces of glitter. Two of the nails are fabulously sculpted unicorn horns.

Holographic Lavender Nails with a Magical Horn

These nails have contrasting tips. Most of them are long and squared off. They are highlighted by a swirling white unicorn horn on the ring finger that is sculpted for realism. The nails are covered with a lavender holographic nail polish lightly dusted with metallic nail powder for an extra dimension of shine.

Cute Unicorn Nail Art Idea

Our next idea features cute unicorn art. The nails are light pink ombre with a unicorn accent nail. There are also snowflakes on the nails too. Create the snowflake look for the holiday season and without it for the rest of the year. It is a pretty look that will suit anyone.

Fun Unicorn Nail Art

Our next idea is super cute! The nails are white and shimmery with one accent nail. On the accent nail there is a unicorn dancing. This is such a funny idea and it gives the nails a unique look. You can create nails just like these or maybe try and design a unicorn in a different fun pose.

Purple Unicorn Chrome Nails

. The colors used on these nails are beautiful enchanting and magical. Nails that use chrome like this can be left simple and stylish like featured or you can add some sparkly rhinestones. Glitter would also look stunning!

Glam Glitter Unicorn Nails

Bring glitz glam and magic to your nails with our next idea. The nails are an elegant light color with two accent nails. One accent nail has glitter and white stripes and the other nail has a sparkling unicorn. These nails are so cute and will suit any nail length and shape.

Fun Unicorn Nails

Our next idea is fun and super cute. Some nails are pink and some are purple. Two of the nails also feature unicorn nail art too. If you like creating your own nail art then you can hand-paint the unicorn. It will require time and patience but the result is worth it. If you don’t want to paint the unicorn then you can use a stencil but the design will be a little different.

Glittery Iridescent Pastel Polish With Accent Art

These gorgeous glitter iridescent nails are colorful and vibrant. The colors swirl from a soft yellow down to a rich purple. On top of the glittery polish is a little unicorn figure sitting down in the middle of the nail and looking cute and awkward. The contrast between the glossy iridescent finish and the adorable hand painting makes these nails special.

Statement Unicorn Nails

Make a statement with this nail design! The nails are vibrant pink with glitter gems and a beautiful unicorn horn. Nails like these will wow. Create a similar look to this or you can tone it down a little by only choosing a few of the design elements. Maybe try the unicorn horn and pink ombre for a stylish look.

Holographic Nails with Mylar Strips

This long nail design is squared at the tips to make it a little easier to wear. These nails have a blue holographic polish with a pink ombré effect near the base. These nails are also accented with metallic nail powder. These nails have long strips of Mylar embedded in the polish for an extra note of shine.

Statement Making Rainbow Nails

! Here we have long stiletto nails with a vibrant design. The first section of the nail is clear and then each nail has bright nail art that creates a rainbow effect. There are also rhinestones on the nails too. This design uses the fun unique and colorful elements of the unicorn nail trend to create an amazing set of nails.

Pretty Nails With A Unicorn Horn

You can create so many beautiful manicures by using a unicorn horn accent nail. Here we have a super cute example. Some of the nails are a light blue some are a light purple metallic chrome and finally you have the shimmering unicorn horn. You can recreate this look or use different colors and art with a unicorn horn of your choice.

Bright Pastel Rainbow With Unicorn Accent

These simply adorable unicorn nails have bright pastel rainbow stripes. One of the nails has a cloud design with colorful lines coming from it. The middle nail features a simply stylized unicorn with long eyelashes and a pink glitter horn. These nails are so shiny any unicorn would love to wear them.

Magical Unicorn Nail Idea

Next we have a magical unicorn nail idea. For this look the nails are sparkly purple and most of them feature different nail art. Two nails have dangling star charms one has a magic wand with a star and the other nail features a pink and white unicorn. It is a fun and pretty nail design that will suit everyone. Recreate the whole look or just the unicorn nail.

Edgy Unicorn Horn Nails in Black

are a departure from most of the pastel designs we reviewed. These different nail designs start out with a glossy black with large glitter sparkles. A sculpted horn in white decorates one of the nails. The last nail has so many crystals it looks studded. These would be great for any unicorn with an edgy sense of style.

Metallic Nails with Unicorn Designs

This short nail design is in a practical oval shape. They feature a softly pearled metallic surface. The combination of the pearly metallic color and a soft pastel pink makes these nails stand out. Two of the nails have “water drops” made of metallic polish overlaid on pink. An adorable unicorn portrait adorns one of the nails.

Bejeweled Unicorn Nails for You

This sparkly nail design has an allover coat of pastel pink nail color that is almost translucent. Some of the nails are bejeweled with sparkling crystals. The middle finger on one hand has an intricate arrangement of crystals that looks like a magical tiara. Two of the nails are painted with a lovely white glitter.

Peachy Nail Design

If you like stylish manicures then this nail idea could be perfect. One nail is rose gold glitter and the rest have a peachy base. There is also an accent nail with a cute unicorn. We love this because it combines some of the must-have looks which are peachy shade unicorn art and glitter. You can recreate this or you can try the design in a different color.

Glam And Sparkly Nail Idea

Glam up your look with a manicure like this one. Some of the nails are sparkly two nails are decorated with gems and one has a colorful unicorn horn design. This is a beautiful look that would be perfect for a special occasion such as a party. You can recreate the whole mani or just one or two of the nails.

Rainbow Unicorn Nails

If you prefer shorter nails then this next nail idea is perfect for you. Most of the nails are rainbow design and one accent nail has a cute unicorn design. A manicure like this is easy to wear and will look amazing on everyone. You can of course try the design on longer nails too. A unicorn like this can be hand-painted or you can try a different unicorn design and use a stencil.

Cute Unicorn Nail Design

The next nail idea is super cute! Two nails are white with a colorful design which includes a moon and stars. The next two nails are white with pretty unicorn nail art. This is a gorgeous design and it is perfect for the ladies who like to wear fun and colorful nails. Recreate these nails or you can just have the unicorn art on one nail.

Multicolored Neon Rainbow Stiletto Nails

These unique nails shine in neon rainbow colors. The stiletto shape is accented by the bold and pretty colors. A few of these nails have bejeweled areas that make the exciting colors stand out even more. The sculpted unicorn horns are done in a soft rainbow gradient for a beautiful touch.

Stiletto Nail Design

The next nail design we have to show you is very glam! Three of the visible nails feature French ombre nail art and they are decorated with gorgeous gems. The other nail has a stunning iridescent unicorn horn. You can put any design on the thumb but we would choose French ombre. This is another one of our favorites!

Multicolored Rainbow Glitter Ombre

This lovely rainbow glitter ombré nails match their polish color to their glitter color for an extra classy touch. The nails start with hot pink and then go to orange-yellow turquoise and purple. These nails are worn a little longer and look graceful. These are a bright and cheerful choice for any unicorn to wear.

Glittery Unicorn Nails

Our next idea features a gorgeous white unicorn nail design. The nails have been painted with vibrant purple and blue to create a magical galaxy look and there is an accent nail with a white unicorn. This is a fun and vibrant design that will suit anyone that likes their nails to be bold.

Glam D Unicorn Nails

Next we have a very glam idea. Some of the nails have been painted in nude while the others are a vibrant glittery pink. To finish off the look a D gold tone unicorn has been placed onto one of the nails. A gold unicorn like this is stunning and stylish. To create the look yourself you can use a small unicorn bead or charm and stick it onto your nails.

Pastel Pink Iridescent Chrome Polish

These pink chrome nails are stunningly simple and beautiful. A unicorn doesn’t have to be bedazzled to be pretty. A few coats of this super shiny chrome polish are enough to make you stand out in the crowd. This short natural nail design is practical for anyone to wear.

Silver-tipped French Manicure With Unicorn Art This short nail design is an adorable take on a French manicure. Painted in an allover blush pink the nails are accented at the tips with silver chrome polish. Two of the nails have a soft coat of pink glitter. Finally there are two precious unicorn portraits on two of the nails. These feature cute eyelashes a swirling mane and an adorably accented horn and ears.

Rainbow Unicorn Nail Idea

Our next idea is vibrant and unique. Two nails have an ombre design one is sparkly and the next two have colorful rainbow nail art. We love the rainbow unicorn horn because it is stylish and fun. This design is another one that would be great for the summer. Try and recreate the whole manicure or try just the sparkles and unicorn horn that would also look nice.

