80+ Male Textured haircuts

Textured Haircut with Bangs overlapping

Both the French crop and the bowl cut are currently popping up. If you’re planning to get one, though, you can believe about customizing it. For example, you can leave more to the side of a section of your bangs so they overlap with the main portion.

Textured Haircut with undercut design

Any haircut textured by itself will be outstanding. Nevertheless, you can spice it with private touches as well. Let’s say you choose to get an undercut for the textured top, for example. From there, a unique design like the diamond shown on the nape below can be created.

Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk hair is generally divided into two classifications–punk hair and faux snakes. You can rock a long, textured, fanned mohawk if you want to remain true to the subculture. The double color scheme is making the hairstyle even more stunning. Of course, it’s not an office work for boys, but it’s perfect for unconventional males!

Textured Quiff Haircut

It is no secret that haircuts are a major trend among men’s hairstyles. For men who love styling their hair, it’s an effective and classy cut. You need to ask your barber to add layers in the reduced portion of your hair for a textured quiff.

Textured Side Part

This is the great version of the longer, greater, textured hairstyle that is becoming popular among males. The looser looks simpler, but it still has plenty of polish.

Textured Haircut Taper

Whether you want a fundamental taper or a fade taper, the haircut will be incredibly complementary to the textured top. All attention will go to the bottom texture due to the smaller sides and back. You will have a smooth and appealing silhouette by having a textured taper haircut.

Thick Piecey Textured Haircut

As far as textured haircuts are concerned, it is simple to understand why the piecey method has recently received all the attention. While you can always go for brief and vibrant parts, you may want a thicker option to check out. The hair parts will be wider and smaller, creating a more relaxed appearance.

Side-Swept Textured Haircut

Try a side-swept hairstyle if you want to leave some length for the textured part of your hair. Indeed, you have to wait about five inches for your hair to reach. You can get an undercut or taper the sides and back, though, once it does.

Slicked Back Textured Haircut

In general, sliced back hair can make every man look dapper. You also have an edgy touch if it has an undercut. It will offer noticeable texture by using layers. Also, if you’re prepared to let your hair grow a little longer afterwards, you can bind it into a hair of the top knot.

Artsy Textured Cut

With a textured cut like the one pictured below, we guarantee you won’t have the same hair avant garde for hair, the result is worthy of a high fashion article, so try it for size.

Asymmetric High Top Fade

An iconic haircut for males with afro-textured hair. It has been adjusted over the years to satisfy contemporary trends, using components such as difficult components. Nevertheless, merely by leaving your comfort zone with asymmetry, you can add an incredible twist. Try with a sculpted high top to make one side shorter than the other.

Asymmetrical Low Fade Haircut

This hairstyle may be turn-thin-hairy people intolerant as if they had a full hair head. Concentrate all volume on top with a small fade cut, which can be further enhanced by styling it upwards.

Men’s Blow Back Medium Hairstyles

This blow back hairstyle is mostly represented by the way you look. Hair is allledback from the face but it’s a wild style with a loose texture. Adjust the look by using a little product to run your fingers through your hair.

Blown Back Hairstyle

A medium-length fringe coupled with ablown back hairstyle can make anybody look pretty beautiful, no matter yours. Add your style to a fiery color and you’ll definitely get all the attention.

Blunt and Jagged Mixed Haircut

You now understand that layer texture can be readily acquired. However, by mixing methods, you can unlock a totally fresh texture dimension. Think of pairing a textured top with a blunt edge to bring it otherwise. The striking contrast will make you truly unique in your hairstyle.

Brushed Forward Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the exact reverse of brushing your hair back to get aneat appearance. Brushing your hair forward in this situation enables a messy cool and allied look to be created.

Buzzed Sides and Top Knot

Consider this haircut definitely the one for you if you want to look very masculine and tough. This style combines a ponytail with buzzed sides as well as a medium beard, all contributing to your elegant look.

Caesar Textured Crop Haircut

Caesarhaircut has been a low-maintenance option for people who prefer short hair for years now. It’s a cropped hairstyle with very brief bangs around the hairline, often referred to as simply the Caesar cut.

Classic Slicked Back Hairstyle

These high-volume styles are more likely to be achieved for males with good hair that is often difficult to arrange. Consider this ultra-slick look with a side section and definedcombtrails instead.

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Colorful Textured Top

Last but not least, likely one of the coolest ways to shine your textured cut is with a vibrant colour. There are infinite choices–you just need to see which tone fits your character best.


Comb Over Short Textured Men’s Haircut

You don’t necessarily need a flowing lock head to pull a comb over your hair. In reality, if you have dense hair, with a brief haircut, you would be much better off. In this regard, with short layers combed to the side, you can get picture-perfect texture.

Cool Under-Hawk

Style it into a braided pony tail and have fun with that length on top. This amazing under-hawk combines a new manner with lots of uniqueness from an undercut and the Mohawk haircutin.

