long pixie cut

Sassy Pixie Haircut for Delicate Features

Short styles create the most eye-catching low-maintenance looks that instantly earn the highest style points. A pixie style is the simplest way to give the face extra attention and a sharper, brighter look. Your delicate face features are flattered by the extra short pixie.

Electric Eccentric Edgy Pixie

This electrifying edgy pixie works for the girl who wants to express her personality. This brilliant violet tone is completed with subtle blonde ash roots that complete the eccentric look. This style is perfect for any form of the face and will bring out any girls personality.

The Friendly Textured Pixie Thats Easy to Style

The best thing about these cuts is to make them textured and easy to style for girls. For the woman whose hair is thick and resistant, this is a fun look. Its also for the woman with fine hair the perfect easy-to-style cut. Either way for any woman whose lifestyle keeps her on the go, this enjoyable cut works well.

Longer Messy Cut With Bangs And Highlights

This is the perfect hairstyle for those who dont want to be too short and still want a full texture and a heavy fringe.

Silver Pixie

This is a basic haircut with an incredible silver elegance. This simple design produces a beautiful look with sleek intersperses of silvery gray. Its a style that works with an oblong face shape for women and girls, the layering of this cut lightens the facial features and frames the face with long strands.

Curly Blonde Pixie Cut

Curls add texture to your hair and make it thicker and fuller.

Short Sexy Pixies with Sophisticated Vibe

This is a short, sexy modern style with a sophisticated atmosphere which separates it from other pixie models. This look adds drama with sharp angles that jazz with a fabulous transformation of unconventional style. This is certainly the look for short layered hair to make dramatic changes to your face.

Two-tone Razor Cut Pixie for Texture

The two-tone razor cut pixie is a great choice for adding texture to any type of hair. This style, with choppy layers and wispy bangs, gives women and girls multiple lengths. This is a very feminine pixie with a lot of possibilities for styling. By stressing the razored surfaces, you can create amazing fashion.

Pastel Pixies Young Womens Best Hair Trends

Pastel mint pixie is trendy among younger women and looks great in short or long pixie haircut. This look will draw attention to your face shape and you can spice up your glamorous style with accessories such as clips headbands or bows that highlight your most prominent features.

Pixie Cut for Contemporary Woman

This hairstyle is perfect for women on the go. Its pretty convenient and perfect for any hair type. It adds texture and volume to the lady with thick hair and adds dimension to the fine hair, which increases the thickness of the short locks.

Cute Simple Hairstyles for Fine Hair

This is a medium messy cut to add a finer, smoother hair personality. The classic pixie is a little longer with wispy bangs covering the forehead than some. It is one of the sexiest cuts in the summer and is very handy and looks great with any color or texture of the hair.

Short Haircuts Women Can Wear with Naturally Wavy Texture

This is a pixie made for hair with a wavy texture and good haircuts with a fine or medium texture as well. These good haircuts are low-maintenance and require only a simple allle; they are perfect for the woman on the go and look best for a slimmer face on the petite.

Even Parts for Edgy Look

Go ahead and put the uneven parts on one side when playing the bangs. This uneven look will ease your daily hairstyling ritual and save you from the burden of the frizz while boosting the texture and dimension for a beautiful edgy look.

Short Cut For Natural Hair

For natural curly hair, this is a sexy cut. Show off with this short pixie cut your sexy curls. It has minimal maintenance and for any reason it looks perfect.

Disconnected Trendy Pixie for Every Face Shape

This adorable short-layered hairstyle is great for an oval round or cardiac face. To suit any face shape or personal feature, it can be tweaked. This trendy, disconnected pixie is one of a kind. The most fashionable aspect is the undertones of chocolate that accentuate the blond strands that show the shape of the face.

Anyones Short Pixie Style

Anyone can wear their hair short, this style matches any personality. The woman wearing this pixie shows her trust with an audacious but flirtious and yet practical look. The short pixie is suitable for all shapes of the face that acclimatize any hair color. With poise and personality, any woman can pull off this short pixie.

Bangs Pixie Cut

You can dress it up and down.

Longer Bangs Traditional Pixie

This pixie is becoming more famous as one of the latest short haircut trends. Its sophisticated cute and sexy yet feminine style makes it popular. The longer bangs bring attention to your bold lips and bright eyes that highlight the beautiful colors of the eyeshadow and lipstick.

Overpowering Short Pixie Cuts

This is a style with asymmetric short pixie cuts that are bold enough to take on their own lives. The vibrant color is framing the face with this style, bringing attention to the cheeks and face shape, there are several cute hair colors that combine well with this cut.

Millennial Dreamy Violet Pixie

This violet pixie expresses the millennial spirit. Its sleek, simple, and its beautiful to pose. Still short enough to be easily manageable, its sassy and dreamy. Maintaining this hair color is a little more challenging with the need to die frequently in order to maintain its fresh violet hue.