We hope you have found some beautiful unicorn nails to try!

Undercut fade

What is an undercut haircut for women after all? Well it’s actually a new definition of freedom. These pictures are here to show you that nobody can stop you when you are about to experiment. And you can see with your own eyes that no power in the world can steal our femininity. These haircuts are not as regular as we are used to seeing on women. But who needs to look ordinary? A shaved stripe is your challenge to everyone. Show people that you are proud to be a woman with a good taste and get yourself a faded undercut! It’s so cool to ruin stereotypes it’s time for the style revolution! It can be a messy side undercut with a stripe on the sides or a voluminous undercut with a definite hairline connected with a neat stripe. A little tip for truly daring girls: if your hair if very colorful there’s no way you won’t be noticed. mething that will make men themselves feel envious.

for girls. It seems that nowadays there is nothing impossible about hair design: modern hairstylists never stop surprising us with their creativity. And now we can get ourselves as many hair tattoos as our souls want! It’s even better than regular tattoos. If you’ve always wanted a tattoo but hesitated for some reason listen to your hair: it needs a new design right now! How about a messy mohawk with a hair tattoo all over the sides? Those who are into minimalist style will like the idea of a tiny hair tattoo you see in the second pic. If you are about to go radical combine the most unusual hair color with a tattooed classic undercut to impress everyone around you!

Don’t get upset if you want to get a fade undercut but don’t want to cut your hair short. We know that your hair means the world to you so we’d like to tell you a little secret: there is a medium length undercut for you. This cut is so much popular because we can get it at any hair length so you still have a lot of cute things to do with your medium hair. The more hair you have the more space for experiments there is: you can get yourself a messy mohawk undercut colored in grey shades or adorn your colorful locks with a shaved undercut and a stripe on the side. It’s all up to you! What do you think about bangs? They know how to embellish any haircut and yours won’t be an exception. Oh we nearly forgot. Don’t ever try to find out how to do an undercut for women at home. It’s better to leave such a tedious work up to professionals.

Yes girl it’s never too late for this cut. So once you opt for an undercut you will spend hours staring at your own reflection in the mirror. “Wow!”.That’s the only thing you will be able to say. Of course tattoos won’t hurt: combine the coolest things together to create a stunning hairstyle. Diversify your daily look!

The second reason – picabu – the haircut can always be hidden which will be appropriate for both the business lady in the office and if there is no way to get on time to the salon for renovation. Disconnected undercard is separated from the main haircut by a shaven stripe it conditionally divides one part of the hairstyle from the other. Usually one part is shorter or shaved naked and the other is longer. This method of haircut is suitable for example if you want to focus on hair tattoos.

Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut can afford a girl with any length of hair: short as a pixy medium as a bean or long and layered. Demonstrate the haircut around you can collect long hair in a ponytail space bans or braid short – combed to one side. Hence the third reason is an opportunity to do different hairstyles every day. As the hair grows quickly you can constantly try different designs and colors mixing them with each other. So your haircut will be different all the time and you will not have time to get bored.

From the above options and the fourth reason for the undercard is diversity and creativity. We will help you to choose exactly what you are looking for. A collection of fresh ideas for the undercut waits you further! Such type of haircut like undercard can be combined with a variety of hairstyles and with absolutely any length of hair. In order to demonstrate a trimmed neck on long hair you can collect your hair in a ponytail a bun or you can make a braid long enough for pixies and beans to change the parting.

Textured and Short Undercut with a Beard

d a beard to this classic style for an easy and more balanced appearance. Not only will your face appear elongated but your facial symmetry will be balanced with the benefits of natural contouring from your beard and buzzed sides. Think about the time you’d save by not shaving for a few weeks!

Simple Undercut Shaped Up to Par

What stands out about this particular style of cut is the middle section that is purposefully raised in comparison to the rest of the hair. This adds more volume to the very top of the center part while the sides maintain a relaxed look.

Messy Undercut with Edges Up

Raised edges not only elongate the face but they also go well with a disheveled look. For those who prefer these effortlessly “just woke up” styles this is the way to go.

Side Part Undercut Styles with Facial Hair

Well-groomed facial hair can take any style of hair to the next level because of how flattering it is for any face shape. Although it takes time and effort to maintain facial hair like this the overall aesthetic of this look makes it well worth it.

Side Part Undercut with Designed Skin Fade

This side part haircut is complete with a design on the buzzed sides marking the skin fade section by section as it fades lighter. This accentuates the geometry of the overall style of cut for the hair and gives a cool haircut with a minimalist finished look for anyone who wants to stand out. For those who appreciate and pay attention to details this is a definite hairstyle.

Spike-Line Hair Tattoo

Don’t think that you know better. Not to be disappointed trust your stylist. And when it is about shaving the head it is advisable to opt for baby steps rather than go super extreme at once. Then you will truly rock this trendy hairstyle!

Side Part Undercut with Gradient Skin Fade

A lot of customization can be done with the short sides of this particular haircut but the most common style that men prefer to go with is the gradient look where the sides effortlessly fade from a buzz cut to a plain scalp. This transition effect makes for a very cool haircut!

A High Bald Fade Undercut Design

Unlike the other styles this one only focuses on leaving hair at the top of the crown while the sides are completely shaved of any hair. This works best for those who like low maintenance styles of hair and don’t enjoy getting a trim often. By starting off with such short hair you could go months before having to visit the barber again to restore this look because your hair will grow in that way the transition from a short undercut to a medium and then a long one.

Symmetrical Undercut Design for Short Hair

This symmetrical haircut mimics a bowl cut but is so much more chic and refined. Perfect for anyone aiming for a modern and boyish look this style emphasizes symmetry. This haircut works best with shorter length hair.

Clean and Short Undercut Hairstyle

This simple slicked back style works well for shorter hair lengths and gives a clean-cut appearance. The hard parts on either side of the long top portion give asymmetric look for those who prefer evenness. This is one style that will definitely fly in an office or professional environment.

Curly Undercut with an ded Fringe

For those with curly hair this style gives a lot of volume to your hair for a more natural and messy look with minimal effort. You can choose to let the fringe hang low over your forehead for a flattering and risqué look or you can neatly gel it to the side for more formal events where the bad boy look wouldn’t properly fit in. For those with straight hair this look can be achieved with a curling iron but won’t necessarily maintain the messy and natural appeal.

Boys Undercut with a Fringe

This type of style isn’t limited to men because boys can play around with this flattering style of men’s haircuts as well. This particular cut sits flat with a fringe that lies across the forehead which works best with straight hair. It’s a very low maintenance style of hair which is perfect for kids.

Creative And Outstanding Undercut Hairstyle

are also adaptable for undercuts. For this kind of hair the most appropriate way is to shave sides of your head. However in some cases undercuts with ornaments look bomb.

Messy Spikes with a Gradient Skin Fade

These quick and uneven spikes are perfect for those on the go but still prefer to put some effort into styling their hair. Here some effort is defined as a few quick strokes of your fingers through a section of your hair. These disheveled points are quick and undefined adding unkempt volume that will relax into a natural look throughout the day.

Spiked Undercut Hair with Bordered Skin Fade

By styling your center part upwards into an under hawk you can display the skin fade of the sides of your scalp. This is especially worthwhile if you don’t have a typical skin fade but rather one that’s distinctly broken up by borders such as this one. You may want to opt for such carved designs because of how cool they look from the sides!

Medium Length Undercut Hair with a Beard

Pair a medium length style with a beard for a complete look!This is a flattering combination for any face shape.

Undercut Hairstyle With Braid

Best Undercut Hairstyle Ideas

is for women who like their hair to be slightly longer. This haircut looks super classy and elegant. On the other hand you will have some trouble while mastering it plus it isn’t as flexible as other haircuts.

Side Swept Undercut Style with a Shaped Beard

A dramatic side-swept look such as this one is only matched by an equally angular and dramatic beard. While the deep side part adds volume the beard can maintain the asymmetrical balance to give a finished look. However you could choose to forgo the facial hair for an equally flattering look

A Spiked and Messy Undercut with Skin Fade

Another fun way to add volume to this style of hair is with some playful spikes! Forming spikes that will stay up works best for medium length hair. Contrast these spikes with a gradient skin fade for a complete and sporty look that’s ready to awe!