Cool Waved Pompadour

Another version of the classic pompadour is demonstrated by this long-length hairstyle on top that adds to the height of tiny waves. Use powerful styling goods to highlight your hair.

Cropped Coils

If you don’t have to deal with high maintenance curls, the trick will be a neatly cropped haircut. It won’t be so brief that your coils like a buzz cut will not be visible. The haircut instead keeps them firmly on top of your head and out of your eyes.



Emo Short Textured Haircut for Men

Although the emo and scene climax is long gone, the haircuts connected with it apply the principle to your own hairstyle. Just make sure that your bangs are swept to the side, covering your forehead as far as possible.

Faux Hawk Textured Haircut for Straight Hair

Nowadays, two primary kinds of hawk haircuts are available for boys to attempt. We’ve got the brief faux hawk first. For males with straight hair, it operates particularly well, as styling will be easier. In addition, males in their twenties or older tend to be flattered.

Flow Haircut with layers

If you haven’t heard, this year’s flow hair is all the rage among A-list stars. By creating it a layered haircut, you can jump on the trend with an initial twist. Moreover, having one side shorter will make your hair flow on the opposite side even more beautiful.

Crop Haircut

The French crop haircut is another trend to maintain an eye on. While sharing comparable components with the Caesar cut, there are longer bangs in the French crop. The portion of the fringe generally falls halfway down the front.

Frohawk Haircut

If you are African-American, you probably already have all the texture that a man might want. But with a frohawk haircut, you can emphasize your afro-textured curls even more. It basically combines an African and a Mohawk concept. The result is amazing, to say the least.

Frosted Textured Haircut

Color can assist you to open up a whole fresh textured universe. Start by cutting your hair into many small bits. Then use white or silver to create the tips of the layers look even more rough. It’s definitely a head-turning look.

Full Fringe with Texture

We described the distinction between fringe and bangs in our earlier article on men’s fringe haircuts. There’s none to recall–fringes and bangs are all about the same thing. So, if you want some strands above your forehead, get them cut into layers for a texture boost.

Hard part

This gravity-defying style always looks great. It takes hair with curved edges straight up, setting it apart from a flat top hairstyle. The tough portion expands the hairline and softens the contour with a small skin fade.

Hard Part Textured Cut

Every man can achieve trendsetter status with a well-done difficult part haircut. In a nutshell, on one hand, the hairstyle has a shaven portion, hence the name. A difficult part haircut can be the ultimate look for the modern man when combined with a textured top.

High and tight textured haircut

We have one of the most efficient brief textured haircuts for dense hair moving forward. The high and tight is a well-known army haircut for everyday wear that many people have embraced. It’s simple to keep, simple to wear, and a clever solution to highlight a textured top.

Longbangs with the textures

Let it all come out with a haircut of medium length with bangs of significant texture. Currently the most hairy trends in South Korea and Japan. So if you want a grungy but stylish haircut, certainly that’s the way to go.

Long Faux Hawk Haircut

You can sport a lengthy false hawk for a more bolder and youthful option. The lengthy faux hawk, unlike the shorter version, is all about attitude. Today, kids, teenagers, or men in their twenties are often able to see it. Note that for styling, however, you will need hair wax or gel.

Men’s lengthy layered haircut

Regardless of whether you have thin or dense hair, a lengthy hairstyle can assist you to display your character. You may want to add some flavor to your lengthy mane, however. As a solution, with countless layers, you can produce a comfortable and attractive silhouette. Go for a galore texture combination of both lengthy and short layers.

Long Spiky Texture

Medium-length men’s hairstyles work well with a spiky texture and a small beard. At this length, the spikes can’t readily stand upright but look good with density and styling on one side.

Long Sweep Back Hairstyle

Exactly what the headline says is long sweeping back hairstyle, hair swept back. For a loose and free style, this medium length version has plenty of height at the top and a hint of chaotic and allied texture.

Longer Thick Hair Blown Dry

The most unused styling instrument for males is not a blow dryer but a hair product. Iteasy to use and it takes just a couple of minutes to achieve a high volume style that is stronger than with the product alone.

Man Bun and Braids

Feminine and inappropriate is the common misconception of men’s hairstyles. Obviously, some males may look quite exceptionally appealing with this hairstyle depicted by a man’s bun and topbraids.

Medium bangs with subtle undercut

Medium bangs and undercut fringes have been quite common in recent years. All attention is focused on the top of the head, where your charming features can best be highlighted.

Medium length curls

Medium male hairstyles operate incredibly for all hair types, especially accurately. On both parties, a lowfade transforms what would be a fro hawk classic cutinto. Elegant and stylish, at any time you can wear this.

