Top 35+ Men’s Hairstyles For 2019

Fresh Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle

The disconnected undercut is the best choice if you want to have a
stylish top that grabs people’s attention. The sides are shaved close to
baldness; while the top is not cut but styled with gel to a stylish look. You
can also pair this type of haircut with a beard.


Disconnected Undercut



Mid Drop Fade Haircut for Men

Choose a mid fade cut if you want to look cool and casual at the
same time. This haircut can be easily cut if you have slightly longer hair. The
barber will snip the long hair shorter so that it only reach halfway to the
temples. The arc shape in the drop fade hairstyle can add a high school
appearance to a young man.


Mid Fade

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55 Braid Styles for Men

Many men like to wear braids as a way of flaunting their character.
They find braids nice looking when they are experimenting with different types of hairstyles.

It may seem to you that you need to have long hair in order to tie braids. But, this isn’t necessary. The simplest braid hairstyle only requires 2 – 3 inches of hair. The following are a number of creative braid ideas.

1. Short Braided Hair for Black Boys

Image result for Braids for Men with Short Hair men pinterest

Even if you have short hair, it is still possible to tie them
into braids. The best braids style for people with short hair is thin braids.
If you want to have longer braid hairstyle, you will have to wait for your hair
to grow thicker and longer.

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Tom Hardy Haircut styles 2019 – 60+ styles

Here 20+ haircuts Styles if you want to look like Hardy. You can also follow tom hardy on Instagram or Facebook to get updated.

1. Tom Hardy Classic Hairstyle with Tapered Sides

The Classic Tom Hardy Haircut

This is a sleek classic style haircut with tapered sides that Tom Hardy wears when
he was acting in the Inception movie. The side hair is parted with a hairline
and combed to the back making it the most prominent part of the formal

2. Tom Hardy Spiky Hairstyle with Tapered Sides

The Spiked and Tapered Tom Hardy Hairstylev

The long top is styled to spikes and the sides are taper faded. The hairstyle is
accompanied with a messy moustache and beard.

3. Medium Top with High Undercut

High Fade Hot Fashion Hairstyle

This is a high undercut hairstyle with the sides and back completely shaved short.
The only area that has hair is the top which features medium hair that is
finger combed to one side.

4. Mohawk and High Undercut Hairstyle

The Tom Hardy Dapper Hairstyle

The sides and back feature a high undercut style. It leaves only a pile of medium
hair in the middle which looks like mohawk hairstyle. A shaved beard
accompanies the haircut.

5. Tom Hardy Spiky Hairstyle

The Hipster Tom Hardy Haircut

This is a spiky hairstyle with the front comb in a slant manner to one side. A few
strands of hair have been combed out of the top to appear as spikes. It is easy
to style your hair to this sleek haircut.

6. Spiky Tom Hardy Haircut

The Spiky Locks Tom Hardy Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, all the hair is cut short but the sides are cut to even shorter
length. The top has been styled with a product to look like standing spikes.
The messy spiky look adds a wild look.

7. Tom Hardy Hairstyle for Balding Men

The Near Bald Haircut Tom Hardy

The entire head is shaved to near bald. There’ stubble of hair remaining on the
head. The bald hairstyle is designed to outline the shape of his hair.

8. Old Fashioned Gentlemen Hairstyle

The Perfect Gentleman Haircut

Tom Hardy seldom wear this hairstyle in films. However, when he is not acting, he
often keeps this gentlemen hairstyle. The hair is first cut short and then cut
to layer to a messy texture.

Tutorial how to make Taboo Hair

Amazing tutorial how can make it own tom hardy haircut style.

How To Cut Your Hair to Tom Hardy Hairstyle

If you want to look attractive in a Tom Hardy hairstyle, you must instruct your
barber to cut the sides to 0.5 to 0 and the back must be heavy blended.

First Step – The heavy blend allows the top to be parted from the sides. It will make it easy
for the barber to cut the top to a messy texture.

Second Step – To make your hair look polished, you can apply pomade or matte clay.

Third Step – After having a haircut, make sure you take a shower and dry your hair with a

Now, you must check out yourself in the mirror and see if it has messy top and short
sides like Tom Hardy hairstyle.

The following is a list of 20 Tom Hardy hairstyles that will give you a masculine

9. Tom Hardy Short Haircut with Locks

The Tom Hardy Locks Hairstyle

When Tom is having this short haircut, he always likes to style the locks to hang
down on one side on the front. You only need to use your fingers to style the
locks forward. The sides and back are shaved down to stubble length in the

10. Tom Hardy Buzzed Haircut with Faded Sides

The Buzz Cut Mid Part Hairstyle


The entire head of hair is buzzed short with the sides shaved to as short as
possible and the top having slightly longer hair. There is a middle part on the
chin that is without hair. The moustache and beard complement with the haircut.

11. Tom Hardy Brush Forward Hairstyle

Fashion Forward Tom Hardy Hairstyle

Tom always like to promote his latest hairstyle including this hairstyle. A brush
is used to comb the thick hair forward. The hairstyle does not require you to
cut the sides and back. The hairstyle looks great with a beard.

12. Messy Tousled Haircut

The Relaxed and Stylish Haircut

The hair is tousled messily to give a relaxed look. The short sides parted from the
top is combed neatly with some hair coming out of the air to look spiky. The
hairstyle features a soft texture.

13. Short Haircut with Buzzed Sides

Double Buzz Cut Hairstyle

This is a short haircut that features slightly buzzed sides. The medium top falls
down on the forehead as locks. The hairstyle is simple and can add a macho

14. Tom Hardy Spiky Tapered Hairstyle

The Bad Boy Tom Hardy Haircut

Tom Hardy always take on the role of the bad boy in the film and this hairstyle
compliment with his acting role. The crown has been styled to spiky forms to
add some height. The tapered hairstyle offers a carefree look.

15. Comb Over Men Haircut with Spikes

The Spiky Combover Hairstyle

The long top is combed to one side. Some hair is combed up to create some spikes.
There are a beard and moustache that matches with the haircut.

16. Slick Tom Hardy Haircut with Tapered Sides

The Tom Hardy Dapper Hairstyle

The smart hairstyle features tapered sides and the top combed up. A product is used
to slick the front hair up ensuring that no hair falls out.

17. Old School Dapper Haircut

The Serious Old School Hairstyle

The haircut features a messy parting hairline. The top is swept to one side with
hand and the brush is used to gently comb to another side. A well-trimmed beard
compliment with the hairstyle.

18. Buzz Haircut with Parting Line

Buzz Cut With Heavy Parting Hairstyle

The hair is trimmed short and a parting line in the middle is made by a razor. The
sides feature high undercut and a beard that joins the shaved sideburns
compliment with the haircut.

19. Messy Top with Short Sides

The Messy Top Short Sides Hairstyle

The top has been tousled to a messy way. The sides are trimmed short and taper
faded towards the ear. The shaved beard compliments with the hairstyle.

20. Slick Classic Tom Hardy Haircut

The Slick Back Tom Hardy Hairstyle

The hair on top and sides are slicked back using wax or gel. It is a classic
the hairstyle that can offer a masculine look.

Tom with beard…

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