Bob hair ideas

How to Cut Long Layered Bob

and smaller bangs. Centimeter of hair on each side of each segment. Sections and brush them with your comb on the front. Use your fingers and create a straight line, but when cutting your hair, work with smaller sections and create a lifted look illusion. Function with-cm more volume all around your head and hairline and ensure that all your hair strands are positioned flat straight and not frizzy.

Delicate Mid-back Curled and Layered U-Cut

This mid-back u-cut offers a beautiful rounded shape with delicate layers of sweeping. This long layered hair is a simple everyday look and quick to maintain hairstyle. This style can be applied through both thick and fine hair – with a quick accentuation of the hair tips appearing to be more full and well groomed.

Long Layered Blonde Hair

Its up to you to wear it, and whatever layers you pick looks great!

Long and voluminous layers with delicate highlights

These v-cut layers coupled with soft and voluminous curls give longer hair more movement and size. Chestnut brown with subtle golden highlights appear even more natural with v-cut layers starting at the mid-length – with the ends becoming sunlit.

Trendy Long Curls with Extra Volume

With this trendy layered v-cut, these long and chunky curls gain more volume. With this sultry v-shape, super long hair becomes even flattering. Natural shadow coloring makes the style even more glamorous with curls. This look can be a beautiful romantic hairstyle for a dressy event or for a casual lunch as a cute down-do.

Layered Haircut With Long Side Bangs

Dont wait any longer to call your hair salon and book your appointment in time for the beautiful summer days!

Arched Bangs and Long Layers

. The look requires minimal styling and very smooth transition of the arched bangs into the longer layers. Simply brush your bangs and hair to your face to style these long layers with bangs to frame them around your eyes.

Blonde Long Layered Haircut

A blonde layered look is our next idea. The hair on the front features shorter layers, producing a long fringe feel. This is great for those who may want to try a fringe but dont want to shorten their hair as it frames the face in a similar way. A cut like this looks incredible with blonde hair, but it fits perfectly with every other hue.


Long layers and short layers will look very different when styled but short layers are better if you want to have multiple styling options for yourself. Because short layers are subtle, your parting and hair styling can be changed in a completely different way without looking too heavy or too thin in any area. On the other hand, if you have long layers, changing your parting can be a very bold move. It can leave your hair on one side looking very thick and on the other side without any weight or thickness. Medium layered hairstyles

with layers

This unique long bob with bangs and layers will be enjoyed by women with a bold sense of style. Its super long and chic and something you would normally see on the runway looks like!

Long Layers Balayage Ombre

This look cant beat the patterns and styles of today.

Long layers of hair with asymmetric bangs

If you want to inject a modern and edgy feel into your long layered hairstyle without adding color or losing length then why not add asymmetric bangs to your style? These will draw the eye and create a modern and futuristic feeling with a face-framing effect. This is a daring look for the feint-hearted, certainly not.

Haircut Light Balayage

Love balayage hair? Then check out the concept of this body. At the top the skin is black and towards the tips a lighter brown hue. This is a lovely and easy hairstyle to wear that will suit everybody. If you dont want to pursue the concept of light, the layered cut will also look amazing on its own.

Long Side Parting Layers

If you want to define the shape of your face and create a smooth and smooth look, use your hair dryer and a round brush to pull your layers into your face shape. This is perfect to draw attention to your features and to eliminate round heads and straight jawlines. D a side part to further soften the shapes and textures of the angular face.

Dark And Light Brown Layers

We shared a blonde multi-tone look earlier. Heres a style similar, but the hair is brown. This hair idea shows how amazing with brown hair this kind of style also looks. The shades of light brown really lift the hair and make the layers show. This idea we love!

Layered Haircut With Babylights

Baby highlights set the haircut off while revealing a delicate and girly side. Highlights of this sort can improve your body.

with layers

Blonde colored beauties with blue eyes should look with this hairdo very sweet, fun and romantic. Youre going to enjoy this cut if youre in the mood for something sensual and innocent looking.

Beautiful Soft and Wavy Layers

Perfect for full thick and coarse hair types – these long wavy layers are incredible. A trendy hairstyle for girls and teenagers, with a range of color combinations, this feathered and layered cut pairs is the perfect layered look to accentuate the highlights of the balayage. For a timeless look to create a soft look that blends with natural coloring.

Highlighted Layers with Blunt Bangs

Exaggerate your layers without affecting the length of your hair by choosing to create a frame with multiple lengths of feather-like layers around your face. For a timeless style that is universally flattering, especially if you have a high forehead or oval-shaped face, pair these emphasized layers with blunt bangs.

Textured Layers

Your hair becomes mobile and has a beautiful textured layer style that looks great for every occasion.

