What are the properties of pennyroyal mint

What are the properties of pennyroyal mint

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The pennyroyal mint, also known as pennyroyal, is a herbaceous plant of the labiate family that grows in humid places and has several medicinal properties from which our body can benefit. In fact, pennyroyal mint infusions They are very popular, above all, for the relaxing effect they generate and for helping to relieve stomach pain, improving difficult digestions. If you want to know more details what are the properties of pennyroyal mint, keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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For internal use, pennyroyal is popularly well known for its properties linked to the treatment of skin conditions. digestive system. On the one hand, it favors elimination and expulsion of gases accumulated in the intestine, being effective in case of flatulence or meteorism.


Pennyroyal tea is very digestive and, thanks to the antispasmodic properties of this plant, it is excellent to calm and relieve stomach pains. In addition, it also offers choleretic properties, helping to stimulate liver function to increase bile secretion.

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Pennyroyal, due to its high content of menthol also offers expectorant properties very beneficial for the respiratory system. Thus, mint helps to eliminate secretions that accumulate in the lungs, so its use is recommended in case of bronchitis and colds.


In addition, pennyroyal is antipyretic, because due to its content it can be effective in the cold and flu treatment to combat its main symptoms. To this we add that it favors the increase of the sweating capacity, so it is useful to help reduce fever.


Their sedative properties They make pennyroyal an excellent infusion to relax the body, combat symptoms of nervousness and sleep problems.


By way of external use, Pennyroyal also has antiseptic and healing properties, so it is indicated to clean wounds, prevent infection and promote proper healing.

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