Natural Color Dyed Undercut Hair Ideas for Man

Consider dying the longer center section of your hair another color to tastefully contrast this particular style of hair with the natural color of your buzz cut sides. Whether you achieve this look by bleaching your hair or opting for a darker yet naturally appearing color the contrast of the look will still be there. This is a great choice for those who like to stand out but don’t want to do anything too crazy or permanent.

A Cool and Stylish Pompadour Undercut

This is a hybrid haircut from the two separate yet chic styles of hair. This is the look formed when you mix a classic pompadour with a modern undercut. They meet to form a V shape in the back mimicking a natural hairline. Although this style requires some care to maintain the effort you put in will be well worth it.

Side Swept Fringe Style with Skin Fade

This classic side-swept bangs style with a skin fade is a natural choice for those wanting a more youthful and boyish look.

Combed Back and Simple Undercut Haircut

Instead of stopping at the sides you can opt to have the back of your hair buzzed short as well. Comb back your hair for a layered look that’s even more accentuated at your crown due to the lack of hair everywhere else.

Side Swept Undercut for a Flattering Fringe

With longer hair sides swept fringes to add a flattering look for any face shape. They balance any asymmetry of the face while adding effortless volume to the crown which inevitably elongates and slims the face.

A Textured Undercut with a Contrast Design

Unlike the faded sides look that has a gradient and gradual transition from hair to scalp this style of hair has a clearly contrasted look on the sides. A distinct line marks the differentiation between the shorter hair and buzz cut. This particular style gives off a cool look. People who pay attention to details will be able to appreciate this style of hair.

Messy and Textured Undercut for ded Volume You don’t necessarily need long hair for this haircut to have some lively volume. Even if you choose to go with a short length of hair your ends can be textured for a more layered and voluminous look. This style works especially well for those who are bored of their usual flat and stick straight hair.

Quaffed Pompadour Undercut for Long Hair

This hybrid haircut mixes the classic pompadour haircut with a more modern side cut look to form a trendy look. Not only is this voluminous but also an easy hairstyle and maintain with a jar of hair gel nearby.

Wild Waves Undercut with Scalp Designs

If you’re really looking to stand out incorporate these eccentric waves into your hair to bring it to life. As you work these spikes from front to back in all sorts of directions scalp designs buzzed into your sides will add onto these wild vibes.

Neatly Side Combed Undercut with a Curl

The little curl resulting from this neat side part may be the finishing touch to your desired aesthetic. This high maintenance hairstyle makes a statement about your personality and looks very put together.

Boys Undercut with Clean Cut Sides

Boys interested in this particular haircut can opt for something simple and low maintenance that won’t require regular trims or timely styling techniques to look good. Since kids tend to be lazier regarding these aspects of getting ready this type of haircut would be a practical option for boys interested in getting something different.

Disconnected Undercut Hair with a Beard

When you combine facial hair with this haircut you can choose to disconnect the two factions of hair. By doing so you accentuate the start and end points of your head of hair and facial hair. You can also get creative and make angled borders for a more edgy look.

Hard Part Undercut with Thick Waves

For easy volume these thick waves can be formed from longer length hair. These luscious waves are nicely contrasted by the short sides of this haircut to give off a balanced and flattering look for any face shape.

Short Hairstyle With Shaved Temple

Slicked Back Undercut for Men with a Beard

If you’re a simple man looking for a classic way to style your hair one that you’ll be sure to pull off with little effort then this is it. This particularly classic style is combed back with no fringes attached. If it’s too basic for you then add a well-groomed beard to balance the look!

Messy and Curly Undercut for a Relaxed Look

For those with crazy curls they won’t have to worry about taming them anymore with this relaxed haircut. Their curls will work for them for once instead of against!

David Beckham Haircuts for Men Overall these types of haircuts are sporty. Any soccer fan would love to know that this classic style of hair is sported by David Beckham so looking to him for a haircut idea would be worthwhile. Of course referring your stylist to David Beckham haircuts would work too because he is always on the list of trendy haircuts.

Side Swept and Messy Medium Undercut

This unkempt side part is flattering for all face types and works as one of the best hairstyles for those with medium to long length hair. Not only does it cover for any asymmetry in your facial features but a deep side part automatically adds volume to lifeless tresses. If you’re into that naturally blown out and voluminous look that comes from a deep side part then this is the look for you!

A Long Undercut Slicked Back

If you leave your hair long you can experiment with all sorts of slicked back looks because the longer the hair the more opportunities you have when it comes to styling. Whether you like it plain a simple like this example or you want to try loose waves or tight curls longer lengths are the way to go.

Clean Side Part Undercut for Straight Hair

This well-defined side part is held in place by gel and works best for longer length hairs. It gives off a clean-cut look perfect for more formal occasions. At the same time this look can be relaxed for a more casual day out in the town.

Short Undercut with Connected Facial Hair

By continuing your facial hairline with your sideburns and finally reaching your hairline you achieve a distinct shape for your jawline and cheekbones. Combining facial hair with your head of hair is almost like natural contouring giving you a well-defined face.

Medium Length Undercut Hair for a Subtle Finish

For a subtler look and less dramatic shift in between the sides and center of this style of hair starting with medium length hair and lightly buzzing the sides will achieve the same look without too much of a commitment. If you decide this type of haircut isn’t for you then it won’t take too long for the hair to grow and even out.

Daring And Unbelievably Hair Undercuts

After seeing what you want your hair stylist will be able to suggest a similar variant that will also suit the daily routine and hair texture. Do you have a free hour in the morning or you wish something easier to style?

Men’s Mohawk with Fringed Sides

These fringed sides spice up the classic style of hair and add character to an otherwise typical haircut. However with this particular look you’ll have to move your center part out of the way to show off the flair. If you’re into mohawk hairstyles for men then this style is right up your alley.

Long and Quaffed Trendy Undercut If you love volume then this quaffed head of hair is perfect for you! This style works as one of the best hairstyles for those with longer lengths that can be gelled up to achieve that heightened look when your hair is swept back or to the side. This voluminous look will make you appear taller and will slim your face by making it look more elongated. As a result it’s a flattering style for most face shapes.

Undercut Designs

There are a lot of different designs: masters shave geometric shapes flowers animals abstractions and so on the main thing is to show imagination. Another way to show individuality is to color your undercut in a bright color thus accentuating attention to it. In the warm season use pink green yellow shades in winter – purple blue and black. Free your inner wild cat – make an animal today popular print!

Short Undercut with a Hard Part and Beard

For those who prefer short hairstyles this haircut can be offset by a long facial hair. This contrast plays on the idea of balance and serves to slim and elongate the face in the opposite direction. It works best for those with wider jaws and narrow foreheads who would like a more symmetric and balanced look.

Long Undercut with a Chic Twisted Ponytail

Spice up a basic look by knotting the excess length of the middle portion into a ponytail. It not only looks chic but also shows that you’re willing to be daring with your style and that you take care of your hair. For a more natural look forgo an elastic band and secure the ponytail with a strand of your own hair! This style is especially trending in the metrosexual scene of chic high fashion.

Curly Undercut for a Voluminous and Playful Look

For those with curly hair this particular style of hair may be perfect for that extra texture! Their natural texture can stand out at the top of their head accentuated by the shaved sides and catching attention everywhere.

Long Undercut with a Textured Pompadour

By focusing on lifting the edges of longer hair a textured pompadour can be achieved to give that extra volume to any flat or boring look. .

High and Voluminous Dyed Undercut Design

If you want to stand out opt for a bright color such as blue or purple to dye your hair. Not only will this contrast with your natural hair color sported by your buzzed sides but it will contrast with the crowd as well. To make your hair really pop add a voluminous curl to it. This is perfect for those that are looking for different hairstyles and enjoy standing out against the masses. With this particular style you can also channel your inner artistic freedom.

Messy Undercut Hairstyle with Side Comb Over

For those who prefer the classic “I just woke up” look this deep side part comb overlook is perfect. Quick and easy it comes together to follow a trendy style that works for most people. Best of all the particular style of cut is low-maintenance and virtually effortless.

Long Fringe Undercut for Straight Hair

By layering long hair for this particular cut of hair you can get a curtain fringe look. Not only does this add layers of volume to your hair but also gives off an appealing side-swept look that flatters any face shape. This look will show up best in long straight hair.