Straight Layered Cut with Choppy Bangs

but that is simply not true long layers with choppy bangs make for a very flexible look that fits most face shapes and is pretty easy to look at. Simply straighten your hair and use the setting spray to make sure that the look holds

Dark Bold and Natural Tousled Layers

This all-natural look is boosted by subtle layers and dark and bold color. A fun and uncomplicated style that works well for the complexions of dark skin and women with thicker hair who want the soft shaggy effect. This natural look style embraces the beachy look and carefree look – a perfect summer hair design.

Beachy Layered Haircut

With this layered cut, give your hair a beachy feel. The layers used here are quite short and texture and waves have been used to style the hair. All these elements give you the summer vibe of boho. Its a stylish and simple look to wear that suits everyone.

Front Layers Balayage Highlights

People will be drawn to your hair instantly and it will look incredible.

Effortless Long Wavy Layers for Naturally Wavy Hair

This beautiful long layered wavy hair is the perfect style for almost any face shape. A simple look that takes minutes to achieve and maintain throughout the day. These layers have a longevity that allows more time between hair appointments – especially when combined with this dark to light coloring that allows root growth. With growth, layers will also continue to add more dimension.

Silky Long and Layered Style for Wavy Hair

With the addition of layers, the most distinguishing long hair elements that appear even longer. This silky long layered hairstyle retains the entire length, but adds a lot more attention to the length. The subdued layers begin at the shoulder and give the remaining tendrils that fall below more structure and size.


looks good on white teint. If theres anywhere in this range your current hair color and youre trying to spice it up, get a long layered bob and enjoy it/!

Textured Medium Rockstar Layers with Extra Volume

This stylish girls hairstyle or spunky, modern womens hairstyle is about the use of texture layers. With a few subtle twists, thick chunky layers that begin at the cheekbones add lift and texture. Extra volume on top offers a stylistic canopy. A cut with lots of sloppy layers above the shoulders turns out to be a voluptuous hairstyle rocker.

Shoulder-Length Layers Turning Straight into Wavy

A flirty modern hairstyle suitable for this reason will increase the volume and texture of the shoulder cut with minimal layers. Messy and allured for a fast on – the-go hairstyle ready for action. This A-line cut, which is slightly pitched and angled, elongates the head and resembles a classic bob.

with Bangs

Women with naturally lighter hair should pair it with a long bob cut and bangs. These are very fluffy and will add a great dimension to your face if you feel like youve got a smaller head and need some lifting or rounding.

Stylish Cool Blonde Layered Cut

Use our next idea to completely transform your body. The hair featured here is a stunning layered cool ice blonde hue. This hair reveals how amazing layers are when loose curls are styled. Hair like this will look beautiful all year round, but the color will suit the winter in particular. If you dont have the light, try the layered look.

Baby Bangs

to create a contrasting look with the rest of the long layer haircut. To fashion this look, by combing the hair back, you create a gap between your hair and bangs. Keep the hair in place using pins or headband and let the bangs hang loosely to make the long layers appear more formal.

Feathered layers

are feathered layers and when you step your hair will flow so naturally.

Cool Copper Waves

then why not give a modern twist to your style by adding a rich copper color and adding medium and long layers throughout your hair. Ding curls will help you define subtle layers and attract attention with a bold color like this one.

Layered Haircut With A Touch Of Balayage

Think of it as showing your hairstyle cut and color!

Thick Bangs

search for night outs in particular.

Stylish layers

A stylish layered cut is our next concept. The layers in this one are also quite short, but the overall look is quite subtle as the hair is thinner and styled with waves. Hair like this is going to look great on anyone and its a trendy way to try layers. Again you can replicate this look on any hair color, but on brown hair the subtle blonde featured here looks amazing. So why dont you try it too?!

Hot Mess Blonde and Voluminous Layers

Something seductive about messy hair – especially when it looks natural. So simple and yet so beautiful is this sultry hot mess of long layered hair. A stand-out color such as this jaw-dropping blonde improves the allied look while the form of the v-cut adds more structure and volume to this long layered skin. Layered Light Brown with Golden Honey and Caramel Highlights

dinging soft curls to this layered hairstyle adds more feminininity and broader fashion range. In these smooth multi-length spirals, the golden honey and caramel highlight shimmering. A trendy hairstyle for medium-long hairs for girls. For everyday use, this simple look is perfect.

Elegant Soft Layers with Natural Bounce

These soft layers add a classy and elegant hairstyle to the everyday look. The style holds the length beginning at the midpoint with shortened layers adding romance with soft yet bold contrasting highlights that enhance the natural color of the skin. Finished with a casual side-swept part that gives a touch of drama to this long layered skin.

Layered Low Light Haircut

make your hair look silky and smooth.

Long and Soft Feathered Layers

Soft blonde angular layers with golden brown highlights on the crown are a wonderful choice for fairer skin types. Feathery cuts soften the hair and boost the luster, irrespective of whether the hair is fine or thick. This feathered look is perfect for daily shape and texture regardless of style-up or down.

