How to use sulfur soap for acne

How to use sulfur soap for acne

Acne is a skin condition that occurs especially during puberty or due to other causes such as hormonal disorders or genetic inheritance, among others. This imperfection, in addition to being a aesthetic problem, It is also annoying, since the pimples can cause itching, redness of the skin and skin eruptions.

Although there are different pharmaceutical and cosmetic treatments to eliminate acne, we can also resort to some natural and cheaper remedies that can reduce pimples, such as sulfur soap. This natural product composed of sulfur, a mineral with a yellowish tone, is considered a very effective home remedy for pimples due to its different properties for the skin. That is why in the following oneHOWTO article we explain how to use sulfur soap for acne. Keep reading!

Properties and benefits of sulfur soap for acne

As we have advanced, sulfur soap is a very effective natural treatment for acne since this mineral has the following properties for the skin:

  • Astringent properties: Sulfur is a mineral that helps reduce sebum that accumulates in the pores of the skin, especially in parts such as the nose, forehead and cheeks. Thanks to these properties, sulfur soap is especially suitable for oily skin.
  • Antibacterial properties: this natural product also neutralizes the accumulation of bacteria on the skin that can aggravate the problem of acne and prevents its appearance. For more information, you can read How to prevent acne.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Thanks to this benefit, this soap relieves other symptoms of acne such as inflammation, itching and redness that forms around pimples and blackheads.
  • Antiseptic properties: works as a natural disinfectant, so it cleanses the skin and favors the healing of wounds that can cause pimples. In addition, it also prevents acne from leading to more serious conditions such as folliculitis or furunculosis.
  • Exfoliating properties: the texture of the soap gives it an exfoliating effect that removes dirt, makeup and other debris that accumulate on the skin. In this way, it prevents the appearance of acne and improves the appearance of the face.

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How To Use Sulfur Soap For Acne - Properties And Benefits Of Sulfur Soap For Acne

How to make sulfur soap at home – step by step

Sulfur soap can be purchased at any cosmetic store. However, we can also make our own homemade and natural soap following the step by step.


  • 2 tablespoons powdered sulfur
  • 300 grams of white glycerin in soap
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 10 drops of tea tree essential oil

How to make sulfur soap:

  1. Cut the white glycerin soap into small pieces and add them to a bowl. Then put this container in the microwave until the glycerin melts and is completely liquid.
  2. Once the glycerin is liquid, add the two tablespoons of powdered sulfur to the same container. It is important that you add it with a strainer so that it does not make lumps. Once you have added the sulfur, stir it all in until it is well diluted in the glycerin.
  3. Now add a tablespoon of olive oil to the same container and stir the ingredients again. We use olive oil for its moisturizing properties as the soap could dry out the skin a bit.
  4. Then add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil and stir again. We use this product as it has aromatic properties that give you a good smell and specific properties for acne.
  5. Once all the ingredients are well integrated, add the mixture to a soap mold and let the remedy dry for at least a day or two until it solidifies.
  6. Finally, once it is hard, remove it from the mold.
  7. You will now have your homemade sulfur soap for acne ready.

Sulfur soap: how to use it for acne – very effective remedy

Once you have made the homemade sulfur soap with the help of the previous step by step or have purchased it at any cosmetic store, the next thing is to know the correct way to apply it to the skin. If you want to know how to use sulfur soap for acne, keep reading our tips:

  1. Before applying it, it is important to have a clean face of make-up and dirt residues.
  2. When your face is completely clean, wet the soap with warm water until it lather and apply it all over the face, emphasizing the areas affected by acne. However, it is important that you avoid sensitive areas such as the mouth and eyes, as this product could cause irritation in them. Nor should you rub the product vigorously, as it could inflame the pimples.
  3. Once you have applied the soap, let it act for 15-20 minutes and then remove the remedy with plenty of cold water to close the pores of the skin well.

Repeat this process between 2 and 3 times a day to reduce acne pimples.

How to use sulfur soap for acne - Sulfur soap: how to use it for acne - very effective remedy

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