101+ Bald Fade

Bald Fade and Hair Designs and Thin Beard

This is a mohawk with a very heavy texture on top plus highlights of blue peekaboo, a high fade to which a cool hair design was added, and a trimmed beard. The hair structure is very smoothly following the head lines.

Bald Fade for Receding Hairline, with Santa Beard

If you have a receding hairline, you can also wear this sort of haircut. It’s going to look just as nice and make you look like a full badass. The bushy beard will also compensate for any hair you feel like you’re lacking on top.

Bald Fade with a Bushy Beard, No Sideburns

You can afford to let your beard run wild as you sport a bald fade and a super brief haircut on top. Wear it as bushy as you like, and don’t worry about getting a tattoo on your skull or neck.

Bald Fade with Man Bun and PRecision Cut Beard

The same applies to the well-known man bun. It may not generate the same waves as it did a couple of years ago or spark the same heated discussions, but the man bun is still alive and well.

If you have lengthy hair, you can wear it. Notice how close to the eye the hair grows, while the sideburns fade back to the ear.

Bald Fade with Platinum Top and Wild Beard

Since platinum is undoubtedly the color of the year, we couldn’t have missed the chance to show you a lovely zero fade with platinum combed top. But remember, for this you’re going to have to bleach your hair.

Bald Fade with Beard and Faux Hawk

The false hawk has now replaced the old Mohawk, which has not been seen on a large scale since the beginning of the year. It feels much softer and more accessible, but it still gives the same rebellious signal to the system.

Bald Fade with Faded Beard and Long Top

The bald fade’s beauty is that it is extremely versatile. You can pair it with anything, including longer tops, like this brown one with blonde bangs, because it’s so minimalist in itself.

Bald Fade with Goatee and Comb Over

This fade has a very geometric taper that can only be obtained with a razor. It also has a comb-over with a lengthy top falling carelessly on the sides in layers and a goatee. You also saw the rose tattoo?

Bald Fade with Jaw Strap Beard

When it comes to facial hair, men are infinitely creative. This is a reality. For instance, this is a chin strap beard. It’s noteworthy because around the cheeks it has no moustache or filling. Only the frame that hugs your jawline.

Bald Fade with Large Beard and Long Side Swept Top

This is a very daring haircut, certainly not for the weak of the core. You need to develop your hair and beard to a medium length and couple them with a bald fade. Add some accessories like studs and earrings, and you’re okay to go.

Bald Fade with Platinum Highlights and Very Short Beard

Some severe platinum highlights were handled with this elevated and gelled pompadour. The haircut is now as near to perfection as a hairstyle can potentially be, thanks to the manner they are arranged.

Bald Fade with Scruff and Skull Tattoos

Definitely, skull tattoos are a courageous and edgy decision. They’re not for the heart’s weak, but they look incredible and artistic. If you need to show your skull tattoos, the bald fade is the easy and right hairstyling option.

Bald Fade with Short Beard and Pompadour

In France for a lady, Madame de Pompadour, the pompadour was created in the < sup >th</sup > century. It saw its first increase in the s and its second rise in the s thanks to greasers and celebrities such as Elvis and James Dean.

Bald Fade with Waves and Descending Cheek Line, Medium Beard

This is a super brief African-American haircut with curly hair styled on top of the head in classic waves. On the sides and in the back you can see the bald fade, as well as a beautiful beard.

Blonde Spikes, Bald Fade, and Short Beard

This is a very simple hair wax on your fingertips and run your fingers through your hair until you get the texture and caps you need.

Bowl Bald Fade with Van Dyke

Bowl Bald Fade with Van Dyke

This is not a fresh trend, of course. For literally hundreds of years, goatees have been around, but we all know fashion is cyclical.

Bowl Haircut with Bald Fade and Scruff

Recently the bowl haircut began making a comeback. On runways and Instagram, we’ve seen more and more of it. With a bald fade and a scruffy beard, this is the fresh version of it.

Box Top with Bald Fade and Scruff

This is a haircut that comes directly from the s. For individuals who want to relive the good old days when box tops and straight afros meant that you were the coolest man around, it’s still a hit today.

Braided Man Bun with Bald Fade and Beard

Okay, the guy doesn’t look as good as the beard. The style itself, though, is amazing. The braids are really nice, leaving the beard a bit wild to match the braided bun’s disorder.

