80+ Types of haircuts for males


Wing haircut types for guys

Whether you’re calling haircut caps or flow hair, the result is almost the same. The haircut is medium in length, with flippy hair tending to flow out and up to the sides. Wings relate to the settling of the hair after it has been cut.

The haircut is a dream come true for the easy man. In addition, for males with wealthy hair, it is extremely flattering, regardless of whether it is dense or fine.

Wavy Hairstyle and Taper Hairdo

Wavy locks can easily be highlighted with a tapered hairdo so don’t be scared to blend together these two distinct hairstyles. This traditional African-American got an update when it throws hairstyle into the mix with taper cut and you can take advantage of the consequence.

Undercut Haircut Types for Men

Many modern haircuts are completed with an undercut. The haircut essentially relates to cutting all around a big portion of hair. From that stage, whatever you want, you can choose to cut and style the hair on top.

For example, undercuts are needed in elevated and medium fade haircuts. You can also add your undercut to a fade taper. An undercut can increase the effectiveness of your general hairstyle, regardless of the specifics.

Typical Hairstyle Taper Look

Some males prefer to maintain their hair as short as possible, going for a complete haircut. It’s the perfect choice for those who don’t like long hair during the summer or because taking care of lengthy locks is too much trouble.

Top Knot Haircuts

Finally, these days, the most trendy kinds of lengthy haircuts are top knots for males. While it may be more suitable for younger men, the top knot is at the top of the graphs at the moment.

Wait until your hair grows out before you visit your barber to get one. Then get a complete undercut and bind the top to a knot.

Smooth High Taper Hairdo

Who said retro and modern haircuts didn’t work together well? Just look at this combination of retro hairstyle inspired by s and the taper cut that’s a contemporary hairstyle . Use hair wax to look smooth and retro on those sections. When it comes to styling, it’s nothing complex, but with little or no effort this hairdo definitely looks impressive.

The Simple Taper Cut

The fact that it is suitable for all ages, hairstyles and face forms is what people seem to love most about the taper haircut. So if you’ve got thin hair, it’s certainly the best haircut you should attempt. While rocking a taper haircut, you can also go for a backdoor.

Haircut by Odell Beckham Jr.

International athlete Odell Beckham Jr. He is an enormous champion of taper cut styles and wears a curly fauxhawk that he dyes blonde and copper at times.

Lumberjack Taper Hairstyle

Who would have believed that the lumberjack look promoting facial hair and lengthy hairstyles would also include the taper cut? A smaller hairstyle that is highlighted by a subtle taper haircut can go for the lumberjack look and sport.

High Taper Fade

The taper haircut can be found mostly wherever you think about it, at job, on the streets, at the university. Celebrities, athletes, and trendsetters all had at least once in their lifetime sported a taper haircut. The heavy taper fade is an extravagant option, and to rock such a hairstyle, you need a courageous feeling of fashion.

High Taper Fade

The elevated taper fade haircut seems to be back in town and definitely flatters all the forms of the body. This is called because the razor portion begins much higher with regard to your hairline than with all the other haircut variants.


Did you understand that the signature hairstyle of G-Eazy is a tribute to the greaser age of s? He obviously placed a post-modern spin on it by adding our beloved taper cut. It fits very well with its beautiful, angular characteristics.

Bald Taper Haircut Look

Some people really hate the daily styling of their hair. There are many fantastic alternatives for those men, such as the look of the bald taper haircut. This is our list’s smallest maintenance look.

Textured Taper Cut Styles

There are two distinct methods to add some texture to your short hair. First of all, unique products such as marine salt spray are used. Second, by wearing a haircut deeply layered.


Temp Fade Haircuts

Separate details from exceptional haircuts. In this respect, the perfect way to show off your hairstyle smarts is a temp fade haircut.

With sharp corners, a favorite barbershop, the temp fade or box fade flawlessly contours your hairline. Moreover, to suit the remainder of the haircut, the edges are faded out. Regardless of how the remainder of your hair is trimmed, you can add a temp fade to your hairstyle.