Cool Colored Light Feathery Blonde Layers

This ultra-cool, modern hairstyle reveals stunning, uniformly hidden layers. Longer front tresses make a stealthy a-line possible. In this stunning style, feathery and gentle spirals of sandy blonde locks with champagne and blonde caramel highlights look amazing. A great introduction to wavy hair balayage highlights.

Simple And Subtle Layered Haircut

Your hair will have a new life lease that will make you and your hair happy.

with Long Layers

The key to large long layers with side bangs is to make sure the bangs fit well with the rest of your hair. The combined side bangs build an effortlessly chic look with the long choppy layers. Blow-drying your bangs correctly brushing them forward while blow-drying is completely essential in order to achieve this look is the secret to styling this look.

Long Textured Layers in a Warm Fine Shag

This fine layered hairstyle cool and sultry is a wonderful hair concept. Shaggy and long bangs that frame the head and mix in well-transformed choppy layers give this trendy cut a depth of drama. Best of all this style needs little maintenance — long, gradually increasing layers to improve the effect.

Messy Bob

Dark brown hair looks naturally beautiful, so make sure you add a little hump to it by going for this long layered bob with bangs.

Soft Chunky and Delicate Curls

Thick and chunky layers have endless possibilities, ranging from shaggy tips to thick layers of soft curls. Delicate curls and lightened tips make it look sunlit in this ombre hair coloring. A cool hair trend for

Bouncy Layers With Flicked Out Ends

One of the best things to add long hair layers is how healthy and bouncy they make your hair look like. Highlight this effect by flicking your layers out to create a fun crisscross effect. Ask your stylist for blunt cut layers in your hairs mid and longest lengths and use a textured wax at the end of every half curl you make.

Long Brunette with Golden Tipped Layers

This natural dipped tip effect makes the hair look longer and healthier. The layers pop with sun-kissed beauty accentuating the duration and dramatizing movement. The layers start further down on this cut to offset the length while the tips of the shadow give it an incredibly trendy vibe. A nice cut and color in the hipster style that is fashionable and exclusive.

Hipster Waves with Blunt Layers

This long, blunt cut is full of beach blonde style with a luxurious length worthy of envy. Another great hair idea that accentuates the natural tendencies of the hair for coarse and wavy hair types. To accentuate the natural waves, crude and choppy layers are deviously hidden between brightened hair. A simple hipster style that looks uncomplicated but stylish and stylised.

Extra Volume Long Layers

Looking for an extra volume long layered style? Use a large barrel brush to curl your hair and change curl direction to create a mix of allled and messy curls. This is a great style to wear for a day or two, because the messier it becomes, it just keeps looking better.

Sleek And Straight

Brilliant Side Swept Bangs Ideas Thin hair can benefit from having a few wispy layers but try not to go overboard and have a lot of layers because we think less is more. You can add texture to wispy layers and show off your creative side. Keep the style pretty simple and easy to maintain, so you dont have to add anything else to the mix.

Free Flowing Naturally Colored Layered Look

Smooth and natural layers display innate hair beauty. These careless layers, coupled with a natural shadow, bring simplicity to a sweet, ordinary hairstyle of the day. The u-shaped cut, while retaining the fullness, softens the ends. Light blonde brilliantly highlights blindness as the light bounces through the hair.

with Wispy Bangs

Women in their s will look phenomenal with this hairstyle layered lob and look a few years younger as well. All attention will be concentrated on your face and all fine lines or wrinkles around your forehead will be effectively hidden away.

Hippy Styling

Long layers are perfect for hippy hairstyle women. Layers tend to dry into soft waves naturally and give the hair a true bohemian feel. The look is perfect for outdoor festivals or on the beach to chill out. In comparison, short layers help to create a higher style look that looks great in the workplace. See how to cut layers in your hair at home How to Cut Soft Long Layer Haircut at Home Short Layered Hairstyles

Deep Natural Brunette with Sweeping Layers

Long and thick hair can get terribly heavy, but adding layers can lighten the load like this one in full-length style. Natural coloring creates an elegant appearance that retains its fun and flirtation. A u-shaped cut softens the symmetry and keeps the effect of the whole body.

Dark Hair with Dramatic Highlighted Long Layers

Thick long, dark hair with dramatic golden highlights looks fabulous. A cute hairstyle for girls, when paired with oval-shaped faces, frames the face well. Combined with multi-dimensional hair color, this layered look provides endless options for styling. Such long layers are at any time of the year stunning and flexible.

Striking Silky Black Long Layered Hair

Thick straight hair is enchanting in this dark brown and black blend which matches well with medium and dark tones of skin. Long layered hair with a natural part of the side uses long facial layers that blend into the cut. Long and angled layers of swoopy soften the look and offer pretty finish to a cleaner.

Chin-Length Layers

If youre ever bored with your chin-length layers that we dont think youre going to always have a half-down hair thats going to show off your longer layers.

Long Blonde Layers with Smooth Tossed Curls

Smooth curls embellish and lighten the ends with beautiful shape and style. Face-framing layers that can be swept back gives a natural feel to the cut movement. A great style to choose from with minimal effort and maximum appeal for naturally wavy to straight hair types.