Side Swept Undercut

Side Swept is one of the most popular types of undercut haircuts. If you wear a long or short pixie any long bean – then this haircut is for you! Experiment regardless of the length and color of your hair try a new one and you will surely find something that will suit exactly you!

A Dapper and Simple Undercut with a Beard

One way to style hair for an important event is to comb it back with an appropriate gel or healthy oil so that it’s slick and neat. By doing so you can take this modern hairstyle to the next level. d a neatly trimmed beard and you’re the epitome of a dapper gentleman!

Lovely And Beautiful Hair Tattoos

Now let us discuss how you can get better prepared for this new fresh look. First of all pick some photos that you find really beautiful and save them on the smartphone. These photos are for your hair stylist.

Colored Undercut

Also do follow your hair stylist’s advice. A professional stylist is always honest with his or her clients. Therefore if a particular hairstyle is not right for you just make peace with this thought.

Shaved Undercut with Mens Mohawk

Simply lift the edges of the longer strands of your hair to create an easy mohawk! The central area is lifted and accentuated by the shaved sides to accomplish this style. The best part about this faux hawk is how easily it can be brought back down to a classic undercut so its far from permanent and simply one styling option you can utilize from your new and fluid haircut.

Undercut Fade

The undercard fade differs in that it implies a soft transition from shearing to a longer one. Often this technique is used in men’s haircuts but lately undercard fade rightfully takes a firm position in the list of popular women’s haircuts.

Undercut Styles for Natural Hair

This style of hair is very flattering for natural hair which automatically has the volume that can be tamed with the shaved undercut design. As seen here a design can be shaved into the sides of the haircut for a more edgy and creative look. If you’re into customization and personalization then this is the style for you because you can temporarily imprint any pattern or design into your scalp.

Man Bun Undercut Hairstyle for a Modern Look

This already chic contemporary and sleek hairstyle can be upgraded with another trend of the times: the man bun. Elevate this haircut to the next level with your long locks and sport that topknot with pride!

Two toned hairstyle

Pink and Purple Two-Tone

has grown as a popular choice. Pairing it with pink makes a vibrant and fun finished product that is to die for. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Half Updo

your front braids and make a stunning design. The hair that is left down you could sweep to one side.

High Braided Bun

Next we have another amazing bun to show you! This bun sits very high on the head and it is in a stunning color. We love this braided bun as it makes a statement and demands attention. A bun like this is perfect occasions where you want to dress up.

Two Toned Micro Twists

or even when you have your hair down. The distinction between the two colours will look so good.


Front Twisted Hair

for working women. To upgrade the look wear hoops or small-sized earrings.

Black Micro Braids

Look how simple and stunning she looks in this photo. Her braids are not bright or tied up in a detailed bun. She loves her braids and we can see why. Wouldn’t you if you had this hair?

Side-parted Twist Hairstyles

Regardless of the hairstyle side parting always looks neat and settled. It is an everyday casual hairstyle which is mostly preferred by young girls. Senegalese twist with side parting is a low maintenance hairstyle allows free mobility saving time and money both.

Super Long Dark Blue Micro Braids

We love very long braids. Long braids look trendy and will instantly give you a glam look. Here is a gorgeous example. For this hairstyle the micro braids are just long and straight. To jazz up the braids you can add some bright color but we don’t think it needs it the hair is effortlessly chic.

Gorgeous Half-Up Hairstyle

Next we have a gorgeous half-up hairstyle for you. For this idea some of the braids are swept back and create a small updo where some of the braids are styled to almost create a ponytail look. It is an elegant hairstyle that would be beautiful for a special occasion.

Long Micro Braids Style

You will not be disappointed if you opt to have this hairstyle just look at this photo to reassure you. If you’re going for extensions you might as well have long ones!

Pink and Black Two-tone

This playful yet badass hair color combo is a hit. The light pink softness counteracts with the dark black side of the hair almost giving her a good girl/bad girl vibe. Maintaining a clear middle part is essential to achieving this look. While you’ll honestly only have to bleach the one side of your hair it is important to apply each color evenly so that it doesn’t bleed into the other one.

Stacked Senegalese Twists Hairstyles

Nothing looks more stylish then back stacked front twisted Senegalese hair. Designed simply with front hair weaved in multiple rows whereas the back hair is loosely spread. ding beads to the Senegalese twist will make it fancy and highlights the details as well.

Cute Style For Summer

turning. Separate your hair into two sections then braid and loop around. Secure everything with bobby pins.

Braided Micro Braids

Our next braided hairstyle has a boho vibe. The braids are long with two beautiful side braids that meet at the back. This is a pretty hair idea and it would look amazing for the summer vacations and festivals. It is an easy to wear style that will look chic every time.

Burgundy Senegalese Twists Hairstyles

Carrying a single hair color might look boring. Try to highlight it with some bright colors of the same group. Simple burgundy Senegalese twist can be perked up with some ruby red highlights. A little bold color will create beautiful-dimensions to your occurring Senegalese twists hairstyle. The daylight brings out the color beautifully which makes it perfect for beaches and outdoors.


Another more popular two-tone combination is pairing blonde with brown. More often than not you’ll see brown as the base color with blonde at the top giving off a semi-ombre look without the actual “ombre.”

Stunning Micro Braids Updo

as simple as possible without any problems in between. As mentioned make sure you do take your braids out every two – three months or so and when you do decide to braid your hair again try a different style. This will help your hair and head by not causing stress and tension in one area over time.

Blonde and Blue Two-Tone

We love the vibrancy of this color combination and it’s clear to see why. This electric blue stands tall alongside its blonde companion making it pop like never before.

Micro Braids Mohawk Style

This works so well with shaven sides and an electrifying colour such as red or auburn. The shaven sides will help you pin back the main braid. Essentially it’s a main braid made from your tiny micro braids and styled into a Mohawk. Work from the back and pin your main braid to the back of your hair. Rock your Mohawk with style.

Loose Senegalese Twist

Not everyone is comfortable with the dense and compact look of Senegalese twists hairstyle. But that does not mean at all that it cannot be adopted. Try them in loose form this will give a soft and relaxed impression. And it is also an easy to carry Senegalese twist for a fresher.

Pink Ombre Hair

Vigor is the essence of Senegalese twists hairstyles. So go with the flow and play with some bold colors. The deepest tone of red will spice up the look. Some piercings tattoos and metallic jewelry will surely add more style. Thus giving a clear message for the spectators not to mess with someone who has such a peculiar taste.

Micro Braids With A Stylish Scarf

Another way you can style your braids with a scarf. Here is a gorgeous example! These micro braids have been accessorized with a vibrant patterned scarf. By using scarves you can make any hairstyle unique to you. Try something bold like this or a subtler scarf in one color. No matter which scarf you choose you will have a trendsetting look.

Micro Braids Into A Side Braid

is simple and easy to do. You can either continue your main braid all the way down or end it in the middle which looks divine!

Gray Ombre Micro Braids

and nearly everyone wants it or has it! We all know that the gray colour has been trending for a while now and it looks incredible with braids.

Cornrows and twists

on the side. This way you can be sure to have a neat style for weeks in a row without too much hair care.

Honey Blonde and Brown Two-Tone

This adorable two-tone combo is a popular balayage option and can be achieved right at home for the most part. Keeping your curly hair healthy once it has been bleached is very important if you want your colors to remain vibrant.

Simple Black Braids

You can at least enjoy the finished result without doing anything more to your hair. It’s a classic look and looks flawless.

Deep Red Micro Braids

Look like a Queen with our last braided hairstyle. These micro braids are long and sleek. The color used is just stunning. These braids have regal look to them and are perfect for the times when you want to look glam and feel fabulous!

of The Best Senegalese Twist Hairstyles you are missing out on a lot of fun and volume. There are various hair extensions available on the market today it’s up to you to choose how to braid or twist it. Senegalese twists look amazing on dark-skinned girls but can also be used on any type of hair. Depending on how thick or thin your mane is you can choose suitable hair extensions to make your image as bright exciting and vibrant as you wish.

Night Out Twist Style

To look appealing is every woman’s desire especially when partying with friends. Use some basic tricks to make your night out apparel look great like customizing your outfit using appropriate accessories for your hair twists and by carrying a suitable prop.

Lavender and Black Hair Halves

takes one half of your head the classy black should be on the other side making a perfect balance. Try it on long hair the results will be perfect.