Receiving Hairline Taper Hairstyle

If you want to prevent your receding hairline from being too evident, one great alternative is to go for the taper hairdo. It will seem like your retreating hairline or even the peak of your widow was deliberate in this manner. Here’s a whole article about the peak of the widow.

Taper Hair Styles with tattoo

You can mix a straightforward taper haircut with your favorite hair tattoo design. This look is just incredible and it’s not going to go unnoticed. Think of your design or ask your designer to select one for you.

Taper Fade with Spiky Hair

If you have thin hair or a receding hairline, a straightforward spiky hairstyle can be maintained as long as you choose a fade taper. It will assist you to regenerate your hair more quickly.

Taper Fade with Sideburns

Hairstylists recommend you get a more avant-garde look by styling your sideburns when the taper fade is subtle and easy. Like the taper haircut, sideburns can have some complex designs that capture the attention of people.

Fade Mohawk Taper

Bad kids certainly appreciate Mohawk’s fad taper. It’s a pretentious haircut as it needs continuous trimming and styling, but it makes you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, it’s a great s nod.

Fade Haircuts Taper

Branching from the same fade haircut. The taper fade may be either subtle or dramatic, similar to the regular fade.

The tapering method is what distinguishes the two haircuts. While both styles include a faded transition, a thicker section of cropped hair is also featured in the taper.

Taper CutStyles with Spikes

This look never gets older and it gets better and better just like wine. If you have a brief hairstyle for a cooler look, add a few spiky hair strands. Let the taper fade work its magic and generate the hair volume concept.


Taper Cut Styles with Dreads

The typical taper haircut can be adapted to most fashion styles or professions. One instance is the dreads and who better to show them to us than the child of Will Smith here.

Symmetric Haircut Taper

This bad boy’s haircut is amazing. It is a very brief crop with on one side a difficult portion and over a gelled pebble. Your barber can use a razor to offer you a difficult portion. It’s best if you don’t attempt it on your own at home.

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Slick Back Taper Cut Styles

A slick back may be ideal, or it may be a chaotic affair that looks more casual and debonair like this. Pair it with a mustache handlebar and you end up looking like you’re supposed to be in a Johnny Depp film.

Skin Taper Haircut

Men with triangular-shaped faces should attempt sporting a skin taper haircut as it will flatter their appearance without effort. Just like some prior taper cut styles that were comparable to this one on our list, you’re not going to have a busy timetable to keep it.

Skin Fade Taper Cut

This could readily be your prom hairstyle. It’s a cool and trendy look, but it also has a classic and subtle finish. Think Clark Gable meets Ryan Gosling and you’ll know why your date for this one’s prom will drop.

Simple Haircut Taper and Beard

Sometimes the most impressive of hairstyles. Go for a simple taper haircut and make sure that the beard is trimmed and rasped at a level similar to your haircut. Get prepared to take advantage of a fresh look.

Short Taper Haircut

You can play with brief hairstyles and add texture by tapping. A brief haircut will become greatly more exciting once you add a fashion and style element like the taper to it.

Short Sides Long Top Haircuts

Whatever the distinct kinds of men’s brief haircuts, the majority share a prevalent feature–cropped sides. Short sides of lengthy top hair are the way to go in terms of accessibility, popularity, and adaptability.

The haircut’s name is quite self-explaining. While the hair on top will be held much longer, the sides will be cut down. The haircut for numerous men, young and old, is simple to keep and good-looking.

Short Afro and Taper Haircut

Many black people love to combine a brief hairstyle with a taper haircut. It looks extremely great and neither is it difficult to care for it. It’s a natural hairstyle that will make your curly mane flaunt.

Rasped side haircuts

Consider rasped side hair to take your brief side haircut a step further. You don’t have to shave your hair down to your scalp, but at least the amount of buzz cutting should still be.

