This will be the new format of Spanish football for the 2021-22 season

Starting next season, Spanish football will have news regarding the formation of categories. The competition format will be maintained in which it refers to the two professionals: LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank, but the same will not happen with those that depend on the Real spanish soccer federation. The Second Division ‘B’ and the Third Division as they were known disappear, and three new ones are created: the First RFEF, the Second RFEF and the Third RFEF. Especially novel is the first one, since it aims to be a kind of link with professional football, an intermediate category smaller than the old Second ‘B’ but with a high competitive interest due to its composition. Definitive promotion and relegation systems have yet to be established in some categories, but the main lines are already known.

So Spanish football will be divided next season as follows:

Santander League:

-20 teams that will play 38 matches in a free-for-all format, playing one match at home and one away against each of the rivals.

-The first four classified will play the next Champions League, the fifth and the Copa del Rey champion, the Europa League, and the sixth, the Conference League. These places could be altered throughout the season depending on what happens in the Cup or in the different European competitions throughout the course.

– The last three classifieds descend to LaLiga Smartbank.

Smartbank League:

– 22 teams that will play 42 matches in a free-for-all format, playing one match at home and one away against each of their rivals.

– The first two classified are promoted directly to the Santander League. They will play a playoff for the third place of promotion from the third to the sixth classified, playing semifinals and final with the return match at home of the best classified in the regular league.

-The last four classifieds descend to First RFEF.

First RFEF:

– 40 teams divided into two groups of 20 due to geographical proximity. 38 days will be played with round-trip matches.

– Four teams will be promoted to the Smartbank League. The champions of each group would do it directly. The other two places would be decided in a playoff between eight teams in which they will participate from the second to the fifth classified in each group. It would be a single game, with an extension but there will be no penalty shoot-out. In the event of a tie after extra time, the highest ranked player in the regular phase would win. It needs to be officially approved.

– It is also about to be definitively approved, but it indicates that the last five teams of the two groups would descend to Second RFEF, those classified from position 16 to 20.

Second RFEF

– 90 teams divided into five groups of 18 each.

– Both the promotion and relegation systems are yet to be defined, although it seems that the champions of each of the five groups would rise.

Third RFEF

– 324 teams divided into 18 groups of 18 clubs each. Each autonomous community will have a group, with the exception of Andalusia, which will have two.

– As in the Second RFEF, the promotion and demotion system has yet to be defined.

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