Women Hairstyles


Easy Updos for Long Hair

Complex hairstyles generally come to mind when we think of lengthy hair updos. Sometimes, though, the trick is nice and easy.

All you have to do for this small bun is divide your hair in half and wrap it over your nape.

Ballerina Buns

Ballerinas have been inspired for centuries now, particularly in hairstyles.

It is possible to obtain a sleek and flawless look through a superb ballerina bun. Optionally, add a chic touch flower accessory.

Prom Updos for Long Hair

The season for high school girls is one of the most stressful moments of the year.

To create the look great, you need to discover an ideal dress, pair of heels and hairstyle. Look no further if you have lengthy hair–this is the updo festival for you!

Lazy Ponytails

Literally, ponytails will never go out of fashion. They’re a nice and convenient way to rock your lengthy locks, especially if you want to get them out of your face.

You just need a chaotic ponytail for a warm summer day or a casual night out in the city.

Long Hair Casual Updos

Do you feel like maintaining stuff relaxed and easy? All you have to do is wrap your lengthy beautiful strands in a big, spectacularly chaotic bun. For an easily stylish effect, you can leave a few hanging loose on the sides.

Braids and Buns

If you’re uncertain about choosing a braid or a bun, you can go wild and choose both!

You can simply use one or two strands for the braiding portion and put them on top in a double headband fashion. Use the remainder as a lovely loose bun.

Protective Updos

You need to take excellent care of it if you have beautiful, lengthy afro-textured hair. So this is the ideal illustration of a hairstyle protective updo you can attempt.

Women’s Long Hair Updos Over

Even if you’re young, you can rock an updo beautifully. This elegant chignon at official events is the perfect way to highlight your lengthy, natural hair.

Flower Shaped Updos

One of the many beauties of lengthy hair updos is creativity. In other words, your hairstyle can be transformed into any shape you dream of.

This flower-shaped updo, for example, is just what you need for a fancy opportunity.

Long Hair Bridesmaids Updos

What about the bridesmaids? It gets even more tricky here because their hairstyles should be outstanding without going beyond the bridal updo’s complexity.

For instance, this updo provides the perfect balance between all these!

Long Hair Wedding Updos

Wait until you get to your wedding when proms are nerve-racking. There are so many details to check out that may seem irrelevant to your bridal hairstyle.

Don’t jump to conclusions–on a large day it can create or break your atmosphere. So this sweeping updo can be an ideal solution with silver accessories!

Long Curly Hair Updos

Curly hair is a pure styling pleasure, even more so when it’s long. Bringing curls together in an enchanting low bun is also quite easy.

This is a wonderful way to accentuate your mixed colors if you have balayage or ombre hair.

Fishtail Braid Ponytails

Fishtails have regained significant popularity over the previous few years among braided hairstyles. This nice method of weaving looks even more beautiful when worn high. Also, spice up your classic ponytail is a nice way.

Puffy Faux Hawks

Faux hawks are all furious about lengthy hair updos. They are an attractive way to add a little edge to your hairstyle without hitting the razor.

All you need to do is use a quality hair product to sleek the sides and tie the remainder to generate a mohawk’s illusion.

Braided Updos for Long Hair

This broad double Dutch plate produced on one side can bring the updo braiding portion to the next level. Braid all the way to your tips and then ravel everything into a side chignon, leaving a few loose strands.

Messy Updos for Long Hair

There are few who exceed the effortless glamor of chaotic hairstyles when it comes to hair patterns.

In specific, lazy buns were loved for as far back as we can remember by females of all ages. This dreamy bun is appropriate for circumstances of all kinds, from casual to fancy.

Dutch Braided Ponytails

The difference between Dutch braids and French or traditional braids is that they add more volume and shape to the hairstyle.

The reason is that the method focuses on braiding outward, as with most other braids, rather than inward.

Long dense hair updos

It may be a blessing and a curse to have dense hair at the same moment. It can prove challenging to style when it’s also lengthy. For this, like a knotted low ponytail, you can choose a straightforward yet efficient hairstyle.

Festival Half Updos

Festivals are the highlight of any summer boho gal. You should always set some time aside for the hairstyle in order to prepare for your dazzling festival outfit.

This half updo may be just what you’re looking for with double top knots.