Wavy Bob

Khloe Kardashian is an internet sensation that wows the world with her groundbreaking beauty hair style make-up and she definitely knows how to wear this long bob haircut with layers. Its very straight but painted in a stunning platinum color that looks great at the highest on light complexions.


Short layers are perfect for those who want to add more size to their design. Hair tends to flip out slightly towards the end of each strand so that a shorter layer ends up looking larger. Longer layers can help people through their total hairstyle thickness without sacrificing on length.

with layers

minutes to style it and it is best suited for women with straight, thin hair.

Bob Cut cut with Bangs

looks amazing to her! This hairstyle only proves that even actresses are not afraid of this unique hairdo and can still rock it on the Red Carpet for sure.

Icy Blonde Streaks with Natural Wavy Layers

Face-framing layers in this beautifully swept allle are stunning and subtle. Long icy blonde hair is textured with jagged layers that make a piece of cake styling. A fresh, fast-paced hairstyle that bounces with light. With the unique frosty coloring, naturally wavy hair is amplified.

Bombshell Blonde Layered Shag Cut and Style

Shaggy layers give the most natural look in conjunction with this stunning blonde hue. A great casual hairstyle no hassle. A perfect math for fairer types of skin and fun lightweight hair when keeping a certain length. A fresh way to frame the face with a cute fringe is this layered hairstyle.

Long Bangs Soft Layers

These long layer bangs have bangs that are usually of a slightly eye-capping length. The bangs are cut in a way that frames around the face and helps to give a very adorable look through the long soft layers. Its very easy to look stylish and because of their size, the bangs can either be split in the center or swept to one side. Best Bangs Hairstyles for Stylish Women

Ultra Long Highlights Layers

If youre nervous about cutting off any of your long hair then this is a great transitional style ideal for experimenting with layers without losing too much hair. To create a rich and glossy style, d blonde highlights.

Long layers with Front Bangs

that give them a very soft look with a very smooth transition the bangs are cut right in the front and are the apex of simplicity and elegance. This look can be achieved by dividing your hair by a length of two inches, then straightening them individually as well as straightening the bangs carefully maneuvering the straightening iron in a way that faces your face.


look asks your stylist to cut bangs-inches in length depending on how short you want the long layered locks with the short bangs to give them a very edgy contrasting appearance. Also, short bangs can help a rounder face appear slimmer and seem to elongate a small foreheads length.

Blunt Bangs

In blunt bangs the hair on the forehead is cut thick and straight across the forehead which goes well with thick wavy hair making for a very classic look that s screams. Such long layers are very easy to style with bangs. Simply straighten the bangs in the natural direction of your waves and brush the rest of the hair. This style looks best when putting a very minimal product on your hair when using one is natural.

Layered Haircut For Brunettes

By using a color shampoo and conditioner, if you choose this style, keep your hair looking bright and healthy.

Bleached ends and long bob haircuts with layers and bangs will look best for women in their s who need a playful professional combination. This hairstyle is very versatile and is going to best suit your working hours.

Light Ash Brown Layers with Natural Appeal

Lovely swoopy layers of light brown copper highlights. In girls and teenagers, a trendy hairstyle these sweeping side bangs bulk up the crown and stretch the layers in quick styling to frame the head. This hair is ideal for a professional cut, creating a natural look while being full of style. With this long layered bob with bangs,

will look breathtaking. Simply tuck them behind your ears when they start to bother you at one point during the day and show off your face structure.

Subtle Layers For Long Hair

Have you ever tried layers before or would you like to look more subtle? Thats the idea for you then. This hairstyle features layers, but they arent many and theyre not much shorter than the hair. Such layers will make your hair look lighter and more stylish. We love the idea of hair!

Soft Layers with Long Combined Bangs

This styles softer bangs and soft layers would be ideal for girls with oval or round heads that help soften the curves of the head. D A textured spray to create a modern separation between your layers through the ends of your skin.

Popping Bangs shaggy layers

This modern shaggy layered look is a fierce hair idea for bangs. Brunette with the highlights of polished copper softens the blunt edges that give these tresses a wispy feel. Thick and flat bangs influenced by Retro add the look of rock nroll to this shaggy cut. This popping cut looks fantastic personal as well as technical.

Tapered Layers with Middle Parted Bangs

Typically the hair becomes longer at the top in a tapered haircut and shifts progressively shorter down the sides and back. The look features long bangs as they must be part of the middle. Because of its slimming effect, this look is particularly suitable for rounder facial styles.

with Bangs

make it your next go-to hairstyle and enjoy its simplicity.