A shaved sides haircut appears amazing when combined with a lengthy top. Think about using a quiff for the bottom part to top it all off.

Shape Up Haircuts

For males with shorter hair, shape up can be applied to almost all haircuts. It is based on the same concept of front framing as the fade temp. The primary distinction is that it is not necessarily necessary to fad a shape up.

If you’re interested in brief haircuts, just what you need to make your hairstyle pop might be a shape up. You can keep a straightforward basis and just add the rectangular outline to bring the haircut to life.

Shaggy Men’s Haircut Types

Are you a chill guy who locks longer? One of your final choices should definitely be a shaggy hair. It’s as cool as it can be a haircut, ideal for surfers, skaters, and basically any other type of man.

Although you can determine the length of a shaggy haircut, the hair usually covers the ears and reaches the nape (at least. You can go longer or shorter, but keep in mind that heavy layers will help you achieve the desired results.

Regular Men’s Haircut Types

What better way to get started than a haircut that any man can play? Just what it sounds like is the standard haircut–a smooth, average, brief cut. For centuries, men have been wearing it, and it will probably never go out of fashion.

Also known as the professional, normal or business cut, the regular haircut usually features brief sides and a slightly longer top. You should be able to easily comb the top part on the side. It shouldn’t be so long, though, that the front becomes bangs.

Quiff Haircuts

There is no point in attempting to deny the haircut effect of the quiff. It is readily one of the most sought-after alternatives in terms of contemporary haircuts.

The quiff is as simple as a hairstyle. Close to the head, the sides and back are cropped, while the top holds a few inches. Brush your hair up and to your favorite side when styling.

Haircut types for men

A vintage haircut may look fantastic when performed correctly. For instance, the pompadour haircut will stay important for years to come. It’s as stylish today as it was in the s’s rock and roll prime.

The pompadour will always have a section of hair styled above the forehead in a rounded way, despite its countless differences. However, to maintain your pump in tip-top form, you will need a high-quality styling product–preferably pomade.

Platinum Taper Cut Styles

This season is about extreme colors, particularly blond ones. If the fair is the one you want, you should understand that Arctic, iceberg, platinum, and silver-blonde are all going insane. Do not miss this chance!

Pageboy Haircuts

The pageboy is yet another longitudinal hairstyle. With the mop-top and bowl cut, it shares components, all while standing out as a separate haircut. Although it has reached its peak of popularity among the s and s, today it is still a cool retro haircut.

The pageboy should be considered as an alternative for men with naturally straight hair. If you have wavy or curly hair, the emblematic pageboy contour will need to be straightened.

Mullet Haircuts

The mullet haircut has almost become synonymous with the s. It’s actually not as trendy today as it was back then. However, to maintain up with the times, you can attempt countless contemporary adaptations.

All in all, the longer top and back you can immediately spot a mullet haircut. The sides should be shortened and sliced shorter than the remainder.

Mop-Top Haircuts

As we move towards , we have one of the most iconic kinds of men’s lengthy haircuts–the mop-top. At Beatlemania’s height, with their signature haircuts, numerous fans emulated the Fab Four.

The mop-top, located somewhere between a bowl cut and a shaggy haircut, became a declaration for the rebellious youth of the time. Even today, the mop-top is still a cool haircut for men who want their hair to have some length.

Mohawk Haircuts

You can’t really beat the classic mohawk hair rebelliousness. Although people have been carrying it since ancient times, it is usually connected with punk subculture with the mohawk as we understand it today.

Punk mohawks are clear evidence that you can make a declaration through your hairstyle, whether fanned or in the form of freedom spikes. If you’re against and refuse to adhere to the institution, go for it!

Military Style Haircut Taper

Haircut taper has a poor or intimidating look. It’s no surprise, therefore, that even the army prefers to sport such as low maintenance, powerful haircut. That doesn’t mean that civilians can’t wear it either, though.

