25+ Wedge Haircuts

Wedge Hairstyle Textured

Want to wake up like this? Ladies, it’s simpler to get flawless than you believe. Considering getting a brief, strongly layered wedge cut in this shot, like Raquel Welch.

You’re not going to have difficulty getting the textured aspect–with this haircut it will all come naturally.

Feathered Pixie with Balayage Highlights

If you’re confused, go for job pairing highlights and layers.
One of the choppy pixie cuts is the feathered pixie with scanning highlights. Add asymmetric cut in the hairstyle pixie cut that looks more exciting. The hairstyle is very good for the form of the oval face, the shape of the long face and the shape of the core.

Classic Short Pixie in Pastel Blue

A long-faced hairstyle is very appropriate. It’s one of the edgy haircut pixies that’s in the trend a lot. One of the choppy pixie cuts is the classic brief pixie in pastel blue. The haircut helps maintain the attention away from the oversized front and direct to the facial characteristics. You can go for pastel blue hair color to magnify the look.

Imperfect Pixie

Imperfect pixie is a bonus when a chaotic pixie wakes up. It’s one of the cuts of choppy pixies. This hairstyle is perfect for those people who don’t have much time for a hairdo. The hairstyle is fast and simple to keep. Just grab a hair paste or pomade and run to your hair that takes your time hardly.

Choppy Gray Pixie

Its versatility brilliance is the best thing about the choppy gray pixie. It’s one of the cuts of choppy pixies. Grow your hair in this hairstyle with incredible color making you look more comfortable. You can also experiment with symmetry cut if you want to attempt.

Finely cut thin hair pixie

If you are less satisfied with wispy locks, try finely chopped thin hair pixies. Stop thinking about your hair and try something fresh. The choppy layers offer structure in this hairstyle and add volume to your hairstyle. It magnifies the characteristics of your face and provides you a lovely look.

Blonde Pixie Bleach

Blonde Pixie Bleach is one of the choppy pixie cuts. The razor cut top portion in shorter haircut looks amazing on lovely females in this hairstyle. It provides your hair body by adding to your hair the texture and motion. It also enables you to explore hairstyle styling methods.

Dorothy Hamill Wedge Haircut

How could we not give the lady in charge of creating the wedge haircut a worldwide trend?

Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill is the undisputed inspiration primary for the wedge hairstyle that is still fashionable to this day.

Platinum blonde pixie disheveled

Platinum blonde pixie disheveled is one of the choppy pixie cuts. As you understand, with blonde hair, the finely choppy locks will look more incredible and trendy. The hairstyle is sufficiently correct to take every lock’s razor-sharp cut. The disheveled platinum blond pixie demonstrates this hairstyle’s richness and classiness.

Tapered Pixie Cut

A tapered pixie is one of every lovely girl’s choppy pixie cuts. But the hairstyle is less severe than the pixie hairstyle variant. It gives your lovely hairstyle a soft touch.

Two-Tone Pixie

One of the choppy pixie transitions is two-tone pixie. The style is not intended for a specific era. For those who work professionally, it can be extreme. To adopt the texture, you can add little pomade and add little missing hairstyle punk.

Wedge Haircut for Curly Hair

If you naturally have curly hair, you’ll realize you’ve got a broad variety of haircuts for you.

While some gals love to show off their hair when they’re long, others enjoy short, funky, and playful wedge hairstyles ringlets.

Long Tapered Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

One of the choppy pixie cuts is a long tapered pixie cut with side bangs.
In this hairstyle, a trendy edge was trimmed by the long choppy pixie. The lovely edge with a matt blonde hair color that helps you flaunt your hair’s dark origins.

Short Stacked Wedge Haircut

Nowadays, the most common way to rock the wedge haircut is through a brief, stacked cutting method.

They will literally stack on each other by establishing gradual layers to increase the natural volume of your brief locks.

Pixie Bob

Pixiebob is the ideal transition if you want to grow your hair longer. One of the choppy pixie cuts is Pixie-bob. Long hair will offer you more hairstyling choices. With this hairstyle, you can choose the color. Wear this hairstyle’s incredible couple of earring.

Retro Wedge Hairstyle

Wedge haircuts were all the rage in the s, making them a staple beauty for retro fans.

You can explore the wedge hairstyles from a couple of centuries ago if you want to add a vintage touch to your look. You will discover all the inspiration you need to make your appearance perfect.

Long Wedge Haircut

We’re used to seeing short wedge haircuts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock your hair and look fantastic while doing it.

In this case, you’ll approach an A-line lob–a long bob cut in the form of an A.

Classic Pixie

The concept of this cut should be given by its name. The hairstyle is the short hair looks incredible. This hairstyle adds beautiful silver blonde to double the appeal. Go with hairstyle trendy and leave all over the spark. It’s one of the cuts of choppy pixies.

Modern Wedge Hairstyle

The wedge hairstyle looks best in our moments when it’s brief and choppy. You’ll be along the lines of a pixie haircut somewhere, just with more focus on volume creation in the back region. The secret lies in many layers.

Fine Haircut Wedge

Fine hair is never simple to handle. However, it can become much more manageable and easier to style with the correct hairstyle.

If this is the condition you’re in, you should have the signature wedge silhouette with a bob haircut for good hair.

Pixie Wedges

In order to accomplish this look, take this