Fortnite Cheaters Lured into Data Stealing Malware ProjectFigure 1 Photo Courtesy of Epic Games / Red Bull Cheaters finding an unfair advantage in Fortnite are guided into downloading data-stealing malware. The threat came off with the launch of the new season of the battle royale game. The malware was bundled with free season pass promotions for cheats and other fake promo campaigns. According to a Malwarebytes article, a new malware which seeks to steal Fortnite user accounts is doing the rounds. The malware threatens players who want V-bucks (in-game premium currency) cheats and other fake advertisements for free season passes. Security researcher Chris Boyd has asked the Fortnite community not to fall for these fake promotions or download cheat programs as they can lead to compromised accounts of players in the Epic Games. Figure 2 Picture Courtesy of Malwarebytes Fortnite accounts selling lots of rare skins for a substantial amount of money and cybercriminals are trying to lure cheaters into installing malware that includes data-stealing malware. Chris Boyd revealed that “Offering a malicious file under the pretense of cheating is as old as it gets, but cyber criminals have never stopped before,” added Boyd. “In this scenario would-be cheaters experience a taste of their own medicine through a daisy chain of click-throughs and (eventually) some malware as a parting gift.” According to the study, there are several campaigns going around, all seeking to take control of user accounts and sell them on third party websites. With many Fortnite players having access to skins that are no longer available or connected to past passes of the season, there are many who have a mentality of collectors purchasing accounts from illicit websites to purchase all things in the game. Malwarebytes reported over 1200 downloads of a similar Trojan. Malpack malware which is quite disturbing. Thousands of players fall for these fake campaigns and end up losing access to their accounts while also jeopardizing their systems. Some of the malware campaigns can also steal data cookies from browsers, and even wallet data from Bitcoin. If you’re a Fortnite user, it’s wise to stay away from any promotions or third-party applications that aren’t related to Epic Games.