Micro Braids With A Pop Of Color

Are you feeling bold? d a splash of blonde colour to your braids. This sets your braids alive and will complement any outfit.

Jumbled Up Twists Hairstyles

Whether you’re headed to a shopping spree with your girls or perhaps attending a formal gathering with your mates these jumbled-up twists will certainly glam you up for the night. The Senegalese jumbo twists will add a weighty and voluminous touch to your overall look.

Simple Middle-parted Twist

One of the easiest ways of contouring your face is to let the front-hair frame it. The long lengths will hug the face and make it appear slimmer while middle-parting ensures an equal amount of hair twists on both sides of the face. It is suitable for all age groups.

Casual And Chic Bun

If you love bun hairstyles you will like our next idea. Here we have a casual and chic bun. As you can see the braids have been styled high on the head. This is a beautiful hair idea and it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. It will really show off your earrings too!

Twists with Heavy Beads

ding a jumbo wooden-bead to the twisted Senegalese hairstyle is a popular way of ending it up. Such a hairstyle can be spotted even from a distance in a crowd. The use of wooden beads brings about an enigmatic impression. The rhythmic movement creates soft music which is also a of happiness and joy.

Bow Bun

and tie them in a bun. A voluminous bun will be like a huge hairball on your head. It is an extremely voguish hairstyle which can be practiced casually as well as formally. The typical ramp hairdo can make you enjoy high fashion even in your comfort zone.

A simple braid

on one side can make your overall image soft and attractive. If you try to make your hair look less voluminous then you’ll achieve a more delicate and romantic appearance.

White and Purple

Twisted Ponytail Hairstyles

Didn’t get an appointment from your hairstylist? Don’t know what to do with your twisted hair for the upcoming occasion? No need to worry! Just tie up your twist real high and let the lengths fall on your face. It will surely get along with your festive outfit. Pair it up with some fancy jewelry and subtle makeup and you are good to go.

Runaround braid

Senegalese twists are a wonderful opportunity to make voluminous styles you were unable to create before. Using large strands to make braids will result in a neat and attractive image. Difference Between Senegalese Twists and Box Braids

and Brown Tapered Two-Tone

This women’s tapered haircut rocks a two-tone so effortlessly as the top is bleached blonde while the remainder of the hair is left brown. This gives the style an almost naturally occurring blondeness that is seen among brunettes who spend a decent amount of time in the sun.

Super Long Ombre Braids

Give your hair a summery look all year round with our next idea. This hairstyle features long micro braids with ombre color. The hair has also been accessorized with a cute hat. Hair like this is perfect for the summer seasons or to brighten up your look during the winter months.

Blonde and Red Two-Tone

looking to spice things up why not try framing the face with some blonde? This red and blonde two-tone color idea will draw attention directly to your face since that’s where the highlight color sits. Not only will this brighten up your look but it will also offer you some great variety in terms of styling.

Micro Braid Bun

Braided hair looks beautiful when put up into a bun. Here we have a bun that sits quite high on the head and the bun looks a little loose instead of very tight. This is an elegant and chic bun that would look very pretty for a special occasion. This look was created with a braided wig and if you like it make sure to check out the

Orange and Black Two-tone

This fiery rusty orange color couples beautifully with its black counterpart. This two-tone fro is definitely one after our own hearts and the overall awesomeness that this look portrays definitely makes this color combo one of our favorites.

Micro Braids Shaved Side

It might just sway you towards the shavers. Toss your hair to one side to show off your unique shaven side and when you get bored just toss it back into a centre parting! If you’re still unsure you can always shave a tiny section smaller than the photo and see what you think.

Braided Updo

This will open the door to a completely new path for lots of different updos like this one. Grab the front section of your hair and implement your own creative style. You can then tie up the back section of your hair and make your style.

White extensions

When using hair extensions to create various braids and twists consider using different colors. White looks the best when coupled with black. So if you are ready for a few synthetic twists give them a try.

Twisted bangs

If you are a fan of braided hair extensions you must have forgotten what bangs look like. Use your hair and your imagination to create bangs using the twists. This Senegalese twist hairstyle is a perfect way to achieve it.

Burgundy beauty

looks amazing on dark-skinned girls. Take the opportunity to change the color of your hair. Sweep the locks up top and create an asymmetrical bun in a shape of a hat to diversify your image.

Black and White Two-Tone

As achieved by this wig this black and white ombre two-tone is a gorgeous combination. Not only does it fade from black to white effortlessly but it’s sleek and chic and can be rocked by women of any age. Hottest Blonde Hair Colors

Braided Ponytail

Another way you can style your braids is in a ponytail. Here is a gorgeous example. The hair has been put into a low ponytail. A low ponytail like this is sleek and chic. You can also choose a higher ponytail too for a trendy look. Either way a ponytail is a cool and relaxed style that you can wear everyday.

White Ombre Micro Braids

Who would have thought by mixing them together you finish with a masterpiece! Team them together to become the fashionable Goddess that you are. Ombre looks fab on all types of hair but to blend with braids really shows off your hair tips and style. The contrast between the white and black hair is incredible and will set any outfit off. Are you ready to strut your super trending ombre and braids? Go for it girl!

Blue and Purple Two-tone

If you love purple hair and want to spice it up a bit add a splash of blue. Making your bangs blue will highlight the vibrancy of the purple and make it pop. Not only that but coupling blues with purples is pretty much second nature.

Beautiful Brown Micro Braids

Another stylish color that you can try is brown. These micro braids are a beautiful brown shade. Hair like this is warm and trendy. Brown tones will suit everyone. It is a great choice for ladies who want to try a new hair color that isn’t too dramatic.

The Trendy Senegalese Twists in

various Senegalese twist hairstyles and pick one that’ll go well with your personality. If you hate your unruly mane and feel tired of cornrows and other braids twists are the way to go. You can easily attach them at home or go to a hair salon for a more complicated style. Many women are trying Senegalese twists right now and coming up with fashionable variations. Why don’t you join them today?

Half-up Half-down Hairstyle

Are you running late for work or going out in a hurry? Half-up and half-down twists hair is a life-saver in such a chaotic situation. Save your valuable time and effort by styling up your twisted hair in an easy manner. Just tie them in half and let the remaining hair loose hanging on your shoulders. You will surely observe admiring gestures on the way to your destination.

Micro Braids Into A Loose High Bun

Instead of wrapping your braids tightly into a high-rise bun wrap them loosely and you’ll end up with this style. Don’t worry about the bun falling out as you already have braids this will help the hairstyle stay put. Trust me this is a secure style that will last all day.

Micro Braids Into A Bun

Bunch your hair together wrap your braids around near your crown and keep doing so until you have a bun. It will be secure and will look fresh throughout the entire day.

Micro Braids Into A High Bun

A classic ballerina style bun is cute and feminine. This is fresh and elegant which will create a sophisticated look. Great for work school going out or even popping to the cinema or shops. You’ll be ready for anything with this style.


Fine Cornrows

Cornrows are the fundamental component of all traditional Afro coiffure. Combining it with Senegalese twists can come up with extraordinary results.

Blonde Micro Braids Updo

Do you want to test this mantra out? Going blonde will enhance your skin tone and your hair so you’ll end up having a total transformation. This is an ideal solution if you want a makeover and want to transform yourself. It’s always good to have a fresh and different style now and again. Who wants to look the same all the time? Blonde hair is striking particularly with braids so what are you waiting for?

Vermillion Twists

Vermillion is not a commonly practiced hair color. The eccentric combination with Senegalese twists makes the color more audacious. This hairstyle is a must-try for the daring and adventurous. It is for those who want to take their style to another level.

Micro Twists Half Updo

Try this updo hairstyle for that wow effect! You can style you hair however you wish but try this style and see how special you feel!

Metallic Blue and Pink Two-Tone

This two-tone style features an ashy metallic blue and a peachy metallic pink color that intertwines so wonderfully. If you’re looking for a majestic color combination then this may just be your best bet.

Thin twists

If you want a more delicate hairstyle and are not afraid of spending several hours making it you can create magnificent thin twists. You’ll need to use smaller sections of hair to do them.

Chic Long Braids

Looking for an easy to wear hairstyle? Then this is for you. These braids are simple and in a straight style. Braids like these are effortlessly beautiful. It is the perfect look for the women who want a chic hairstyle that can be worn from the office to a night out. You can of course add accessories or change up the style but this look is just super pretty.