Mid Taper Fade

The mid taper fade is best illustrated with an undercut so you can easily combine distinct hairstyles as the findings are simply amazing. Make sure that your beard is also trimmed correctly.

Medium Taper Cut Styles

This is how two very distinct hair lengths can be completely combined. You have a taper fade on one side and a jaw-length bob on the other. We’re also insane about the color of this honey blonde.

Low Taper Fade Look

You can alter your haircut gradually. Go for a fade haircut with a small taper and see how it works for you. You can experiment with a complete taper haircut if you appreciate your fresh look.

Low Fade Haircuts

In contrast, the low fade impact is the reverse. In other words, it gives your hairstyle a discreet yet convincing touch. The small fade focuses on your hair’s lower region.

Your barber will shave around your temples, ears, and above your nape for about an inch or two. It’s the ideal solution for you if you want a taper fade undercut that won’t be too flashy.

Layered Men’s haircut types

Several kinds of men’s haircuts require layering. Any cut with at least / inch of hair can be layered overall.

The outcome is a textured hairstyle that is not only attractive in esthetics, but simple to style as well. Combine brief and long layers within your haircut to create a more drastic impact.

Layered and Taper Hairstyle

Make sure to select the layered look for additional hair density if you want to go for a subtle taper haircut. For both dense and thin hair, it operates perfectly well, taking care of any issues that may occur.

Ivy League haircut types for men

Another haircut from the Ivy League. It’s basically a high-end crew cut, named after the famous universities of the Ivy League. There’s no better haircut for you if you have a preppy aesthetic.

All around the hair is cropped smoothly, while the top remains a little longer so it can be arranged in a combover fashion. Ivy League haircuts tend to have a side component style, but you can brush your hair forward as well.

Hipster Taper Cut Styles

If any hairstyles catch the hipster subculture’s attention, you know they’re going to do something innovative about it. Just look at this wonderful asymmetric cut with lengthy, layered beach waves on one side and a hair tattoo on the other hand.

High Top Fade Haircut Types for Black Men

The high top fade was one of the most popping haircuts in the s. The style blew up after it began rocking after popular rap acts like Kid’n Play or Will Smith. Today, for boys with an old school soul, it stays a nostalgic yet new haircut.

The upper part of the haircut is a large flat top fading on the sides and down. The hairstyle is usually combined with the above temp fade to get a sleek result.

High Haircut Taper

Its versatility is the nice thing about the taper haircut. From any place you want, this sort of haircut can begin from elevated to mid or low taper haircut. It’s up to you all. Your own imagination is the only boundary.

High Fade Haircuts

Now we’re going to break down some of the most prevalent haircut kinds. First, we’ve got the men’s heavy fade haircut. For boys who want a narrow undercut and a longer top, it’s a great option.

Given the size of the fade region, the elevated fade is one of the boldest haircut variants. From the upper parts of the crown and down to the nape, both sides and back are shaven.

High and tight haircuts

The high and tight haircut is certainly a staple for military cuts. As the name indicates, close to the scalp, the sides and back are brushed. Although the length is around / inch, it can be even shorter.

The hair can be between / and / inch for the bottom part. Nevertheless, contemporary adaptations enable more styling length on top. Regardless of how long you choose to leave yours, make sure that the top sides of the crown are not exceeded.

Men’s Haircut Hard Part Types

Many men wear their hair difficult part haircut. The portion is shaven as a row on the scalp, rather than just combing the hair to the side.

If on the same side you always rock a portion, it’s worth considering a difficult portion. You’re going to have your primary style already in location, not to mention that you’re going to benefit from the additional definition.


 French haircut types for men

The French crop comes close to the Caesar cut. It has become a significant trend among young people with a noticeable sense of style as of late. The primary distinction is the length of the bangs between the French crop and the Caesar cut.

French crop haircuts primarily feature bangs reading the center of the forehead. They may even be a little longer in some cases, but without covering the eyebrows.

