Best Bowl haircut

Asymmetric bowl haircut

You can even make hairstylist creative with it. If you do, you may end up with one of those wonderful asymmetric and extremely architectural bowl haircuts that will envy you everybody in your college.

In our list, see what asymmetric cuts produced the cut!

At the London Fashion Week

If you weren’t confident that the bowl is making a comeback, here’s a look at the London Fashion Week’s autumn-winter Men’s Look Book. What other than the flawless fashion can you notice? A haircut for a bowl!

Back to s

You can alsotake your bowl cut back to s. This obviously has more to do with clothing and accessories than anything else. Sweatshirts and colorful plastic sunglasses need to return as quickly as possible to your life.

Blonde Bowl Haircut

Could a non-conventional color spruce stuff up somewhat? In this iceberg pink shade, dying your hair can assist move your eyes away from the reality that you’re actually wearing a classic bowl haircut. It can also assist create things much cooler than they were back in the day.

‘s trending content!

Bold Cut Hairstyle

This is our recommendation. If you really want to go for the haircut of the tray, then we recommend that you go the whole way. Embrace it because it will become one of the largest trends in hipster. There should be no intermediate. Get the whole bowl or don’t get any.

Bowl Cut Maintenance

This obviously relies on the type of bowl you are cutting. If you have the classic version, however, the excellent news is that you can groom it on your own right at home. Use a big bowl and, when you feel the need, trim your hair. Upon completion, add some glossing agent.

Bowl Cut with Bangs

This is a literal bowl cut in which the length of the front bangs matches precisely the remainder of the hair. If you want to add a more mature touch, you can also let your sideburns develop a bit. After all, this is a haircut for kids.

BowlCut with Long Side Bangs

You can add lengthy bangs to your cut for a contemporary bowl cut variation. Keep your hair smooth and straight and couple it with some stubble as well as optionally.

Bowl Haircut for Straight Hair

This is the modern take on the traditional bowl, but it’s so cool that you can’t miss it.

Thin Hair Bowl Haircut

Just because you have thin hair does not mean you can not wear a haircut bowl. This is shown by the dude in the image below.

Young Boys ‘ Bowl Haircut

Traditionally, bowl cutting is connected with young boys or teens. However, the days they were compelled into it are long gone. Rather, it’s a cool cut now that they wouldn’t care about sporting.

Bowl Haircuts from the’s’

Now that’s what we’ve been talking about, the traditional s bowl cut that stormed the globe after that Brit band, you might have heard about it, the incredible The Beatles, made it famous again.

Clean Cut Bowl

If you want to upgrade the bowl cut, it’s always a nice save under shave, we said that before. Add a lumberjack jacket and an earring on the hoop, and you may find yourself on a trend wagon that will quickly lead you to style achievement.

Cropped Fringe

If you’re not on the market for something a little bit more butch and street, we can give you this cropped fringe bowl cut. It also feels a bit like a Caesar because it has shaved sides, which will make you look even more exceptional.

Bowl Haircut curtains

Still very similar to the original, but with a bangy twist (sorry pun). The image below demonstrates you how you can divide your hair in the front, generate curtain bangs, and basically totally alter the look of this haircut.

Undercut Mushroom Haircut

Another famous bowl haircut version. Below, by combining it with a disconnected undercut, you can see how the wearer added some additional flair to it. His hair color is, to start with, quite distinctive.

Emo Bowl Haircut

If you feel nostalgic for your childhood in s, you can even combine the emo trend with a good bowl haircut. Again, it’s all about the accessories you’re wearing and the clothes you’re wearing. These are the things that your whole look can create or break.

Funny Bowl Cuts

You couldn’t have browsed the internet at any point and didn’t find any post or thread about funny haircut images. The haircut of the bowl was certainly among them. But don’t be hindered by this. You’re much more cool and stylish than this, and you understand that!

Hipster Bowl Fade

Say the hipster attraction you want, but one thing is certain: they know how to create their own hairstyle! The cut itself is a fairly conventional bowl, but for an edgier look it was paired by the person below with a couple of cool round glasses and a nose ring.

How to cut

The mushroom is a bowl cutting relationship. Get it? Get it? A chestnut and a bowl? We understand, bad joke. The hairstyles, however, are linked. The mushroom cut was really large in the s, and right now it’s seeing a comeback. This is the very contemporary version of it, trendy and edgy.

How to Fix a Bowl Cut

For one reason the bowl haircut was invented. So you can do it at home. So, if you need to fix a bit, discover a bigger bucket and work it off until you get a straight line back.