Burgundy Micro Twists

Release your inner fashionista and go for a lovely warm tone for your braids.

Twists with Weave

Are you looking for some variations in your twisted hairstyles? Simple blonde long extra-long twists are one of the popular tweaks combined with the ancient art. The Goldilocks look is just the right choice for your inner fashionista. Some loud makeup for lips and eyes will pop the look.

Gabrielle Union’S Micro Braids

She is rocking her braids so you can too.

Rectangle Twists Hairstyles

The twists styles give you a fertile ground to showcase your creativity. Numerous designs can emerge by shuffling traditional designs with modern techniques. Simple rectangle sectioning can make a basic twists hairstyle for Senegalese people into extraordinary. Try to combine different techniques to maintain your individuality.

Beautiful buns and braids

Two side braids are the classic hairstyle many girls sport. Your voluminous twists allow you to make formidable braids and leave some locks for making a pretty bun on top. Give it a go!

Caramel Micro Braids

a caramel tone. This will complement your braids and look fantastic.

Double bun

When it comes to making buns with your Senegalese twists allow your imagination to run wild. You can make double or even triple bun with the help of a few elastic bands and pins.

Simple Yet Gorgeous.

Shall I have my micro braids tied back? What about having a high or low-rise bun? Stop for a second girl try having your locks down and going with the flow. It looks simple yet gorgeous so get up and go!

Long Micro Twists

Love the sleek and straight hairstyles? Then this idea is for you. The braids are trendy and easy to wear. It is a beautiful look and you can keep your hair in a natural color or be bold and try a bright shade. Red would look amazing!


Young girls are the main candidates for wearing two tone hair like this one. It looks teenage full of life and it is quite eccentric. One half of your hair should be dyed in teal blue and other in purple. For the great party look make two pigtails and secure them with colorful or neon elastics.

Micro Cornrows Style

will be pinned back having your face in the spotlight. It’s your time to shine!

Different Ways To Style Micro Twists

This photo shows four different ways to style your micro twists so get twisting! You have the choice of having your hair up down or half up. Depending on your plans or event there’s a style for all.

Grey and Green

Green hair never looked better coupled with grey roots that make the color pop without being too harsh. The transition between grey and green is smooth and this two-tone hair color is definitely something to envy.

Dark brown and Grey Two-Tone

gives the hair some badass vibes while the color shows off her personality.

Micro Twists Into A Bun

Here we have another bun idea. This bun is smaller than the one featured earlier and it has a more relaxed look. It is a very cute bun that you could wear anywhere. A bun like this will look beautiful in any color and it will suit everyone.


If you want to play around with your hair color you can create a few highlights. All you have to do is buy differently colored extensions and weave them into a few strands. The number depends on your preferences. Big Twist Braids

Unicorn Twist with Undercut

The emerging hair trends are a result of futuristic evolution in the fashion industry. Unicorn hair is one great example of such developments. looks exceptional with unicorn wist.

Everyday Senegalese Twist

It’s not important to strive for extraordinary all the time. Sometimes a simple look works equally well. It is a light and airy hairstyle which gives a comfortable look. You can even classify everyday Senegalese twist as a decent approach towards minimalism.

Beyonce’S Super Long Micro Braids

As mentioned we know that long braids look remarkable but there’s long hair and there’s extra-long hair. If you have long hair you’ll all know what I mean when I say this. Take a look at B’s hair in this photo extra-long right? It looks fabulous will you go that extra long mile? I’m pretty sure it’ll be a conversation started at any event.

Curly Micro Braids Style

If you’re lucky to have sexy curls you need to show them off to the world. Don’t hide them away let your hair do the talking with this curly micro braid style. Your hair will look healthy and amazing.

How To do Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

inch long otherwise you’ll have trouble attaching the hair extensions. Wash your natural hair with a moisturizing shampoo and follow with a moisturizing conditioner > Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your natural locks. Use detangling cosmetics if needed. > Use a blow dryer to stretch your hair a little before braiding. This way the process will be simplified. > Use a small amount of leave-in conditioner but not too much so the hair doesn’t become too slippery > Separate the hair into neat sections. The size of the sections depends on how big you want your twists to be. > Start attaching the hair extensions at the nape of your neck. > Take one section and separate it into two same-sized sections. > Coil each section of the extensions over the two section of your hair about one inch down from the base. > Join the two sections to create a twist. > Repeat the same process until all the sections are done. > Dip the ends of the extensions into boiling water so they fuse and don’t unravel. > Watch the below video tutorial to clarify how to prepare and install Senegalese twists.

Copper Ombre

It is very appropriate for workwear as well so you don’t need to worry about the dress code. This copper shade is excellent for women with colder skin tone.

Trendy Long Micro Braids

Next we have trendy micro braid look to share with you. The braids are long and braided beautifully straight. This hairstyle has been finished off with a gorgeous hat. As you can see a hat is a stylish accessory to add to your look. Choose a hat like this in the summer and a warmer one for the winter.

Top Knotted bun

A knotted bun is one of the most popular hairstyles that women do with their Senegalese twists. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the volume. The bigger the bun the more impressive it looks.

Easy Half Updo Style

Grab a few braids from either side and tie it in a loose hairband. You could even wrap a few braids around to act as a hairband.

Curly Micro Braids

Our next idea is curly and chic! Here we have micro braids that are beautifully curled. As you can see the curls give the braided style a completely different look. This hairstyle is amazing and will instantly make you look stylish. Try curly braids in blonde like featured or opt for a different color.

Micro Braids Ponytail

Next we have beautiful micro braids that have been styled in different ways. These stylish braids have been left loose put into a bun and worn as a ponytail. This shows off how versatile braids can be. All the hairstyles will suit everyone and will always look gorgeous.

Red Micro Braids

Teaming red hair with braids looks super sexy and super vibrant. Having your hair up or down will draw attention to your hairstyle as this colour stands out from the crowd. Going for such a lively colour complements your braids. Be ready for that extra attention you’ll receive once you leave your hair salon! You will feel like a local celebrity.

Micro Twists With Shaved Sides

you can have the shaven look as well as having long locks. Be creative and bold and shave your sides.

Micro Twists = Cute Protective Style

Maybe you’re working or going to the gym to exercise. These times you need to ensure you don’t damage your hair so having an updo will ensure this doesn’t happen.

Amazing Braided Updo

Even though this style looks hard and complex don’t be fooled and scared to try it. Once you do you’ll see that it’s not as hard as what it looks and you’ll be so glad you did it. Look at the outcome you could have. If you practice you’ll become an expert and you’ll probably be styling your friends hair too!

Cute Mini Braids Style

It looks super girly and super fresh. As you can see on this photo she’s got a relaxed and casual vibe going on but yet she looks sensational. This looks effortless and stunning.

Red Twists with Graphic Undercut

To transform your traditional Senegalese twists hairstyle play with some color and designs. Red-colored Senegalese twist looks truly stunning. A bold graphic undercut design on the nape area makes them groovier and happening. Tie them up in a ponytail preferably high and show your wild side to the world.

Asymmetrical styles

Flaunting your Senegalese twist hairstyle is easy. Sweep all your hair to one side and create several knots. No matter how you decide to arrange it the hair will look truly stunning and attractive.

with Senegalese Twists

twist in a Mohawk just above your crown area.

Different Ways To Style Your Micro Braids

different ideas. Hair up hair down even a braid for your micro braids how cool is that? They all look fabulous!

Micro Senegalese Twists Updo

there. Make your hair look and feel this pretty. Having two-tone hair really sets the twists off and instantly attracts a warm glow.

Super High Bun

It is a universal fact that hairstyles can alter your physical appearance. A high bun will make you appear taller. So if you intend to add some height to your physique then try this double knotted super high Senegalese twist bun. It will instantly add height which will help to boost your confidence.

Pink and Blonde

This pink and blonde two-toned hair color is beautifully done. The front has been colored pink and has some blonde intermittently throughout. Blonde Highlights on Dark Brown Red Hair

Burgundy Micro Braids

Deep red also known as burgundy is an in-between a red and a purple and looks rich in colour. This will set off your stunning braids and enhance your hairstyle whether you choose to wear your hair up or down.