Smart and Sensitive Pixie Style

is a good choice for round-faced girls. In this unbalanced silver style, it is adorable and works great for all types of hair. The more daring diva that is brave enough to add pretty hair colors from this cut can get a lot of mileage.

Flexible Pixie in Ash Blonde

This flexible pixie can be instantly changed without any difficulty by combining your hair in a different direction. This versatile blonde ash hairstyle can be combed to accentuate this relaxing appeal in any direction. For the woman who wants a professional look, its the perfect hairstyle.

Spikey Pixie with Artistic Layers

This is a style that looks natural and ordinary from the front, but this pixies back is full of artistic layers. Collective hair portions are shaped with a creative blonde mix into a spiky appearance. This artsy style can still be created with different combinations of colors.

Longer Pixie Cut With An Undercut

Theyll go back to their hairdresser nine times out of ten to make it shorter.

Androgynous Boy Cut Pixie

This androgynous boy cut pixie is somewhat edgy, very textured and somewhat longer on top. Its a pixie that can be worn or sliced back with bangs to give it a boyish look. This shortcut will show off your facial features whether your hair is medium-thick straight or wavy.

Sassy Long and Short Pixie

This is a sassy pixie version flattering a square face. This cut is wavy and provides a low-maintenance look for dimensions and volume. Short on a blonde is naturally beautiful and this cut brings out the eyes and minimizes the shape of the face on the forehead.

Grey Pixie Cut

It has a retro vibe and the crowd stands out.

Classic Pixie with a Professional Touch

This classic pixie has a professional touch and is an ideal variation for a girl who first tries a pixie. With a professional look that isnt too fancy, this look is feathered for volume while enhancing the beautys exquisiteness and enhancing the style with blond colour.

Bold and Beautiful Cool Haircuts

lovethishair.co These kinds of cute hairstyles are cool, bold and beautiful haircuts. Its a powerful haircut requiring a bold personality. Its a style that can be combined with your skin tone, but it can rock with any skin tone with the change of dye. For the sleek chic, this cut is a great look and great for special events.

Short Haircuts

This blonde pixie creates a style that can be worn on any occasion. This soft and light blonde pixie has adorable bangs and a delightful change to medium-length hairs ordinary mundane locks. For blondes, this style is great and works for any hair texture.

Pixie for thin hair ding

This is the perfect style for thin hair dingers. Apart from drawing attention to the jawline, this pixie will add visual volume. This low maintenance style will be enjoyed by the woman with strong yet small symmetrical facial features. Its fun and it conveys the personality outgoing that is needed for success.

The Wonderfully Windswept Waves for More Contrast

This wonderfully windswept pixie takes asymmetry to its limit with natural flow and movement giving the hair an amazing take on the long pixie cut. This style is great for making fine hair with black roots a thicker, stronger color contrast and a fashionable style that catches attention.

Modern Classic Trend Crops

Take the modern turn to the classy crop that embraces the trend of pixies. This softly layered pixie is perfect for a fun, lady-like cut personality. This sultry, sleek style is an inspiration that can be swept to either side or simply worn, adding texture to the crown naturally.

Womens A-Line Short Hairstyles

With styles like this, its no wonder how popular these short hairstyles have recently become. There is a simple hairstyle framing the face that empowers it as no other style can do. It looks magnificent with bangs as short pixie and works with any colored hair texture.

Blonde Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

Make a makeover with a pixie cut and summer colour.

The Thin Hair Long Short Cut

This long shortcut is the perfect style for thin hair. It makes the locks look wispy with a straight cut but still layers of the hair giving a tremendous volume to your mane. For the woman with a busy schedule, this is a great style and no time to waste styling hair wanting a unique hair color.

Glamorous Short Haircuts for Women

These short haircuts are undeniably classy short, pretty hairstyles when its time to get glamorous. But its not the faint-hearted ladies. This classy style depicts a powerful image; the lady knows her own mind and controls her own destiny with a strong yet fashionably classy look.

New Short Style for a New Image

Now and again we all enjoy trying something new and redefining our image. We like to take it a whole new level from time to time. There are plenty of intriguing and daring short haircut trends to try for these occasions. As a short and sassy style choice, these haircuts for short hair are timelessly in demand.

Womens Classy Short Hairstyles

This classy razor cut is the perfect style for any season and is easy to keep. With these short hairstyles that flatter your facial features, his time put an end to bad hair days. This cut is a fabulous alternative if you want more volume with a natural look for longer strands. Too Hot to Handle Short Pixie

styleyoucom This too hot to handle short bangs pixie adds length to a soft silhouette. If you are exploring ideas and alternatives for hair sculpting then these may be the best cuts with the perfect length to add geometric flair to any texture. It will be a successful beauty move to opt for blunt bangs with this style.