How to get a bowl-cut

Younger generations might believe it’s a joke, but it’s not. Although it originated, we believe that the bowl cut was extremely common in the s and s as a hairstyle for bad families kids and young boys. They’d put a bowl on their heads and crop around it.

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How to Style a Bowl Cut

Why don’t you attempt it as a supermodel off-duty? Once again, the way you style it has to do with everything. You’ve won the hipster golden ticket if you manage to find the right balance between your haircut, accessories, and the cool clothes you’re wearing.

Iconic Dumb and Dumber Hairstyle

Probably all of our readers saw Dumb and Dumber at least once, at least by mistake, and Jim Carrey’s short choppy fringe and bowl cut is one of the first things you notice and can not forget.

Korean Bowl Cut

In general, we’ve been talking about stylish Asian males, but now we’re going a little more specific. Korean males are particularly well known for their bowl cuts, as we also pointed out in this article’s intro. You can see it in a longer version of the back here.

Layered Bowl Cut

If you choose layers and texture, we recommend you attempt to add a few colors as well. It is the best way to show off the layering of your hair. For instance, you can keep the natural color of your hair as a basis and then dye the blonde upper layers.

Twisted Moustache Line Fringe

A lot is going on here and you don’t understand what to look at first. Cut the brown bowl, straight line fringe, or maybe the complete twisted moustache.


Mark Davis BowlCut

Maybe not the most attractive one in this image, but here is Mark Davis, the main owner and general partner of Oakland Raiders, and one of the males responsible for making the mushroom cut popular.

Messy Fringe Bowl Cuts

Another traditional departure. We saw a wavy bowl, but how about a chaotic bowl? Of course, if you’re running or doing anything like that, straight bowl cuts can get a bit chaotic. But here we’re talking about real messy hair, achieved mostly thanks to this hairstyle’s textured cut.

Modern Bowl Haircut

A contemporary bowl does not have to follow the same patterns and routines as the s. You can become as creative and liberal as you like. The stylist has selected to end the bangs in a sharp and long corner in this instance.

Modern Mushroom Haircut

We saw the disconnected mushroom, now it’s time to see the contemporary haircut of the mushroom all by itself. The picture below shows how cool a hairstyle that used to be frowned on can look.

Old School Mushroom Cut

Another old school mushroom cut, this time unrelated to any film, maybe only to some repressed childhood memories or lost picture albums.

Pastel Bowl Haircut

Who does not like the color of a nice pastel hair? We dare to discover a individual for you. Other than, of course, your mom. This is purple light and discolored orchid, accessorized with faux necklace and earrings of oversized diamond.

Pink and Purple

Another excellentblend for your bowl haircut requirements is this amazing strawberry pink sorbet and dusty purple lavender. This way, not only through your hairstyle, but also through your hair color, you will stand out from the crowd.

Pink Asian Bowl Cut

Asian people are all about the recent hair-fastened sides and a choppy, asymmetric fringe. The final touch? Of course, that pink!

Platinum Blonde Crew Cut

Cut and edge the bowl. How? Simple, just color it in one of the trending men’s hottest hair colors right now, blonde!

Pudding Basin Haircut

That’s what your haircut bowl haircut would be called if you lived in England–a pudding basin cut. It’s almost the same thing. The only distinction is that when they cut their own hair, the Brits seem to enjoy using pudding basins instead of standard bowls.

School Days

Speaking of which, if you decide to go for the contemporary version of this crop, you might look like a young schoolboy now. You can obviously go to your stylist these days to get it done, no bowl engaged. We pledge.

Short bowl haircut

All shapes and sizes of bowl haircuts. Actually, it all depends on how large you’ve got a bowl. Or how long you would like your fringe to be. Because these two variables are the determinants of the hair length that the remainder of your head will be enveloped.

Short Hair Bowl Cut

The majority of bowl cuts needed pretty lengthy tresses or at least some medium hair base. Underneath, however, you can see how you can sport and get this look even if you start from a foundation of short hair.

Spiky Bowl Haircut

How about adding a few mini spikes to your cutting bowl? Have you ever considered this? We bet you didn’t. But that’s another way you can upgrade this beautiful cut. Take a couple of mousse or some hair wax and make your bowl with small spikes.

Street Style Bowl Haircut

Maybe you don’t think so, but bowl haircuts can be badass. It’s all about how you style them and make them accessories. We propose the pairing of your bowl with a bald shave and a piercing of the nose. And it has to do with your approach, of course.

Stylish bowl cut

A golden blonde bowl cut, a matching gold chain and a black turtleneck? What could be more stylish than that? The bangs ‘ accuracy is what we love about this haircut. They outline the good facial characteristics of the model and establish an outstanding equilibrium with its jawline.