Extreme Length with Layers

If you have extremely long hair then it is essential to make your hair feel light and manageable especially during the summer months. Long, thick hair can feel hot and difficult to style. Your hair should feel much lighter and easier to style by adding layers. Bob styles layered

Dark Multiple Tone Blonde and Brown with Soft Layers

Long layers make a beautiful hairstyle for women seeking a comfortable everyday look. Such understated and delicate surfaces give more dimension to the lightly painted ends which reveal soft texture and size. When conjunction with layered cuts such as this dark multi-tone blonde and brown with soft textures, multi-tone hair colors can have more depth of appeal.

Off-Center Parting and Curled Ends

Do you want your hair to look as healthy as possible? Run a shiny serum of shine through your hair and then curl the ends with a curling wand to produce bouncy and natural waves to add volume to your ends. To build a softer look that flatters every face shape, change your hair to an off-center parting.

Trendy Blonde Layered Hair

A sleek layered style is available next. There are short, medium and long layers for this hairstyle. The mix produces a textured look and comments are created by the layers. Try blonde hair layers like this for a sun-kissed beachy style or for a stylish layered look on any other color.


In the case of layers, the terms long layers and short layers do not only refer to the length of the hairstyle in its entirety. In addition, the gap between the layers is long and short. If there is a large distance between the end of one layer and the end of the next, it can be considered a long layer. If the distance is short, on the other hand, the style is called short layers.

Layered Haircut Textured

Looking for a trendy hairstyle? Thats the idea for you then. Here we have a textured layered cut. You create a stylish and relaxed look by adding texture to the hair. Without layers, this type of style will not be achieved. For long or short layers, you can build a stylish hairstyle like this.

Rainbow End Long Layers

Do you want to make sure that each layer counts? This is a layered style of high maintenance which is best achieved with the help of an experienced colorist. Ask for a graduated rainbow style and to define layers of varying lengths for each highlighted strand. Using curling tongs to highlight the look and lock in place with hairspray.


Long layers are ideal if you want an explicit look but shorter layers are better for a more subtle hairstyle shape. If youre looking for a shaped haircut thats as subtle as possible, talk to your stylist to create a short layered hairstyle that will meet your needs.

Layered Haircut For Thin Hair

Ask your hairdresser to lower your layers to keep the length around your face.

Peekaboo Bangs with Long Layers

Peekaboo bangs work brilliantly for long layered hair. The trick to this haircut is to ensure that the length of your bangs is kept fairly long by your stylist if the bangs are cut too short. By sweeping the hair to one side, the look is the best style. While blowing them through your hairbrush to give them more volume and then brush them to the side, let your bangs hang a little freely. Use a little volumetric mousse to touch the look.

Dark Brown Bob with Layers

will open your face and focus a lot of attention on your face center. Be sure to get the wavy long bob with side bangs and layers if you prefer this look.

Opalescent Blonde Layers with Natural Flow

Iridescent paint with gray and platinum blonde notes look amazing with soft allled layers. Fine and thin straight hair from these nifty layers gathers dimensions and volume. Layering begins just past the length of the shoulder, adding an easy to maintain texture. The coloring is unique and the cut paires well.

Color and Bangs Long Layers


. In this style, the degree of imagination is infinite.

Long Sheer Hair And Bangs

Pair voluminous sheer blonde waves and strong bangs to look like Brigette Bardot in her heyday. For a look thats incredibly sexy and perfect for a girls night out, put your hair in bed-head style curls.

Straight Long Hair With Sharp Layers

Would you like to add layers and texture to your hair but are afraid to lose long hair? Ask your hairdresser to blend subtle longer layers between your chin and your tips and create the texture illusion by adding your straightening iron to your hair with gentle waves. Ultimate Short Hairstyles for Women

with Bangs

In this haircut, the layers are not cut as thick as the layers in this cut are thin and sparse, making them much easier to style later on and still give you the same thickness as longer cut layers.

All Length with Touch of Layers

This powerful layered look is well answered by long and fine skin. A low maintenance and cute girls hairstyle – this style adds a little bulk combining side-swept bags to highlight the face and provide natural texture. In this visually appealing cut, dramatic duration blends with simple sophistication. Styling is easy and a great option for both natural and colored hair.

Caramel Highlights And Layers

This is a stylish way to do it if you want to freshen up your hair. This hairstyle has subtle textures and highlights of caramel. The highlights illuminate the hair and lighten the layers and lift the hair. Its a lovely hair concept and its great for women who want to make a little makeover for their hair.

Blow-Out Layers

If the layers are cut like this, you will be on the winner every day.

Popular layered hairstyles with bangs

with bangs and layers

Long chocolate hair with wavy natural layers

Complete and bouncy curls suspended in cascading layers make an incredibly beautiful hairstyle. Capitalizing by adding four or more layer lengths on the length compliments the shape of this full u-shaped cut. Big wavy curly hair tendrils are full of size and shine for a beautiful and romantic vibe that is unbeatable.

Long layers for thin hair

If you want to inject body and motion into thinner skin then ask your hairdresser to spread short and long layers across your long hair and then blow dry to inject movement and body into your hair. Thinning your hair this way would make it thinner, making it easier to build volume at the roots.