Pink and Blue Two-Tone

Harley Quinn was getting a lot of play last year thanks to the new Marvel movie. Many women opted for this pink and blue two-tone in order to pay homage to the character.

Long Ombre Micro Braids

You can jazz up your braids by adding ombre. Ombre is not only stylish but it is a great option for ladies who want to try a new color or add color to their hair without being too bold. These ombre braids are the perfect example. The light warm blonde shade is trendy and will suit everyone. Ombre works best on long braids.

Zoe Kravitz’S Micro Braids

Braids went crazy when Zoe Kravitz was rocking them now they are back. This is such a simple chic and stunning style.

Senegalese Twist Quiff Chignon

Who says that you can not create classic vintage hairstyles with Senegalese twists? A quiff chignon created by Senegalese twist is a perfect example of such a distinctive fusion. It is a perfect choice for formal evenings and occasions. Even brides can carry this updo to dazzle their big day.

Jumbo Twists

To style your Senegalese jumbo twists hairstyles let them fall on one side. It will allow maximum control on your heavily weaved twists. Wrapping the thick braids with golden beads will make them look fancy!

Blonde Bang Two-Tone

with only a fraction of the effort then try just bleaching your bang. Not only will this draw attention to your face but it will give you that two-tone look without you having to bleach a large portion of your hair in order to achieve it. Mahogany Brown Hair Colors

Micro Cornrows Style

This is very popular with many celebrities and they look breath taking. You can always add beads to the ends for a summer vibe. This is a great look for the beach and music festivals.

Hot Pink Hairstyle

Teal and pink make an amazing combination. It is great to try this combo when picking your next outfit. But what about the hair? Teal and pink can make your two-color hair appear even more interesting than anything else. You can curl your bangs as well as the rest of your hair to get an amazing festival look.

Two Tone Orange Hairstyle

Orange hair dye is definitely something we don’t see every day. However this girl was brave enough to try it. Not only that she decided to go for two tone hairstyles. Her fringes are made to go at sides and they are dyed in platinum white. The rest of her hair is orange and styled with beautiful large curls.

Micro Braids Gorgeous Curls

You don’t have to braid your entire head but majority of people do so why don’t you think outside the box and just braid the front section. If you have no patience this is probably the best option for you. Then you don’t have to sit down for hours. You can then create your own unique micro braid style with your natural curls.

Grey and White Two-Tone

If you’re a big fan of grey hair why not take it a step further by incorporating a block of white in there? This two-tone grey color is also great for women who are going grey but want a different option in terms of color choices that won’t leave them looking “elderly.” Beautiful Poetic Justice Braids for Women

Black and Blue Two-Tone

This dreamy blue sits like a beautiful puff cloud over her head. The combination of this vibrant blue with her black/dark brown hair is definitely jaw dropping as it compliments her skin tone and is far from overbearing.

Heart Bun Updo

It’s very detailed and intricate. Be aware for this style you may need some practice. Probably best you get your friend to style your hair. It’s hard to do yourself as it’s all facing the back. To generate the heart shape bun it will be easy to grab all the braids together but the harder part will be to show it’s a heart and not just a detailed bun. Good luck!

Classic Twist Updo

Even the most vulnerable of Senegalese style twist will look decent in a classy updo. The one-sided quiff blended with a low bun looks ravishing when carried with an evening gown. A little headpiece made of rhinestones will dazzle the look. Save it up for your special occasion and feel like a queen.

Dark Grey and Black

Dark black roots coupled with this dark blue grey is totally chic and beautifully done. Not only does this two-tone color combo look good on women of any age but its timelessness also looks good in pretty much any style.

Copper Braids

If you are looking for a stylish braid color this idea could be for you. These micro braids are a warm coppery tone. Copper is a trendy color and it will suit any season. You can choose a similar color to this or go for a brighter shade. Copper will look amazing on all braid types and lengths.

Are Senegalese Twists Healthy For My Hair?

Whenever you comb brush and style your hair you inadvertently damage it. Senegalese twists help you avoid touching your hair too much which means you will allow it to grow long and healthy. Many women report that Senegalese twists made their own hair grow much faster than before. The best part about the Senegalese twists is that your hair always looks neat and styled so you don’t have to spend too much time caring for your own locks.

Long Ombre Braids

If you like the ombre ideas this next hairstyle is for you. Here we have long micro braids with a chic ombre. This look is subtler than the blonde style we featured earlier. It shows that the hair does not have to be vibrant to create a stunning ombre look. Ombre like this will look great on shorter hair too.

Blonde Brown Style

To make your braids stand out mix blonde and brown together to highlight your striking hair. This is the perfect combination and I can guarantee all your friends will be copying you within the next few weeks.

Half Braid

Perhaps this is the most delicate version of Senegalese twists styles. Finely twisted hair dyed in pastel colors looks fabulous. To enjoy a more intricate version of this exquisite hairstyle make a loose half braid leaving a few strands swinging on the sides.

Senegalese twists hairstyles can help you always look your best no matter how lazy you are feeling in the morning. We hope the above options gave you an idea of how many different ways to style your amazing twists.

Two braids hair

Two Cornrows With Stylish Braided Pattern

long side braids with small patterned braids in-between. The pattern used is so intricate and beautiful. You can recreate this style or you can use your own braided design. A hairstyle like this would look awesome with accessories too.

Two Braid Bun with Cornrows

are always in trend but when these are combined with two braids with a man bun then it enhances the charm of your overall personality. You can blonde the two braids as shown in the image below for a more striking look. These types of braids are also known as Dutch braids. In this two braid man bun for men two small braids can be made beside the two Dutch braids. The sides and back are shaved giving the look of an undercut or high fades. Versatile Man Bun Braids Hairstyles

Purple Fishtail Braids

Earlier we featured pastel braids. If you loved that hairstyle then you may like this one too. This hair idea has a similar look with the loose fishtail braids but these are shorter and the hair color is purple. It just shows how versatile braids like these can be. A hairstyle like this unique and make you stand out from the crowd.

Corset Braids

creating a corset look. There are a few ways that you can create these braids. You can use ribbons bobby pins or hair like featured to create the ties. There are tutorials online to help you try the hairstyle yourself.

Pretty Braided Style

Our next idea features more double braids with a pattern in-between. Here we have two long braids that have smaller accessorized braids in the middle. It is such a trendy idea. You can recreate this look or you can try your own pattern. We think this idea is awesome because when you add a braided pattern it makes the hairstyle unique to you.

Cute Fishtail Braids

Our next idea features more fishtail braids. We love these braids because they are so versatile and can be styled in many ways. This look features two high fishtail braids that have been pulled loose. By pulling your braids a little it creates a textured look and makes them appear bigger. You can view tutorials online to see how to create similar fishtail braids.

Two Pull-Through Braids

Need a new way to style your braids? Then you need to check this hairstyle out. The hair features two pull-through braids – a pretty and creative idea to get your hair off your face in summer weather. Tutorial for this style is down below. These braids are not as hard as they look we promise.

Twisted Two Braids with a Top Man Bun

sides and back in the given image below. The top is divided into two sections leaving a clean straight central line. for an advanced masculine look. The sharp sideburns give an edgy look.

Loose Double Braids

A lot of these hair ideas have featured tight braids but this next one has beautiful loose braids. Here we have two French braids that have been pulled loose and near the ends of the hair the braids meet. It is a glam set of braids that would look amazing with accessories. You could jazz up these braids with pearls or flowers for a wedding.

Braid Man Bun

and love the dreadlocks. The sides are high taper fade and the top long hairs are parted into two sections from the center. After that these two dreadlocks sections are turned into two modish braids. These two braids are then tied into a bun at the back of the head.

Two Big Braids With Hair Cuffs

cornrows with two small braids on each side. These small braids have been accessorized with gold hair cuffs. It is such a stylish idea and you can recreate with gold or silver cuffs. You can also try to recreate the look with just one side braid.

Two Dutch Braids With Curly Ends

Our next idea features big double Dutch braids. These start as the classic Dutch braids but half of the hair is left curly and loose. It is a unique and creative idea that is perfect for someone who wants to try something new.

Trendy Cornrows

Need a trendy new look? Then this hairstyle is for you. Here we have two long cornrow braids. As you can see it is a simple style but it really makes an impact. It is an edgy and cool look that will suit everyone. Recreate these braids or you can try shorter ones too. We think these braids would look awesome in a different color too maybe red.