Blonde Highlights Buzzed Undercuts

This cute, funky style with buzzed undercuts and blonde highlights is versatile and can be worn with bangs on either side. This is a creatively stylish look that gives life to this pixie on most face shapes showing off the chin and cheekbones expressing facial features.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

At one point Victoria Beckham also had this style as a blonde as well as a brunette. The

Tapered Pixie Haircut with Bangs

Tapered pixie haircut with bangs is an adorable change to mundane locks otherwise sported in medium hair. For any shade or texture, the longer strands that linger atop and short hair at the nape of the necks make this work. But try this look with a blonde hue and darker roots to get the best results.

Boyish Modern Pixie

Modern pixie cuts are not limited to boyish style cuts. A very popular choice is the short haircut with bangs and is suitable for almost any face shape. This trendy haircut pixie is a hot version of the stylish look of this season. It allows you to indulge from slicked back to allled hair in a variety of styles.

Sweet and Sassy Bangs for More Options

This sweet and sassy style offers lots of styling options with bangs that can be laid out in either direction. This is the ideal cut for girls who want to sweep their bangs down the side of their face with thicker full hair. With more styling options, this modern cut has longer bangs.

Fabulous Debut Cute Tapered Pixie

Heres a cute tapered pixie thats perfect for making a fabulous debut on any scene. Whether you want volume or consider that natural look to accentuate your locks completely, this is the ideal positioning of layers to keep away from boredom and any face shape can choose this crop.

Purple Pixie Cut

This is to lift the color in advance and better results will be achieved.

Artistically Chic Pixie Thats Aesthetically Pleasant

This esthetically pleasing cut creates a beautifully artistic frame around the face that articulates the most prominent characteristics. This chic pixie cut is perfect for a busy lifestyle woman who wants hair with a lot of movement and doesnt need every hair to lay the same thing to be confident.

Best hairstyles for brightening your eyes

Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, you dont need a super short pixie. You can give your pixie a girly look by choosing a long section on either side long bangs or longer locks in the back. This look illuminates the eyes and covers the front that adds magic to any style.

Edgy Still Girly Look

This edgy pixie works with curly or straight hair and opts for a longer section either side or straight back. This edgy yet girly look is perfect for the female who wants to try short hair but is not ready for a one-option style full commitment.

Short Pixie Cuts for a Feminine Look

Here is a smart pixie with a very feminine look with a short layered hair that is suitable for a fine to medium textured woman. The long and short layers give the fine hair a thicker, more fashionable appearance and give the contrasting dark roots an impression of denser hair.

Natural Brunette Textured Pixie

This textured pixie is ideal for a brunette with lots of volumes and little maintenance patience. This is a simple textured pixie for a classy younger look that is short in the back and longer in the front. This style evokes the brunettes natural elegance and relaxation.

Pixie with Textured Undercuts

This extreme pixie haircut with textured undercuts is a juxtaposition between soft and severe undercuts that creates a very interesting dynamic. So if its time to expand your horizons, take a look at this new textured pixie thats popular on the runways and has become an exciting and innovative modern style.

Feminine Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

This smart pixie is very feminine and suits a fine-haired woman who wants to sport a thicker and more fashionable blonde style. In contrast to darker roots, the longer layers without height on top create the impression of dense hair and work best for a long or oval shape of the face.

High Texture Short Cut for Softer Grow-out

This highly textured pixie gives hair a softer and more feminine appearance with a natural nape. This fuller softer grow-out interprets the playfulness of a woman effortlessly while showing her strength effectively. This style illuminates the characteristics of the face and is perfect for the woman who wants a full feminine soft grow-out.

Pixie Ambiguity Epitome

This pixie with shaved sides is definitely the epitome of ambiguity in pixies. With the asexual trend becoming popular, its no wonder why so many women choose this simple boyish style. For a flattering feminine fringe, this ambiguous pixie hairstyle is swept forward.

Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

This beautiful look with rubbed layers provides a beautiful silhouette with both body and size. With almost any style, the heart-shaped face looks good and that pixie cut for thick hair is no exception. This style is ideal for a busy office job in everyday life or for a night out in the city.

Fifty shades of pink for pixies

Dont worry about fifty shades of pink instead! You can turn your standard pixie haircut into something chic by combining pink hues. For a pixie, two-tone cute hair colors are part of the pixie trend and two-tone pinks offer a chic contrast that rocks the fashion world with beautiful hair colors.

All Blonde Cute Hairstyles for Girls

This blonde pixie has a powerful independent look that shows the courage to go that short. No extra layers or fancy effects are easy to maintain. One of the best effects for girls of these cute hairstyles is that they encourage passers-by to notice the features of the face as it frames the face eloquently.

Blonde Pixie Cut For Round Face

Take Agyness Deyn and Keira Knightley with this style they both looked amazing.