Bronde Chin-Length Layers

Your style and character will be added and suitable for every occasion.

Shoulder-Length Layers

You create a beautiful two-style haircut with shoulder-long layers.

Long Two-Layer Haircut with Side Bangs

offers a very minimal look and a smooth transition to the layers with side bangs. Styling this hair blow dries your hair while brushing it forward to give it more volume then brush your hair in its natural direction.

Low Maintenance Edgy Lightened Bands

This layered natural look is a beautiful clean n go style with a sleek twist. This sweet, simple hairstyle with lightweight low maintenance layers provides the look with more durability. This clever combination of cut and color will continue to grow and add length to the texture. A fantastic color choice for light and medium skin tones is the dark roots and cool gradient color effect.

Cute Blunt Angled Shag Style

This blunt angled shag is an amazing look for an edgy chic hairstyle. With these shaggy layers, dark roots and burnt copper tips look fabulous. Rock a carefree vibe with this easy everyday hairstyle with or without bangs. It doesnt have to feel like layers to be elegant to be stunning.

Choppy Layers

This is one of the favorite hair stylists to do right now because it has an edgy female feel and rocker look.

Wavy Layers with Long Bangs

In this style long wavy bangs are seamlessly transformed into wavy layers, giving a very elegant and classic look. Make sure your stylist knows how to cut your hair in your waves natural direction, and the layer length is slightly longer to make sure the hair flows voluptuously. Apply some volumetric mousse to help hold the look and add more volume in the natural direction of your waves.

Two Tone Blonde Long Layered Hair

If you want to make a big difference between your highlights and your natural hair then ask your hairdresser for a mixture of short layers and long layers but do not add any graduated mid-length layers between them. This is a style that both worn up and worn down will look great.

Curtain Bangs

Super straight hair and lots of volume sounds like every womans dream come true! D texture by spraying your hair with some hairspray and making some crunchy movements on the back, producing amazing natural waves.

Long Bob with Side Bangs

Women who are not sure what the best way to add some illusion or size to their hair should have a long bob with side bangs and layers both on the front back as it is ideal for fine thin hair. With this cut, you can focus all your attention on your eyes as your bangs are going to hang pretty low and no one will really realize that your hair is fragile or weak.

Curly Highlighted Layers

Maintain a lighter contrast color on the top of your hair and the highlights speak for themselves.

Buttermilk and Golden Blonde Highlighted Layers

Natural rooty blonde punched with buttermilk and golden blonde highlights are beautifully allured in natural-looking spirals. With choppy precision, the layering is disappointingly hidden throughout the cut for a modern look full of dimension. Quick to style and easy for those on the go to manage this is the best style.

Glam Long Layered Haircut

With a layered cut like this, glam the look. The hair is long and so are the layers. Longer layers are not as visible as shorter layers, but they create a chic look. To make the layers really stand out, try adding blonde as featured to your hair as well.

Subtle layered hair

Another subtle layered presence is our next idea. As you can see, the layers are beautifully blended in with different lengths. These hair is a great idea for the ladies who just want to lift their hair if it looks tired. Try the color of your hair too or keep your hair naturally.

Dark Brown and Copper Hair with Curly Layers

Long contrasting dark brown and copper curls reveal movement and luster. The look shapes the head and appears thick and attractive, full of volume and natural style. For a romantic look, a beautiful and modern look at traditional coiffed curls loosely spiral these gentle and natural looking curls.

Light Caramel Brown A-Line Layered Cut

Blunt smooth or anywhere in the middle-added corners turns ordinary hair into much more. To girls and teenagers, this gentle A-line cut with subtle layers and natural shadow is a chic, simple hairstyle. The angle pitched provides a high-low bob while adding layers increases the texture.

Side Swept Bangs

If you are relatively new to bangs and are not happy with them being directly in front of your face these layers of side bangs for you. The hair features long hair cut into layers that essentially frame the head, and when swept to the side, the bangs should be trimmed in order to fit in with the layers. Apply some volumetric mousse to keep the look in the direction in which you bang are swept.

d Vibrant Color Injection

does not need to be trendy and safe in natural colors. Add a candy pink pop into your layered hair and then curl to add motion and texture for a look that for all the right reasons is sure to attract attention.

Layers Balayage Highlights

Such layers will complement your new highlights technique and your new hair will be envied by all your friends.

Multi Tone Blonde Layered Hair

We have a new idea to make your layers even more striking. This hairstyle has different shades of blonde. Its a stunning mix of colors and it makes the layers perfectly stand out. For other colors like brown and orange, you should try multi-tones.

Purple Hair Layered Idea

Would you like a dramatic hair makeup? Then take a look at this style. Weve got vibrant layers here. The hair is a stunning combination of blue and purple tones with a layered cut. Its like the idea above about the blonde hair but with bolder colors. Recreate the violet look or seek blue or pink in another bright color.

