What happens if I have expired ID

I have tried without success to request an appointment to renew my ID card.

It is impossible neither by internet and calls. I want an appointment yaaa


Hello, I have my ID, it expired for three years. The reason for working abroad, please, answers, thank you.

Jose mari

I have my DNI about to expire but a valid passport. When the D >> NI expires, can I do everything the same before the administration with my valid Spanish passport? Thanks

Beatriz Ester Vergara

I have my ID with an expiration date of November 23, 2031, and I cannot carry out a procedure in AFIP because it jumps out that it is expired, why is it ???


I work on the ID and the best thing in these cases is to go to the office to be informed


I have spent 27 years in search and capture, now since January I have the prescription of the penalty, but it turns out that when I went to get my ID and not have it, only a photocopy of the old driving license and old passport, I did not It is worth to get it out, they ask me for the registration and they only give it with the valid ID. How can I get the ID or what steps to follow.


It has been two years since my ID expired. I have not needed it and I have not realized it. I’m going to renew it next month. Do I have a fine? how much?

Rosa Maria Medrano fernandez

If the DNI has expired for more than 6 months, I have to pay when renewing it if my age is 72 years old and it has been in this period of confinement due to the covid


Buenas tardes,
My DNI expires in September and for work reasons I am not in Spain, which makes it difficult for me to renew, how should I do it ??? The same thing happens to me with the driver’s license, how should I do it?
Thanks in advance and best regards




You should go to the social services of your locality and explain your case so that they can help you with the payment or the procedure to follow.

Leopoldo solá simon

Good morning my mother is 79 years old and this month of August 2020 her ID expires, I don’t know if she has to renew it or not
I am looking forward to your response


Yes, because you have the next one, you will not have to renew it


Is it true that with the situation of the covi, the expiration of the DNI is extended by one year?


And if you are 15 years old, can it be done?
How to request an appointment to renew the DNI


I lost my ID for 30 years and I no longer have ID and I don’t have money to ask for another one because it is very expensive, it is 12 euros and with that I can eat.

Victor Hugo, how can I be?

How can I do this because I lost the document and I am with the old ID and it is not useful for me to do the paperwork and I work and I need to get the permit and the ID and I can not. Get it out because I don’t have the paperwork number, please can you help me

Maria Antonia

My ID expired on January 21, when I had just turned 72 years old. I read on the website of the Ministry that from the age of 70 it is not necessary to renew it.
It came to me when I read somewhere that DNIs from 70 have numbers o9o99 or something like that. This was not clear from the information from the Ministry of the Interior. I want to make sure if I can consider my ID valid if I do not renew it for the simple fact of my age.

santiago sucasaca apaza

I do not have my ID, it was lost and it was expired, how can I process a very urgent need for my benefits, please help me …

santiago sucasaca apaza

I do not have my ID, it was lost, and it expired, I want to process it and there is no attention at RENEC for this cov 19 situation, I urgently need my ID to process my benefits, please help me …


I have expired for 2 years, I can apply for the bonus


My ID expired last year I could not renew it now I am wondering about the issue date they ask to see if I receive any bond that the government is giving me.

Jaime vargas zarate

Can I withdraw the 2,000 soles from the afp with my expired ID?