Medium length Textured crop

Medium length textured crop is popular men’s haircut that is usually messy. There is enough chaotic fringe in this longer version to cover the forehead. The sides are kept brief and neat by an undercutfade.

Medium length hair comb over

There are so many ways for you to wear the hairstyle side portion. This exquisite comb over is smooth but loose on one side with a hint of fringe. Hair wax forms the style and for a long time it holds it in location.

Medium Textured Curly Haircut

Not for a lengthy textured haircut, but not for a brief one either? With a medium textured haircut, take a balanced strategy. If you have curly hair of course, the look will flawlessly come together. Integrate shorter layers into your hairstyle throughout the longer layers to get more volume.

Messy Dreadlocks

You can understand what your dreadlocks mean. This chaotic dreadlocks hairstyle is what the crime of being amazing and out of this world can be to your partner.

Messy Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Longer men’s hair needs both cuts and shorter hair, but not as frequently. Occasional adjustments will form the hair, reduce weight, and help thestyle. This cut, along with the light colored tips, produces a new and wild look.

Messy Textured Haircut

Match produced in heaven is a textured haircut with chaotic hair. The two concepts fit completely together, leading in a big definition. Furthermore, a messy textured cut demonstrates off your personality’s edgy side. If you’re more of a laidback, nonconforming man, this is certainly your combo.

Mop Top Hairstyle

Original medium-length hairstyle music trends like Beatles, Stones, and Doors. This tophairstyle mop features a fringe and isgrown out to cover the neck’s ears and back. Still a top option for rockers is this classic style.

Natural Curls for Black Men

Moisturizing gel will help to keep this hairstyle right after the shower. Anyone in search of adorable hairstyles for naturally curly hair should attempt this haircut at least once.

Natural Curly Medium Length Hairstyle

Now for boys to try this is a cool length. Natural curls will make you look mature and appealing in the center of the nape and nearly down to your shoulder.

Curly Top Mid-Length Hairstyle

If you have natural and highly curly hair, it is best for some people to maintain it out of the manner by cutting the sides and back close to the skin so that most of the curls stay at the top, providing the style equilibrium.

No part hairstyle

The sliced back hairstyle continues to evolve and is one of the latest variants. Hair is arranged with matte wax density and one piece can be left in a curled fringe to fall over the forehead.

Piecey Haircut for Men

On the other side, get courageous with the information. Even if you have brief hair, with a piece of haircut, you can accentuate the texture. As soon as the layers are cut properly, they will easily fall into location. Therefore, with subsequent styling, you won’t have a difficult time either.

Pompadour Mohawk

This particular and mesmerizing hairstyle combines the elements of pompadour (with its wavelike style and the Mohawk, creatingthe perfect blend that is worth of fashion magazines.

Pompadour with Layers

In contrast with the mohawk, we have the sophisticated pompadour haircut. Inspired by the greasers of the s, the modern pompadour always comes with a decent amount of texture. We wholeheartedly recommend the haircut for a dapper vibe

Progressive Fade Texture

Yet another way you can creatively attain texture is through fade hair. If your barber succeeds in creating an eye-catching gradient, the texture will come from the taper and fade. If you still want more, you can get layers through the top as well

Quiff Hairstyle

This quiff hairstyle is right for men with square facial features. The sides are buzzed while the top is left mediumand styled with messy spikes in order to achieve the illusion of having more length.

Regular Textured Haircut

In other cases, you don’t have to do anything fancy to get an appealing hair middle-aged man.

Rockabilly Textured Front Roll

If you want to take it back to the roots, go for a textured rockabilly roll hairstyle. The front curl is an instant nod to the genre, not to mention that it serves as an unforgettable look. In order to nail it, make sure the layers on top are long enough to style into a roll.

Shaggy Textured Haircut

If none of the above are rebellious enough for you, we bet that shaggy hair will satisfy your need for attitude. They’re some of the most confidently careless haircuts around, not to mention that they come with a ton of texture. Plus, with a shaggy haircut, volume will never be an issue for you again!

Short Crop Hairstyle

If your hair is thin and red, cut it shortinto this very simple hairstyle. This look can go great with a medium length beardand it can make you look clean and simple. Add a smile to complement this style.

Short Dreads Textured Haircut

Dreadlocks are another excellent way to highlight texture within a hairdisconnected undercut or a high fade and leave the top full with cropped dreads.

Short Textured Haircut for Curly Hair

As a guy with curly hair, texture is your long-time friend. Be that as it may, managing ringlets can prove to be a challenging task. If you want to take the easy way out and look good while doing it, crop your curls to about one inch. Mix that with a taper haircut and you’re good to go!

Short Textured Haircut for Men

First of all, we want to introduce you to the textured look with an easygoing short haircut for men. You don’t need to have long hair, to begin with, as the layers will simply add shape to your short strands. Top it all off with a sleek fade and you’ll have a nice, clean cut hairstyle.