Man Bun

. The sides and back of the head are kept very short which makes the man bun braids more prominent.

Double Braids With Stylish Small Braids

You can jazz up your double braid hairstyle by adding smaller braids. Here we have two sleek long braids that have been styled with one small braid there is probably one on each side. It is a simple but super stylish look. We think a hairstyle like this would look amazing with some accessories like beads or hair cuffs.

Bold Red Braids

The last hairstyle we have to show you features bold red braids. It is a simple two braid style but the red color really makes a statement. This is trendy look that is perfect for anyone who wants hair that stands out. You can try this red shade or a different funky color of your choice.

We hope you have been inspired by our two braid hairstyles!

Two Boxer Braids

Braids are a great choice for the summer and for vacations. The hairstyles look great and will also keep you cool in the hot weather as the hair will be neatly tied up. Here is a gorgeous braid idea these are beautiful feed in braids also known as boxer braids. It is a simple and super stylish look that will be perfect for the beach. We love this hairstyle!


An undercut is itself a modern hairstyle. When you combine this undercut with two stylish braids and bun then it changes the overall look whole haircut. You can apply pomade or any other good quality styling product for a shiny glossy look. inches for a semi bun.

Two braids hair

Two Feed In Braids

We would like to begin our list of the best two braid hairstyles with this trendy red and black look. The hair is a beautiful blend of black and dark red with two long braids. There is also a center braid that has been accessorized with gold rings. It is a statement look and is perfect for the ladies who want a bold hairstyle. You can recreate with or without the accessories.

Two French Braids

side braids and black hair ties have been added about half way on the braids. It is a simple way to accessorize but it just makes the hairstyle unique. Use black hair ties for an elegant look or choose bright and colorful ones for a bolder hairstyle.

Feed In Cornrow Braids

cornrow braids that have been braided on an angle. As you can see it is a simple style but it does make a trendy statement. You can change the angle on any braid type to create a similar look.

Two Braids With Curly Weave

side braids and then halfway the hair is left loose and curly. It is a stunning and elegant hair idea. You could wear this style anywhere but it is a great braided look for a special occasion.

Long Cornrows

Looking for a trendy and easy to wear style? Then this is for you. Here we have cornrow braids that are long and simple. It is a hairstyle that looks effortlessly cool. From day to night this braided style will keep you looking stylish. You can recreate the long braids or try shorter ones.

Two Big Fishtail Braids

Want to completely transform your look with a new hairstyle and color? Then this is for you! For this idea the hair has been dyed with multiple pastel colors. Then the hair has been put into a double fishtail braid style. The braids are quite loose but there is a section in the middle that is tight. This look reminds us of a princess! Recreate the whole style or try the braids in your own hair color. Braids like these will take practice but it will be worth it.

Cornrow Braids With A Center Braid

Next we have a statement making hairstyle. For this look the hair has been styled into two side braids with an accessorized center braid. There are also smaller braids too and the ones near the center braid have trendy triangle partings. This is such a creative and unique style. It is perfect for the ladies who like to stand out from the crowd.

Two Braids Into A Braided Bun

If you need a hairstyle for a special occasion like a wedding or the prom then check out this next look. The hair has been beautifully braided into two side braids that meet in a low bun. It has also been accessorized. You can try a similar hairstyle with any accessories pearls or gems would be pretty. Also to make the updo less formal you can leave the accessories out for a simpler look.

Dutch Fishtail Braids

Our next idea is unique and stylish. Instead of all the hair being braided the braid only goes about halfway and then the hair is left loose. This half braid creates such a trendy look. You can try this style with fishtail braids like featured or you can use a different braid of your choice.

Two Dutch Braids

Next we have another cute hairstyle to share with you. The braids are very big and have been styled to create a Dutch braid look. It is a stylish idea and it is great for the ladies who want to try something new.

Twisting weave


Fancy some edgy and contemporary twist hairstyle? Then the beautiful and curved twisted mohawk is perfect to lit up your street! These weave hairstyles with twisted hair come in a naturally dark to a bright flash of color that fits nicely into this style.

Shoulder Length Twists

beautified with new top bun remains one of the best twist with weave hairstyles for women. A few added accessories alongside the top bun gives a better fab appearance.

Twisted Bun Life

incorporate several designs that are perfect for glamming events especially when you desire to appear your best.

Senegalese Twists

This twist hairstyles with a weave are long and free-flowing. The medium twists are lovely and come with a smooth and gassy feeling. The twist with a weave is just begging to be whipped backward and forward. It’s sophistication and styling techniques used in creating this look are second to none. As amongst the top hairstyles customizations are available for a wide range of colors and shades.


Although complicated at the beginning the flat twist with weave that is a quick choice to last for days if done right. Attractive light and super protective new flowers or a few other hair accessories can further spice up your twisted hair look.

Flat Twist Updo

There are several techniques to styling these twist weave hairstyles. You can make this twisted hair look if you like it. It’s endless in the ways you can elect to rock these hairstyles.

Pink Curly Hair

One easy technique to spicing up twist weave hairstyles for natural hair is adding a bit of color. This hairstyle can easily add extra weave extensions into various shades. It makes an impact and once you get bored with them you can replace them with another color.


are amongst the best twist with weave hairstyles that offer protective styling. It applies a great sophistication in design that can still be hauled back whenever needed. You may want to add more fun colors to match your creativity.

Marley Twist Out

that makes these hairstyles top. One of its most prominent features is its protective styling. The weave offers some designs and styles that can last for several days.

Twisted Ponytail Style

. Using a soft protective material would guarantee the twist with weave would not pull any hair or cause frizzing.

Twisting Out

Once twist-in is complete the twist-out of these twisted short hairstyles can offer another haircut entirely making the twisting out sassy amongst the most versatile twisted weave hairstyles of this era. You may be required to try several styling options but once you find the one you love the rest becomes fun. These twist weave hairstyles provide women the much-needed break from some harmful styling practices. You can attain more elegance and versatility with these twist with weave hairdo. So irrespective of your desires as a woman let these hairstyles get you covered and stylish. Tucked in Coil Wear a stitch band and twist your hair then tuck the twisted hair inside your stich band like a coil. Romantic Up Do Then you’ll add a modern twist on the forehead towards one side by taking off a section of your curls with the comb. Soxy Bun Soxy bun is one of the fun hairstyles for curly hair. Tie your hair in a soxy bun for a super cute look. Make a high ponytail and roll your hair into the soxy starting from the top and tuck them inside it as you come towards your roots. You should use a soxy that matches your hair color although the girl in the picture has used white one to better explain the method. Braided Chignon Side part your hair and tease them on the top and make a side braid leaving a few strands on both sides. Now coil the braid like a chignon and secure it with bobby pins. Braided Half Up Do

Comb your hair center part and make a few sections on each side. Now make braids with each section and then tuck each braid in one another and secure with bobby pins. Twist and Pin Up Do It’s really easy and simple but there is a technique to it. You should use very good quality pins and the key is not to overload pins with hair like if you tuck in too much hair in a single pin the pin will be likely to reverse and fall out of your hair. Catch only a few strands of hair with each pin so it will connect the twists with one another turning the hairstyle look gorgeous. Boho Braid

Center part your hair till the nape of your neck. Now start braiding your hair along the temples and join the braids when you reach the hairline on the back of neck. Secure it with an elastic band and you’re done. Braided hairstyles for curly hair have to be done tidily. Beaded Headband Up Do Catch your hair like a high ponytail and then wear a fancy headband. Now taking portions of hair from your ponytail pin back hair into the base of the ponytail just like we make flower like bun. Your up do should look like messy so don’t worry for fly-aways at the back. Second Top Knot Make a high ponytail and then twist and coil it like you make a normal bun. Now secure the bun with an elastic band that matches your hair color. You need a holding spray for the finished look. Braid and ponytail Making this hairstyle is very easy for someone who knows how to create waterfall braid. You’ll first create a high ponytail with leaving % of your hair (make a section from one ear to the other. And then make a braid on the top of the crown by taking smaller sections of your hair from the front hairline. Crown Braid Chignon You can easily recreate this hairstyle at home. This is a nice braided hairstyle for curly hair and you can wear it on a wedding also. This is an ideal up do for thick and curly hair because you’ll have to braid and twist your hair to create this chignon.