Differences between German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd

The great variety of dog breeds sometimes makes it difficult to distinguish them. Some are very similar to the naked eye, so it is necessary to have more information to know their physical and behavioral characteristics or character. Analyzing these two variables, it will be easier for you to determine the breed of a dog.

The similarity between breeds is accentuated in the case of the German and Belgian shepherd. To distinguish them, it is convenient that you know what they are like. If you want to discover the differences between German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd, the characteristics and the different types of the two breeds, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article on how to differentiate a German shepherd from a Belgian shepherd.

What a german shepherd looks like

To get to know the German Shepherd in depth, you must know everything about its physical appearance and its character. Here we tell you how are german shepherds:

Origin and physical characteristics of the German Shepherd

According to the FCI[1], the origin of the German Shepherd is in Germany. It is a dog with a strong and medium-sized body. It has a height that ranges between 55 and 65 cm and an approximate weight between 30 and 40 kilos.

Its head is broad, with erect ears that end in point. These characteristics give it an appearance similar to that of the wolf, but with the distinction of the eyes: in the case of the German shepherd, they are dark in color. Has a scissor bite.

There are different varieties of coat in the German shepherd, but its standard corresponds to a double coat; the outer part is dense, hard and resistant. Regarding the length of the hair, it differs according to the area of ​​the body, but as a general rule it is not excessively long.

As for the color of the coat, there are varieties of black, gray and tan. It can have a mixture of similar shades, but always in this sense. In no case will the German Shepherd be white. The nose is also black.

German Shepherd Character

The temperament of the German Shepherd is very noble. It is a stable dog, with a great instinct to defend the family and enormous courage. With these characteristics it is understandable that a dog has historically been requested to do different types of guards.

Despite his bravery, nobility prevails in character. Therefore, the German Shepherd is not aggressive. It is easy to train since it learns quickly, but it is still convenient to promote its socialization with more dogs and people from a puppy so as not to have problems in this regard in the future, since then it could be aggressive in various situations, like any other dog. . For all its virtues, it stands out in different sports and emergency activities: it is chosen as a guide dog, for police tasks and in different therapies.

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How is a Belgian Shepherd

To know how are belgian shepherds it is important to emphasize your origins, your physique and character.

Origin and physical characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd

According to the FCI[2], the Belgian Shepherd is originally from Belgium. It is an officially recognized breed between 1891 and 1897. It has a height that ranges between 58 and 62 cm, with a weight of 25 to 30 kilos.

The head is of medium width and in proportion to its body, which is strong. The nose is black, the eyes are dark and the ears are small and triangular in shape. As for the coat, it is always dense and contains hair that works as a protective layer along with the inner layer. exist 4 types of Belgian Shepherd:

  • Belgian shepherd malinois: It is characterized by its long head and short hair. He is very intelligent and protective.
  • Belgian Shepherd Tervueren: its head is elongated and its hair is sand or charcoal in color. It is a very calm dog, but as a great setback is its propensity to some health problems such as muscular dystrophy and epilepsy.
  • Belgian Shepherd Laekenois: it has a folded coat to provide more resistance to cold. It is distinguished by its enormous capacity for work and its protective instinct.
  • Belgian Shepherd Groenendael: It contains a black coat and a very elegant demeanor. The nobility prevails in their behavior and possesses a fantastic intelligence.

Of the 4 types of Belgian Shepherd, the ones that most closely resemble and can to be confused with German Shepherdsthey are undoubtedly the Belgian Shepherd Tervueren and the Belgian Shepherd Malinois for their corresponding coats, long and short. Even so, especially the tervueren is the most similar and can be confused more easily: the physical appearance makes it a kind of German shepherd with long hair, since they also share many things in character.

Character of the Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is a very intelligent and active dog. Acquire knowledge very quickly, so you will have no problem getting him to obey you, especially using positive reinforcement. In addition, you have a great sense of fidelity that binds you for life with your legal guardian or caretaker.

He likes to receive affection and show his love towards others, making it an ideal breed to play with children considering that it socializes with strangers and other dogs easily. Even so, it is convenient to promote this aspect from a puppy.

For all these reasons, you are susceptible to anxiety attacks in the face of loneliness for a long time, which is known as separation anxiety. If you spend many hours alone at home, you can destroy part of the house due to this anxiety. Avoiding it as much as possible and working with the dog, you can correct this possible behavior.

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Main differences between German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd

After helping you discover what both races are like, in a HOWTO we expose you what is the difference between a German and Belgian shepherd:

  • Height: the Belgian Shepherd is slightly taller than the German Shepherd.
  • Bite shape: Belgian shepherds have it in the form of a pincer and a scissor whereas the Germans only have a scissor bite.
  • Ears: those of the German shepherd are more elongated.
  • Eyes: the Belgian Shepherd’s iris is dark and the German Shepherd’s is light.
  • Hip curve: German Shepherds have a very pronounced hip curve, which makes them have a low hip and a tendency to problems such as hip dysplasia, while Belgian Shepherds generally have a straighter hips.
Differences Between German Shepherd And Belgian Shepherd - Main Differences Between German Shepherd And Belgian Shepherd

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