10 TYPES of MILK CREAM and their characteristics

Types of milk cream and their characteristics

Many desserts require a very detailed preparation, that is, with exact quantities and ingredients so that the result is as expected. If recipes are always important to make food dishes, in the case of desserts they acquire more relevance if possible due to the need to adjust the proportions, the steps to follow and the ingredients that they must carry, even if we give them a personal touch. .

For example, one of the main ingredients in different desserts is heavy cream. It is an ideal product to sweeten a recipe, providing a particular texture and great flavor. However, the enormous variety of types that exist makes it necessary to know them in order to have the criteria to choose them and use them properly. But how many types of heavy cream are there? If you want to know 10 types of milk cream, their names and photos To differentiate them, at OneHOWTO we encourage you to continue reading this article.

What is the milk cream

Milk cream is a dairy with a particularly pleasant texture and smell. It is obtained from raw milk spinning process or freshly milked. Being natural, it contains fat and its hue ranges from white to pale yellow.

The texture of this ingredient is thick and contains nutrients beneficial to health such as protein, calcium and vitamins (A, B1, 2 and 12 and D). Mainly, milk cream is used to make ice cream and make various desserts.

Table cream

The table cream, also known as light milk or coffee cream, contains around 20% fat (it can range between 18% and up to 34%). This low fat content prevents it from being easily whipped. Therefore, it is best not to do it with this type of cream. Table cream is used in cooking to make sauces, dressings, fish, pasta dishes, and vegetables.

Major cream

This milk cream is called higher because it contains a higher fat index than the previous one, that is, from 34% and can reach 50%. The older heavy cream It is used as an accompaniment to arepas, to make homemade butter and also the Chantilly cream, of which we will talk at the end for being one of the most used.

Types of milk cream and their characteristics - Greater cream

Light milk cream

It is a less fat heavy cream, thanks to an industrial intervention process during its manufacture. It contains fewer calories and sugar than classic heavy cream, thus making it a healthier option, but the flavor is also different and less intense.

Whipped cream

The whipped cream, called whipped cream in Spain, it is also different from traditional milk cream. It serves to elaborate pastry recipes and some savory dishes. It provides a silky texture to the final cooking result and, to assemble it, you have to keep it at a very cold temperature without actually freezing.

It contains 35% fat and, among the pastry recipes, its presence in souffl├ęs, mousses, cakes and in the decoration of desserts stands out. Here you can see a recipe on How to make whipped cream or whipped cream.

Types of heavy cream and their characteristics - Whipped cream

Sour cream

Sour cream is made by fermenting with salt. Have a sour taste, by containing lemon, and sour taste due to the process to which it is subjected and, in addition, it is soft in texture. Its fat index ranges between 18% and 24%.

This heavy cream is used to make muffins, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and biscuits, as well as in some savory dishes, such as enchiladas and tacos. Here you can learn how to prepare cream or sour cream.

Types of heavy cream and their characteristics - Sour cream

Double cream

The double cream it is 48% fat. Also known as double cream, is thick and is used to make toppings, to add creaminess in some recipes, such as ice cream and cake fillings. It is also included in the ingredient list for certain vegetable creams, sauces and scrambled eggs.

Heavy cream

The heavy or lumpy cream It has this name due to the high percentage of fat it contains, more than 55%, making it one of the densest and heaviest among the different types of heavy cream. It is included in recipes with ham and also in some pastry recipes.

Types of heavy cream and their characteristics - Heavy cream

Very greasy heavy cream

As the name suggests, this is a extremely greasy cream, as it contains more than 55% fat. In practice, the so-called very fatty milk cream is a milk fat that is used to make butter through your shake.

Half cream

The half cream or half and half cream it is another type of heavy cream. It is low in fat (20%), providing fewer calories than most milk creams. In addition, it has a versatile texture, since before being refrigerated it is liquid and acquires a thicker tone hours after being refrigerated.

Among the different recipes that you can make with the half cream, the following stand out:

  • Custards.
  • Meat recipes, especially with chicken.
  • Jellies.
  • Lemon pie.
  • Pasta.
  • Fruit desserts.
  • Tartlets.

In this link you will see more information about What is the half cream and how to make it.

Types of milk cream and their characteristics - Half cream

Homemade cream

The homemade milk cream it is very similar to the normal heavy cream you can buy. There are different ways of making itas it may contain whole milk, cornstarch, butter, vanilla, unflavored gelatin, and sugar. Depending on personal tastes, include the ingredients you want to make it.

Here you can see a recipe on How to make homemade heavy cream.

Chantilly cream

Chantilly cream is not a type of heavy cream itself, since it is made with the largest milk cream that it is. You take this or the whipped cream as a base and add sugar and vanilla essence, thus providing a different flavor. It is used to decorate desserts, cakes and ice cream. It also goes perfectly with fruit.

In this link you will see a recipe that will show you How to make Chantilly or Chantilly cream.

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