Curly Bald Fade with Beard

Many males who naturally have curly hair resort to this kind of hairstyle because it enables both of them to maintain their curls but it’s brief enough not to have to groom them all the time. But to get it to this stage of perfection, you’ll have to groom your beard.

Curly Hair with V Finish and Long Beard

Here’s a easy and innovative thing that you can do at the back of your head when you’re fading. Ask your barber to offer you a V instead of completing the haircut in a straightforward, straight line. It’s much more exciting and creative.

Bald Fade Double Hard Part

We’re going to be frank. We fell in love on sight with this intricately composed hairstyle. It has not only a bald fade, but also two difficult sections. This implies that three times the haircut is disconnected. Wow!

Faux Hawk with Skin Fade

Faux Hawks are really nice and combine with a bald fading result in a strangely wild, somewhat rebellious, somewhat asymmetrical look. But it’s worth a try overall!

Frosted tips

Remember the frosted tips that we were all wearing when we were adolescent boys? They are back now that a resurgence of the s is going through the fashion and design globe. But they got a enormous upgrade.

Gelled Mohawk with Bald Fade and Very Light Beard

Another classic reinvention coupled with bald fade is here. This is a Mohawk with a soft hair structure extremely gelled. Plus, did you notice the diamond-shaped beard? We love that!

Glossy Slick Back Fade Short Beard

This amount of gloss in your hair can be achieved if you moisturize your locks very well every moment you’re in the shower and then use hair oil or oily base cream. Then reach for hair oil and hair gel to be left in.

Hair Designs

You can attempt a variety of hair designs or tattoos that can embellish the bald fade if you feel creative. This is a very easy, classic Greek pattern. From Captain America to your favourite brand, you can go for anything you like.

High Bald Fade with Medium-Large Beard

This is a very elevated bald fade with a very tiny sliver of hair sliced back on top of the head. The reason for this decision was so that his tattoos could be shown by the model. If you also have tattoos, copy this concept.

Iceberg Blonde with Colorful Peekaboos and Scruff

This is a color blend that operates both summer and winter. The iceberg blonde’s monotony is broken up by the few highlights on the front of the hot pink and blue peekaboo.

Iceberg Peaks

The so-called fauxhawk was born in modern age. It’s a mohawk recreation and comes in hundreds if not thousands of shapes and sizes, literally. Your imagination is the only restriction. Or the imagination of your designer.

Layered Curls, Hard Part, and Bald Fade

Using curling iron, these layered curls were achieved. This is, of course, great news for anyone out there who has straight hair but has always dreamed of wearing a few curls to spice up style-wise stuff.

Long and Curly Bald Fade with

That’s what it looks like to take a bald fade to the extreme. The whole side of the head has transformed into a fade, while the other side is witness to a beautiful curly pebbing medium. Please note that the hair structure is parallel.

Man Braids and Bald Fade

Man braidswere one of the most lovely tendencies to hit. Men seemed to come back to an older era when warriors like the Vikings used to sport braids in their hair as a sign of bravery and victory over their adversaries.



Military Bald Fade with Large Beard

This is the classic high and tight military haircut with a very long beard we borrowed from the service. It passed into pop culture, even though it began with army men.

Neatly Groomed Beard and Bald Fade

Whether you like the finely defined temple line or not, you have to appreciate the barber’s ability to do that. See how accurate the beard is being groomed!

Peacock Green Bald Fade with Beard

Another color you can attempt in the style of a merman is a peacock green. It has some teal in it as well as some metallic tinge, making it perfect for both a night out and your favorite festival of music.

Retro Bald Fade with Short Beard

This is how the retro haircut is updated and brought to the end of the s. Also, this hair. However, it’s much more contemporary because it’s feathery and combined with amazing tattoos.



Side Swept Undercut with Beard and Textured Sides

This may be too much for some, but the textured sides are extremely cool if you’re in the vicinity of an case. And when it expands a little too, it will likely look hella cool!

Simple Bald Fade with Precision Cut Beard

This is what we would call some tapered sideburns a small hair fade linked to the hair. The beard itself was trimmed to create it look pointy, removing the neck’s unwanted hairs.

Slick Back Bald Fade with Large Beard and Pointed Sideburns

Here is a ideal illustration of a slick back with a tiny pompadour on the front as well as a bald ##ing on the sides and back. The combination of beard and moustache is wild and not trimmed, but with the ensemble they go well.

