Medium Shag Haircuts

We always like to begin with a balanced choice when presenting fresh hairstyle thoughts.

For example, medium-length, with an all-natural aspect, is one of the best modern shag haircuts you can rock. The key is the choppy layers.

Beach Hair

The notion of beach hair falls within the wider category of timeless shag haircut contemporary adaptations.

Just as the name leads you to think, after spending some time at the beach, the hairstyle seeks to replicate the element of your sun-kissed hair.

Short shag haircuts

Would you like your shag haircut to be more playful? Go with it briefly!

This is the perfect look for a summer makeover or just to flaunt smaller locks.

Also in this hairstyle, we dig the pixie cut bob haircut mix.

Sleek Layers

Hard as it might appear, not all haircuts of shags are chaotic.

While this is an element that you will often find common to all shaggy haircuts, some of them can also be sleekly styled.

If you have official events coming up or just have a classy character, this is great news.

Long shag haircuts

To get the perfect picture shag haircut with lengthy hair, you need to go over and over with the layers.

The stronger they are, the shorter and more choppy they are. You will not only appreciate a vibrant silhouette, but you will also appreciate the style of boho that you are looking for.

Shag Haircuts with Bangs

A great way to increase your hairstyle’s shag element is to combine these wild layers with bangs.

As we go through our list, we’re going to showcase several bang styles, but we’re going to begin with this classic collection of complete arched bangs.

Cool and Flirty Hairstyle

Shag haircuts are an interesting way to express yourself, especially when you’re an unconventional and free-spirited kid.

You should choose a bob-length shag haircut for a flirty and cool hairstyle that you won’t be scared to get your fingers in.

A-Line Shaggy Bobs

Talking about the hairy A-line is a must now that bob hairstyles are being discussed.

Angles are all about adorable shag haircuts, so it’s natural that the ideal outline would be served by an angled bob.

Thin Hair Shag

If you are struggling with thin hair styling, it is recommended that you explore shorter haircuts.

For example, a choppy hairstyle with a bob or lob may assist you to get additional volume.

Because the locks are shorter, you won’t pull your hair down as much weight.

Asymmetrical Bob

Speaking of bobs, why not attempt your shag hairstyle asymmetrical version?

You don’t have to aim for a dramatic haircut with an enormous difference on each side between the length.

Instead, just step out a little for a one or two-inch asymmetry from your comfort zone.

Shag Haircuts for Older Women

Use shag haircut to accentuate your young personality!

Whatever your age, with a sassy hairstyle, you can look and feel fantastic in any section of your lives.

As in this flattering shot, Raquel Welch demonstrates so over and over again.

Straight Shaggy Hairstyles

We’re talking about all hair types throughout our list of wavy, curly and more shag haircuts.

Here you see a beautiful look with straight hair for our women. It’s all ideal about this hairstyle–from the length to the layers!

Bangs jagged

It’s simple to see why inverted bobs are known among this year’s trends as some of the most voluminous hairstyles.

Consider including some choppy layers for a cool shaggy look to bring yours to the next stage.


Shaggy hairstyles look the best with shoulder-long hair. Without struggling with high maintenance afterward, you can enjoy the layers and get that much-needed volume kick.

We promote females with middle components to take this look in particular.

Layered Shag Haircuts

It may seem redundant to label a shag haircut as layered but in the larger


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