Beach Blonde Layered Hair

Weve got another beach hair idea next. The layers that are used here are medium and long because of the curls they stand out beautifully. This is a glamorous hairstyle that looks beautiful to anyone. Such a hairstyle is perfect for the ladies who enjoy boho hair but also want to look elegant.

Auburn and Honey Blonde Medium Length layers

medium-length hair layers need careful consideration and attention. Starting with the layers soon leads to discarded bits that can not be picked up when torn up. In this well-planned cut, the shortest layers start at the shoulder length, allowing for more up-do options and cool layered style when worn down.

See-through Bangs

Last but not least, this shaggy wavy haircut is going to be a huge trend this Spring Summer season so be sure to hop on the trend! For any case, but particularly for your everyday relaxed situations, you can enjoy this layered long bob haircut with bangs. Theyre going to suit you.

Long hair with short layers for professionals

These short layers add volume and structure to the regular, simple hair style with long layers of hair. With the addition of curls to these shortened lengths, otherwise dull hair is bouncy and light. A beautiful womens hairstyle that decreases stronger facial features and improves their feminine appearance while retaining a professional attitude.

Full Wavy Layers with Blonde and Brown Streaks

Layers give this full and wavy look more dimension. Such understated layers inspire texture and luster, a great opportunity for fine and thick hair types to capitalize on layers – best achieved with multi-tone hair color. Bouncy and full of volume, this is a perfect hairstyle for everyday wear at home or at the workplace.

Coppery Layered Hair

We have thick, short-layered hair next. This is a beautiful idea of hair, and the layers really stand out as the shortest is about the length of the chin. You can replicate this layered hair color cut but choose a trendy hairstyle copper shade. This color on anybody looks amazing and will really make your look brighter.

Classy Medium Layered Hairstyles</h2

Flaring Layers and Side Swept Bangs

Flaring layers are usually multi-level layers that combine extremely well these partners with the soft side swept bangs to give a very sleek and exciting appearance. The hair can be maintained very easily and can be styled quite simply. Blowing the hair will add volume to it.

Bob with middle part

Some low-lights look feminine on each girl regardless of her age. For your prom or graduation party, you can do this long layered bob hairstyle and look amazing as never before. Make sure that your highlights match your undertone and continue with this bob cut only afterwards.

Warm Caramel Balayage And Layers

You can also distinguish your layers by color. This hairstyle has warm scanning. The added color only makes it possible for the layers to pop up a little more than without them. You can choose any color of the scanning. Perhaps seek the summer blonde and the fall a similar shade to this one.

Long Flyaway Layers with Side Swept Bangs

A plain, chic hairstyle ready for casual or dressy affairs, thanks to the side-swept bangs and soft allle. This look on the go is ideal for a low-maintenance style that is ready to deal with everyday life.

Long Layered Brunette with Dark Auburn Streaks

Soft shoulder layers look picturesque in this brunette shade with a nice dark auburn shadow. The coloring of dark to light hair dramatizes this long layered hairstyle – a fabulous brunette hair idea. Dark auburn stripes naturally blend in with the natural brunette adding a natural elegance. Styling this cut with gently rolling waves makes it look timeless.

Loose and Wavy Blonde Chunk Layers

is a home-run ding some highlights like these golden caramel notes in this blonde colour. The highlights emphasize the texture and bring more movement.

Long and Curly with Subtle Layers

Layers should not be for straight or smooth hair. If you have a perm or naturally curly hair then by incorporating subtle layers through its size, you can still offer your style meaning and structure. This will help pull your style into your body instead of producing an overall polished look away from it.

Long Blonde Layered Hair

Another blonde layered idea follows. The layers in this hairstyle are long and give you a beachy look when styled with waves. This is another versatile idea that will suit everyone and easy to wear. It will also be suitable for all hair lengths and colors.

Thick Coarse Layered Hair with a Soft Look

Coarse hair tends to be a bit frizzy. Ding color brings more dimension to this blunt end layered look. This layered hairstyle celebrates the natural frizziness with a ready-to-wear on – the-go look. For an evergreen look, an organic and modern hairstyle.

Full Flirty Bangs and Medium Layers

Natural color and choppy cut provide loads of volume where appropriate. Wavy allled hair matches the style of cuts – commanded by completely arched bangs following the face curve. A great look for styles of square faces with a rounder feel. This arched frame is a knock-out, filled with wispy and delicate surfaces.

Two-long layers

It looks amazing at the end of the layers with a touch of light.

Soft Layers

Its a fresh look that will make you feel super sexy and beautiful back to your long hair.

Bangs layers

This look is perfect for you if your hair is naturally wavy. A no-fuss fashion without even trying to look stunning. Styling very easy and requiring minimal maintenance. Great long bangs haircuts layers for you to browse through and choose from your next look.

Windswept layers

Windswept layers produce an elegant, girly hairstyle to make your layers rock.

Bright Blonde Look

Our next idea shows how beautiful layers on long hair are. The layers are short medium and long on this hairstyle. You can also see how almost straight hair and wavy hair look on the layers. Anyway, a haircut like this is versatile and will suit every occasion. Try your own natural color or blonde color.

