The marine haircut is not just for those who work on the ship but also for those who find
this type of haircut good looking. It is great for men who do not care much
about how they look.  The marine haircut is the best choice as your hair will be
cut short and there won’t be any need to comb it.

army shave head style

You can walk out with this hairstyle confidently without capturing much attention.
Marine haircut refers to any haircut that abides by the haircut code in the
marine military. The haircut rule is that the top must be no longer than 3

The following is a list of the top 15 marine haircuts that features short hair for
easy maintenance.

1. Men Bristle Buzz Cuts

The Bristle Top

The hair on the side and back are shaved down to the skin leaving some lush short
hair on top. The top has been brushed to the side to ensure that the surface is
flat with no standing spiky hair. It requires a skilled barber to attain the

2. Cool Men Crew Cut Style

The Crew Cut

Crew cut hairstyle is a classic hairstyle for men in the navy. The front part is
combed up against the top that is combed to one side. The sides and the hair
behind the ears are shaved short. It takes two tools including clipper and
razor to cut the hair short. It is not necessary to comb the hair. You only
have to groom yourself by running your fingers through the hair.

3. Cool Fade Hairstyle for Men

Complete Fade Hairstyle

This is a simple short marine haircut with the hair razor off starting in the middle
of the scalp. The razor runs through all the hair up to the part behind the
ears. This is the best haircut for you if you don’t want to have to comb your
hair. Wearing sunglasses can make you look cool in this haircut. Clipper is
used to achieving the haircut.

4. Short Marine Haircut with a Beard

Serve and Protect Marine Haircut

The shaved sides blend in with the long hair on the top. It is easy to maintain
this hairstyle because the hair is short. Many people who work in the marine
have this hairstyle. You can keep this hairstyle with a moustache and beard.

5. Short Marine Haircut with Shaved Sides

The side shaved short hair marine haircut

The marine haircut features a longer top that allows more rooms for customization.
People with short black hair will find this haircut attractive for them. You
will need to go to a professional barber to get your hair cut. The short marine
haircut will definitely get you a lot of positive compliments.

6. Marine Haircut with Faded Sides for Wavy Hair

Waves with Shaved Sides Marine Haircut

The sides are parted by a clear headline and the hair are taper faded to create a
contrast. You can use a product to style the hair on top to become wavy. This
is a variant of haircut that features shaved sides.

7. Serious Marine Haircut

No Nonsense Marine Haircut

The sides are shaved to the skin and blend in with the hair on the crown. The hair
on top is cut with the brush cut technique. This is a great marine haircut that
can add a masculinity appearance.

8. Buzzed Marine Haircut with Undercut

The Buzz Cut

This is a popular marine haircut where the sides are shaved short so that no styling
product needs to be used. The hair on the top is shaved to just a bit longer
than the sides. The hair is being tapered as it goes toward the sides and nape
area. To maintain this haircut, you must go to the barber to have your hair shaved
every 5 – 6 weeks. It looks with a trimmed beard.

9. Mohawk Marine Haircut

Marine and Masculine Haircut

This is a long hair marine haircut that resembles a mohawk. The sides are shaved
down to the skin leaving only the hair in the middle. The hair on top and back
in the middle stands like a mohawk without any styling product applied. Only
minimal maintenance is required because it does not require any styling

9. Long Hair Marine Haircut

The Flat Top Marine Haircut

This marine haircut features a longer hair that is parted and combed up to a pomp. The
side and back are shaved down to the skin and blend in with the top. You must
go to a skilled barber to get this haircut. You must regularly apply styling
product on top to maintain the hairstyle.

10. Military Marine Haircut for Men

The Military Type Marine Haircut

This hairstyle is popular among the men in the military. The sides and back are
tapers faded leaving medium length hair on top. The medium hair is brushed to
the front and clippers are used to keep the sides short. It does not require
any maintenance to maintain the haircut.

11. Quiff Marine Haircut with Tapered Sides

The Military Move Haircut with a Quiff

long hair on top is taper faded to become shorter and shorter when it reaches the
sides. A gel is used to comb up the front hair so that it stands up like a quiff.
The hair around the neck has been shaved down to the skin. It is a low
maintenance haircut. You must go to the barber every 2 weeks to maintain the

12. Wavy Marine Haircut with Short Sides

Reporting to Duty Marine Haircut

To achieve this hairstyle, the sideburns must be shaved short and the top must
have long hair. The short front hair is formed into a wavy form with a styling
product to add a handsome appearance. The hair can be dyed and wearing
sunglasses will compliment with the haircut.

13. High and Tight V Shape Marine Haircut

Marine Style High and Tight Haircut

The high and tight haircut offers a noticeable contrast between the long top and
short sides. The barber uses a razor to create a V shape in the hairline
between the temple and sides. The v shape is the most prominent detail makes
the haircut interesting.

14. Skin Fade Marine Haircut

The Marine Style Skin Fade


15. Asian Marine Haircut

Asian army soldier with a simple hairstyle. To get this hairstyle you don’t need to invest a lot of time and money, just keep it clean and simple like in a photo.

16. Military haircut


Ready for military with a new haircut. Check more great hairstyles at  

17. Hair with Mustages

18 Men’s High Fade Military Haircuts

High fade is a variation of crew cutting. It includes shaving most of the sides and back near the scalp and then tapering it upwards. Short hair remains on top and is sometimes combed to one side.

19 Military Haircut Induction

If a popular military cut has ever occurred, that’s it. The induction received its name because when they first came in the military, this is the hairstyle fresh recruits received.

