60+ Senegalese Twist Colors Ideas

With Senegalese twists, you can choose from various dimensions.
Because of the dynamism they provide for your general look, jumbo twists are quite common.

Half Up Half Bun Hairstyle

This is by far one of the most frequently used hairdos when it comes to styling your Senegalese twist. In a nutshell, it’s about half-down dividing your hair and wrapping the top portion in a big, turban-like bun.

Crochet Senegalese Twist

If you’re planning to get crochet Senegalese twists, that’s how the final findings can be. For African American females, they are sleek, stylish and a beautiful selection of hairstyle.

Side twists

In most instances, Senegalese twists are swept back or middle. A side portion, however, really gives the whole look a feminine touch.

Medium Senegalese Twist

Some prefer stronger jumbo twists, others better like tiny ones. We also have the medium category, however, with Senegalese twists not too wide or too narrow. That’s what looks like a well-balanced collection of twists.

Large Senegalese Twists

While these twists are really big, they aren’t quite jumbo like the first ones we’ve shown. Rather, they are a little bigger than medium twists, just enough to be at the same moment well-defined and subtle.

Gold Accessories

Increasingly trendy hair jewelry is the ideal accessory for your Senegalese twists as well. Such a golden chain accessory will bring to life your entire hairstyle.

Palm Tree Ponytails

You will often discover that ponytails are an easy way to style your Senegalese twists to prevent them from getting in the way. This elevated ponytail has a palm-like impact that enables you to gracefully drop your twists on all sides.

Small Senegalese Twists

We also have lower varieties after covering the bigger Senegalese twists. For instance, these slender twists may take more time to braid, but they look exceptional.

Additional Accessories

If you don’t like a piece of hair jewelry with lots of chains, you can go for one like this. It is adorned with tiny golden discs all around, rather than having two chains on each side.

Senegalese Twist Bun

As far as Senegalese twist updos are concerned, this one is just as common as the half-up variant. It’s just ideal for hot summer days or your favorite street style outfit, comfortable and chic.

Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles

Many government figures have over the years rocked Senegalese twists. Brandy is wearing them with her head high among them. The beautiful hairstyle of the singer in this picture combines a chignon of fancy with a top portion of vintage fashion.

Half Up Top Knots

If you don’t want your bun to have a turban-like impact, you can attempt this half-down hairstyle as well. It utilizes fewer twists and chic top knot outcomes.

Senegalese Twist Updo

This is an incredible updo for even the most fanciful occurrences. While the sleek ponytail is fairly fundamental, the top portion is wrapped in an elegant manner to form the entire hairstyle.

Long Senegalese Twists

Although there are boys out there who rock brief twists, you will see them almost always lengthy. If you want the waist-length of your twists, consider getting extensions or having the patience to develop your natural hair.

Hats and Twists

This African hairstyle is cute when combined with a delicious hat. You can see a casual white sun hat in this picture, which is more than suitable for going out in the winter.

Blonde Senegalese Twist

While the most common colors for these sequences are black or dark brown, blonde is also a nice option. It beautifully contrasts with dark roots, so if you want a two-tone look, go for this option.

Metallic Colors

You can experiment with metallic colors such as this bronze gold shade. It looks totally fantastic against darker toned skin, so this solution should definitely be taken into account by African American females.

Red Senegalese Twist

In relation to blonde and black, gals that rock red curves flawlessly can also be found. Add a half-up sweeping hairdo like this one and you have a look that will surely turn heads.

Highlights braids

Another innovative way to improve your twists is by spreading through them a few highlights in the color of your preference. You can see how a bit of blue can make the whole hairstyle look even more eye-catching in this instance.

Swept to the side

If you’re out of twist styling ideas, you can always go for something that’s simple but effective. This look includes, for example, sweeping the top portion to the side and pinning the tips.

Micro Senegalese Twist

In fact, the narrowest Senegalese twists have a unique category. These super thin twists often considered’ micro,’ resemble strongly natural hair, making them a favorite for many African American women.

Ombre Senegalese Twist

How can you stand out better than by mixing your favorite hair colors? This is a dramatic illustration of how, when twisted in these braids, ombre hair appears.
The profound violet to lavender gradient makes the outcome even more unique.

Silver Gray Twists

If you’re up-to-date with the recent hair patterns, you’ll see that silver, gray and blonde ash colors are all raging. So why don’t your braids integrate this tasteful trend? That’s how they could turn out.

Fishtail Braids

While Senegalese twists are already braids, that doesn’t mean you can’t braid them anymore. The’ wow’ factor certainly goes with this complex fishtail braid.

Senegalese Twist Mohawk

While this is literally not a mohawk, the Cornwall parties provide you with an outstanding faux hawk to strut your things. As you can see, the top portion is produced completely from Senegalese twists, so if you want to walk on the wild side, think about this look.


The pompadour has been a symbol for women and men alike since the beginning of the century. If you want to glam your entire look, you can sport this retro hairstyle.

Slicked Half Up Half Downs

If you’re not in the mood for buns or complex updates, you can always sweep your twists back and bind them half down. They’re not going to get in your eyes and you’re going to appreciate a classy, laid back hairstyle.

Senegalese Natural Hair Twists

This is an instance of how these braids appear on natural hair as they grow. This is a protective hairstyle, as you already understand, that you can count on to keep your natural hair healthy and happy.

Elegant Low Buns

Nothing can be compared to the low bun or chignon style. Consider dividing your braids to the side to make this hairstyle look even sleeker. You are now prepared to hit the red carpet!