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Summer Bowl Haircut

If you were wondering what festival looks like you should wear this summer, don’t ask. It’s once again the contemporary bowl cut to rescue. Add a few layers and depth and you’re going to be everyone’s envy there.

Textured Bowl Cut

This textured haircut is the first entry on our men’s list of cool bowl cuts. This was coupled with an undercut, likely to accentuate this lengthy top style’s layers and structure better.

Welcome to

Textured Bowl Haircut

A little bit of everything never hurts anyone. This may be the look of your summer or beach. Actually, this is a tip. Get some sea salt spray from the ladies ‘ department for incredible allled strands. Let it dry in the wind, and you’re going to look great.

The bowl haircut

This is how you get the best of both worlds. You get a layered hairstyle that enables you to claim a haircut bowl. At the rate your hair grows, in just a few weeks you’ll be rid of it, no worries!

Blue Bowl Haircut

You can go for a kooky color if you want to go one step further and create it even more modern. This instance is a pale, inky blue streaked gunmetal gray. It led to a rainy day aquarelle masterpiece of a hairstyle we enjoy.

This style is comparatively simple and very manly. In reality, it is the grown-up version of the bowl cut designed for kids, mostly boys. We love the fact that the temples don’t disconnect the hairstyle, though.

Caesar Bowl Haircut

This is a Caesar bowl cut. In other words, you can see that the bangs are a bit longer in the front and more all-encompassing than they should be and the remainder of the hairline. That would be the kicking in of the Caesar. Cool, huh?

On our list we have more Caesar haircuts!

Casual Bowl Haircut

You can transform your bowl into a fantastically casual hairstyle once your hair grows out a little bit. When you go for a bite to eat at your favourite restaurant, it will be a perfect fit for both the office and late at night.

Mushroom cut

This cut blonde can even be dyed and turned into a virtual mushroom instead of a standard cut. In fact, this model poses in a forest between ferns to offer you a better look at what you should be striving for in terms of your summer look.

Classic bowl

Here’s the classic bowl haircut from behind, with a little undercut, to give it a more contemporary spin. It even has the puffed-up quality that we all remember after our moms used to wash our hair for photo day. That was the time!

Feathery Bowl Cut

Why not go for the feathery variant instead of maintaining it all round and uniform over your head? It’s much more worried. Not to mention how simpler it is to keep. Here’s a snip, a clip, and you’re prepared to go out.

Half and Half

This looks like a half-bowl haircut, if you were asking. It only has in the front of the head the typical spherical-looking portion of the cut. The back is private for a cut from the crew. It feels almost like you’re carrying a set of very heavy bangs from the side, in reality. Almost.

This is another interesting variation. Meet with the cut of the lengthy bowl. Only the bangs are extra-long in this one, whereas the remainder of the cut stays the same round bowl that passes around your head. You don’t have to wear it that way to cover your eyes. We believe.


Oxford Bowl Haircut

‘ How about a college bowl cut? Take a look at this before you say it sounds like your worst dream. It’s a very classic and beautiful Oxford hairstyle bowl version. We think you can definitely pull this one off with the right clothes and accessories.

Smaller Mushroom

Because we’re on the subject, we’ve chosen to demonstrate you what a mushroom cut looks like. Your stylist will actually go on, cutting most of your hair, rather than stopping at the tip of your ears. The rest will look like a mushroom’s cap, hence the cut name itself.

Super Short Bowl Haircut

This is a very brief bowl cut, for instance. We dare say that a saucer has been used to get this cut instead of a bowl, but it still falls under the same category as standard kitchen items have been used to get the required outcomes.

Undercut Blonde Hair

Another blonde bowl hair is trendy nowadays as well).

Undercut Bowl Haircut

No better way to introduce the bowl into our contemporary era than to combine it with an undercut. Add to this equation some high-quality products, a killer style, and you have a winning look for yourself.

Violet Blue Bowl Haircut

Here’s another non-traditional color that we believed might look great as a bowl. It is a violet-blue that, thanks to its very small bangs, will surely bring out the color of your eyes as well as your skin tone. You can later thank us.

Wavy Bowl Cut

Bowl cuts are a straight hair cut again. But as you can see below, if you have slightly wavy hair, particularly if your hair is cut in layers, you can wear it as well.

What’s a bowl haircut

Some call it a haircut comic. The bowl haircut, however, is a very easy hairstyle that can be done at home. That’s why it was mostly aimed at kids and paupers who couldn’t afford to see a barber.