20 High Fade Spiky Military Cut

is the name of this version. It’s high on top, it’s got the spikes you can get using some item, and on the sides and back it’s faded.

21 Business Military haircut

Military haircuts have become so common in recent years that even in the company world they have slipped through. Try it for a smooth, cut look on your own.

22 Military haircut for thick hair

If you have thick hair, you can rescue your military haircut. This example shows you four ways of styling it as a result. The simple way you gloss and swipe your whole hair backwards. The second one is a simple side partition, using a comb. Besides that, you have the third and fourth examples that just give them a touch of Elvis demure.

23 Thin Hair MilitaryHaircut”

“If you are struggling with thin hair and don’t really know what kind of haircut to use, why not try a military haircut? It will solve all of your problems and give you a sense of rough masculinity in the process.


24 Short Pompadour Military Haircut

Take a look at this cheeky model and score this military haircut for yourself. Give a touch of s to your life!


25 Military haircut with bangs

Although you may not be able to play this one if you are in real strength, you may still be able to wear it anywhere else. Dye your bangs a softer color for a touch of depth and dimension than the rest of your rasped off mane.


26 Undercut military haircut

This particular military haircut version is now famous thanks to TV star Simon Cowell. Cutting very short sides and back is the way to get it, usually with a number three as far as the guard’s lengths go. Besides that, you must leave some hair on top of your head. Keep in mind that the maximum length of this patch must be two inches.


27 The Army Crew Cut

None other than Bradley Cooper describes the army crew cut wonderfully to us here. The messy hairstyle makes him look stunning naturally, almost like he’s just getting out of bed. Besides that, the spikes at the top stretch his face and establish some much-needed balance in his characteristics. Because he has a pointed nose, a balance is produced by the same hair shape.


28 MarineHaircut

Greg Zorian Traditionally, high and tight is a military haircut, particularly for Marines. Here’s a really short version with a distinct, tight, high fade top.

29 Marine Corps High and Tight

” “ Aleksandr Vasilyev Instead of faded sides, the Marine Corps has defined a high and tight haircut instead. A smaller version would be referred to as a recon. <

30 Us Marine MilitaryHaircut

Our long list of military haircut celebrities continues with am Levine. As you can see, for his regular presence, he has selected a Us Marine classic cut.

31 Army Crew Cut

This army crew cut is perfect for those who don’t want to take care of their hair. At the same time, the classic buzz cut is not wanted. You can keep a little length towards the top with this hair cut. And fade it to the sides. For school, college or otherwise, this is perfect.

 32 Military Haircut “

In addition to the continuing list of people who need to get themselves one of these fascinatingly effective black men, short haircuts are the military troops. Because, not only does it not require any maintenance, it also works on the bathing and cleaning level. ”


33 Military Cut

Militarycuts used to be the fashion worn by soldiers but no longer. It’s a trend among Korean men who want to keep their faded and short. For summers, this hairstyle is perfect.


34 Military Fade

If you want your roughness and masculinity to be accentuated, go with a faded military haircut. It may seem a little retro and modest; but the look is instantly provided by a military fade to the manly and virile touch.


35 Military Mid Fade Haircut “

Some guys like a rough-look, more masculine. For those who like to show their vintage, hipster, military, and artistic influenced style, this mid-fade haircut will certainly go well.

36 How to Maintain MilitaryHaircut

Men’s Military Cut is one of the simplest cuts to maintain and keep looking fantastic day after day. They are a look of wash and go that looks great with very little effort on hands or styling. This is one of the reasons such cuts were welcomed by so many people. The other reason these cuts are enjoyed by men is because they are so versatile.

37 True Military”

38 Military Haircut With Spiky Fringe


We are taught by the Military Regulation Cut

History that this military haircut was reserved for senior military officers. This allows you to keep your hair on top for up to two inches. You can also shave off of the sides. Nonetheless, don’t forget to part on the arm. “ Play here with more side pieces!

39 Military Fade


40 Military Burr Haircut

In order to get an insight into the Burr haircut idea, it is not superfluous to learn what the Induction cut is. For short, it’s the shortest possible cut of the crew. Even if there is only a stiff bristle left, it strives for a bald head haircut. And it morphs into the Burr haircut when your Induction cut has grown a little. This touch of hair transforms the look into less severe and ruthless, making the Burr haircut one of the military haircut types of men most common. It is noteworthy that the military fade is extrinsic in this haircut, so the overall look gives the impression of being nice and disciplined. In 2019, the Burr haircut is the right choice for you if your hairline becomes thinner every day or if you want to look less intense.

41 Classy Military Haircut Ideas For Any Man


42 High Tight Military Cut

This is as short as the buzz cut can be. It’s a purely functional haircut from Princeton that also offers a very short hair styling.



The barber uses a razor to shave the hair down progressively as it reaches to the
back. Finally, it completely shaves clean the area on the nape. This is a
simple marine haircut that will require a clipper to cut short the hair and a
razor to shave the hair clean. It does not require much maintenance so there
is no need to visit the barber regularly. It is easy to cut this hairstyle
yourself by watching a how-to video on skin fade haircut.

Mutton chop beard used to be a traditional beard style for men in the past centuries.
Now, it is trending again among men and this time it blends in with the
modern haircut to add a contemporary look. Mutton chop beard refers to the hair
that extends from the sideburns halfway to the cheek. It is different from
the full-length beard as it does not join with the chin beard or moustache.

We also suggest you check regulations for marine haircuts and then ask your barber to cut your hair.


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