Taylor Swift Admits She’s ‘Not Ready’ to take This Next Step in Her Relationship Amid ‘Happiness’ With Joe AlwynAramide Tinubu More articles It seems like a dream job to be close to the royal family and to Duchess Meghan Markle particularly. But being the personal assistant to Meghan Markle might not be as exciting as one might imagine. After all, just six months into the marriage of the Duchess of Sussex to the personal assistant of Prince Harry Markle has turned in her resignation and everyone is puzzled. A source close the Palace told the Daily Mail that Markle’s personal assistant, known only as Melissa, “is a tremendously talented person who played a pivotal role in the royal wedding success on May 19.” So why did Melissa bail her job? It comes at a particularly odd time since Markle and Prince Harry expect their first child in the Spring of 2019 and will increase their workforce in the months ahead. It turns out that the solution may not be as straightforward or as beautiful as Markle fans and the British Royal Family might have expected. Meghan Markle Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The Markle fiasco While we admired her beautiful wardrobe and her PDA with Prince Harry, Markle’s induction into the royal family was in fact very messy. Leading up to the May 19 duke and duchess wedding Markle’s paternal family including her father Thomas Markle and half-siblings made their lives and relationships unbearable for the royals. While the former Suits alum was trying to manage a wedding for her new role plan and adapt to major life changes, her family drama was constantly being splashed over the internet and tabloids. According to Express U.K. Melissa “played a pivotal role” in handling the so-called “Markle fiasco.” Maybe the idea of staying on for all the hoopla and drama that will undoubtedly come about as a result of the royal baby is just too much for an overwhelmed Melissa to handle.

The temper of Prince Harry

Jobson says that “Prince Harry was petulant and short-tempered with staff members. Harry will keep on raising his voice from time to time: “What Meghan wants she to get Obviously the Duke of Sussex almost blew a gasket when the duchess was not allowed to wear the tiara of her choice on her wedding day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Scott Barbour / Getty Images A royal source explained, ‘ Meghan had her heart set on this smart tiara and Prince Harry hit the tiara. There was a very heated exchange that caused the Queen to speak to Harry. “Evidently it was impossible to determine the origin of the tiara which is why it was not accepted. Massive changes can be exhausting for anyone particularly with the introduction of a new baby but Melissa apparently didn’t want to stick around for round two. Kensington Palace has denied commenting on the departure of Melissa. But knowing how much Markle has supported women’s rights and we’re confident the duchess will support her former assistant in whatever she wants to do on the heels of her own major career change. What did Prince Harry respond when Meghan Markle was taught to be pregnant?