Shoulder-Length Textured Cut

Nevertheless, we’re aware that not all guys want to rock short haircuts. For that, we also have some great ideas for men with longer hair. If your locks are shoulder-length, for instance, you only need to add texture to the tips. To do so, ask your barber to give you lower layers.

Side Bangs Textured Haircut

You can use a side portion and bangs to soften your appearance. The look isn’t as flashy as a difficult portion, while the side-swept bangs are elegantly pulling the look together. For texture, sprinkle throughout your locks with some subtle layers.

Side Comb Over Haircut

Give your hair acool appearance by centering the quantity and then combing it sideways. Thin out your head’s sides, then by styling it with tiny waves you can get a smooth, professional look.

Side Fringe Hairstyle

Bang hairstyles are perfect for many face shapes, particularly large or round lips shapes. This angled fringe splits a round face and is trendy in appearance. Also the mid-fade is the perfect for this form as it does not add any extra width.

Side Hairstyle

Medium-length men’shairstyles may be shorter or longer, as well as adding volume. This style has a pompadour’s entire height but in a comb over. The allled side also lays the hairstyles of the more preppy side portion on a distinct level.


Slicked Back Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

This cut is the best all-purpose texture with lots of length. Not every lengthy cut on top needs a soft look. This cut is suitable for professional daily use for more pretentious workplaces while this is your look afterwards.


This is where we have loaded more pompadour inpsired reductions.

Spiked Up Waves

This hairstyle is intended to imitate a wave’s movement when it hits the shore, producing a cool yet charming look. You can dye your hair white to customize it, just like the sea foam.

Spiky Textured Haircut

Probably the most sought-after short spiky textured haircuts. Although a decade or two ago they achieved their peak of popularity, we now have fresh and enhanced spiky hair. Instead of looking like a member of a pop boy band, you’re going to have spiky hair parts that match present trends.

Taper Medium Length Men’s hairstyles

A good way to make men’s hairstyles better. The taper is also known to forcut the hair shorter as you move towards the neckline but it does not go close the skin anywhere. It is suggested that the item be styled to maintain it in location.

Textured BowlCut

Similarly, the contemporary bowl cut looks more incredible than most would believe. It provides you the edgy atmosphere of the student of art, making it another exciting haircut of hipster. The bowl cut can be an eye-catching hairstyle to improve your individuality if you add layers into it.

Heavy Fringe Textured Crop

This is an outstanding option for smooth curly hairy people. With length and weight around the sides and back, this cropi sheavy on the fringe. To improve waves and add more texture, Texture Paste is preferred.

Textured Haircut with highlights

Another way you can rock the piece backwards with highlights and even upgrade it. You will create texture like never before by adding a splash of color to the parts. If you have a darker base or a deeper tone for a blond foundation, we suggest using a lighter color.

Men’s medium-length hairstyles disconnect

Rasped sides offer you a cool contrast to the lengthy top. This hairstyle disconnect looks good without tattoos.

Ducktail Mohawk

One of the most classic men’s haircuts was the ducktail back in the day. It’s still a vintage staple today, but now you can mix it with other thoughts. A classic punk mohawk strategy is just one way to do that. Rasp the sides completely and leave a mohawk ducktail down the center.


Tidal Wave Comb Over Haircut

This hairstyle allows you to create a wonderful wave-like impact with your fringe, which will make you young and dapper while wearing. Use the product of light hair to flow to the waves.

Mousy Hair Tousled

Some people like to produce an elegant look just rolled out of bed. With this stylish hairstyle consisting of bedhead locks, you’re only likely to get the nonchalant look you’re looking for.

Tousled side hairstyle

Another way to wear medium-length hairstyle side section hairstyle is the look below. This specific one has on both sides of the portion a distinct volume assumption with chaotic height. An imperfect component contributes to that look’s casual style.

Twists Textured Haircut

Twists are, in relation to dreads, a wonderful textured hairstyle that black people can attempt. The twists carry a texture that is very noteworthy, generating tight individual coils. On the one side, with an undercut or fade, there’s an amazing way to sport twists. On the other side, it looks just as incredible a complete head of textured twists.


‘ Undercut and Slick Back’

This disconnect cut is the simplest and most trendy way for people to wear a medium-length hairstyle. There’s a big difference between lengthy hair and short hair, all you need to do is straight back style this hair.

If you like undercuts, we’ve got undercuts.

Vintage Mullet Textured Haircut

Inspired with a textured mullet haircut retro fashion. Even though the s mullet as we understand it today may cause you to cringe, a cool hipster hair is a contemporary adaptation. Get as many layers as you can and style it in a disheveled way to offer yours that modern touch.

Waves Textured Haircut

Waves haircut is one of the coolest searches for males with afro-textured hair. Also known as profound waves or waves, hair