Thin Hair Bob

and get away with it. When combined with some intense makeup, this look will look really high-end and all you have to do is iron it straight every morning and enjoy the result.

Choppy Layers with Short Side Bangs

These unevenly cut layers contrasting with short side bangs give off a very punk rock star that looks like the hair needs to be cut to a percentage to make sure it is edgy. To achieve this fashion, straighten hair after brushing it down and use hairspray to make sure the look stays.

Short Layers On Top

Longer layers may be added to the short layers at the top of the hair.

Classy Style

ding layers on your long hair will show your classy side and its timeless!

Super Long Layered Haircut

The length can still be seen, but the layers add a sexy style.

Long layered hair with bayalage color

are a great way to add extra dimension to your hair and look great in combination with a mixture of long layers and face framing. Tell your hairdresser to mix color and layers to produce a rich and full natural look. The highlights really stand out.

Layers Blonde Ombre


Streaky Caramel Highlights Tousled Brunette Layers

and beyond.

Shapely and Full Wavy Layered Shag

A beautiful way of showing off a stellar shag haircut is beyond sweet. Long hairstyles with layers, while adding texture and depth, should show the length. Huge volume forms the top while color lines blaze down the sides. This simple style softly frames the face with long divided bangs disappearing into wispy layers.

Blonde Layers Side Bangs

Your head will be framed by side bangs and your hairstyle will be shown.

Dark Cinnamon Auburn with Layers

Long cascading cinnamon auburn strands that fall flat and unremarkable if held at a single duration. Ding layers to this super long one-color style – bumps the volume and avoids stringy-looking hair. The result, while maintaining a sassy and frisky flair, is soft and glamorous. Best for those looking for some recognition in a professional setting.

Long Hair With Wonderful Waves

One of the most modern ways to wear long hair with layers sweep your hair into a face-flattering side partition and create exaggerated waves throughout the length of your hair before pulling back the roots to create height and volume. To perfectly replicate this look as your hairdresser adding lighter highlights through your hair and styles underlayer so that they can look out for dramatic effect.

Multi-tone layers

When the light hits your tones, your hair will look amazing and shine.

Beautiful Red Layered Hair

Next you will see a stunning layered cut. Different lengths are the layers and they really stand out. Such layers will lift out of long hair and take the weight. This is a stylish and chic look that will look amazing on anybody. Use the red color to keep the hairstyle hot and trendy.

Ideally you were motivated to find the perfect long layered haircut.

Soft and Subtle Wavy Layers

With these subtle layered waves, long hair becomes more stunning. For a youthful look, long-side peek-a-boo bangs are the best hair concept. The soft highlights emphasize the severe look of the hipster. Its easy to maintain a trendy hairstyle for layered girls and fun to dress up or down.

Long layers with Feathered Center Bangs

If youre looking for an ultimate girl next door, its your answer to see if its formal or casual. Slightly wavy long layers of bangs cut in the middle thinner and flowing on the sides into the sheets. Because of its slicing nature, the haircut is very easy to style.

Long straight layers with front bangs

layers help define straight hair even more and help shape the hair around your face the front bangs compliment the look and make the look a little more dramatic ask your stylist to thin your hair a bit so that it falls very delicately styling this hair is fairly simple. After straightening your hair, straighten the bangs facing you with a straightener and make sure you can use the look to carry a bit of setting spray.

Midsummer Natural Blonde Side-Swept Layers

Highly versatile long and choppy layers. Wear them down with a curling iron at the ends for a delicate fringy look or soften them with a quick flip. It is possible to dress long and dramatic side-swept bangs by pinning the off sideways or backwards.

Long layers

I think youve got to experience longer layers before going for shorter layers.

Face-Framing Layers

Walk down the road while you walk down the girls catwalk!

Medium Blonde Highlighted Layered Shag Style

Brilliant and fresh, soft and silky allled look.

Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

This quantity of texture looks very feminine confident and eye-seeking which is something that a woman can accept anywhere! Youre going to love this textured layered lob with bangs if you dont mind all the jealous looks.

Textured Bob

a bob cut can be pulled. No need to spend hours trying to get every strand straight, whenever you feel like, you can easily rock a wavy hairstyle.

Sleek and bright dark hair layers

This is the perfect hairstyle for a woman who wants to add body and volume to her long dark hair. Tell your hairdresser to apply thin layers to frame your face and leave the rest of your layers long until you add a gloss spray to your hairs length to give it a natural shine.

Long Layers vs Short Layers: See at A Glance

Long layering does work better on longer hairstyles in part because it is impossible to cut effective long layers into hairstyles that are too short. The hair is obviously not long enough in these other hairstyles to establish adequate distance between the layers lengths. Short layering on hair of any size looks amazing. Slicing short layers into crops and slicing pixies is even possible to create a completely different look for your hair.