Chunky Senegalese Twists

You can always go to chunky if you want braids that exceed jumbo.
These kinds of Senegalese twists are all at the same moment nice, original and playful. Don’t forget to accentuate the braids with a few hair beads.

Hot Pink Twists

Love pink and don’t worry about showing it? Go for a collection of beautiful pink hot braids. For women who want to convey their femininity through their hairstyle, this is the ideal option.

Long Senegalese Twist

If you prefer a natural color for your braids, brown is always a great idea. Although it is not black like most such braids, it is not too flashy or difficult to pair with colorful dresses.

Twisted Half-Up Ponytails

Take half down your hairstyle with an easy touch to a whole fresh level. Once the half-up ponytail is prepared, divide it into two and twist the two braid bunches.

Royal Blue Twists

Bright blue is another outgoing color you can use your braids to convey yourself freely. With different colors it looks fantastic, so don’t believe it’s too complex to wear.

Curly Senegalese Twist

For more volume, you will frequently see females with curled twists. You can also twist half of your hair and leave the remainder naturally curly, whichever way you like better.

Side Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

This creative low-sided ponytail is another way to braid your twists. The chunky braid beautifully describes your face shape.


Criss-Cross Goddess

These chunky corneal braids are here called goddess. They’re ideal if you want to give some rest to your hair. Every time they go out, people prefer them for holidays so they don’t have to worry about styling their hair. This makes it one of the cool black braided hairstyles simple to accomplish without a lot of fuss.

Parted Box Triangle Braids

Braided hairstyle is particularly common among contemporary females. These box braids, also referred to as poetic justice braids, are one of the most popular braided styles. There is a collection of conventional braid styling techniques. Although you can experiment with altering the size of your braids, you can attempt different splitting as well. This makes it one of the cool braided black hairstyles.

Cornrow Braided Bun

Another way to style your lengthy poetic justice braids is to bind it up in an elegant way. Women embrace this style with flair today. In the list of cool black braided hairstyles, these flattering cornrow micro braids are third.

Dual Size Cornrow Braids

If you have smaller hair tresses and want to experience your hair’s poetic justice braids. Try to incorporate a mixture of fine cornrows with chunky braids. This will tend to secure the smaller tresses and avoid slipping the wispy ends out of the braids. This makes it on the list of cool black braided hairstyles as number four.

High-top Knot Mohawk Braids

This masterpiece is number 5 on the list of cool black braided hairstyles. Braids offer you room for creativity at all times. Blend a braid in Mohawk style with a top knot to give a different level to your braided style.

Poetic Justice Ponytail

Bore your poetic justice braids that flow all the time. Try to experiment as we did in the past hairstyle with them. Simply bind one or two ponytails together to secure the braids and get a style change.

Highlighted PurpleBraids

While black braids are more flattering but color experiments allow some creativity room. Weaving a few pieces of hair that will give you nice and chunky braids to get a color pop. This makes it one of the cool braided black hairstyles.

Jumbo Braided Coil

This masterpiece is a jumbo braided coil bun on the list of cool black braided hairstyles. To add uniqueness to your bun, try using distinct patterns for your braids. Due to the chevron look created by the chunky braids, the courageous coils stand out more.

Feed-in braids

One of the advantageous characteristics of feed-in braids is that they tend to maintain tension away from the hair roots and protect the corners. It also makes the braids look less voluminous by establishing a tight flat point on the hairline. This makes it one of the cool braided black hairstyles.

Classy Braided Updo

This easy yet sophisticated braided bun makes a double-take worthy.
The closer the weave will be, the lower the braids. In the end, this will make the hairdo last longer.

Curvy Braids

Would you like to produce designs without shaving them in your hair? This hairstyle is going to fix your issue. Your hair parts are divided into curved textures and then the hair is simply weaved into braids. This provides you a more complex and sophisticated hairdo.

Chunky Mohawk Braids

Braided mohawks are a great option if you don’t want to shave or cut your hair to look like a real mohawk. Also, there are endless opportunities for creativity with braids. You can either braid the sides or get some other African twist

Tiny Top Knots Poetic Justice

Bored with the braids of your ancient poetic justice and want some sass? To prevent your braids from appearing flat and boring, try these small topknots or Bantu knots over your head.

The Dutch Braided Crown

If you have lengthy, natural hair, this Dutch braided hairstyle would be the best choice. Use extensions to add length to your short tresses if you don’t have long hair but want to get the look.
The hairstyle promises a wonderful fresh look that looks flattering and catchy to the eyes.

Dual Size Braided Ponytail

Do not use easy ancient braiding methods to style your hair. Incorporate different kinds of branding methods for your lengthy tresses, such as twists or cornrows, and then squeeze them into a ponytail to secure the braids together.

Underlayer Braiding with Elongated Side Bangs

Use the longest part of your hair to produce a braid if you have a long bob and want to get a braided hairstyle. You can also add extensions to improve braiding if necessary. The elongated bangs swept and sleek, offer significance to your style and make it look vibrant.

Half Updo with Flowy Braids

Braids assist you to feel fresh and vibrant in your hair. This half-updo adds height to your style and requires less time as well than other braided hairdos. This makes it one of the cool braided black hairstyles.

Braided Curl Updo

Short hair requires styling as well. This hairstyle masterpiece is fortresses of brief and medium length. Just braid your hair’s back part, leaving space for bouncy curls over your head’s crown. This makes it one of the coolest braided black hairstyles.

Accessorized braids

Braids need not be reserved for long tresses and updos. To prevent the braids from appearing flat, try a funky braided bob and fill in a few accessories. This is one of the cool black braided hairstyles ‘ low maintenance looks. With a bohemian touch, the golden threads add an additional sass aspect of surprise.