Long Hair Half Updos

What better way to show off your long hair than half up, half down hairstyle? Although this is technically part of the lengthy hair half-updos, it’s a glamorous way to display your luscious lengthy locks.

Long Hair Side Updos

Details as tiny as wrapping a bun on the side can create a big difference to your look. This hairstyle has a unique sophistication touch that makes it just perfect for red carpet events.

Formal Long Hair Updos

Whether you’re attending a wedding, preparing to be a wedding guest, or planning a cocktail party, an exquisite updo like this will assist you to leave a memorable feeling.

Transform your brown hair with our suggestions for lowlights and highlights!

Pull-Through Braid Crowns

Braided crowns are a beautiful sight for the sore eyes. The effect is even more amazing when you generate one with a pull-through braid.

It may take a bit more time to put together this hairstyle, but you’ll enjoy the outcomes.

Messy Side Chignons

This is one of the best lengthy hair updos for you if you’re searching for equilibrium.

While due to the side chignon it has an elegant touch, it’s still a bit chaotic. This makes it suitable for all kinds of occasions, official as well as casual.

Long Hair Vintage Updos

Retro hairstyles are a clear indication of femininity and luminosity. This vintage updo brings us back to one of the most elegant periods in time. It’s just what you need in a unique case for a breathtaking presence.


You can always use accessories such as bandanas for an urban look.
You can also get a good pin-up look from the hairstyle depending on how you style the rest of your updo.

Floret Updo

Now, this one on the lengthy hair list of exquisite prom updos is just incredible that needs no description. This beautifully brushed floret braid, folded into a bun towards the end, appears magical to the eyes and will surely capture you this year’s Prom Queen title.

Sculpted Natural HairUpdos

This is another eye-catching, natural hairstyling concept.
It is also a protective hair and brilliantly enhances natural afro-textured hair. It’s really admirable the carved work placed into the updo.

Long Hair Boho Updos

Bohemian women often search for hairstyles that suit their carefree personalities.

For this style, this braid and bun mix is one of the best lengthy hair updos. Don’t be afraid to leave loose strands as this detail completes the look.

Waterfall Braided Bun

The hairstyle may seem straightforward but includes complicated styling methods. The popular braid of the waterfall is beautifully pulled into a messy bun. But in fact, with two distinct parts, this hairstyle operates. First, the reduced section’s curly manes are pulled into a chaotic tight bun and then the top section is weaved into a waterfall braid. Also, while braiding, tease the origins of the top portion to give your hairstyles height.


Fishtail Crown Updo

Now, this masterpiece on the list of exquisite lengthy hair prom updos is a braided updo but slightly twisted updo. A swept fishtail braid is completely weaved instead of any ordinary braid that just wraps around at the back of your head, appearing like a crown. On the other hand, it is pinned and the remaining tresses are pulled into a chaotic bun.

Loopy Curls Updo

Which makes you stand out from the crowd in search of a prom hairdo?
Well, certainly this masterpiece will do the work. The loosely pulled curls into a chaotic twist just seem beautiful. Having the heads turn number five grabs on the list of exquisite prom updos for long hair is a quality.

Classic Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns are always complex and classy, irrespective of the styling method. This Bun cum chignon is a sleek updo style that adds volume to your manes, making them look fuller. Apart from all the chaotic updo styles, this one on the lengthy hair list of exquisite prom updos is all formal and classy, intended merely for unique times.

French classic twist

French twists will never be out of fashion. Their intricacy and class add to their styling versatility, which is just ideal for any occasion or official meetings. Use a textured bar to keep the manes in bed all night long.

Pearled Updo

This is nothing more than a basic crown braided updo that looks simple yet elegant and is easy to style if you practice hairstyling.
All the sass in this style comes from the pearls that are included to accentuate the look in the updo. These sensitive pearls are perfect for balls or occasions. Before pulling them up into a bun, curl the manes for a more sassy attraction.

Rosette Curls

Due to its complex style and elegance, this hairstyle will certainly leave an impression on others. It works best for ombre-highlighted hair that compliments your style well. It also helps differentiate between the curls of the rosette and other curly natural manes.

Snail Updo

This hairstyle is best for rocking a prom night and making an elegant and class declaration. This fishtail braided bun snail style includes three fishtail braids that are twisted into a single voluminous bun.
Complete the look with sparkling hair accessories.