Flat Top Haircuts

This leads to the usual flat top haircut. The haircut takes its name from the airplane carriers ‘ flat-top flight deck, worn by males with afro-textured and straight hair alike. As such, military haircuts are frequently connected with it.

A leveled surface is the key to pulling off a flat top. Therefore, if you have thin or nice hair, it may be a little harder for you. As a low maintenance haircut, men with thicker looks should opt for the flat top.

Flat Top Fade Hairstyle Taper

Thick hair can be readily manipulated into a flat top and a taper hairstyle to make most people look soft and sleek. For this child of creative flair, taper cut styles are ideal because they enable you to take as many freedoms as you want.

Fine Hair and Taper Cut Styles

If you don’t know what to do with your good hair, go over with a comb and a taper hairstyle. These two together will make your hair sleek and shiny, and you won’t notice its thinning.

Feathered haircut types for guys

Layered haircuts operate as well for males with dense hair as good hair. In the latter category, however, men should adapt the method to suit their hair type. Here’s where the haircut with feather comes in.

You will benefit from extra volume, definition, and texture by incorporating feathered layers into your hairstyle. As a result, your hair will get thicker, no matter how thin it is usually.

Faux Hawk Haircut Types for Guys

However, not every man can afford to wander around every day with a huge mohawk. We have false hawk haircuts for males as an option. The faux hawk, also known as a fohawk, is aimed at recreating a mohawk but with a weaker strategy.

False hawks require shorter hair as compared to traditional mohawks. In addition, they typically feature an undercut on the back of the head instead of a strip of hair.

Fade Taper Haircut

Triple undercut styles and fade taper cut styles are alluring. This look is simple to pull off and is definitely worth the trouble even if it needs continuous maintenance.

Fade haircuts

You may be better off with fade hair for an eye-catching impact. It has a cool, contemporary atmosphere to the fade haircut, not to mention that it comes in different forms. The skillfully performed medium fade haircut above is just one instance.

A fade accompanies another haircut style fundamentally. For example, for the lower part of your haircut, you can choose a fade and any other style for the top.

Emo Haircut Types for Guys

The edgy mullet that emo and scene kids hit in the early years is difficult to forget. If you’re an angsty teen (or still feel like one, have fun exploring emo hair. Emo haircuts can appear in a number of forms, but they all have one aspect in common –long, straight, heavily side-swept bangs. They should start at the highest point on one side and fall over your forehead until you reach the other side.

Elegant Taper Cut Styles

This is elegance at its finest with this short and stacked pompadour combined with a layered taper cut. The five o’clock shadow that stands in lieu of an actual beard makes the whole look seem more casual.


Drop Fade Taper Cut Styles

The drop fade taper haircut is a bit more obvious than the other types, but it certainly looks great on many guys. Try to pair it with a modern pompadour for maximum styling points.

Dreads with Blonde Tips

If you want to achieve a younger look, go for this stylish taper hairdo combined with dreads that have blonde tips. Make sure to stylize a part of your hair and add a hard part that goes all the around so that it can section and highlight the dreads on top.

Disconnected Undercuts

If you’re not that much of a fade guy, you can opt for the disconnected undercut. In essence, it stands out from other undercuts through the lack of connection between the sides and the crown. As a result, you’ll enjoy a higher contrast between the top and bottom areas of your hairstyle. A disconnected undercut looks awesome with a longer top. Nevertheless, you can couple the undercut with a short top too.

Crew Cut Types of Haircuts for Men

Another one of the different types of short haircuts for men who enjoy army crew cut. Out of all the military-specific haircuts, the crew cut is likely the most adaptable for casual wear. Although there are no strict cutting guidelines, the crew cut generally involves a short back and sides taper. The top is also very short, which means that you won’t have to deal with heavy styling.

Cool Low Taper Hairstyle

You can tease the ends at the top to add some volume to your hair and add a tapered hairstyle on the sides. It’s a cool low taper hairstyle look that never goes out of style. Not to mention that the ladies like this look, too. You know what they say –the curls that get the girls.