Slick Hipster Bald Fade with Beard Hungarian Mustache

Well, hipsters aren’t the large stylish group they used to be a couple of years ago (some say they’re even more, some less). That does not imply, however, that they are not yet significant influencers or that they have totally vanished. There are still mustaches of the handlebar.

Slick, Textured Bald Fade with Very Short Beard

This is a very elevated and textured form of pompadour. If you want to copy this look, you’re going to have to use as much hair gel as you can and a big comb to make it remain up like that all day.

Textured Grizzled Afro-Textured with Precision Cut Beard

The Afro Bald Fade

This is a very brief, narrow Afro with a bald fade on both sides and in the back. It also features a line of design that fades as it hits the back of the head, making the hairstyle look smooth and elegant.

Backside Man Braid

Although it may be a little difficult to master at first, we promise you’ll get the hang of braiding it yourself with some practice. If not, your wife can always ask you to do it for you!

Bald Fade for Receiving Hairlines

This is a wonderful sort of slick back you can take if you have a recessing hairline. It begins very low with the peak of a widow at the front and elongates your head length, parallel to the bald fade, masking any natural deficiencies.

One of the classic hair color options is blonde. Right now it’s very trendy, so you can readily go for a shade that highlights your skin tone as well as your eyes color. It will make your beard a beautiful contrast.

Buzz Cut

The bearded bald cover is so versatile that it can even be combined with a buzz cut. Originally the hairstyle was a military one, but it quickly became pop culture and now you can sport it as well. If you are looking for a no-fuss cut, it’s ideal.

The Caesar Bald Fade with Beard

The Caesar is named because it is the haircut that the Roman emperor appears to be carrying in the sculptures that we depict. It’s a hairstyle you’ve caught up again in the previous couple of years and you can now couple it with a bald fade.

Look right here for more Ceasar reductions for the emperor!

Classic Bald Fade with Beard

That’s what we’d call our primary theme the no-frills approach. It’s the easiest haircut you can get, not too brief and not too long, but on the sides and back with a bald fade. It also comes with a well-trimmed beard, of course.

Comb Over

If you enjoy and want to copy this hairstyle, here’s a tip for you. Store on hair gel, wax of hair and hairspray. To maintain it in place, this type of style needs a lot of product. Also, make sure that you are investing in a high-quality one that will not influence your hair.

Curly Bald Fade

It may be both a gift and a curse to have curly hair. It’s certainly what we’d call a lovely hair head, but owners of such a pleasure will often tell you how hard it’s to keep. A bald fade may take off some of the stress.

Curly Fauxhawk

If you have curly hair, you can even sport a bald-faded fauxhawk. You can decide how long and volume you want your beard to be and how bushy you want to be. Don’t forget to also do your eyebrows!

Styling a curly top can be as simple as stating one, two, three, gel! Apply a liberal quantity and run your fingers through it until the required shape is settled. It will be given an additional contemporary look by the bald fade.

Bald Fade disconnected

Bald fade with a beard is the standard hairstyle disconnected. This concept implies that in the center you have trimmed a part of your hair and the beard line are discontinued. It’s a matter of taste to add a difficult portion.

Fauxhawk Bald Fade

This time with a more pronounced bald fade. It obviously borders on a more traditional mohawk than anything else, except without the edge of the punk style.

The Golden Bald Fade

In this article, there was no way we could have talked about hair colors and not mention the largest hair coloring trend of all. It’s just swept across the globe, and you know what we’re talking about–gold. This is light platinum gold, but whatever color you like most, you can choose.

Hard and Bald Fade with Large Fuzzy Beard

Hard portion is a line that follows the natural parting of your hair but is much more pronounced as your barber has to use a razor to produce it. Keep this one’s hairstyle to a minimum so you can develop a bushy beard.

Hard Part with Comb Over

Usually a difficult part follows your hair’s natural division. The distinction is that in order to get one you have to go to your stylist. He or she will use a razor to shave a slim, straight line in your hairline, imitating a natural parting. Fashionable!

High Bald Fade, Spiky Fringe, and Medium Ginger Beard

Remember back in the s when we were all buying tons of hair gel every day and wearing spikes? Spikes are in, but not the same way they were back then.

Hipster Bald Fade

As with any other hairstyle in life, there is also a hipster version of the bald fade. And that’s beautiful. The hair reflects the s and s’s Victory Rolls, then worn by the women, but now unisex. Obviously, the moustache is a handlebar.

The Jelly Roll with the Bald Fade

Like the pompadour, the Jelly Roll is another haircut that has been forgotten for days. It used to be a hairstyle of rockability back in the s and s when it was known to keep people ahead of the mirror for lengthy hours.

The Layered Bald Fade with Beard

This elevated and layered quiff is fascinating to behold and you can honestly be called a styling guru if you can wake up every morning before you go to work and pull it out perfectly. Good job!

Long Bald Fade

In the last few seasons, this asymmetric haircut has been a real staple. It’s edgy and underground and styling and maintaining extremely simple. With a couple of silver earrings and a bling necklace, you can also readily accessorize it.

Low Bald Fade

It is essential to understand what kind of bald fade you want when you go to the stylist. You can get the very high classic bald fade, like the one you saw with the mohawk above, or you can get a low bald fade. It’s up to you completely.

Lumberjack Bald Fade with Medium Beard

The lumberjack look is another trend that appears to have diminished over time. It used to be a super cool trend many years ago, made up of plaid shirts, brief haircuts, and very bushy beards.


Singer Maluma is another celebration that couldn’t withstand joining this trend, so he grew his beard and faded. He also added two parallel lines to a tiny structure on one side.

The Merman Bald Fade with Beard

Meets the trend that has swept back a few seasons across nations but that you can still get if you fell in love with it madly. This is the style of the merman. You need to dye your hair in a kooky color or shade blend. Even your beard can be done.

Messy Bald Fade with Pointed Fade Beard

We don’t understand precisely when it occurred, but we’re so happy. Messy hair is now a great trend on its own. Not to mention it’s saving you the difficulty of explaining all those awful bad hair days.

Mid Zero Fade with Scruff

From the extreme elevated fade to the mid zero one with wavy back hair and beard brushed. The hair has a lot of density on top, and this one misses the sideburns. But with your stylist, this is a decision you should discuss.

Minimal Bald Fade with Beard

This bald fade is very minimal in design, smooth cut and perfectly engineered. It will need a lot of maintenance, though. This implies you need to shave it right off as quickly as your hair begins to grow.

Minimalist hair design

With so many hair models to choose from, sometimes it can be hard to make up your mind. If you just want to create a declaration, though, remember that less is more and go for a minimalist design. The most significant aspect is the message.


Pompadour Quiff with Declining Cheek Line Beard

As stated previously, at the start of the s, the pompadour began making a comeback, slowly at first and then in complete force. Now, at the end of the s, it seems that all the people wear one wherever you look.

The Quiff Bald Fade with Beard

Nothing claims stylish and contemporary as a quiff, a difficult part, a bald fade, and a patterned beard all rolled into one. For an excess of cool, don’t overlook your designer sunglasses and leather jacket.

Razor Fade with Jaw Strap Beard

This is a nice instance of a razor fade with a very lengthy and feathery top in a pompadour layer. It has a lot of volume to it, you can see. The beard is only a frame around the jawline, providing the highly coveted square jaw illusion.

Samurai Bun

The top knot, the bun of the person, and the bun of the samurai. It’s a extremely advanced bun form with a very clean finish that will make you look elegant and dapper, particularly if you combine it with a stylish bald fade.


Sergio Ramos

Even celebrities did not remain indifferent to the concept of a bearded fade. Here’s Sergio Ramos, renowned soccer player with a comb over slicked with some hair wax, a bald fade, and a beard that’s very beautifully crafted.

Mixing the slick back to a bald fade is a bald move. Another purposeful pun. It’s not simple to take off the style, particularly if you have a retreating hairline or a bald patch start. Still, he can make you look like a million dollars if you have a nice hairstylist.

Spiky Bald Fade

This is another twist on the bald beard fade that reminds us of s and early s. Every single young kid out there used to wear the super-thin spikes in the front. They were coupled with a ginger goatee and a very light stubble in this situation.

Textured Quiff with a short beard

In this instance, the bald change is followed by a textured quiff with spikes and a tiny front pompadour. The beard is well-groomed, and a couple of sideburns can also be seen riding into the fade.

Top braid

This braid guy is even simpler to do on his own. It’s a straightforward three-strand braid starting from the top of your head. Bonus–as messy as you want, you can create it. The concept is to demonstrate off your bald fade and accessories.

Top Knot with Bald Fade

We couldn’t have collected a list of the recent and coolest men’s hairstyling patterns without speaking about the top knot. Yes, it’s still with us and it’s still loved by men in different combinations of styling.