Contemporary Taper Cut Styles

There’s something irresistible about a very well executed hairstyle. Granted, this one might take you a bit of extra time in the morning, but think of all the compliments you will get and all the cool selfies you will be able to post on Instagram.

Comb Over Taper Hairstyle

The comb-over has been a popular men’s hairstyle for centuries now so why not adopt it to more modern times by adding the taper hairdo to the mix? In fact, we will make quite a bold statement here saying you cannot go wrong with a comb over.

Caesar Cut Haircuts

It can be overwhelming to make a decision among the different types of short haircuts for men out there. If your goal is to look stylish, casual yet edgy all at once, check out the Caesar haircut. Named after Julius Caesar, the haircut comes with super short bangs, trimmed right below the hairline. Aside from that, you’ll also have a high fade or high disconnected undercut

Buzz Cuts

If you don’t have the patience, time or affinity for hairstyling, you’ll surely be interested in the buzz cut. Arguably, it’s the haircut that is easiest to maintain out of all the short options. Even though the buzz cut refers to several super short haircuts, we usually associate it with the form of a butch cut. The overall length is approximate/ inch, or as short as / inch. Your barber can trim the back and sides the same or fade them.

Burst Fade Haircut Types for Black Men

It’s been an enormous haircut in South France since Usher started rocking the burst fade around.

Overall, the haircut has as its centerpiece a broad, cropped beard. From there, each side over and around the ears is tightly faded. As a consequence, it appears from the sides that the fade is bursting.


Burr Cuts

Burr cuts for males are the shortest kinds of haircuts. Another favorite of the military, the burr cut is also called induction cut, i.e. when they start training, the haircut troops get. The style goes as a burr cut as long as the hair on top is less than / inch.

A burr cut shows a big part of the scalp due to the hair’s shortness. It is, therefore, a great option to resist scorching summers. The burr cut is also appropriate for males who want a smooth and easy haircut.

Bowl Cuts

As we move towards lengthy haircut kinds for males, we have a distinctive bowl cut. Although many of us have a hairstyle love-hate connection, the contemporary bowl cut looks crazy cool.

The secret is the undercut if you want to break off a bowl cut without looking like the haircut victim of a mother in the s. Whether it’s tapered, faded or completely trimmed, the entire hairstyle will be pulled together by a well-executed undercut.

Men’s Haircut Blowout Types

Try the blowout haircut if you want a nonchalant look. There’s no one-size-fits-all version like many other kinds of haircuts for males. Instead, the blowout has a few rules around which you can operate.

The sides and back are, to begin with, tapered to be shorter than the rest. After that, if it is brushed up and backward, the top can display any length.

Blowout Taper Cut Styles

Big faded afros and taper haircuts fade well. It’s another cool haircut taper that deserves an opportunity. Blowouts have been popular in the s, made a comeback in the s, and in the s seem to be back on track.

Bald Fade Haircut types for men

From the different haircut types for men with fades, bald fade shows the most skin. People use the word skin fade with bald fade interchangeably for the same purpose.

The hair is completely faded out to the scalp after the shift from the top to the undercut. Many men choose to wear their bald fade with a beard to balance their appearance.

Asymmetrical Long Taper Cut Styles

You’re likely now acquainted with the long-at – the-top, men’s hairstyle shaved on the sides. You can go for this kind of look by selecting the taper haircut instead of the shaved sides if you are not prepared for the engagement.

Asymmetric haircuts

We remind our readers time and time again that creativity and unlimited expression are the components of a unique hairstyle. If you are not scared to go beyond your ordinary limits, see if an asymmetric haircut can be pulled off.

To put it simply, one part of your hair is longer than the other than an asymmetric haircut. You can embed the concept into a multitude of hairstyles. The higher the asymmetry, the stronger your haircut’s visual effect will be.